Trish Dunn Interview

TrishDunnWebCard On a season that is filled with characters, just why wasn’t Trish Dunn more seen on the seventh season of Pearl Islands? A great personality, a strong challenge threat and just an overall nice person, Trish had the potential to go very far into the game had it not been for one misconception. And as we approach the ten year anniversary of one of the best Survivor seasons of all time, it opens up several moments from her time on the show worth discussing as well as some interesting casting tales and just why she was with Jeff Probst at the Grand Canyon.


Trish went into the game as a strong marathon runner who was physically fit and strong, but was targeted by Burton for being the oldest and ‘weakest’ member. She managed to survive the first couple of votes before being targeted as the instigator behind a move to get rid of Rupert. She then unsuccessfully tried to return to the game as part of the Outcasts twist.

In our chat with Trish, she talks about it being hard to believe 10 years have passed since the season, how she would like to celebrate the anniversary, what drew her into applying for the show and how many times she tried, the casting process and being woken up at 3am in the morning for an interview, her obsession with Jeff Probst, why she compared Burton to Colby, her thoughts on Rupert, Sandra and Jonny Fairplay as well as the ‘nutjob’ that was Lil, her upcoming marathon in South Africa with Ethan Zohn and going to the Grand Canyon with Jeff Probst.

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