Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Feuds


Get excited as it’s Wednesday and time, this week brought to you by Heather Short! In a game such as Survivor there is always going to be conflict, and there have been many memorable moments of conflict spread across 25 seasons. But out of all the arguments, fights and battles, what are the top 10? As has been the case with each of our top tens, these are sure to create their own ‘feuds’ among the fan community as the battle rages as to what belongs in the top ten and what doesn’t. So with all that in mind, which feuds do you think belong in the top ten?

10. Shane vs. Courtney & Danielle – Panama

“She’s a lunatic, man.”- Shane, about Courtney

“He’s nuts”- Danielle

“These are the people you decided to align with and now you hate each other! How stupid is that?” – Cirie

In reality, this feud is more of a dysfunctional alliance gone wrong. Danielle really got far with this alliance, which surprised me, as Shane is probably the contestant with the most screws lose, and Courtney is a poser. I still think that if you’re in an alliance with someone, you have to at least get along with them right? Well, Aras and Cirie tried to stay out of this, and Bruce was medevac’d away from the mess that was the Casaya alliance. We get gems like Shane threatening to kill Courtney (and not in the light-hearted way) and Shane and Courtney fighting, and Danielle being the somewhat sane person in this certainly prepared her for Heroes Vs Villains on the “nightmare Russell” alliance. However, in the end did the more colourful side of the feud, Courtney and Shane, shake hands and call a truce? Did they get along in the end on the jury? No, not really. Thanks. At least Shane voted for Danielle after two different Tribal Councils trying to vote her out, or maybe it’s because Aras backstabbed him? Or did she really get the right number? The Mystery of it all. Most of the Casaya tribe was crazy and dysfunctional, and I believe that Aras on any other season would be like a more in shape Peter from Marquesas.

9. Corrine vs. Sugar – Gabon/Real Life

“Sugar, you are an unemployed, uneducated leech on society and the only thing I would vote for you is to give you a handful of anti-depressants so that no one else has to be subjected to your constant crying anymore, and maybe if you got some it would seem a little more sincere when you are crying about your dead father. You don’t deserve the million”- Corrine.


I was in and out of my original watch through Gabon, but I know that there are around fifty million feuds on this season. You got Randy vs everyone, Sugar vs Randy, Susie vs Corrine, Randy vs a Fake Idol, Crystal vs Challenges, you get the picture. However, in honour of Corrine on the upcoming season, I wanted this one in there. Corrine was a not very nice person out there. She did have an alliance, the onions, so maybe she thought that she was okay? Thought the only real moments of her bad side was her jury speech towards Susie and Sugar, but I think “vocal cord removal” gets topped by “screw you and your dead father” nine times out of ten. She even complained that they didn’t show her nasty side enough at the reunion! Sugar and Corrine is also noteworthy that to this day, since 2008, they still don’t like each other. They have been insulting themselves on twitter, and the only reason I don’t think they are DMing these like normal people (aside from the attention that is) is that I strongly believed that they blocked each other and one of them may turn up dead in the streets somewhere. So, it’s for the better.

8. Erinn vs. Coach – Tocantins

“Who is this Jackass?” Erinn

“Coach, he’s the biggest joke on the planet” Erinn

“”I cannot exist around people like that.” Coach

“Dragon Slayed”- Erinn

I’d say that the Erinn vs Coach storyline on Tocantins had to be one of my favourites due to the amount of funny quotes. Although Brendan, Sierra, and Taj all get in on the fun and happily mock Coach behind his back, in front of him, and with other people, this is I feel where each one kind of gives what they take. Erinn didn’t really have a place in Coach’s round table of knights (and one dragon) so he doesn’t like her. Erinn doesn’t like Coach because he’s a joke and a jackass. A lot of people don’t like him as much on South Pacific (me included) and I’ll always say is because we didn’t have that person. Rob made fun of Coach on Heroes Vs Villains, but we don’t really get that until Sophie calls him a girl at FTC. This gets to be a huge part of the Tocantins Storyline, as Erinn joins up with the Jalapeño tribe to vote out Tyson and Debbie for that reason. Oh, and the Coach Exile island scene was perfect. Erinn insults Coach, Coach sends it back to her, Coach joins Diane, Osten, and Chet in the “I died in a Survivor challenge” club, and Poems ending with the golden Erinn voting confessional Vs Coach’s “you were supposed to be gone already T.T” confessional. What can I say? Man’s got an ego the size of Brazil. That’s going to be the death of him. Also, this feud as well as all feuds except for Sierra’s one sided feud with Erinn seems to be resolved. Good for everyone.

7. Judd vs. Margaret – Guatemala

“I love it, man. Except for Margaret, I love this damn team, man.” Judd

“Judd doesn’t listen to anybody. Judd only listens to Judd.” Margaret

“The other problem with Judd is that he has a problem with recall”. Margaret

I love the A.D.D scene. It’s pretty much Judd unplugged, with Margaret taking the full brunt of it. It’s not like we didn’t see this train wreak coming. Judd selling Brooke out of the game after the switch started it. I’m pretty convinced that if Gary and Amy weren’t with those two on the picnic, they’d probably have to remove Judd from the game, even though it didn’t really escalate until the Brooke betrayal, you kind of see the tension. Judd seemed to have more fun with Amy than with Margaret! We get a small break for the Blake “GOLDEN BOY” boot, and then we get to the best part. The lets screw with Brian twist number two comes around, both tribes have to go get rid of someone. Nakum goes first, and Judd is drunk off of Beer and/or some of the sugar from the root beer. Next, the infamous ADD scene, and the thing about all of this, is that apparently, Margaret never said that Judd had any type of mental health issues (well, before then anyways) but in according to an interview, it was Danni. Now I once got them confused in a screen shot once because of similar hair problems, but I wasn’t living with them and it’s no fun to complain about someone on Yaxha. Sadly, we see Margaret voted out to start a string of tragic pre-merge boots instead of the guy that never stops with the “mans”. Guatemala has quite a few good feuds, Platinum boy vs Golden boy, Amy vs Rock, Stephenie vs every member of her alliance minus Rafe, Brianna vs Lydia and some others that I know I’m forgetting, but this one is a classic. I think the best part; Brian leaving barely makes a mark. It’s all like Margaret gets voted out in a fiery blaze of insults and Judd! Oh and there’s Brian too, sandwiched between this one and the very heartbreaking Amy vote off. *crickets* Not even a hug or a “screw you”.

6. Sandra vs. Russell – Heroes vs Villains

“Sandra, in this game the line between hero and villain was blurred – most of the time. But you work hard, you put family first, and you always stay true to yourself, and that makes you a true hero to me.” Candice

“Finally I can play the game with somebody who respects the game.” Russell

I like seeing Russell losing, it was fun that my second pick to win (after Betsy) won against him. However, there was never a Natalie vs Russell feud. Natalie was a sweet lady who found it hard to kill a rat. Sandra yells at people. The Rob Vs Russell thing isn’t something I like to write up personally, because it really only paves the way to this. Also, I did sneak in a Candice quote, I’m a fan what can I say, and she was right. Sandra became a Heroic figure on the Villains tribe. I don’t really like Russell feuds, because they are all the same. Even including the only person I vaguely cared about in Redemption Island, Julie, can’t make me change my mind. Either he “wins” and gloats about it for the rest of the game (He took out Boston Rob! Did you know that?) or he loses and whines about a “flaw” in Survivor. This is not the first time Sandra’s been though this. Heck, Russell never even seen Pearl Islands, he never knew that she won. She was able to do the same exact thing that she did with Fairplay and the Pearl Islands which by the law of returning players this should have not happened. So long story short, Russell did the exact same thing he did in Samoa; he pissed off the every one of the members of the jury while Sandra watched him do this. In the end, he didn’t even get a vote, while Sandra became a two time winner and celebrates at outback steakhouse like a true hero. Russell whines about the win to this day! He still doesn’t understand Survivor it seems, should we tell him? Or shall we send him to his third season only be in an alliance with offensive Stephanie and to be outwitted by Julie? You decide. As for me, he told lies he didn’t need to tell so I can’t support that.

5. Crystal vs. Randy – Gabon

“Bitch”- Randy

“In real life, I will never talk to Randy outside of this game.” Crystal


Gabon was always a good season if you want to see some conflict. All sorts of fun little feuds, but this one tops the person vs person conflict, because after all, Sugar vs the concept of a Final Tribal Council is a great conflict too. Basically it comes down to Randy is an ass, Crystal hates him along with everyone on Nobag not named Corrine or Bob. It lasted the whole game, whenever we see Randy, he’s fuming about someone. It’s good TV sure, but he seems like a sad person, He makes fun of everyone, but Crystal is easily the one he gets to the most, as well as possibly fearing for his safety because she’s like eight feet tall and can probably step on him. Of course, we all love the fake idol plan that Bob and Sugar come up with. The plans was basically piss off everyone, then take out that one person that was the reason you are down in numbers in the first place because everyone and their loved one is going to vote for you because you’re an ass. It would have worked too; too bad it was fake and everyone knew he will be getting votes because of the Crystal yell. Of course it came back full circle in the Final Tribal Council when Randy voted for Bob and he yelled his vote as a jest to Crystal. Besides that, I’m sure Randy is living a nice Crystal-free life outside of Survivor.

4. Sandra Versus Fairplay – Pearl Islands

“I can get loud too What the F—“-Sandra

“Screw Jon, cause he’s an ass”- Sandra

“I’m gonna screw you aaannnndddd Burton”- Sandra

“She’s not even in the final four and I got a mil that says she’s not the final one!” Fairplay

Now this is a classic, still mutual hate outside of the show as well. Before Russell, there was another person Sandra called an “ass”, his name is Fairplay, Jonny Fairplay. Everyone boos his name at reunions; he was such a great villain that he got beat by a very insulting way in the final episode by Lill of all people. Now, if that isn’t a good downfall, I don’t know what is. Basically, Jon has been sneaking his way through the game, or at least he tried. He clashed with Sandra on who was the stronger player (Not a hard question. Eleven pound Michelle was stronger than him) he did help with showing Burton the door, as well as Michelle. His only real hiccup was that Trish’s plan to oust the biggest threat in the game didn’t work, so know Rupert’s after him. Outcast twist, Lil flips, Drake’s in charge with Sandra, Christa, and Rupert on top, and that is something the Jon didn’t like. So he blindsides Rupert, Sandra gets pissed and yells at him after the fish dumping that was blamed on Christa. And when I say yell at him, I mean you can’t hear a word she’s saying because CBS had to censer around half of it, it was that bad. Even though it was pretty strained, Sandra, Darrah, and Lill blindsided Burton after Christa’s Blindside, but not before helping blindsiding Tijuana even though he blindsided Rupert after the normal vote off of Ryno. Pearl Island had a lot of blindsides. However Sandra ended up on top because of Lill voting off Fairplay because he’s an ass. Sorry that I pretty much spoiled Pearl Islands, but a true villain wining Survivor? I can’t support that.

3. Aras vs. Terry – Panama

“Someone Call the Whambulance Terry’s crying on the course!”-Aras

“You have no respect for anyone else out here”-Aras

“He’s a bad dude and I want to go out and beat him!”-Terry

“Aras and Terry neck and neck!”- Jeff Probst.

The twelfth season of Survivor had a lot of conflict with the Casaya tribe, but the best one of the whole season is simply, Terry and Aras. Aras is the youngest contestant out there, Terry is not. They are very different guys from different walks of life, and they clashed out there like no other. Aras is currently the winner with the most votes cast against him, with nine. Aside from the final ten, Terry and whatever was left of his alliance voted for the strongest person out there, Aras. It got to ridiculous levels to a point that Jeff didn’t even reveal Terry’s vote at the Shane blindside. Guess who it was for? Aras was really Terry’s only real challenge in challenges, aside from balancing challenges that is. Thus that would be why they clashed a lot. When Aras finally won something, it lead to a lot of words that pretty much caused one of my favourite titles for an episode,” Call the Whambulance”. It would be cooler if the Hidden Immuntiy Idol didn’t work the way it does now and thus useless at the final four, but sadly the rivalry ends when Danielle backstabs Terry (and earned her spot on Heroes vs Villains as a Villain) and the final two is changed to a final three because Terry and Cirie are the fan favourites that got screwed, either that or it was because Aras almost kills himself with a wine glass. Either way, Aras gets the respect vote from Terry, and it’s safe to say that these rivals are no more. Thanks Survivor!

2. Eliza vs. Twila – Vanuatu

“You never treated me with an ounce of respect. You didn’t speak to me as if you deserved your breath.” -Eliza

“All I said was you talk too damn much – and you do!”-Twila

“Twila. I am voting for the third time this game. You are like that cockroach that won’t die under your refrigerator. Hopefully you’re going home tonight.”-Eliza

Women are more spiteful when it comes to feuds, we can hold a crazy mad grudge, and since Vanuatu really had nothing but women and Chris the final seven on, we have a lot of Eliza Twila moments. In fact, nearly even women with the possible exception of Leann were in an argument with someone. Vanuatu had a ton of good fights, most of them including the fiery females of Yasur. Eliza is the jabbermouth. She never shuts up, and pretty much worked with an alliance of one. Twila is a tough older lady that doesn’t take anyone’s crap. You can’t write what happens next, but this is pretty much this weird feud that had them working together in Ami’s alliance for a while, hate each other, then work together against Ami, then they are fighting again. This is the rollercoaster of emotions that Survivor shows quite a bit, by far this is the best known one. When Eliza came back for Micronesia, they used her introductory clip as one of her three million verbal wars with Twila, instead of her winning a challenge or something, so you know the editors love it. This played a huge part in the storyline of why Chris won. Eliza and Twila are oil and water. Eliza didn’t even give Twila the respect of her vote, unlike Terry with Aras for one. Now a days, Eliza says that they are pretty good friends and get along. I believe that because neither of them ended up dead after the show anywhere. It’s all fine and dandy, but with the way they clashed was one of the memorable things about the ninth season. Everyone remembers the 2004 smack down that was Eliza vs Twila.

1. Jamie vs. Bobby Jon – Guatemala

“Bobby Jon’s hit a new nut level. It’s like he flipped a switch”-Jamie

“Jamie’s kind of cocky and arrogant. And there’s a line you cross with me. And, um, he crossed it today. And I just went over and I put him in his place.”- Bobby Jon

“What if I stepped off this platform with this bucket on my head and just smashed it over his head?” Bobby Jon

“Who’s smiling now!?” Jamie

Number one for a reason. This feud had some teeth going for it. The Guatemala cast was some amazing characters for sure, to this day I believe that Stephenie and Bobby Jon weren’t really needed, but I’m not complaining about Bobby Jon! Twila and Eliza were good, but you understood most of the words that came out of their mouths, well unless Twila’s accent gets too bad that is, but Bobby Jon and Jamie where reasonable people half of the time. In Palau it was already proven that Bobby Jon may, or may not be crazy. Jamie was a new person in this fold; we didn’t have Jamie screaming at Bobby Jon in Palau. What fun that would have been! However, we’ll make do in the hot jungle of Guatemala. No matter what tribe they were on it was crazy awesome. It pretty much starts with Bobby Jon demonstrating the ability to pick and throw around various tribe mates. I mean, Guatemala was the season of over celebrating. What with Amy screaming every time she won something (“We got Immunity baby!” stands out too), Brian bleeding Yaxha blue, Judd giving it his damn all, and Stephenie being all like “I’m finally winning!”, this season was pretty much people outbragging. Should have been in the logo in fact. Jamie and Bobby Jon are the most notable because they are from rival states, and they are rather easily annoyed by each other. It pretty much stopped when Jamie was trying to redeem himself because every member on the merged tribe was thinking “Who is this Jackass?” However, ever single survivor fan remembers the ball roll challenge, for one of two things, Amy joining the “I died in a Survivor Challenge club”, and Jamie and Bobby Jon almost becoming the first two people to get forcefully ejected out of the game due to violence. The reactions of the tribe mates looked like this-O.o, and nearly everyone was wondering what happened. It was great. Also them screaming at each other, I would have put as the quotes, but not a single person understood what they said. Sadly, Bobby Jon was voted out because Gary found the hidden immunity idol because of Judd, and Jamie was blindsided because he thought he was going to get blindsided. Well, they bonded on the jury, and when Gary let Stephenie have it with the star struck comment, they looked like best buddies forever. Brings a tear to my eyes there.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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21 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Feuds

  1. No Boston rob-lex? That is the definition of the survivor feud

  2. Absolutely shocking list. How is Rob v Russell not on here? or Rob v Lex?

  3. Hey guys! Just want to say hi.

    It’s pretty hard for me to write anything from All Stars- it’s not my favorite season, and I would have put Rob/Lex on there, but I don’t have the DVD/ not a fan of it. It’s hard for me to write about it because I don’t have a great memory on it.

    Russell/ Rob didn’t make it, but Sandra/Russell did. Plus it turned into a very lame feud after RI imo.

    • It is THE survivor feud though. 2 comments on it’s omission instantly 😛 Just odd to leave it off, even if you don’t like it. Wouldn’t take long to re familiarise yourself with the details. I’d get rid of 2, 3 or 5 for it ;and add Christy v Jenna n Heidi AND Abi v RC

      It is your list though, however maybe it should be renamed “my top 10 favourite feuds”?

    • Todd from Aus // February 14, 2013 at 12:04 am // Reply

      Why. They weren’t even on the same tribe or spend one day of survivor together.

      Plus it’s about specific feuds on specific seasons.

  4. I liked the Tina vs. Jerri

  5. The point of these “Top 10’s” is that it is in the view of the writer, not necessarily a general consensus. So the ‘my top 10 blah blahs’ is not needed. Even though i think the Rob v Lex and RC v Abi should be in there, it’s Heather’s list and we have to respect that…. AND DEBATE! hehe.

  6. There are so many good ones out there really, most happening on the Pearl Islands and involving Jonny Fairplay (versus Sandra, Shawn AND Rupert) haha.

  7. Add me to the list of people shocked that the Rob/Lex feud isn’t at number one up there. Unlike most of the other feuds on that top 10 list, it’s still going strong last I heard. And that FTC was epic…especially when Shii Ann (the only rational person on the ASS jury) gets in a dig at Lex by saying that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Hell, might as well throw in Rob/Jerri, with the upper hand going to Jerri, because she got her revenge in the end

  8. Wow. I join in the chorus of those shocked that Boston Rob vs. Lex did not even get a mention! And I thought it would’ve topped the list! Not liking the season is just ignorance, particularly from a Survivor fan. Sorry, Heather. I can appreciate that this is your, personal view – but two big thumbs down from me!

  9. Naoka vs the 1 legged girl was ROBBED.

  10. U forgot Lex and rob.m and Ted vs ghandia. And also RC vs abi lol step it up oz

  11. There was also Kimmi vs Alicia in season 2 with the f*ckin’ chicken. It was a classic scene.

  12. you’ve misspelled that shrew’s name… corinne.

  13. How can Aras and zterry not be #1, that was the main story line that season?

  14. honourable mentions:
    na’onka vs kelly b and na’onka vs judd
    candice vs brad culpepper
    corinne vs phillip
    and of course CHRISTINA VS ALICIA!!! you’re wrong! ok? so shut up!

  15. What about Phillip vs Brandon or Phillip vs Francesca! Those were good ones

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