Why Natalie White is a Deserving Winner


Natalie White was voted as the least deserving winner in our poll last year, but Ozlet Shayna Davis disagrees and thinks Natalie White is a deserving winner. Read on to see why Shayna loves Natalie!

It has been three years since Natalie White was crowned the winner of Survivor: Samoa and her win is still a much discussed topic in the survivor community. There are people like fellow Ozlet Lancey and I who think she deserved her win, but the majority of people firmly believe that Russell deserved to win it hands down, and not only did Natalie not deserve it, she was also not a good player. Many things have been said to discredit her win, such as she rode Russell’s coat tail, she hid behind Russell and that she didn’t do anything. Whilst hearing all of these things I say to myself, “Are these people not seeing what I see?”


Natalie White working on her social game

I think Natalie was not only a deserving winner, but a great player. If I ever have the chance to play survivor I would play the way she did. I believe if anyone played the way she did they would either win or make it far. Natalie played one of the best social games in Survivor history. The social game is an important and often overlooked part of the game, and Natalie made close bonds with everyone she played with. When Laura was sent to Foa Foa, Natalie bonded with her and found a way to relate to her and when the tribes merged she made close bonds with the rest of the Galu members. All of the original Foa Foa members adored her. Even Ben Browning who does not have many nice things to say about anyone adored Natalie.


Natalie always made an effort to get to know her tribe mates

The other thing that I admired about Natalie was her ability to remain composed throughout the entire game. The game of Survivor is so mentally exhausting, often times your emotions get a hold of you and you lose your temper with people, argue over petty things and mentally break down. I always see Natalie with a smile on her face, and I absolutely disagree with anyone who says she didn’t do anything. Connecting with people and having a positive attitude are two things that will take you far in the game of Survivor.

She made a great case for herself at the final tribal council and the Jury awarded the most deserving person. Survivor: Samoa did not have a bitter Jury, they chose to the person who they wanted to win.


What do you think of Natalie? Is she a deserving winner? Let us know below!

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7 Comments on Why Natalie White is a Deserving Winner

  1. Natalie is perfect

  2. Natalie is one of the best winners of Survivor because she didn’t make any mistakes. She played the only game she could play given her circumstances and articulated that point perfectly at final tribal. Russell can play aggressively but Natalie would have lost if she had tried to play that way. So she played the only way that would allow her to win, and I don’t see how that is undeserving in any way. Most jurors in Survivor vote for who they like, so Russell failed by belittling the jury, but Natalie succeeded by making friends with them. Natalie just got the most unflattering edit for a winner, and if she had gotten the edit she deserved, she would have been viewed as America’s sweetheart. She’s a top ten winner in my books!

    • It is also no accident, in my opinion, that all the “weaker” Foa Foa girls were voted out before she was. All the aggressive women were targeted by Russell so it speaks volumes to her social game that she was the only one of Russell’s fleeting female alliance frenzy that he trusted enough not to oust. The thing that annoys me most about when people present opinions about Survivor: Samoa is that people usually feel that since Russell is a good player then Natalie must not be. I agree that Russell is a phenomenal strategic entity (in some aspects) but he lost for a reason. There is no rule that says a Jury cannot be bitter (and I don’t even think the Samoa jurors were that bitter anyway) so I appreciate that someone gives Natalie credit for a game that was edited to showcase the prowess of King Russell and King Russell only. It is irksome to me that Samoa only presented one noteworthy power player. Plenty of seasons have several exceptional players and are usually all the more entertaining for it (i.e. HvV & Micronesia to name a few).

  3. I thought I was the only one who thought this. Russell played an amazing strategic game but he forgot the other, possibly most vital part of the game, the social element. Natalie played on her strengths, the same way Russell did. She formed trust with him that no one else did, and that speaks volumes for her, more than that she also built connections with the other tribe and because of this she could instrument taking out Erik. Had she not have made that move, I doubt any of those three would have got to that point.

  4. Boom. I completely agree. After this week’s awesome Survivor winner, also named Natalie, people started in on Natalie White again. I agree with you. She played the best possible game she could play. She didn’t ride coattails. She knew who to align herself with. Smart.

  5. amnotacrybaby // April 24, 2015 at 7:50 am // Reply

    Still very true, even today (the day after she blew out 32 candles). The type of game she was able to pull off is much, much harder than it looks. Proof? Watch Heroes vs Villains and Redemption Island and see how others reacted to his conduct.

  6. Prince Kenatoly // November 17, 2015 at 3:45 am // Reply

    NATALIE DESERVES TO WIN. I REWATCHED THE WHOLE SEASON ONCE MORE TO SEE HOW NATALIE WIN. And the “she didn’t do anything” accusation is absolutely False. YES! Russell have played a great strategic game BUT he always forgot the social part of it; meaning his jury management is really bad (even in HvV). He made promises and broke it! Who would vote for you when you do that to almost everyone?!? Natalie on the other hand, while keeping Russell on watch is making interpersonal relationship with the future jury. On the first vote of merge, she was able to orchestrate a move to blindside ERIK. that move i personally think is the one that dictates the whole phase of the game. Who knows what would happen if Jason was voted then and not Erik. It would be a completely different story. And on top 5, she’s supposed to go after Brett wins immunity. But what happened then. HER strategy to be underestimated and not be seen as a threat works , that’s why Jason was voted out instead. Natalie played a good Social Game that helps her edge Russel’s Agressive Strategic Game..

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