Lorie Daugherty Interview


For the wife of a winner, it is obviously no picnic to have to wait at home whilst your husband is competing for a million dollars in another country. For Lorie Daugherty however, she was able to experience first hand her husband Chris and his efforts during the 9th season in Vanuatu first hand in one of the most memorable family challenges in the history of Survivor. A true Survivor fan at heart, she still gets excited to meet some of the contestants. But which other Survivor winner has a ‘weird’ relationship with her husband that seemingly means they just don’t get along?

Lorie was part of the challenge during Vanuatu with Chris when he was up against only women, and a desperate plea from him saying that he needed to win otherwise he was going home helped him stay in the game more than he ever realised. After losing the challenge, a dejected Lorie assumed her husband had gone home, but was pleasantly surprised to see him walk away as the winner and $1 million richer.

In our chat with Lorie, she talks about how this is her first ever proper interview, watching Survivor with Chris and his eagle eye for noticing things, why she and Chris haven’t watched Vanuatu in a very long time, certain players going out of their way to contact CBS to be asked back to play and how it doesn’t help, discovering Survivor and how she knew Chris would do well on it, the issues of Facebook and certain players having trouble with it, how CBS contacted her about the loved ones visit and how it all happened, the thought process of thinking she had ruined his game, what the feeling was like being given $1 million as well as their wedding being televised, meeting certain contestants and why she was hungover before the challenge with Chris.

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