Survivor Ozcap – Thailand


Our fifth Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the fifth season of Thailand in true Survivor Oz style!

The fifth season over the years has often been labelled as one of the worst seasons of all time. Many people view it’s cast to be overall an unlikable bunch and through events such as the ‘grinding’ incident and what Jeff Probst calls ‘the least likable final 2 ever’, it’s reputation isn’t exactly the best. But is this warranted? In a season that has by far one of the most dominant single game performances of all time and easily one of the greatest winners of all time in Brian Heidik, should Thailand be a season that perhaps deserves more credit? Some other great characters came from this season including Shii-Ann, Helen and Clay and Brian’s 4-3 victory over Clay in the end secured a fantastic game that deserves more credit. In our Ozcap we talk all about the genius that is Brian, talking about Probst’s comments in regards to the season, bringing skateboards to Thailand and whether people even noticed, why Jed is ‘the Fabio that failed’, discussing the numerous ‘weirdos’ on this season as well as why Ozlet Jarryd has a thin woman hate’, dead animals and bringing in an interesting sound effect to keep you all entertained! And of course as you now have grown accustom to, we wrap it up with our Ozcap final questions!

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