Jerry Sims Interview


Jerry Sims went into the 18th season of Tocantins having only just returned from active duty in Afghanistan. With his military background in tow, he looked set to make a decent impact on the game, but stomach issues hampered him and he was never able to make a true impact. Despite his short time on the show, it is still littered with memories and stories and he has left the game with several friends for life. He even has some interesting tales about Coach to tell, particularly involving ‘the Dragon Slayer’ and his ‘ladies man’ persona.


Jerry began on the Timbira tribe that initially sruggled, but formed some tight bonds with the main alliance including the likes of Coach and Tyson. Unfortunately Jerry soon found himself ill after eating the beans, and asked his fellow tribe mates to vote him out of the game.

In our chat with Jerry, he talks about how we got on the show, how it was hard not to ‘take control’ at the start, hiding the fact he had military experience, how far he thinks he could’ve gone had he not gotten sick, the amount of pain he was in and just how bad it effected him, his thoughts on Timbira ‘choking’ after the merge as well as why JT was happy to see him voted out, how his golf game is going and just what his army buddies said to him after they saw him be voted out of the game.

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