Survivor Ozcap–Marquesas


Our fourth Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the fourth season of Marquesas in true Survivor Oz style!

The fourth season returned to the tropical island setting that made it’s impact on the first season in Borneo, and while some people claim this to be one of the weaker seasons, it did give birth to arguably the greatest player and biggest name Survivor has ever seen: Boston Rob. It was a season of many firsts, including the first (and so far only) time we have seen the ‘purple rock’ tie breaker as well as the first time in the history of reality TV that an African American went on to win the overall competition. That person was Vecepia Towery who defeated Neleh Dennis 4-3 in the finale to be declared the winner of the fourth season. In our Ozcap we talk about the ‘greatness’ that was Peter Harkey, the birth of Boston Rob and if he really was even that special to begin with, the joy of Farfaru and the gameplay of John Carroll as well as rocks that are purple, Rosie O’Donnell, Vecepia’s win and bringing up the three words everyone remembers from this season: OH MY HECK! It wouldn’t be an Ozcap of course without concluding with the Ozcap final questions in one of the most entertaining Ozcaps yet!

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4 Comments on Survivor Ozcap–Marquesas

  1. in France, the “purple rock” which is black is between the two or more who got vote and not the others so Pascal would have been saved. I think it’s more fair but i think the American way of the purple rock makes that until now we haven’t seen a tie before Final 4 again.

    • Exactly. To label the purple rock as unfair is to miss the point that it’s not really designed to resolve ties as much as it is to deter them. It’s actually supposed to be more “unfair” than it was in Marquesas, because the people who get votes are supposed to become immune and then whoever is left draw rocks. That’s why they can’t use it at 4, because if you do it “right” the person in Paschal’s situation is the only one left to go home. The “tiebreaker” is specifically meant to punish the people who can’t make up their minds, and therefore eliminate virtually all of the situations where people would be willing to force a tie. Think of how many potential ties we’ve had at big moments in seasons – if there’s a fair tiebreaker between just the 2 getting votes, I think a bunch of them come to fruition, and that’s just so unsatisfying, in my opinion. I wish they could find a better way to break ties at 4 as well, but any rock drawing scenario I can come up with basically lets the person who wins that immunity challenge dictate who is going home. At least they should vary the tiebreak challenge so that people can’t plan for it.

  2. Shayna davis // January 10, 2013 at 9:53 am // Reply

    Enjoyed the Ozcap, I think Zoe was the original purple Kelly

  3. I agree that Kathy does deserve credit for pulling the other 4 together and letting them know about the Rotu 4 alliance, but if I remember correctly, the reason she knew about them in the first place was because during the pre-merge meeting, Rob let it slip that John had told him that Kathy/Neleh/Paschal would be the first 3 to go, hence Kathy’s vote for Zoe during the f10 tribal.

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