Roxy Morris Interview


Roxy Morris may not have spent the most time on the 25th season of the Philippines, but she still left her mark on the show. A strong, faithful contestant, she was sceptical of Malcolm and Angie getting too close at night and while her speaking out about the issue helped to her downfall, she still left her mark on a tribe that struggled since the beginning of the game. Post game she came home to a surprise wedding and found a new legion of fans, as well as also finding out people were blaming her for another contestants vote out. She also talks about cookies, naturally.

Survivor: Philippines

Starting off on the dreaded Matsing tribe, Roxy formed a close bond with Russell early on. After Zane was the first person to go, she then pushed hard for Angie to be the second. Ultimately however she was unable to succeed in her lobbying, and she was the second person voted out of the Philippines.

In our chat with Roxy, she talks about enjoying talking about the game, why the 25th season was so unique, adapting to normal life now the season is over, her mind always being ‘one track’, what brought her to tears with Denise during the live finale, how faith was so important to her, Russell being ‘forced’ into a leadership position, playing quiet then loud, not knowing how she feels about Lisa, just what language she was speaking in on the beach as well as her thoughts on Malcolm returning for Caramoan, the fun she had at Ponderosa and which former winner gave her inspiration to apply for the show.

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