Michael ‘Big Mike’ Allbright Interview


With a show being around for over a decade and having had 25 seasons, you know there are going to be some obsessed ‘superfans’ out there. But when it comes to ‘Big Mike’ Allbright, the word superfan doesn’t exactly do him justice. He has met over 90% of the contestants from the show, owns a collection of memorabilia big enough to take up an entire room and is good friends with enough contestants he has even been invited around to their houses. But how exactly did Mike get into the show? And which contestants does he like that he originally didn’t and vice versa?

Having discovered the show during repeat screenings, Mike has gone on to attend numerous finales, events and everything else in between as he ‘collects’ his meetings with Survivor contestants. In fact at the time of this interview, he has met an incredible 353 of the possible 385 contestants. And with an entire room filled with Survivor goodies, this is one obsessed fan.

In our chat with Mike, he talks about this being our first ‘fan interview’, meeting 353 contestants and having a ‘mentor’, how he first discovered the show, which season made him a superfan, going to finales and staying in hotels with the contestants, being friends with several of the players, which contestant was the first he met and when he started counting, which contestant he thinks is an ‘a-hole’, his Survivor merchandise collection, his recent experiences at the Philippines reunion, whether or not he would get Survivor related Tattoos and whether or not he would ever apply for the show or even host his own Survivor podcast.

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