Survivor Ozcap–All-Stars


Our eighth Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the eighth season of All-Stars in true Survivor Oz style!

The first ever season to feature returning players isn’t generally considered one of the best. It was well known for it’s bitter nature and given most of the players had come to know each other well outside of the game, friendships were always going to be tested and potentially broken as 18 of the biggest characters in the history of the show battled it out for a second shot at a million dollars. It also saw the birth of ‘Romber’, as Rob & Amber hooked up and not only went all the way to the final tribal council, they also went all the way to wedding chapel and have gone on to have a successful marriage with three kids. Amber was the one however that walked away a millionaire, defeating her future husband in a 4-3 vote in one of the most tension filled final tribal councils in Survivor history. In our Ozcap, we talk about Ben wanting to rub up naked against people to which Lancey finds appealing, which players would’ve been on our ‘ideal cast’, which player should be considered the ‘grandmother of Survivor’, some fairly harsh comments about Rudy, talking about the amount of confessionals each contestant gave during the season, Ben asking loads of ‘stupid questions’ as well as getting Ethan and Lancey hot under the collar in another debate and just whether or not Ethan is the love child of Ethan Zohn and Billy Garcia. And then as we always do, we wrap it all up with our now ‘infamous’ Ozcap final questions!

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  1. Actually, Sandra was asked back for that season, but had to decline because she still had health issues from PI…same with Fairplay

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