Sean Kenniff Interview


As always proves the case, anybody we interview from the very 1st season in Borneo always goes on to be a popular interviewee, and in the case of Sean Kenniff we don’t doubt it’ll be an exception. Known for his alphabet strategy and constant need to build things (including a bowling alley), there was a lot more strategic gameplay from the doctor that we never got to see. Since the show he has done everything from TV through to writing, and just why did he decide to live like a cow?


Sean was part of the dominant Tagi tribe and was known post merge for his alphabet voting strategy. Despite forming close friendships with most of his tribe, he was unable to crack the Tagi 4 and gave it his all before being voted out in 5th place.

In our chat with Sean, he talks about lots of stuff changing in 13 years, his wedding being in the tabloids last year, why it wasn’t just Richard who was constantly naked, still getting recognised, how the crew labelled each contestant so they could remember them, interacting with the crew, being on tour for over a month after the show and getting paid for it, touching on the lawsuit situation with Stacey, why his wife refers to him as ‘Homer Simpson’ as well as why the ‘Superpole 2000’ was a miracle of engineering, why he voted for Rich to win and his interesting idea for an all-stars season.

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