Survivor Ozcap – Vanuatu


Our ninth Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the ninth season of Vanuatu in true Survivor Oz style!

For some strange reason, the ninth season is seemingly ‘forgotten’ by a lot of people. It is a middle season that doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves, and the same could be said for it’s winner Chris Daugherty, who beat Twila Tanner 5-2 in the final tribal council. Chris is the true ‘comeback kid’, as he beat all the odds to overcome the strong women by going all the way to the end in one of the most amazing displays of gameplay Survivor has ever seen. It wasn’t all about Chris though, with the birth of such characters as Twila, Eliza and Ami all coming from Vanuatu. In our Ozcap, we talk about Ethan’s love for this season, having our ‘Oinklet’ back, the ‘Rupert promos’ before the season, the male and female split and the potential old/young split, bringing in the confessional listings, why this season had a ‘perfect jury’ as well as trying to talk about Julie with bringing up a certain host as well as Ethan noticing certain female players and their…assets. Then once all the good stuff is over with, we bring it home with our famous Ozcap final questions!

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