Angie Layton Interview


There is one word that usually comes to mind when talking about Angie Layton from the 25th season of the Philippines and it begins with a C. Can you guess it?! Of course, it’s CUTE! And given there may be another C word that comes to mind when talking about this former Miss Utah Teen (one which we won’t mention in this intro), there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Angie. Through being on the wrong tribe for long term success, to what it really was like living with Russ, Angie certainly answers many questions that arose from the most recent season of Survivor. And just why did Jeff Probst wink at her during THAT infamous tribal council relating to the taboo C word we shall not mention in this intro?


Being on the dreaded Matsing tribe, Angie certainly never got a true chance to make it as far as perhaps she could’ve. Forming a close bond with Malcolm, she survived the first two tribal councils before ultimately being chosen over the physically stronger Russ to go home third from the game.

In our chat with Angie, she talks about getting back into normal life, just why she gets messages daily from fans and what they say, how she was approached to be on the show, watching as many seasons of the show as possible before going on, why she was excited to be with Russ and just what he was like outside and inside the game, answering questions as to why Matsing did so poorly, what happened with the cuddling with Malcolm and how she thinks he will go on Caramoan as well as which players she really wished she could’ve played with, THAT incident at tribal council involving the C word and just what would’ve happened if Russ went home the night she did instead.

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