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Our sixth Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the sixth season of Amazon in true Survivor Oz style!

The first ever season to divide the tribes by gender, the Amazon is often rated as one of the best seasons of all time. From many memorable contestants who have gone on to big things after the show, through to great moments and getting naked for food, the coconscious for the sixth season is usually positive. It also saw the ‘greatest player never to win’ in Rob Cesternino, and at the time the youngest ever winner in Jenna Morasca. Jenna would go very close to the first ever unanimous victory, defeating Matthew Von Ertfelda in a 6-1 vote. In our Ozcap we talk about the men vs women twist and if it took ‘too long’ to come about, the genius of Rob and who was the ‘worst player ever’, why Roger Sexton is a ‘poor mans’ Rodger Bingham, our Ozlets thoughts on people ‘sucking’, what food we would get naked for if we played the game as well as an Ozlet enjoying a packet of Doritos and just how quickly we can say Matthew Von Ertfelda three times in a row. We then of course wrap it up with our Ozcap final questions!

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2 Comments on ozcapSurvivor Ozcap – Amazon

  1. This ozcap was so lacklustre… as in, i can’t believe you guys aren’t Amazon fans! And Troy needed to defend it more! 😛 it’s one of the best seasons. It’s probably still to do with Rob C, but there were so many interesting character. And yes Joanna was annoying, but i liked her at the time.. Who knows, i haven’t rewatched it yet, i might hate it. (i hope not)

  2. Troy needed to defend Amazon, and STOP EATING CHIPS for this Ozcap. Almost always disagree with Ethan’s opinions (And didn’t like his shades of chauvinism when he calls Shawna “A little bitch”. Don’t know if he’s on a lot more of these Ozcaps, but I’m hoping not because he pisses me off. Everyone’s (save for Troy and occasionally Lancey) disdain/indifference for this season, but general love and appreciation for THAILAND confuses me. This is the CLEAR better season, based on character, location, and quality of drama in the show, as well as the most unpredictable season ever, at the time it was released.

    I think it deserves a couple watches for full appreciation.

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