Jeff Wilson Interview


Think Jeff Wilson and you might think of coconuts. Possibly even Ulong and their losing streak. One thing though you certainly might not think of are sand dunes. No idea what we’re talking about? Well for this Palau contestant his overall ability and time on the show was affected by an incident relating to tall mountains made of sand long before he was even sent to the place he describes as ‘the start of a porn film’. Still not clueing in on what we are saying? Well listen to the interview for it to make just a little bit more sense!


Jeff was on the dreaded Ulong tribe that struggled throughout the entire tenth season. Ulong wouldn’t win a single immunity challenge and their tribe was picked off one by one, with Jeff’s fate sealed after rolling his ankle on a coconut (or possibly a rock) and knowing he was unable to continue. He asked to be voted off, and the rest as they say is history.

In our chat with Jeff, he talks about being excited for the chat, talking about the dreaded ‘U word’, being voted out yet still hanging with his tribe, how he got on the show, his thoughts on the start of the season being like the start of a ‘porn film’, why he has a hard time watching the show today, injuring his ankle and why there was more to it than was ever shown, his ‘gay feelings’ for Coby as well as whether or not he touches coconut today and shedding light on why he doesn’t like Jonny Fairplay.

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4 Comments on Jeff Wilson Interview

  1. What a great interview. Jeff converses easily. Touching that he would have liked to have switched a tribemate for Jenn Lyon just to have been able to know her better. He seems to be a well rounded, intelligent individual who could definitely take his experience and maturity and be a great asset to a new season. The way he repeatedly talked about how he could be a great return player makes me wonder if this is in the works given seasons 27&28 are being cast now. Thanks for another informative, fun interview, Ben and everyone behind the scenes! Lori Indiana USA

  2. I’ve never thought of Jeff as a worthy player to bring back for another season, but after this interview, I would definitely be happy to see him play again. He was a joy to listen to and he seems like such a nice guy. Great interview once again, Ben.

  3. jeff wilson // May 4, 2013 at 6:21 am // Reply

    I still have yet to listen to myself babble on about who knows what in this interview. It was a pleasure being a part of it and I’m thankful for the opportunity. It’s an amazing community of people that surround this network program and its so neat to see, hear and read the feedback (good and bad). To anyone taking the time to read this, stay strong and survivor on…..

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