Survivor Ozcap–Pearl Islands


Our seventh Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the seventh season of Pearl Islands in true Survivor Oz style!

It’s very rare to find a season such as Pearl Islands that seemingly ‘ticks all the boxes’. From a dynamic cast, stunning location, great twists and the perfect ‘hero & villain’, the seventh season is universally lauded with praise and it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t agree it’s one of the best seasons in the shows history. It saw the emergence of Rupert, one of the most popular contestants of all time, Sandra, the only two time winner and of course Jonny Fairplay, who you recently voted as having the ‘greatest moment in the history of Survivor’ with his now infamous ‘Grandma Lie’. In the end of such a great season, Sandra took out her first ever win by defeating Lillian Morris 6-1. In our Ozcap, we introduce Andrew to his first ever Ozcap, talk about if this season is overrated or underrated, Ben asking some ‘terrible questions’, why we need to keep calling Lancey Lil, the love of Rupert, Noah getting angry that Savage is perceived as a ‘great player’, the quit of Osten, whether or not Burton and Shawn are actually the same person, Darrah and her challenge ability and whether or not she was ‘screwed’ from the game as well as Sandra’s win, some interesting player descriptions and why Jonny Fairplay is a ‘pussy’. Then everything is neatly wrapped up with our famous Ozcap final questions!

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1 Comment on Survivor Ozcap–Pearl Islands

  1. Lancey “Lillian Morris” Morris… hahah!!

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