Survivor Caramoan–Episode 2 Recap featuring Edna Ma!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the second episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Edna Ma from Survivor South Pacific!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Episode two is done and dusted so join me as I analyse the Survivor corporate rankings, nicknames, Idols, Tribal Council and the absence of the Survivor breakdown hash tag.

After Francesca was voted out last week, we return to camp on night three with the Bikal (Favourites) tribe. Brandon begins to express his frustration that what the majority alliance did to Francesca was “vicious.” Dawn approaches him in an attempt to explain why Cochran and herself made the move they made. Brandon doesn’t want to hear any of it, and explodes, telling Dawn that she won’t be able to win the game and calls himself the “honey badger.” Now whilst I would be angry if I was Brandon, he has to realise that this time around the shoe is on the other foot. If you think back to ‘Survivor: South Pacific” it was Dawn who found herself in the minority after Brandon and his alliance took out each member of Savaii tribe. So basically, Dawn just gave Brandon a taste of his own medicine!

Brandon’s comments effect Dawn and she heads off down the beach to have a good cry and complain to the camera about why she is again struggling with how people, (aka Brandon), can play the game without upholding their ethics. It looks like the people at CBS have decided to shelve the dreaded “Survivor breakdown” hash tag this season, which is for the best; imagine if it had caught on last season we might have been faced with even more hash tags such as #honeybadger and #bulge – more on that later. Brandon also heads away from camp with Erik and begins to explain how he’s just had a blood transfusion and can feel his uncle’s, (Russell Hantz), blood pumping through his body. He continues to outlay his new plan to Erik, saying that he’ll make “Russell look like a baby” as he creates mayhem at the camp, making life miserable as he goes out “with a bang.” All Erik can do is laugh and I don’t blame him seeing as Brandon has more mood swings per day than Abi-Maria.


Step one of ‘Evil Brandon’s’ plan… make Dawn cry. (Image credit CBS)

The following morning we check in on Gota where we find Shamar relaxing in the shelter whilst his tribe mates are hard at work. He states this is to conserve energy and lull his tribe into believing he isn’t worried about playing the game. Ellie has a chat to Laura and the pair comment that Shamar is “lazy” and will be sent home once they attend Tribal Council. Sherri thinks differently about this and approaches Shamar about joining her in her alliance with Julia, Laura, Matt and Michael. Shamar agrees and Sherri tells him to continue running his mouth and getting people annoyed, but not to get paranoid because she has his back. Sherri’s true intentions are revealed in a confessional when she explains that “Shamar is my Phillip.”

We return to Bikal where Brandon is doing his best to mend his relationship with Cochran. He confesses that he ways planning to sabotage the tribe by “spilling food and throwing challenges” however this morning he got up on the right side of the bed and has decided that he wouldn’t be true to himself if he didn’t play nicely. Cochran is totally confused by Brandon’s change in behaviour, likening him to a “sociopath murderer.” – Maybe CBS have told the editors to have in-show promos for other shows on the network? It’s a bit fishy that Criminal Minds, a show all about sociopath murderers, airs after Survivor?

Phillip joins the pair and Brandon asks whether the tribe is united. Phillip explains to Brandon that Boston Rob taught him the best way to direct the vote is to minimise information, sharing it only with those you trust. Brandon asks whether he can be trusted and Phillip states that Brandon is like the “mid-management” of a company that Phillip is the CEO of where the CEO doesn’t call on mid-management unless there is something he wants to tell him. If you don’t understand that, you’re not alone! Basically, Phillip is saying that Brandon can’t be trusted and that if or when he can be trusted, Phillip will call upon him to give him some information. Believe it or not, after coming up with the analogy, it’s a confessional with Phillip that plays calling Brandon crazy.


The CEO of Bikal, (Phillip Sheppard) explains to the mid-management (Brandon Hantz), why important investment information isn’t shared with him. (Image credit CBS)

Brandon doesn’t like what he hears and runs off to tell Brenda, Corinne and Erik that Phillip is the biggest bully playing the game because he’s calling himself the CEO of the tribe. Brandon states in a confessional that the “special agent, pink panther, inspector gadget” doesn’t want to fight with him and that he playing in a way very similar to Boston Rob. Brandon goes onto say that the tribe needs to cut the head of the leader of the snake. Corinne disagrees, saying that Phillip isn’t any kind of leader which leads to the second half of Brandon’s confessional playing where he is giving it his all to stay in the game. Dawn then weighs into the situation saying that she’s been on the outside before and that the game is still wide open for everyone.

After returning from the ad break, we head into a combined Reward and Immunity Challenge. Phillip just escapes a manslaughter charge when he almost kills Corinne when he doesn’t place the tribe flag in its slot correctly, causing it to fall over, narrowly missing Corrine. Most of the Fans laugh when releasing that Francesca was once again the first boot, with Michael commenting that the Favourites have no mercy for once again voting Francesca out first and that they came to play this time – really?


Phillip religiously following “B.R. Rule” number three as he tries to “eliminate” Corinne before she eliminates him. (Image credit CBS)

For the challenge, three members of each tribe will board a raft, whilst three other members will pull a rope, moving the raft out to a platform out in the water. One at a time, the three tribe members need to jump into the water and swim underneath the platform to a cage, where they will have to remove bamboo sticks, in order to release nine rings. Once the tribe members have collected all nine rings, they will board the raft and be pulled back to shore again. Once back on shore, the three remaining tribe members will use the rings, attempting to land the rings on a post. The first tribe to get one ring on each of the three posts wins Immunity as well as a fishing kit containing mask, snorkel, fins, nets, lines and of course, a Hawaiian sling. Before I continue, I have to say that if Aaron Reisberger (‘Survivor: China’) is sitting at home watching this episode, he’s probably swearing at his television because the ring collect part of this challenge is very similar to the Immunity Challenge in China that Jamie and Peih-Gee threw, in order to get rid of him.

Laura sits out of the challenge for Gota and after a quick insight into both tribes’ strategies, (in which Corinne leaves us with strong contender for a guest sexual innuendo comment, “We need strong tossers, I’m not a good tosser”), and Shamar complains some more, the challenge begins.

Andrea, Brenda and Erik head out to the platform for Bikal, with Brandon, Cochran and Corinne pulling the rope, whilst Hope, Julia and Sherri are the swimmers for Gota with Eddie, Matt and Shamar working the rope. It’s dead even upon arrival at the platform with Erik and Sherri jumping in to remove the bamboo sticks from the cage. Both tribes quickly release their first ring and Erik swaps with Andrea whilst Sherri stays in the water for the Fans. Andrea releases a further two rings for the Favourites and Sherri continues to struggle for the Fans, but doesn’t switch out. Erik and Brenda take it in turns to release the fourth, fifth and sixth rings for the Favourites, with Sherri deciding to finally listen to her tribe mates and give Hope a turn at releasing rings. Hope manages to release a ring for the Fans but Andrea instantly replies releasing the Favourites seventh and eighth rings before returning to the platform where Erik jumps in to release the final ring. Erik releases the ring and the trio boards the raft and begin to get pulled back to shore as Sherri re-enters the water for the Fans.


The Favorites (purple) hold a strong lead over the Fans (orange) in the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Sherri releases a further three rings for the Fans, giving them a total of five just as the Favourites reach the halfway mark back to shore. Sherri releases a further three rings as the Favourites reach the beach and hand the rings over to Dawn, Malcolm and Phillip with Malcolm once again taking on the throwing responsibilities. Julia takes her first turn in the water, releasing the final ring for the fans just as Malcolm manages to land the first ring for the Favourites. Malcolm lands another ring in quick succession as the Fans make their way to shore. Allie, Michael and Reynold finally get to take their turn in the challenge with Reynold quickly landing their first ring as Malcolm continues to come agonizingly close to landing the Favourites third and final ring. Michael and Phillip take over the throwing duties with Phillip’s ring just missing several times. Allie takes over for the Fans and produces some terrible efforts which comes to an abrupt end as Phillip lands the third and final ring, securing Immunity for the Favourites. As the tribes head back to their respective camps, a confessional from Reynold plays saying that he is angrier at Shamar than at losing and that he will be the obvious vote at Tribal Council.

Bikal return to camp following the challenge and celebrate their unity at taking out the challenge. Phillip gives Malcolm his “Stealth ‘R Us” nickname; ‘The Enforcer’ which leads to Malcolm admitting he has no idea what Phillip is on and that is really is insane. Before heading back to Gota, Phillip runs through the nicknames he has given his alliance:

Andrea “The Eliminator” Boehlke

John “The Intelligence Detasha?” Cochran

Corinne “The Dominatrix” Kaplan

Dawn “True Grit” Meehan

Malcolm “The Enforcer” Freberg

And of course, Phillip “The Specialist” Sheppard.


“Stealth ‘R Us” discuss their code names and their top secret spy missions. (Image credit CBS)

We head over to camp Gota where the Fans begin to go into meltdown following the challenge. Eddie and Michael agree that they don’t have a strong leader whilst Reynold calls out Shamar in front of the entire tribe for his poor work ethic which results in the pair getting into a heated discussion with the fight coming to a head when Reynold tells Shamar hes voting for him at Tribal Council. Shamar gives a confessional stating that Reynold is trying to be dramatic to put the target on his back, whilst Allie states that she now understands why tribes have thrown challenges in the past to get rid of players they can’t stand to live with and that she can’t wait to send Shamar home. Eddie and Reynold head off to talk about Shamar who continues to yell at them as they stalk off through the trees.

Matt heads off to speak to Eddie and Reynold, assuring them at he can’t stand Shamar, is voting with them and that he is close with Michael and can probably talk him into aligning with “the couples.” However, Matt isn’t truly being honest as he admits in a confessional that he is still weighing up his options as to what side to align himself with. So, Matt does what any good middle man does and speaks to Sherri about what the other alliance want to do. Matt offers up that they vote for Shamar, saying that they will still have the numbers advantage over the “couples” and he can continue to play the double agent role. Sherri doesn’t like the idea because she wants to keep Shamar around so asks Laura to give her opinion to Matt and Michael. Laura suggests they vote for either Allie or Hope, with her preference being Allie because she’s a strategic threat.

Meanwhile, Reynold decides to go and look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He begins digging around the base of a tree and in the holes in the trunk. After pulling out a rock, he locates a package and unwrapping it, discovers he has found the Hidden Immunity Idol. He tells the camera that he’s not going to play it up when he goes back to camp and is going to hide it. Just so everyone knows, Reynold sucks at hiding things. Whilst getting ready for Tribal Council, Laura notices a “bulge” in Reynolds’s pocket, leading her to believe he either has the Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket… or maybe he just has… I’ll let our female readers work out the finer details of that sentence.


Reynold finds the Hidden Immunity Idol and hastily wraps it back up to keep it secret. (Image credit CBS)

So Gota head off to Tribal Council, with Laura worried about the Idol, Matt and Michael in the middle of two alliances and Allie and Shamar’s name on the chopping block.

Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking about what it’s like playing Survivor and how people form bonds. Michael says that Matt and Sherri are very similar and that there is an alliance of four between Allie, Eddie, Hope and Reynold. Allie stats that they haven’t isolated anyone and that they formed their bond because they are similar and it would have occurred in normal life. Shamar speaks up saying that Eddie and Hope are like a couple and that Allie and Reynold round out the four. Matt says that the alliance doesn’t concern him before we here from Shamar once more about how he is used to living off the land, that he’s hungry and that the tribe acts as individual, not a tribe. Michael agrees, saying there were too many voices during the challenge, whilst Reynold reignites hostilities with Shamar, calling him out for being lazy and the reason everyone is frustrated. Eddie chimes in saying that Shamar was in the shelter for nineteen hour the previous day. Shamar doesn’t deny this, admitting he’s been an outcast since day one because he’s “big and loud.”

Jeff asks Laura her opinion on the situation. Laura replies that she thought they were voting as a family, however now isn’t sure after she saw a bulge in someone’s pocket. Laura doesn’t name names, however looks at Reynold, which prompts him to reveal to the tribe that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Laura asks why Reynold bought the Idol to Tribal Council if they were a united tribe to which Reynold responds that they are playing Survivor and he would be a fool if he didn’t bring the Idol. Reynold says he is playing to beat the Favourites and to get the target of the Idol off his back; he will play it at Tribal Council tonight, rendering it useless for the Fans when they merge. Shamar confesses he is relieved that Reynold has taken the target off himself and Sherri has the last say, sending a cryptic message to her alliance that she is sticking to the original plan.


Reynold reveals his Idol to the Gota tribe at Tribal Council. (Image credit CBS)

Reynold decides not to play his Idol and as the votes are read it is revealed that Matt and Michael have sided against the couples, thus sending Allie home in a six-four vote.


Allie… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In her final words, Allie acknowledges that she is extremely frustrated at being voted out so early after dreaming about being on the show for many years.

Next week, both Brandon and Shamar continue to stir up trouble at camp. Can Brandon really bring out his inner Hantz? Or will he quickly apologise for his indiscretions and asked to be voted out? Time will tell!

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during Tribal Council.

“And now, you’re holding this massive target”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Phillip


“The Specialist” might come across as crazy, but he’s extremely switched on and has learnt a lot from Boston Rob after his first outing in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island.’ Sure, he might be a little weird for giving his alliance and the members of his alliance nicknames, but they are a close six and hold the power over the minority so far. Phillip landed the third and final ring in the Immunity Challenge, securing the win for the Favourites, this avoiding Tribal Council.

2. Andrea


Andrea performed extremely well in the Immunity Challenge, setting four out of the nine rings free for Bikal, proving her physical strength to the tribe. She has cemented herself in the new addition of the “Stealth ‘R Us” alliance, holding majority in the Favourites tribe.

3. Cochran


Another member of the “Stealth ‘R Us” alliance rounds out the top three. A lifelong fan, Cochran cemented himself in the majority alliance after siding with them to vote out Francesca last week. Whilst Cochran might not be the best social and physical player, he’s extremely smart and understands the game well enough to know when he needs to make his move. A close alliance with former ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ castaway Dawn, will only aid him in the long run.

Bottom Three

17. Hope


Things don’t like very hopefully for Hope, (excuse my lame joke), as she now resides in the minority alliance on the Fans tribe. Her strong alliance with Eddie could prove costly, however if the majority Gota alliance decided to eliminate “the muscle” before the merge, she will be spared and her man Eddie, along with Reynold may be sent home before her.

18. Brandon


Despite Bikal winning Immunity, Brandon is in a difficult position. After his alliance fell through and Francesca was voted out, Brandon challenged his “inner Russell” with his mood swings annoying all and reducing Dawn to tears. Phillip openly admitted that he didn’t trust Brandon leaving him outside of the majority. Winning Immunity will save Brandon from an early exit and should the Favourites have to return to Tribal Council, he is in a bad position unless someone wants to keep him around as a goat.

19. Allie


A disappointed result from a passionate fan, Allie found herself the first Fan sent home. Cuddling with Reynold and forming close bonds in a four way alliance was never going to play in her advantage as she struggled to secure numbers. Believed to be a strategic threat, she was taken out ahead of physical threats Eddie and Reynold to avoid problems down the track for the Fans.

Tweet Tweet!

Below is a list of the castaway Twitter handles for this season, as well as a few snippets of what the castaways and our followers said about this week’s episode. If you’d like to see your tweet featured in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!

clip_image002[17] image

Ben’s Opinion


After a pretty good premiere episode last week, it was disappointing to be met with a fairly average second episode. Looking back on the second episode of Philippines, that was a vast improvement on this episode, and it’s a worrying trend if things continue to go down this path. It wasn’t by any means a HORRIBLE episode, but it certainly was one of the best either.

I have to say it: I enjoyed Brandon and his little ‘Hantz session’. I think it will bring some entertainment to the season, especially if he really does ‘pee in the rice’ like he claims he wants to next week. And while I was enjoying Brandon, I was in awe of Phillip. Is this seriously the same guy who played only four seasons ago?! He is completely different, and I’m loving it. It’s hard to tell at this point if he genuinely has learnt the ‘craft’ from Boston Rob, or if Boston Rob took up so much airtime on Redemption Island that we only saw a ‘crazy’ edit from Phillip for the comic relief. Whichever one it turns out to be, I think Phillip is in the box seat right now. Everyone else on the Favourites is just…there. There isn’t really anybody else who seems to be ‘doing’ anything right now. Corinne, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Malcolm are in a very good position together right now and it’ll be interesting to see how far they go with it. On the other hand, are Erik and Brenda still playing? I swear they were invisible this episode, except for a cameo from Erik in what I am dubbing the “immunity givers alliance” with Brandon. With Brenda though, it appears as though she has brought with her a case of Nicaragua ‘Purple Kelly syndrome’, in which she remains completely invisible until CBS feels the urge to prove she is still in the game.

Over at the fans, Shamar is channelling his inner Richard Hatch, except that can’t work on season 26 like it did on Borneo. I always root for the African-American guys, and this season is no exception. I like Shamar, and although I doubt he will make it far if he continues to play this way, I hope he does. Sherri and her “Shamar is my Phillip” comment was interesting, but I doubt Sherri has the smarts to take him all the way to the end. Reynold impressed me this episode again, although he nearly threw away that respect with the idol during the final tribal council. Matt being the swing vote I think chose the right option in voting against the ‘pretty people’ and it’s good to know that the remaining ‘pretty people’ might finally realise that four is less than six. Allie going wasn’t a big loss, she seems like a hugely passionate fan and it’s sad to see somebody like that go so early. But I hate to say this, she will seemingly join the ‘unmemorable second boot club’ and you will struggle to remember her in a years time. Hopefully she’ll prove CBS wrong and show an amazing personality when she eventually appears on our show, and in her exit interviews. Two players who I like for different reasons, Michael and Hope, were invisible this episode. Such a shame! Can CBS bring them back next week please?!

Just wanted to add how disappointing it is to see a combined reward/immunity challenge. Why must they do this? I think half the reason this episode was average was the over drawn length of ‘strategy talk’. Break it down a little with a reward and immunity challenge and give us a bit of a break from it. Hopefully we’ll see that next week.

Looking forward to next week to seeing Brandon and his toilet break in the rice and beans. Should be a good one!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Brandon has officially lost the plot. I can’t stand this guy. How anyone is able to put up with his constant mood swings and indecision is beyond me. One minute, he’s talking about playing dirty, the next he’s trying to smooth things over with everyone and shortly after that, he’s calling Phillip a bully because Phillip playing straight with him and letting him know that nobody trusts him. Insane! However, I will give Brandon credit, whilst everyone is ignoring him, he’s had plenty of time to come up with some fantastic ‘one liners’ so I’ll happily admit, I love his “special agent pink panther” comment.

So whilst Brandon’s losing the plot at Bikal, we’ve got Shamar doing nothing but stirring up trouble at Gota. What does them man think he’s doing? You can’t win Survivor playing the way he is! Yes, he’s entertaining, but at this stage he’s playing a terrible game.

I’ll say this once and once only. Dawn, if you’re going to have a cry every time someone looks at you funny or yells at you, please quit the game now. I can’t stand seeing another version of “Lisa Whelchel” this season. If you’re to play the game that way, I hope you have an early demise.

Phillip Sheppard should be bought back every season from now on just to give every castaway a nickname. Yes, he’s slightly weird and probably crazy, but I can see the method to his madness. You don’t spend thirty-nine days with Boston Rob, then watch the season play out on television and not learn a thing or to. If he can turn down the “crazy” factor and does his best to fit in with his alliance, I can see him going a long way once again.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of every Favourite this season, I love the Bikal tribe. As for the Gota tribe, that is one screwed up bunch of kids. I like the fact that Sherri is showing some game, however I can’t see her doing anything special. She still reminds me of Tracey from the Fans vs. Favourites concept and I can see Sherri’s game playing out similarly to how Tracey’s game did. I honestly can’t warm to any of them; they just aren’t like the Fans from Micronesia. They should just send Erik over to Gota for a few days and he can teach them how to be a bunch of likeable, naïve Fans like he was in his first FvF twist.

I liked the Immunity Challenge, though I am getting a bit board of seeing the old “ring toss” seeing as it was a common theme in the Philippines. I think a puzzle would have capped the challenge off nicely rather than just a repeat of last week.

As for Tribal Council, when will people learn how to use the Idol effectively? It must be something in the water in the Philippines because Reynold is a goose for the way he handled the Idol situation. True, filming took place before he had a chance to see how Abi-Maria handled the situation, but surely he could have thought up a decent excuse of why he had a “bulge” in his pants?

Allie isn’t a loss. I give the Gota alliance of six credit for keeping around Eddie and Reynold for their strength, but I can’t see how Hope will be more effective than Allie in a physical challenge?

Anyway, all the matters is that Andrea is safe and can prove to the Survivor community that she isn’t just a Boston Rob follower!

(Other) Ben’s Opinion


Phillip is getting on my nerves. I had hopes he would play some kind of different game, one that didn’t make it so obvious he was hogging for screen time, but nope. Back to the same old shtick. Yawn. And this is the guy taking up all the screen time on the Favourites tribe? Please.

Surprisingly, I felt quite empathetic towards Mr Brandon Hantz. I mean everyone (Phillip at least) was calling him a psychopath with no feelings for other people, but it’s obvious he’s just a very passionate guy. He might not be implementing his passion in the most constructive way, however, since he seems to be on some sort of warpath. Or trying to get everyone to get along. It’s hard to tell with him, honestly.

Meanwhile, the Fans tribe – they’re way more dynamic and interesting than they had any right to be coming into the show. They’re way more competent than the fans were in Micronesia, since they actually have shelter, fire, and aren’t a heaping mess. Sure they’re divided, but they look competent. Sure they have communication issues that have all been eliminated from the Favourites, but they can overcome it, I think.

Speaking of competency, take a look at Sherri, Laura, Mike and Matt. They’re the ones to look out for this season. Sherri clearly has a competent head on her shoulders, keeping the numbers on her side in line. Laura seems very perceptive, what with spotting the immunity idol and all. Matt and Mike, a friendship that I wish was expanded on (it’s not often we see a somewhat “hickish” fellow teaming up with an older gay guy) are putting themselves in the best position to make sure the vote goes the way they want it to go.

It sucks that Allie had to be marginalized. Nobody really deserves an edit like hers. She’s not alone in the shallow second boot department (hello Ashlee, Morgan, Mary!), but we didn’t get an ounce of insight into what she’s thinking, what she does, who she gets along with outside of her three…nothing really.

It was an overall good episode. If I had to change anything, it would be to get rid of, or at the very least reduce, Phillip’s screen-hogging. You’ve got Brenda, Erik, Corinne and Malcolm on the tribe as well – it’s not all about whacky zany Phillip Sheppard and his delusions.

Survivor Re-capper: Edna Ma


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our second special guest is Edna Ma from South Pacific, as she discusses her thoughts on Brandon’s meltdown and why it hasn’t surprised her one bit, her friendship with Phillip and why she is enjoying his gameplay, the ‘invisible players’ of Erik, Andrea and Brenda, the Shamar situation, finding the idol and why it was hard to see the ‘bulge’, her thoughts on Cochran and why she knows he didn’t train for this season as well as her disappointment for only one challenge and the unmemorable Allie. Edna’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran/Phillip/Malcolm
DARK HORSE: Laura/Sherri
NEXT TO GO: Andrea/Brandon

Join us next week for our recap of episode 3, featuring special Survivor guest Richard Hatch from Borneo and All-Stars!


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2 Comments on Survivor Caramoan–Episode 2 Recap featuring Edna Ma!

  1. The lack of Fan edits is really terrible. Has Julia even spoken a word yet?! Her tweet about only being shown putting her vote in the urn really sums it up! ha! I’m looking forward to reading/hearing more about Allie in exit interviews etc, because there was no insight to her other than the cuddling and random oneliners CBS showed of her.

  2. Interesting recap. Although I disagree with the placement of Phillip, I think he has placed himself in a precarious position by asserting himself as leader. If a tribe swap occurs – which it almost inevitably will – he could be targeting as the leader of the favourites.
    In addition I believe Shamar is much more a Jean-Robert than a Richard Hatch. The latter still did work around camp such as providing fish.

    Also Eddie joined twitter a couple of days ago:

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