Boo Bernis Interview


It seems as though Boo Bernis has become more well known outside his own season of Fiji for helping some big names get on to Survivor. From James Clement, Russell Hantz, Shannon Elkins & Colton Cumbie, Boo has been able to help get these big characters on the show and make a name for themselves. But what about Boo? A dominant challenge player on a season that is often considered amongst the worst, Boo was seemingly ‘under edited’ on his way to finishing fifth. What is clear is there is a lot more to Boo than what we saw on our screens, and he gives us some amazing behind the scenes information on casting, the game as well as dishing the dirt on what actually happened with Yau-Man, Dreamz and THAT deal.


Starting on the dominant Moto tribe, Boo was portrayed as somewhat of a ‘clumsy’ Survivor, getting into a wide variety of accidents for comic affect. He did though in fact go on to be the most ‘winningest’ Survivor in history, being part of more challenge victories (both team and individual) than any other contestant in the history of the show. Despite this, he was unable to crack the final four and was voted out to finish in fifth place.

In our chat with Boo, he talks about receiving a ‘strange call from down under’, just how he has helped so many people get on the show, his friendship with Russell and his admiration for how he played the game, which contestants he flirted with in the initial phase of the game and why his main alliances were never available to him after the players were divided into tribes, what three elements he sees to Survivor, trying tog et back on the show, which female contestant on his season is the strongest woman he has ever seen, his constant farting on the show, not having a great deal of respect for JT from Tocantins as well as talking up the chances of a tribe on a season with people ‘Boo knows’, his MMA career and dishing the dirt on sex in Ponderosa and Yau-Man actually being given the immunity necklace by Dreamz ahead of that fateful Tribal Council.

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