Survivor Caramoan–Episode 1 Recap featuring Sandra Diaz-Twine!


The new season of Survivor Caramoan is here, and it’s time to recap the amazing premiere with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Sandra Diaz-Twine, winner of the 7th season of Pearl Islands and winner of the 20th season of Heroes vs Villains!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome to the first of my Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favourites Episode Recaps! Once again, I’ve returned to bring you up to speed with everything Survivor: Caramoan and I must say, it’s good to be back writing about Survivor!

Exactly one month ago a left you all to ponder over a cast assessment as we counted down to Survivor: Caramoan premiering. Well, time has come and gone and now it’s time to delve into the ninety minute premiere which certainly left a few people talking.

We began the twenty-sixth season like any other. Jeff introduces us to the location, (the Caramoan Islands), whilst we see countless clips of the harsh conditions of the island, as well as how dangerous the animals and sea life are. In a Filipino boat on the water, ten castaways are sailing towards a sand bank, ready to begin the game. Initial thoughts are already on everyone’s mind with Shamar getting ready for an easy seven weeks, Allie’s worried about Michael being a huge strategic threat and Michael Snow, (or Snowy as I‘ve nicknamed him), commenting on how he believes several of the girls will snap in half before their time in the game is over.

Above them fly two choppers, containing the ten returning players. Jeff introduces the returnees to the audience, with a small description about how each player failed to win in their first attempt. Malcolm and Cochran seem to have worn the exact same shirt as they did in their first outings, so let’s hope they gave them a decent wash or they’ll be voted out first because they stink. We get an aerial shot of Jeff standing on a huge rock well above sea level as he utters his famous catch cry – “39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!”

After the introduction, the fans arrive where Jeff is waiting for them to disembark off their boat. Michael, (will it confuse everyone if I just refer to him as Snowy?), is that excited he falls immediately into the water, making an idiot of himself. After heading over to their tribe mate, Jeff announces they will be playing against favourites from seasons past. The two choppers land and almost blow Jeff and the Fans off the island and out jumps the Favourites. The Fans great Andrea, Cochran, Erik and Phillip enthusiastically, Dawn is given a huge welcome by Sherri, comments about how dangerous Brandon, Brenda and Corrine are heard before all the Fans give Jeff a “who the hell are they” look when Jeff introduces Francesca and Malcolm.

After receiving their buffs and learning their tribe names; Bikal (Favourites) and Gota (Fans), we go straight into a Reward Challenge! It’s an old Survivor classic that’s been tweaked and after it’s success in the ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ premiere, I don’t blame them. The challenges see’s two members of each tribe race out into the water to retrieve a ring. The castaways then have to run back to the start with the ring whilst the other tribe does everything and anything in their power to stop them. The tribe that has one hand on the ring and one hand on their finishing pole, wins a point, with the first tribe is four points winning Reward in the form of flint and a twenty pound pot of beans. Brandon instantly remarks that he wants to tackle someone and Shamar seems to think that the Fans will easily win the challenge.


The Fans tribe (left) and the Favourites tribe (right) are welcomed to the game. (Image credit CBS)

The first match up sees Dawn and Erik take on Julia and Shamar. Erik must be having horrible nightmares at this stage. He competed in a similar challenge in ‘Survivor: Micronesia’ and went up against James Clement, five years later, he’s going up against Shamar; not exactly the start you want. Erik manages to get to the ring before Shamar however Shamar strength wins out as he successfully grabs the ring and scores the first point. Andrea and Brandon level things up against Eddie and Hope after Brandon drags the ring, along with Eddie towards the Favourites pole. Brenda and Phillip give the Favourites the lead after they beat Michael and Sherri. The big shock of this match up is Shamar yelling out to Sherri to break Brenda’s wrist from the sidelines.

Cochran and Francesca successfully take down Laura and Matt with Francesca showing her strength after taking down Matt, leaving Cochran to take on Laura, who questions whether Cochran can handle her. Finally, the new Favourite on the block loses his pants, as Malcolm; along with Corinne beat Allie and Reynold in the best match up of the challenge, thus securing Reward for the Favourites. Both tribes then head off back to their new homes.


The Favourites celebrate winning the first Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Gota arrive and the usual comments about how cool it is to be on Survivor are shared by the group. Matt and Shamar begin to stress the importance of fire and shelter and the Fans get to work. Matt begins work on the shelter, however Shamar isn’t as interested, preferring to sit back and bark orders about someone making a fire. Matt doesn’t want to hear and it tries to tell Shamar to get up and do something. The fight quickly escalates with Shamar telling Matt to “shut up.” (Not exactly the best way to start the game).

We cross to Bikal where Malcolm comments how securing the point of the tribe at the Reward Challenge is a good first impression for the “new guy.” The tribe begins working on the shelter whilst Francesca states in a confessional that Phillip is still crazy and being a first boot, she won’t have as big a target on her back. Francesca starts off how she left in Redemption Island seeking out Andrea and Dawn to create and early alliance. The trio agrees and decides to bring in Brandon, Cochran and Phillip believing them to be the most loyal. Francesca gets yet another confessional telling everyone she got a raw deal in her first season and that this time around she’s going to prove she can play. The next thing on Francesca’s “list of things to do on day one” is to seek out Phillip and talk about their history in the game. Francesca makes it clear to Phillip that she was never targeting him in Redemption Island; however Phillip isn’t interested in talking. He admits that he has “buried the hatchet” with Francesca long ago and her approaching him is a sign of how silly she is. Finally, we get a third confessional from Francesca swearing that if she is the first sent home again, she’ll eat a rock – to bad if that comes back to bite you.

Shamar continues to exclude himself from working at the Gota tribe, preferring instead to watch how Michael, Reynold and the girls are struggling to create fire. Shamar finally decides he’s going to do something and offers his support in making a fire. With Shamar’s assistance and knowledge of what type of wood to use, Gota successfully make fire. In stark comparison, Bikal are already sitting back tucking into some rice.


Reynold celebrates the Gota tribe successfully starting a fire. (Image credit CBS)

Phillip introduces us to his “B.R. Rules”; rules Phillip learnt and named after Boston Rob. The rules are as follows:

1. Get in an alliance

2. Get in an alliance within an alliance

3. Get rid of your alliance before they get rid of you

Phillip plans to follow the “B.R. Rules,” however the rules take second priority to family. Phillip singles out Corinne with plans to align with her, and then successfully draws in Andrea and Malcolm and then approaches Cochran and Dawn. Doing what he does best, Phillip assigns his potential alliances nicknames before heading off to speak to Erik.


Phillip explains the “B.R. Rules”. (Image credit CBS)

Phillip does his best impression of Boston Rob, telling Erik he’s either with him or against him and that either way, he has the numbers. I’ll give Phil some credit here though, he makes out he’s the messenger boy and that he’s not running the show. I don’t care whether you think Phillip is crazy or not, he certainly paid attention to what Rob was doing in Redemption Island.

An early alliance between Eddie and Reynold forms at Gota with the pair deciding to stick together because they are the “strongest”. Reynold introduces Allie intro the alliance, labelling her as “not the cutest, not the smartest, not anything at all, just someone who can fly under the radar.” Right about now, I’m guessing Allie is sitting at home tearing up that Valentines Day card she was going to send to Reynold. Allie joins the alliance and Eddie recruits Hope, calling himself and her “the best looking people here.” News flash Eddie, looks don’t win you a million dollars! It seems snuggling doesn’t win you a million dollars either as Laura notices that Allie and Reynold and becoming far too comfortable with each other during the night, prompting her to target the pair.

Fast-forward to day three where we find Cochran burnt to a crisp. The rain from last season has certainly disappeared and poor old Cochran is burn all over. His feet are extremely swollen and he admits he’s in a lot of pain but hides this from the tribe, instead laughing at himself believing that he needs to be “less freaky and more confident” this time around. Brenda comments on Cochran looks like a “little pregnant lady” as he struggles to walk around and we see several shots of just how red Cochran is – just wait until the tan lines start to kick in!


Cochran struggles with a severe case of sunburn. (Image credit CBS)

Reynold seems to have worked out that himself, along with Allie, Eddie and Hope have the game won. After trying his best to explain how cuddling Allie during the night makes their alliance fool proof, he goes onto admit that everything has worked out well. It’s time for Reynold to get a wake up call… an alliance of four in a ten person tribe, isn’t majority! Laura is quick to notice the foursome spending lots of time together and points this out to Julia, Michael and Sherri. Sherri gives a confessional stating that Allie and Reynold have gone past the ‘cuddle stage’ and have “hooked up”, whilst Michael is wary of falling onto the wrong side of the numbers. He heads over to speak to Matt about which group of four they should align with, with the pair agreeing that they will stick together and make a decision only when it needs to be made.

We get a nice scenic view of the Caramoan Islands as our old hash tag friend repairs in the bottom left corner letting us know that it’s time for the Immunity Challenge. A giant structures greats us as we return to ground level where the tribes are walking in to meet Jeff.

After a quick jibe at Cochran about his sunburn, Jeff unveils the Tribal Immunity Idol, which I must say, is the nicest I’ve seen for sometime.

For the Challenge, each tribe will race out in pairs to a four story tall tower. On each floor are three crates. Each pair must race up to a floor; drop the crates off, smashing them on the ground below and releasing sandbags. Once all twelve crates have been smashed, the final pair will race out to collect the sandbags, open the target board, return to a spot and begin throwing sandbags, trying to land one in each of the six openings on the target. The first tribe to have a sandbag in each of the six targets wins Immunity. I have to say, it’s a great first challenge and it turns out to be a nail biter.


The Tribal Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

First on the course is Cochran and Phillip for Bikal and Laura and Sherri for Gota. Probst really has been around a long time and accidentally calls the Favourites tribe the ‘Heroes’ as the pairs race towards the ladder. It’s dead even after the first floor with Corinne and Francesca and Hope and Michael heading out onto the course. Gota takes a small lead into the third leg; however a dominant display by Erik and Brenda over Julia and Matt levels the field. Heading into the last leg, Andrea and Brandon develop a small lead over Allie and Eddie, giving Dawn and Malcolm a head start tossing sandbags.

Malcolm lands three bags before Gota has landed one. Shamar collects the bags and Reynold tosses for Gota. Soon after, Reynold has levelled the score at three bags a piece, and then pulls ahead of Malcolm landing his fourth bag. Reynold continues his streak and lands his fifth bag and Malcolm quickly pegs one back landing his fourth. It’s too late for Malcolm and Bikal though as Reynold lands his sixth and final bag, winning Immunity for Gota. Poor old Malcolm, new season, same result, as once again he, along with the rest of the Bikal tribe, will attend the first Tribal Council of the season.


The Fans celebrate their victory over the Favourites in the first Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Bikal return to camp and things become immediately crazy! Francesca gets yet another confessional, stating that Reynold was just lucky. She approaches Cochran and asks his opinion of voting out either Corinne or Phillip. The pair is soon joined by Brandon and Andrea who are worded up on Francesca’s plan to send Phillip home.

Andrea isn’t going to going to settle for things easily though. She admits she likes Francesca but doesn’t trust her, so runs straight to her good friend Phillip to spill the details of Francesca’s plan. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Premiere episode of a season, Francesca and Phillip both high on the list to be voted out first? I can tell you that this isn’t ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’, that Boston Rob and Russell haven’t returned and you are watching the correct season. How do I know you ask? Simply because Phillip doesn’t fly off the handle at his name being bought up, instead he follows his self-imposed “B.R. Rules” and heads off to develop a plan.

Brandon finds Erik and draws him into the plan to vote out Phillip. Erik is all for it but warns Brandon about Phillip’s warning that he has the numbers. The pair is sceptical and Brandon departs as Francesca comes in to check what Erik is doing. Away from camp, Cochran and Dawn have snuck into the trees to discuss their options. Dawn tells Cochran that she trusts him and wants them to stick together during the game, regardless of what happened last time around. Cochran is relieved at this, and unintentionally uses a pun, saying that a “new Dawn” might be playing the game this time around. (I’ll happily admit that I laughed at Cochran’s pun.) The pair concur that they don’t entirely trust Francesca, however see themselves as the swing votes and must therefore make a decision that is in their best interests.

Paranoia begins to trouble Francesca and she approaches Dawn with a plan of splitting the votes between Corinne and Phillip in case one of them plays a Hidden Immunity Idol. Dawn questions the plan, believing they don’t have the numbers to do it. The paranoia hasn’t only affected Francesca as Brandon and Brenda also begin to worry about the closeness between Andrea and Corinne. Brandon soon condemns Andrea to the same category Mikayla Wingle, (‘Survivor: South Pacific’), fell into in his first outing, as he stats that she gives him a “bad vibe” and she needs to go. Erik runs off to inform Francesca than Brandon is feeling uncomfortable around Andrea and that they, along with the trusted members of their alliance, should change the plan and blindside Andrea instead. Francesca goes into a mad panic believing that she doesn’t have enough time to change the plan and that if it results in her being the first boot once again, she’ll drown herself. (Is that before or after you swallow the rock?). We head off to Tribal Council with a confessional from Cochran explaining that it would be cruel to vote out Francesca and despite popular belief; he does in fact have a conscious.

We arrive at Tribal Council and I have to give credit to the art department for making another fantastic set. Jeff starts things off by asking Brandon who is running the tribe with Brandon replying that they are all “chiefs” this time around.

The conversation turns to Francesca and Phillip’s relationship with Phillip revealing that even though he couldn’t say her name at the opening Tribal Council in ‘Redemption Island’, he did know how to say it correctly, but pronounced it differently in place of using a expletive when talking about her. Jeff asks Francesca how she feels after returning to play again with virtually no experience. She responds by saying that it is an advantage because she isn’t as bigger threat but admits she is paranoid. This leads to Jeff asking who is paranoid and all ten tribe members admit to this.


Speak now if you’re paranoid. (Image credit CBS)

Andrea admits that she hopes information she has told people doesn’t get back to the wrong people and states that she is a hard working at camp and in challenges. Cochran chips in saying the game moves a lot faster on the second occasion and references Boston Rob signalling to Phillip during Tribal Council who to vote for. This leads to Malcolm joking clapping Cochran on the shoulder before the vote begins.

Jeff begins to read votes and it would appear Andrea is going to be blindsided. Things change when Francesca levels the count at three votes apiece and then again at four. Unfortunately for Francesca, it appears she isn’t destined to play Survivor as she receives another two, taking her tally to six, as she becomes the first person to be voted out of the game.


Francesca… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In her exit speech, Francesca finally admits that Survivor might not just be her thing. (Which I think a lot of people knew after she was first voted out in ‘Redemption Island.)

Whilst I try and keep my opinion neutral during the recap, I have no problem saying that Francesca is the worst two-time player ever. Statistically, she has lasted sixteen days less than Russell Swan, who has a total of twenty-five days as a two time player. Francesca also becomes the first person to be voted out first, twice. (Whether that counts for anything on Noah’s first boot list, I’m not sure.)

Next week, Brandon Hantz brings out his inner-Russell, as he swears to go out with a bang, no matter how dirty things may get.

Jeff’s sexual innuendo comments are back and this week Jeff makes a suggestive comment during the Immunity Challenge…

“Start tossing!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Reynold


Reynold has the honour of taking top spot for the first time this season. Whilst he may not have secured the numbers in an alliance, his performance at the Immunity Challenge saved Gota from attending Tribal Council.

2. Andrea


Andrea takes second spot after she successfully managed to play along with Francesca whilst actually plotting against her. Her alliance held true and Andrea survived the first vote, however she also gave strong performance in the Reward Challenge, (securing a point for Bikal), and in the Immunity Challenge where she helped gain a slight lead of Gota going into the final stage of the challenge.

3. Phillip


“The Specialist” rounds out the top three after following his “B.R. Rules” which successfully helped him create a majority alliance to vote against his arch nemesis, Francesca. A strong performance in both challenges only increases his stocks and his value in the tribe.

Bottom Three

18. Brandon


Brandon is in a precarious position as he finds himself in an alliance against the numbers. His physical strength will become an asset should Bikal lose the next Immunity Challenge, as well as the fact that he isn’t the greatest strategic threat.

19. Brenda


I have no doubt in my mind that Marty Piombo (‘Survivor: Nicaragua’) is sitting at home rubbing his hands together with glee at the fact that Brenda in now in the position he found himself in when a Tribe Switch sent him to the La Flor tribe. Brenda is a serious threat both strategically and physically putting her in grave danger should Bikal lose the next Immunity Challenge.

20. Francesca


What can I say, Francesca isn’t made for Survivor. Once again, she came out trying to play the game to early and it got her sent home. Playing the game for a total of nine days after two outings isn’t something anyone would be proud of. Russell Swan can now hold his head high knowing that he doesn’t hold the record for being the least successful two-time player.

Tweet Tweet!

Below is a list of the castaway Twitter handles for this season, as well as a few snippets of what the castaways and our followers said about this week’s episode. If you’d like to see your tweet featured in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!



Ben’s Opinion


Season 26 is here and here with a bang! Great way to start us off on what is looking likely to be a great season!

Initial impressions were mixed. Have to say I enjoyed Shamar, he was very blunt and honest and I see him as a great character this season. I do however see him going out pre-merge if he continues on the way he is going. Michael too I enjoyed, and he reminded me a lot of John Carroll from Marquesas, with the looks department of an older Ace from Gabon (or as we said in our preview, a ‘gayce’). The Matt/Shamar fight was fun, and I swear Matt is Chris Daugherty’s voice in a body mixed with Rupert and Ralph Kiser. Just saying. Close your eyes next time Matt speaks and tell me he doesn’t sound like Chris.

Other than that the fans were pretty bland. A cuddle here. A popular group there. A bunch of kids excited for their experience who I soon see getting owned by the favourites.

On the favourites as you would expect, a lot of different dynamics. Loved it how Phillip and Francesca ‘tried’ to work together but obviously failed miserably. Phillip by far was the biggest surprise this episode. Did I see him actually play strategically? Maybe I need to stop writing off Redemption Island as such a horrible season if Boston Rob’s win had such an impact on the man he beat, that he is coming into the game ready to play like him. Yes it’s the first episode, but boy oh boy if you had never seen Phillip play before today, you would assume the guy is a strategic genius! I’ll be watching that very closely. It was surprising to see both Corinne and Erik ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak, and I think this bodes well for them potentially going far. It’s great to see Erik back, but a shame to see him not part of the majority alliance that would ultimately end up voting for Francesca. It’s very early on, but I hope he can turn it around. Brenda too surprised me that we saw very little of her, but again, plenty of time.

I have to say as much as I think Francesca seems like a lovely person and I look forward to getting her on the show one day, I can’t help but laugh at her going home first. Poetic justice really! You bring back a first boot, and they go home first! It’s a shame in a way though because it probably means we will never see a first boot ever again as a returning player which is a shame, because there are loads of them that deserve a second chance. So hopefully this won’t lay out a path against first boots that sees them prevented from returning for another show.

Episode 2 will be here before we know it! Looking forward to it already! And can I once again give a massive props to Go! here in Australia for airing Survivor the same day as the US! Long overdue!

Jarryd’s Opinion


I’ll admit it, during the time between Francesca’s torch being snuffed and the preview for next week occurring, I was jumping around, fist pumping and thoroughly enjoying the fact that Francesca was gone. I said in my cast assessment that Francesca was the worst retuning player ever and now it is official. Why the casting team decided to bring her back will never surface because it’s the biggest joke since the Medallion of Power! More on Francesca later.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t that excited waking up this morning as I prepared to watch and then write the recap. Don’t get me wrong, I love Survivor but I had this feeling that this season could be a complete let down. Ten minutes into the episode, I was proven wrong.

The Reward Challenge is a re-take on an old favourite; multiple castaways, wrestling for an object, what more can you ask for? I love challenges right off the top, it sets the precedent for the season, and it certainly lived up to it in the premiere. Like all, I’ve got an eye on my favourites so to see them do well in the first Challenge got me into the frame of mind for the season. I loved it.

The drama going on at the Favourites camp was unreal. I honestly had no clue who was aligned with who, or what was going on half the time. Francesca shot herself in the foot with her comments about eating a rock and drowning herself if she was the first to go, but watching it, I was secretly hoping the Favourites lost the first Immunity Challenge so I could see her reaction. Im shattered that Erik is looking like hes on the wrong side of the numbers; he would have been great to watch simply because of what happened to him in Micronesia.

As for the Fans, can somebody please send Reynold a message and let him know that having four solid votes in a ten person tribe doesn’t mean you have the numbers! Its simple mathematics! I can see similarities in the Fans from those cast in Micronesia. You have a few distinct groups with several people in the middle, not knowing which way to go. Shamar is the new Joel Anderson; as for who he’ll drag around in a challenge, most of the guys are pretty strong so I’m thinking the likes of Hope or Laura might end up as a rag doll should a similar challenge come up.

I loved the Immunity Challenge. It was different yet still incorporated the simple rules of a Survivor challenge – retrieve pieces, solve puzzle; with the exception that it was a sandbag toss instead of a puzzle. After his performance in a similar challenge last season, I thought Malcolm had it in the bag and was worried that Francesca would get a reprieve. Thankfully, Reynold stepped up to the plate and hope (no, not the castaway), returned!

As an Andrea fan, my heart was going a million miles an hour at Tribal Council. When Jeff read that last Francesca vote, my celebrations began! I can’t say I’ll be to unhappy if the majority alliance of Favourites pick off those who sided with Francesca, other than losing Erik of course.

All in all, other fantastic season premiere… which would have benefited even more if it went for the full two hours. I had a good laugh at Probst calling the ‘Favourites’ the ‘Heroes’ tribe and I’m positive he’s also calling Julia, Julie… maybe Dawson bought up memories of the lovely Julie Berry?

He’ll hate me for saying this, but does Cochran remind anyone else of Stephen Fishbach? (‘Survivor: Tocantins’). Every confessional Cochran got tonight; all I could think of was that he was a skinny, less athletic version of Stephen? Maybe that’s just me because on another note, Corinne bought back some horrible memories of Kenny and Crystal from ‘Survivor: Gabon’ that I’d rather not revisit.

Back to Francesca… I can’t help but laugh. A total of nine days (six in the game itself) after two times playing Survivor. Francesca is the reason the likes of Boston Rob, Parvati Shallow, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Russell Hantz and so on have played multiple times; because they know how to play. Francesca really should have taken notice of Phillips “B.R. Rules!”

Most importantly… Andrea survives!

Lancey’s Opinion


I don’t think any of us suspected Phillip Sheppard would be ‘controlling’ anything this season, but somehow he has managed to eliminate Francesca, a second time. Whilst it may be true she is not cut out for Survivor, I think she still had much more to offer and she left much too soon. I am curious however; does this mean we get to see her eat the rock?

Gota appears to have the typical jocks and cheerleaders (pretty much self-proclaimed), though my interest was sparked by the partnership between beard enthusiast Matt and the bespectacled Michael. They do not have the numbers but being swing votes can be just as powerful. Watch this space.

Finally, I am calling for Andrea’s removal from the game, after she made a completely nonsensical decision and aligned with Phillip. As much as I love watching The Specialist do his ‘thang’, he cannot maintain control for much longer, and I am frankly shocked he managed to seize control in the first place. Apparently all of the fans are too scared to actually play the game, but you can always depend on Phillip to bark orders in his pink undies. I never understood the appeal of Andrea and I am still waiting to see why she is a ‘favourite.’

From this point forward I am supporting Erik, as he recognised Phillip for what he is, is excellent in challenges and seems to have learnt from his mistakes. It’s going to be a great season!

Andrew’s Opinion


Francesca deserves to play for a third time. There I said it. Francesca shows true promise of being a GREAT Survivor. Do I think she will ever get the chance? Probably not, however, I think that she has chutzpah and a real nerve to her that would have probably went well had they decided to mix the tribes half Fans, half Favourites. Ultimately I think the reason they decided to vote her out was stupid (since when did going out first make you overly likeable and therefore a threat to vote out first again?) It sucks to know that we will never get to see Francesca become a Survivor all star, it’s there and I think in a small way everyone else saw it too, but her flame was put out too soon… again.

I have a feeling the Fans tribe will be full of disappointments, however, Shamar shows the inklings of being a good Survivor bully. Side note, Eddie and his gang of idiots at the “cool kids” lunch table will probably all be booted pre-merge as the dumb, good looking, young people are every season. One thing I will never understand is why a group of four sticks together so early in the game and then makes it obvious to the other six in the tribe. HELLO it is a game and GOODBYE your torch deserves to be snuffed if you make it that obvious as to HOOK UP IN THE HUT. This episode was great and, overall, I have high hopes for this season!

Lynda’s Opinion


Francesca, WHY!??! But will get to that in a second.

What a great start to the season, as the Favourites walked out of the helicopter all proud of themselves for making a second season. I was a little worried that some of these Fans wouldn’t know half of the them. There was no cheer for Corinne Kaplan, what’s with that?!

The first challenge was great to see how the Fans would size up and they did fairly well! Stand outs for me were Malcolm, Reynold, and Francesca! She dominated over the Beard (sorry Beard), and it was great to see the Favourites come out with a first win.

Cochran, as weak as he is, was entertaining as ever with his humorous one-liners. I especially enjoyed the “New Dawn” comment, and even more so as he chuckled at himself. Phillip Sheppard being Phillip Sheppard was no surprise plotting early against Francesca, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how Erik was put off by him. It would be hard to trust anyone after his last bout in Micronesia. Brandon doesn’t seem as nutty as the first time around, but his eagerness to vote Andrea was a little bit Mikayla-esque to me.

To the Fans, Reynold seems like one of the strongest players on the Gota tribe, but I’m not sure how his alliance of 4 will go. This 4-way hasn’t even considered bringing anyone else in yet, so it will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks. The way he spoke about Allie was very poor, and I was shocked to see them canoodling in the shelter. I actually had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing things correctly! Minus points to those two. I look forward to seeing whether Michael and Beard can concoct a plan together as well.

On to the tribal council, with all the airtime Francesca had it should have been obvious she was going (damn you editors!). I feel so terribly for her, but at the same time you can’t help but laugh. She’s made Survivor history people! Francesca dug her own grave it seems again, going out too hard. I think it would have worked in her favour had she flown under the radar a bit more. Now we wait to hear the news on whether ‘this rock’ has been consumed…

Survivor Re-capper: Sandra Diaz-Twine


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our first special guest is none other than ‘The Queen’ Sandra Diaz-Twine from the Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains, as she discusses her thoughts on Francesca being a two-time first boot, why she thinks Phillip is playing smart and why Erik isn’t, her take on the fans and why she isn’t impressed with them, why she wants to cuddle up with Shamar, why the fans seemed to take notice of her ‘villainous ways’ during HvV, how it’s surprising that nobody ever seems to take on board her strategy that took her to two wins as well as answering a question from a contestant she hasn’t seen in years, giving us a Rupert impersonation and even finding a way to bring in 50 Shades Of Grey and give her thoughts on who is the greatest villain of all time! Sandra’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran
NEXT TO GO: Brandon

Join us next week for our recap of episode 2, featuring special Survivor guest Edna Ma from South Pacific!

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