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Wednesday is the day that is today which means that it’s time for the SURVIVOR OZ TOP TEN! This week one of our original Ozlets Troy Maynard gets the debate flowing, as he brings you his top ten rewards from the history of the show! Given reward challenges are more about the adventure at the end rather than having a baring on the game, they can sometimes be overlooked in the grand scheme of each season. But sometimes reward challenges have a HUGE baring on how a season plays out, and it can often be the difference between someone winning a million dollars and throwing away the game. But what are the top ten greatest rewards in the history of Survivor? Read on to find out!

 10. Helicopter ride/chicken for the women – Vanuatu

While this may seem obscure to most fans, this moment built on the suspense of the women’s alliance potential cracks. The women feasting on the chicken legs also provided a lot of humour for the show and a temporary sign of strength in the alliance that carried on, at least for the next few episodes.

9. Yacht ride/drinks – Pearl Islands


The sweet scoutmaster gets drunk and Jonny Fairplay gets a rise out of it. That says it all!

8. Mystery guest Captain – Borneo


Sean gets knocked a lot for his alphabet voting strategy; this moment definitely gets overlooked by a lot of Survivor purists. The touching moment when he’s reunited with his father gave way to moments where we want to grab our Kleenex. While Jenna Lewis gets a lot of attention for tearing up when her daughters video didn’t arrive, Sean’s in person reunion gave viewers a lump in their throat, and producers a segment which is a permanent fixture on the show.

7. Jellyfish lake – Palau


One of the few rewards Ulong managed to win this season, not only did the tribe get to dive in the beautiful Palauan ocean and swim with the poison free jellyfish, but they got…Survivor Pringles! How much do those go for on Ebay?

6. Auction – Gabon


The Survivor auction, where everybody’s a winner! Well, sort of. The auctions are a past time on Survivor, and Gabon’s was no exception. Little did we know, the auction would serve as a game changer for Susie, where her comment made Randy mad enough to not vote for her at the end and give Bob a million dollars.

5. Great Barrier Reef – Australian Outback


Who can forget one of Survivor’s early pairings? From the start of their Survivor careers, Jerri Manthey and (the reluctantly paired up) Colby Donaldson were a match made in Survivor heaven. The pair won a private getaway to the Great Barrier Reef where their alliance/showmance/whatever you want to call it, continued to blossom. The product placement will make you think what you did with your I-zone camera.

4. Saturn VUE BBQ/Jacare burns down – Amazon


The taste of soda and hot dogs when you’ve been starving in the Amazon is a taste of victory. But coming back to your camp when it’s been burned down is a taste of defeat. The final 5’s realization of how precious life is after their belongings/shelter were burned brought a human element to the episode, a moment that is rare nowadays.

3. Helicopter/Horseback ride – Marquesas


Opposites attract and the saying couldn’t be truer with this moment. A friendship that was bumpy and reluctant at first grew into a long lasting friendship that continued after the show. Sean’s fear of horses (or falling off a horse) and whispering “balls” didn’t hurt either.

2. Treasure Island – Heroes vs Villains


One of the most talked about moments on this season, with the exception of the double idol move by Parvati, the Amanda/Danielle catfight gave the Heroes Vs. Villains theme a stronger edge as fans took sides while Colby…well…enjoyed the reward.

1. HIV kit delivery – Africa


Lex’s visit was his second post merge reward, but an emotional break from an already tense game in progress. This moment gave the show a charitable springboard that it hasn’t turned back from ever since. Since Africa, the show has been responsible for raising millions of dollars to charity, showing that giving back is the ultimate reward in life.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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3 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Rewards

  1. These are good, but how could you leave out the Africa safari with Lex and Big Tom? They were so entertaining and the scenery breath taking. Although Colby Amanda and Danielle was humorous, SAFARI AFRICA REWARD was way better..IMHO

  2. What about CC Heidik’s video and the elephant reward, both in Thailand?

  3. What about the breakfast in bed from Exile? The wet bed that they sat in to eat breakfast… what an amazing reward LMAO

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