Ozzy Lusth Interview


As one of the greatest players to have ever played Survivor, Ozzy Lusth certainly has a large supporter base that has stemmed from his three seasons of Cook Islands, Micronesia and South Pacific. A super strong challenge threat, Ozzy is known for his never say die attitude in the game and helping out those who he is closest to in order to help them and himself get deep into each season he has been on. But when it comes to appearing on Australian radio, having a show named after him is a definite honour, and when the topic of Coach is brought up, you can be sure that there are some colourful words that need to be said in order to explain his TRUE feelings.


During his first season in the Cook Islands, Ozzy was part of a strong comeback by the Aitu Four that saw him, Becky, Sundra and Yul as the last remaining people of the season. Through his strong challenge ability, Ozzy landed a spot on the final tribal council, where he narrowly missed out on winning by only one vote.

Second time around in Micronesia Ozzy once again found himself in a strong group of four and looked likely to go far in the game. However despite being in a strong personal and emotional alliance with Amanda, the girls worked against him after the merge and he was blindsided with an immunity idol still in his pocket.

Third time lucky for Ozzy? Not so much. In South Pacific he once again showed his worth in challenges but would find himself voted out a record three times (once by choice). Given the twist of redemption island returned, Ozzy thrived on his own and missed out on certain victory by losing the final immunity challange to Sophie and was sent to the jury.

In our chat with Ozzy, he talks about having a radio show named after him, believing he could go on to be one of the greatest players of all time, why he wasn’t fussed about the race twist when he first heard about it, living on redemption island and how it was close to ‘perfect’, the mutiny happening extremely quick and not having time to really think about it, which challenge he competed in that was the best to him personally, why he wishes he lost the final challenge on Cook Islands, falling in love with Amanda and not caring what other people thought, the truth behind the idol and the stick, his true feelings on Coach and why Coach lost the game, the record he holds of being the most voted out person in the history of Survivor as well as his beer brewing business and skate project in mexico, ‘pippy ozstockings hair’ and just what happened with Lindsay Lohan.

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