Marcel Lapointe Interview


As a long time Survivor superfan and host of CrazyTVTalk, Marcel Lapointe knows his Survivor. Having watched the show since day one and being actively involved through online games and even fan fiction, Marcel is using his talents to host one of the most popular and fastest growing TV podcasts in the world direct from Canada. His opinions vary from the ‘normal’ to ‘liking Redemption Island’ and he even has a few things to say about the ‘evil gays’ of the Survivor world.

CrazyTVTalk contains a variety of TV and movie reviews right through to round table discussions, and together his his co-host Bob, Marcel takes his audiences through a variety of various TV genres and series as well as expanding into a new world of interviews with various TV experts right around the world.

In our chat with Marcel, he talks about why we would want to interview him in the first place, how he is hoping to be ‘Kathy Sleckman famous’, how the podcast he hosts is slowly taking over his life, his sarcastic way of talking, Survivor being like ‘visiting an old friend’, his dislike of China but liking Redemption Island, the Canadian way of speaking, talking and comparing Big Brother and some upcoming Canadian versions of popular shows, his thoughts on some of the recent seasons as well as talking up the ‘evil gays’ and his thoughts on the future of Survivor.

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1 Comment on Marcel Lapointe Interview

  1. More than 7 people should listen to this interview…fun, upbeat and informative…I look forward to listening to Marcel’s podcast and GOTTA find the Rove/Probst interview. THANKS GUYS FOR MY GUILTY PLEASURE TONIGHT ; )

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