Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade Interview


There is no questioning the fact that Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade is one of the biggest characters to ever come from Survivor. The three time player from Tocantins, Heroes vs Villains and South Pacific dominated airtime during each of his seasons and brought a different style of gameplay each time he played. He was so close to winning on his third time around and given he was coming off a fairly poor second attempt on Heroes vs Villains, it was an incredible transformation for ‘the dragon slayer’. And when it comes to analysing players as well as why some people won and others didn’t, there really is nobody better than Coach to give us his true feelings on the matter.


On his first season of Tocantins, Coach found himself in a strong alliance with JT, Stephen and Tyson before ultimately finding the numbers stacked against him as the game went on. As the season reached it’s final days, Coach was betrayed by Stephen and sent home in 5th place.

HIs second time around in Heroes vs Villains, Coach was instantly taken in by Boston Rob and his alliance while also being courted by Russell’s alliance at the same time. He struggled emotionally during the game and was seen as a potential early target but lasted long enough to become the first jury member.

It was nearly third time lucky for him during his next shot in South Pacific. Being targeted right from the start, Coach managed to survive and form a tight group of people together on his Upolu tribe. this group was so tight it would go all the way to the end, and Coach narrowly missed out on winning $1 million as he finished runner-up to eventual winner Sophie.

In our chat with Coach, he talks about why he wants to recruit Australian soccer players, why he always said he wanted to change the game and be one of the biggest characters of all time, playing a different way each time he played, realising South Pacific was a season he ‘should’ve won’, what phone call made him nervous, being easy to ‘mince words’, his thoughts on how the jury should work and how it potentially cost him the win on South Pacific, why the producers told him that ‘he had won’ as well as his thoughts on Albert and Stephen receiving no votes on two of his seasons, wanting to be in a buddy cop film with Rick as well as joining a long line of people wanting to kick Russell’s ass.

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  1. that interiew was epic

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