Laura Morett Interview


There is no doubt about it, when it comes to Laura Morett from the 19th season in Samoa, she is outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind. Given she only gets asked about three things from her time on the show, you can be sure that one of those topics is a certain Russell Hantz, and Laura certainly has a lot to say about him. But it’s not all Russell Hantz. There is some strong opinions on the other Russell and his recent time on the Philippines. And what moment that she saw was the most ‘disrespectful thing she has ever seen in her entire life?’


Laura was part of the dominant Galu tribe that seemingly had everything going for them when the merge came about. However a few vote outs and circumstances later, and Laura was on the back foot, and soon joined the jury earlier than she ever would’ve liked.

In our chat with Laura, she talks about why so few Galu members have appeared on our show, Samoa still being a ‘fresh’ season, what three things she always gets asked about from her time on the show, not wanting to be the ‘old person’ on her tribe, discussing Russell and what actually he ‘did’, the idol under the bridge and how some fishy things happened surrounding it, why everyone was going to vote for Mick and nobody for Natalie and what changed their mind, her thoughts on Russ Swan in the Philippines, the truth behind her knowing Brett before the season as well as which recent Survivor moment she thought was the most disrespectful thing she had ever seen as well as everything related to Shambo and the ‘fight’.

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3 Comments on Laura Morett Interview

  1. Great interview. Love Laura. Easily passes for someone who is 10 years younger with bundles and bundles of energy and enthusiasm.

  2. I saw Russell talk John into voting you out. I saw Russell find the immunity idol that got Kelly voted out. I saw Russell win the most important challenge to be able to vote out the biggest threat, Brett. Explain to me how Foa Foa got to the finals without Russell.

    I’m not saying Natalie didn’t deserve it, but I think that you can’t dismiss everything Russell did

  3. I totally disagree with Laura about Natalie during the Final tribal. She said at “9:00” that Natalie addressed every single Jury member with their family blah blah blah.. Why would the producers cut that thing?? Had they shown it, it would’ve been clear that she deserved it..

    and after the final tribal, CBS would definitely know who’s winning and still Russell gets “Major” Run time and Winner’s edit??.. Why didn’t Natalie get a winner’s edit?? Why would CBS be biased to a player??

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