Rick Nelson Interview


For somebody who easily made it into the top 5 on the 23rd season of South Pacific, you would think that Rick Nelson would’ve got a good edit right? Well for this ever popular cowboy it wasn’t the case, and it seems as though the viewers were robbed of numerous ‘Rick moments’ that could’ve changed his edit completely. Between telling Coach to put certain things in certain areas, through to chasing chickens and telling everyone they could chop off a limb, Rick tells it all in our chat, and even lets slip about his potential to be a movie star.


Rick was part of the strong Upolu alliance that involved him, Coach, Sophie, Albert & Brandon and never really was in danger in the entire game. Initially targeted after the merge before Cochran flipped, he soon realised that he was at the bottom of the alliance but it was too late for him to do anything about it, and he was voted out in 5th place.

In our chat with Rick, he talks about how his season still feels very fresh, how many times he has re-watched his season and why he discovers new things every time, why being honest was his downfall, hating Coach but then voting for him to win, why it was such a bad thing having Coach on his tribe at the start, getting on Survivor through the Sears competition, why he had to lie about his health to get accepted, how many ‘unseen Rick moments’ there were due to his lack of screen time as well as what he wanted to tell Coach after he was voted out and which recent contestant he would love to ‘woo’ if he was 20 years old.

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