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Starting today, each week we will bring you a different top 10 related to Survivor written by one of our growing crew of Ozlets, with the purpose of bringing debate and discussion amongst the Survivor fans and community! Kicking us off is one our new Ozlets James Heimann, who takes us through the top 10 greatest alliances in the history of Survivor. With 25 seasons to cover, there have obviously been numerous great alliances that have changed the course of a season for various reasons. But which ones make the top 10?

There have been many alliances in the game of Survivor, without a close group of people you can trust, you cannot expect to make it very far (as many Survivor’s have learnt). From number 10 down the number 1, here are the greatest alliances Survivor has even seen

10. James ‘JT’ Thomas & Stephen Fishbach – Tocantins


At number 10 is the alliance between J.T. Thomas and Stephen Fishbach in Survivor: Tocantins. This unlikely match; the country boy from Samson, Alabama and boy who lived his whole life in New York City, outwitted, outlasted and outplayed everyone else and made it to the Final Tribal Council. J.T. would go on to receive every single Jury vote and to date is the only player to play a ‘perfect game’, with no votes cast against him in the entire game, receiving every single vote at the final tribal council as well as winning the ‘fan favourite’ award.

9. The Upolu Tribe – South Pacific


Coming in at number 9 is the Upolu tribe on South Pacific. An apparent ‘cult’ was created within the tribe, (led by returning player Ben “Coach” Wade) which ‘Pagonged’ the former Savaii tribe after super fan John Cochran flipped on his former tribe mates to avoid a “purple rock situation”. From then on, Upolu eliminated Savaii one by one until they were down to the final 6 (with Ozzy Lusth returning from Redemption Island). The alliance is remembered as being overly religious, and although not everyone got along, all members were very dedicated and loyal to the tribe, hence the cult-like labelling of Upolu.

8. Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich – All-Stars


Whether you want to or not, you can’t forget the strong twosome of Boston Rob and Amber Brkich (Mariano), who formed an early alliance and made it all the way to the final 2 in Survivor: All-Stars. Amber would go on to defeat Rob in a 4-3 vote at one of the most heated final tribal councils of all time. Boston Rob and Amber also aligned with Rupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis and the foursome made it all the way to the final four. At the final five, Rob began an argument between Rupert and Big Tom, which ultimately led to the latter being voted out. The alliance is memorable for not only making it to the final four, but for also starting the relationship and subsequent marriage between the two.

7. All Women Final 5 – One World


At number 7 we jump forward into a new era of the show, with Survivor: One World setting a new record when Kim Spradlin led the women to the first all-female final 5. The women’s alliance of Kim, Alicia, Chelsea, Sabrina, Christina and Kat methodically eliminated the men, until there were only six left. The chain was however broken when Kat was sent to Ponderosa in one of the most memorable blindside’s in Survivor history, before order was restored after Tarazan was booted out and only women were left. What was referred to as ‘The Women’s Alliance’ became one of the most memorable alliance’s in Survivor history and the winner Kim Spradlin is regarded as the social “glue” that held this alliance together.

6. The Tagi 4 – Borneo


Coming in at number 6, we have to go straight back to where it began in Survivor: Borneo, with the first alliance in the show’s history setting a precedent for the next 12 years of Survivor. The alliance consisting of Richard Hatch, Kelly Wigglesworth, Sue Hawk and Rudy Boesch formed a tight voting block and went on to become the final 4 left in the game. Without Richard realising that to make it far in the game and win you would need to form a close loyalty group of people (or alliance), the game would no doubt be very different to what it is today.

5. The Aitutaki 4 – Cook Islands


Number 5 sees the alliance created when Jonathan Penner and Candace Woodcock mutinied in Survivor: Cook Islands, leaving the Aitutaki tribe down to four people: Yul, Ozzy, Sundra and Becky. The Aitutaki 4, with Yul’s intelligence and Ozzy’s challenge skills continued to win, despite their obvious numbers disadvantage. Post-merge, Yul convinced Jonathan to vote with Aitutaki, which led to the final four consisting of the Aitutaki 4. A good ol’ Survivor “Pagonging” as well as a true underdog story.

4. Lex Van Den Berghe, Ethan Zohn & Tom ‘Big Tom’ Buchanan – Africa


At number 4 is Lex Van Den Berghe, Ethan Zohn and Tom “Big Tom” Buchanan who held a tight alliance when the Boran tribe and the Samburu tribe merged in Survivor: Africa. The 3 former Boran members (who all played together again in Survivor: All-Stars) were loyal right up until the final 4, where Big Tom was voted off and Kim Johnson decided to take Ethan to the end over Lex. The Boran alliance of Big Tom, Lex and Ethan is memorable for not only making it to the final 4, but also for being so popular.

3. Colby Donaldson, Tina Wesson & Keith Faime – Australian Outback


As we reach the top 3, we have to venture back to our home country in Survivor: The Australian Outback, and the memorable final 3 alliance that was formed. The strong alliance of Ogakor members; Tina, Colby and Keith, stayed strong and loyal to each other right up until the final 3, where Colby, after winning the Final Immunity Challenge, was faced with the decision to either take Tina or Keith to the Final Tribal Council. He would ultimately choose Tina and lose to her by one vote. Tina and Colby would return for All-Stars, with Colby also returning for Heroes vs Villains.

2. Denise Stapely & Malcolm Freberg – Philippines 


At number 2 we see the most recent season in the Philippines forming one of the strongest and unlikely duo’s in the shows history, which led two people very far into the game. Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley started off together on the ill-fated Matsing, before being separated when the the tribe was dwindled down to two. After Denise miraculously survived her first tribal council away from Matsing, the tribes merged which reunited them together, as well as reuniting an alliance which would make it all the way to the final four. At that point Denise aligned with Mike Skupin and Lisa Whelchel and voted out Malcolm. Although this alliance may not have made it all the way, it certainly beat the odds and survived many difficult situations and will be remembered as another true underdog story.

1. The Black Widow Brigade – Micronesia


The best alliance in the history of Survivor comes from one of the best seasons of all time in Micronesia. A strong, core, female alliance consisting of Parvati Shallow, Cirie Fields and Amanda Kimmel (with a little help from fans Natalie Bolton and Alexis Jones) changed the face of the entire season and set the bar high when it comes to dominant female alliance. This alliance is recognised for making big moves in the game, which ultimately advanced them right to the end, with Natalie, Cirie, Amanda and Parvati all advancing to the final 4. From the infamous voting off of Erik Reichenbach, to the blindside of challenge dominator Ozzy, ‘The Black Widow Brigade’ is one arguably the most memorable female alliance in the show’s history and for it’s cunningness, manipulation, outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying nature, it is awarded the greatest alliance in Survivor history!


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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24 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Alliances

  1. Rating the Denise/Malcolm alliance ahead of the Tagi 4 and Aitutaki 4 seems like a real stretch to me. Perhaps it is because this is still fresh in mind. Other than vote out Russell, the Denise/Malcolm alliance was not the primary force in any voting. They were forced to ride along with other dominant voting blocks once Matsing dissolved and again after the merge. The Tagi 4 and Aitutaki 4 on the other hand controlled tribal councial voting for a significant part of thier seasons.

    • I kind of agree too. You could also add the infamous Foa Foa Four alliance there too because like Aitu 4, they were minority against a supermajority (8-4 in both cases) but managed to survive with a little help of strategy and the Hidden Immunity Idol. I like the Denise-Malcolm alliance, however I agree that they were not the voting force, because they usually go with the major voting block, while the ones that are “wooed” is the Skupin-RC (for Kalabaw), the Skuipn-Lisa alliance (after Jeff voted out) to go and choose who would be eliminated, and it stayed that way for the rest of the game. As much “wishy-washy” is Lisa & Skupin in making decisions, they were the ones who controlled the voting IMO even if they don’t meant it to be (and I thought they were also a good alliance too and stuck to the end).

  2. Zoe and herself = the best alliance

  3. Boston Rob and his Ometepe Crew don’t get a look in and are surpassed by Coach and his Cult? Pffft. If this is about alliances, emphasis should be placed on those that endured from the very beginning, that is, alliances made from Day 1 or their initial tribe. In my opinion, ‘Romber’ is Survivor’s greatest and most successful alliance. Hands down. They set the standard for ‘power coupling’. In an All-Star Season too.

    • “‘Romber’ is Survivor’s greatest and most successful alliance. Hands down. They set the standard for ‘power coupling’. In an All-Star Season too.”. Marc you just said everything! Malcom and Denise number?!!! Please they didn’t last together until the final and they ended betraying each other on the last vote

      • i agree, the cult created by Boston Rob in Redemption Island shld be included on this list, literally diminished the opponent tribe and rob brought them not just final 3, 4 or 5.. but final 6.

      • Thanks, Lana. Totally agree with your Malcolm and Denise statement too. In the end, they did not stick by each other. A true alliance follows through right until the very end and sticks by each other at EVERY vote. They did not and are ranked highly? Romber all the way.

  4. I would have to say that the aitutaki four should be a lot higher and the “Romber” should also be higher in that it changed the game with “Power Couples.” Lastly I think that the JT and Stephen alliance should be higher because they made it to the end and got through some tough times where they could have voted eachother out. Also both of them were such a threat to win the game makes them even better.
    Also what about the Todd Amanda alliance from China, could be worth a mention.

  5. Yes alfreak1026A, Boston Rob’s Ometepe is a glaring omission. Not only did that alliance go through until the final six, you could also look at the sub-alliance between Rob, Phillip and Natalie who voted identically from the beginning to the very end with the only exception being a split vote early on to flush out Kristina’s idol (which was part of the alliance plan anyway) Natalie continued to stick by this alliance and ‘turn on’ her close ‘friend’, Ashley, to honour that initial alliance pact with Rob. How this alliance doesn’t get a mention over Coach’s Cult is quite baffling to me, particularly since many criticize this season to be predictable due to the dominance of the Ometepe Alliance and the systematic execution of Zapatera. It might have been a predictable season but if we are talking about dominant alliances, Rob led this one flawlessly – and to the end.

  6. What about the Tom, Katie, Ian alliance from Palau that was formed day 1 and lasted and dominated the game all the way until the final 3.

  7. Definitely agree with Tina and Colby although they may be the number 1 alliance.

  8. `Heidick and his ego;
    Rob Cesternino and anyone he wanted
    Jonny Fairplay & Thunder Dan
    Casaya crazyness

  9. I think the aitutaki four has to be higher they had it tougher then anyone else and included two of the greatest players ever (Ozzy and Yul)

  10. Where is the FOA FOA FOUR of Samoa? Down eight to four at the merge they pull off a huge come from behind victory!

  11. What about the Russell/Parvati alliance in HvV?
    Sure they may have butted heads and had disagreements near the end but they were the minority inthe villains tribe yet came back and controlled the entire game though lost to Sandra due to a bitter jury.
    They were 2 of the most devious players ever and made the biggest moves in survivor history during that season as an alliance.

  12. Yeah…why aren’t the Ometepe 6 or the Todd/Amanda/Courtney alliances included, since those two alliances went all the way together, and IMO, Coach was most likely basing his Upolu game on Rob’s flawless control over the Ometepe tribe

  13. fafdsffsdfsdfef

  14. The Foa Foa Four?

  15. i liked the lex, ethan, big tom alliande

    I never root for female players

    one way to get me disinterested in a season is when women dominate

  16. I think that should also look deeper into the alliances because I think that when survivors make they alliance happy its a better way for example Tom and stephanie he is always happy to see and sandra and courtney

  17. Rob and Amber should definitely be higher, especially if Denise and Malcolm are 2. Rob and Amber got to the F2, Denise and Malcolm didn’t even get to the final 3 together. Also Ometepe and Foa Foa’s alliances were better than Coach’s

  18. How is Phillip Sheppards Stealth R’ Us alliance not in this. It went on for two seasons and everybody had there own nickname. Honestly shocked to see that it wasn’t on here while number 2 is Malcolm and Denise. Very surprised at that.

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