RC Saint-Amour Interview


One of the biggest Survivor fans to play on the 25th season of the Philippines, RC has gone on to become popular with the fan community as she shares her experiences with fans such as herself. Talkative, bright, bubbly and also incredibly beautiful, her social and physical ability were strong but the cards fell against her after the merge. After the game she has had a few ‘rumours’ surface that obviously need to be discussed, and given the debate post game in regards to ‘Artis vs. Skupin’, is she team team Artis or team Skupin?


RC instantly formed several strong alliances and looked likely to go far. However she was soon on the bottom after ‘cluegate’ and she fought hard to be voted out as the first member of the jury.

In our chat with RC, she talks about which players Tandang didn’t know the names of on the other tribes, how she is coping getting back to ‘regular life’, being a super fan and having to now talk to more super fans, what it would be like having 18 RC’s playing survivor, having an ‘old school work ethic’, her thoughts on Abi-Maria and why her experience was ‘similar’ to hers, Tandang being dysfunctional but having strong athletes, why Lisa would’ve been the first to go if Tandang had of lost as well as having a baby with Russell Hantz, her thoughts on Malcolm on season 26 of Caramoan and what it would be like to have a reality show with Abi.

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3 Comments on RC Saint-Amour Interview

  1. Julie Anderson // February 7, 2013 at 4:46 pm // Reply

    Wow, that was a great interview!! Very informative and with a lot of insight into all the behind the scenes stuff. I loved hearing what RC said about her fellow contestants and setting the record straight about Abi. I couldn’t agree more about Penner. RC, you rock, girl! And thanks for the shoutout – I live in Brisbane, btw heh! Julie xo

  2. Fantastic interview with RC. In fact, I enjoyed it so much after listening to it, went aback to the start & listened to it again. Really good insight, the laugh was so infectious and some genuinely laugh out moments. Thanks SurvivorOz & RC! Great interview.

  3. this really is old news I just can’t help it ! I miss RC a lot , well educated ,she has the looks the total package so to speak , I love you RC

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