Survivor Caramoan–Episode 3 Recap featuring Richard Hatch!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the third episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Richard Hatch, winner of Survivor Borneo and All-Stars contestant!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! We’ve just seen episode three so join me as I discuss Shamar, the dysfunctional Fans tribe, Shamar, the Hidden Immunity Idol, Shamar, the frantic Immunity Challenge and… did I mention Shamar?

The Fans arrive back to camp after voting out Allie and Eddie immediately wants to discuss what just went down. A confessional with Matt plays where he expresses that he’s worried about the ramifications of the vote because it is now clear which group he has decided to align himself with. Reynold speaks out against him, saying they aren’t friends however they need each other in order to win the game. Reynold then reinforcers his determination to hold onto the Hidden Immunity Idol in order to play it later down the track for the “benefit of the tribe.”

Shamar opens his mouth and begins to yell and scream at anyone within a hundred meters of him. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what Shamar is yelling about, as he calls everyone around him, including his alliance “wrong” and that hes in the right. It appears his tribe mates aren’t entirely sure about his thought patterns either because all Michael can offer up is that Shamar is “angry” whilst Laura comments that Shamar might have had more life experience that her, but he’s making camp life chaos and he should “shut up because I saved him.”

The next morning, Eddie and Reynold joke that it feels very similar to a “revenge of the nerds” type scenario after it was revealed at Tribal Council that the tribe wasn’t all on the same page. Eddie admits that he believes he’ll be sent home before Reynold will be unless Shamar “pisses someone else off.” Sherri pulls Shamar aside and tells him that Eddie and Reynold will be trying to stir up trouble with him because they are on the chopping block and that Shamar needs to keep his mouth shout. Sherri states that she has come across people like Shamar all the time in her working life because she has to deal with “snotty teenage brats,” whilst Shamar questions whether he is able to continue playing and try and win whilst he compromises his lifestyle to have to deal with people’s ‘below the belt’ actions.

At Bikal, everyone seems to be snoozing except for Brenda, Cochran and Phillip. Phil states in a confessional that it’s the perfect time of life to be playing Survivor again and that he’s “phenomenal” for what he is able to do physically at his age. Whilst Phillip talks about his ability to pull off moves similar to that of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, (both former NBA players, who have been crowned as the best players in the league three times each), whilst playing basketball at home against guys “way taller than me,” we are shown clips of Phillip using logs and rocks as weights in order to complete his daily workout routine.

Once the tribe is up an about and eating, Corinne questions what they should do with the food should a Tribe Switch occur; then goes onto explain how she and Malcolm have formed a close relationship in her alliance of six. Corinne compliments Malcolm’s strategic ability as the pair head out looking for the Idol. After checking in a few different locations, Malcolm’s discovers the Idol inside the trunk of a tree. In a confessional, Malcolm admits he’s over the moon he finally has some power in the game, but isn’t thrilled that Corinne knows about the Idol because it may make or break his game.


Malcolm and Corinne read the note included in the Hidden Immunity Idol package. (Image credit CBS)

Next thing we know, ‘The Specialist’ is wearing the lid of a bamboo basket on his head much to the amusement of the rest of the tribe. Phillip explains it traps the wind and cools him down. Cochran decides to give it a go and questions why nobody else has tried this in the past, to which Phillip responds that nobody else is “The Specialist.” Cochran explains that at home, he has to wait until Wednesday night each week to watch Survivor, so it is a dream come true to be able to play and watch the game at the same time. He continues by saying that it isn’t normal for him to be surround by “beautiful woman who half the time are wearing nothing but their underwear” and that this truly is like a “Freudian picnic.” – Note: I have no idea what Cochran is trying to imply, but I interpret it as “There’s lots of beautiful woman walking around in their underwear and I love it!”


A day in the life of ‘The Specialist.’ (Image credit CBS)

Corinne and Malcolm hold a “serious looking” discussion which worries Andrea. She pulls Cochran aside and admits that Corinne worries her and she wants her out, with Cochran agreeing that he also isn’t sure of where Corinne’s loyalties lie. (Whether Cochran does really agree with Andrea, I’m not quiet sure… maybe he just is captivated by a “beautiful woman in her underwear” and can do nothing more but agree with her?). Andrea admits that their alliance should all be “hanging out” and not rushing off for private conversations and asks Cochran whether Brandon would be keen to join them in order to unanimously vote out Corinne; believing Brandon will be as loyal and Corinne wont get the opportunity to vote her out. Andrea fills Phillip in on the plan yet worries about who else tell as she doesn’t want the information to get back to Corinne. Along with Cochran, she fills in Brandon about the plan, stating that he will be safe if he helps vote our Corinne. Brandon agrees, saying that he is playing the game differently this time and will do “whatever it takes”, including voting against Corinne. However, in a confessional, Brandon says he is wary about the plan because he has heard it all before and that all he intends to do is try his best in challenges and wage war on camp should the tribe still want to get rid of him after he helps them win.


Andrea and Cochran try to recruit Brandon. (Image credit CBS)

Back at Gota, Shamar questions whether he will continue with the game, believing that his happiness is no worth a millions dollars and he doesn’t want to be labeled as the “angry black man on Survivor.” Laura offers her support, telling Shamar she wants him to stay which he finds humorous. Shamar opens up to the tribe about his time in Iraq and how he was in a very dark place when he returned, turning to alcohol to help him. He says that he came out here to try and be uplifting to others but it isn’t working out. Sherri speak up trying to convince “her Phillip” that he will regret the decision if he quits and that it will hurt the tribe dramatic should they lose the next Immunity Challenge. Shamar admits he would feel he would be doing his alliance a disservice is he quit; deciding to stay to be loyal to them. This doesn’t impress Reynold, who was shattered that Shamar didn’t quit and he is putting on the “loyalty act” to come across as a hero.


To quit or not to quit. (Image credit CBS)

Challenge Time! Once again we have another combined Reward and Immunity Challenge. The Favourites enter extremely pumped for the challenge, with the Immunity Idol sporting a purple Bikal headband. Jeff explains the challenge which involves both tribes swimming out to a bamboo cage in the water which they will have to climb up and into. Once all nine tribe members are inside the cage, they have to dive down to release a set of ropes which will open a cage door. They will then push a heavy chest along the ocean floor, through the door and back up to the beach. They will then have to place the chest onto a track and use a grappling ring to gather three missing pieces of track, pulling them into place, before they can push the chest along the track to the finishing platform. In addition to Immunity, the first tribe to finish wins a comfort reward – including desk chairs, pillows, a blanket and a tarp.

Before the challenge begins, Michael attempts to “rev up” the Fans to no avail. The Challenge starts and everyone sprints towards the water. Everyone is spread out, with Erik and Reynold proving stronger swimmers with Cochran, Dawn and Laura falling behind. The Favourites reach the cage first and begin to cautiously jump inside it whilst Reynold heads back to help a struggling Laura. The Fans all reach the cage and jump inside shortly after the Favourites, then Shamar complains that he can’t dive underwater because he doesn’t have a mask to protect his contact lenses. Reynold ignores him, keeping the mask for himself as he dives down and opens the gate for the Fans.


Fans, (orange), and Favourites, (purple), compete in the Day Seven Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

The Favourites fall behind with Brandon and Brenda struggling to open the gate. The Fans hold a slight lead over the Favourites whilst making their way towards the shore, however once on shore, they slow down, allowing the Favourites to catch up and the challenge become a dead heat going into its second stage. Malcolm and Reynold start off using the grappling hook for their respective tribes, with Reynold securing the first piece of track. Phillip takes over for Malcolm and lands a piece for the Favourites, with Malcolm returning to the fray to land the second piece. Eddie struggles for the Fans and Shamar takes over, successfully hooking the second piece of track for the Fans and levelling things up again. After some frantic near misses by both tribes, Brandon manages to hook the final pieces of track for the Favourites before Eddie can connect for the Fans; thus securing Immunity for the Favourites. The Favourites gather their Reward, replace the purple headband on the Immunity Idol and head back to camp in joyous spirits, whist the Fans return to camp, with Tribal Council ahead of them.


The Favourites celebrate their victory in the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp, Reynold tries to take charge, attempting to once again single out Shamar as the reason they lost the challenge. Before he can finish talking, Shamar interrupts, pointing out the Reynold didn’t listen to him during the challenge and that he struggled because he didn’t have the mask to protect his contacts. Shamar continues his outlandish behaviour, labelling Reynold as “disgusting” for the way he is behaving by attempting to blame himself. Reynold confides to Eddie that Shamar’s behaviour is “childish” and that he is “less mature than my three year old nephew.”

Elsewhere, Laura admits to Sherri she is nervous ahead of Tribal Council following her abysmal effort in the challenge. Matt joins the pair and the threesome plot to split the votes in order to avoid a situation with the Hidden Immunity Idol; hence, the boys would vote for Eddie and the girls would vote for Hope. Sherri hurries off to tell Shamar the plan, telling him to keep his mouth shut. But… telling Shamar to keep his mouth shut is like telling Russell Hantz to play the game nicely… it just doesn’t work. Whilst cooling off in the water with Hope, Shamar decides to try and give her a cryptic message that she can avoid being sent home if she turns on her alliance. Hope says that she doesn’t think Reynold will give up her Idol and she is feeling nervous ahead of the vote, whilst Shamar assures her he can change the outcome if she threw her vote on one of “her boys.”

Hope runs off to a girl who’s on the Fans tribe. I think her name is Julia but apparently she hasn’t been playing since Day One since she hasn’t been seen until now. Hope tells Julia that Shamar let slip the plan to Julia who runs off to inform Matt and Sherri about it. Julia acknowledges in a confessional that Shamar drives her crazy and whether he is actually playing the game, whilst Laura questions Shamar’s loyalty and that she is worried about being sent home. Laura gets word from Julia that she is prepared to vote for Shamar. So, Laura decides to talk to Reynold, assuring him that she can get Julia to vote against Shamar if Reynold can guarantee three votes against him, thus sending Shamar home with the majority of votes against his name. Reynold hopes that Shamar is sent home as the Fans head to Tribal Council.


Julia, Laura, Sherri and Matt discuss the vote. (Image credit CBS)

Shamar is once again a key topic a Tribal Council. Reynold starts off by saying that Shamar was yelling at everyone following the previous Tribal Council. Shamar responses by saying that he was yelling at Reynold because of the way he had treated him, that he had never been this misunderstood and that Reynold has lied during the game. Reynold agrees, saying he lied to Shamar because he isn’t aloud to talk to Shamar. Shamar says that whilst Survivor is a social game, Reynold’s charm doesn’t work on him. Hope says that she is nervous because Shamar told her she was going home, which prompts Shamar is erupt saying that his tribe mates twist his words. Matt jumps in saying that Shamar gets angry easily and rubs people the wrong way and Julia agrees, saying that Shamar had yelled at her and called her weak after the first Tribal Council, much to the displeasure of Shamar. Sherri comes to Shamar’s rescue, saying that she understands him and why he is the way he is. Hope tries to tell the tribe to vote out Shamar for his negative attitude and Eddie throws weight behind this suggestion, admitting Shamar hates him as much as he hates Reynold. Lastly, Reynold is question about the power of his Idol, which is says is similar to a poker game.

We head to the vote and after the first round of voting, Julia and Laura have stayed true to the majority alliance’s original plan with the vote being tied with Eddie, Hope and Shamar. We head to a re-vote, (only the second time in history a re-vote has occurred after a three way tie; the first being in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’).

After the re-vote, (in which Eddie, Hope and Shamar all don’t vote), it is revealed that the original plan has stayed true and Hope is sent home in a five-one vote.


Hope… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Hope admits in her last words that she is extremely disappointed the experience had been cut short early, believing she was a strong player.

As for next week’s episode, things don’t look good for the Fans as they are battered by wild weather.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Shamar is now tossing!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is slowly working his way into a very good position. After struggling for air time early on as he became apart of the majority alliance at Bikal, Malcolm has successfully created a key sub-alliance with Corrine, which lead the pair to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Anyone else having flashbacks to his alliance with Denise in ‘Survivor: Philippines?’). A strong challenge performer, having the Hidden Immunity will only help Malcolm should his tribe try and target him earlier than usual because of his strength.

2. Sherri


This woman has game! I’ll admit that before the season began, I didn’t see a lot in her, but she really is showing that she is a “true Fan” of Survivor. Deemed as somewhat of a leader of the majority Gota alliance, Sherri is showing that watching Survivor for twenty-five seasons does pay off as she is putting together a decent game. Keeping Shamar as “her Phillip” is a move that could lead her a long way into the game and pay off big time, the big question is though, can Sherri keep Shamar on a leash short enough for her to control?

3. Andrea


I’ve said in the past that Phillip has learnt from Boston Rob, but so has Andrea… perhaps she has her own set of “B.R. Rules?” Andrea is showing why she was asked back in the first place, showing that she does have a strategic side to her game. In a solid alliance, her awareness is on full alert as she plots against Corinne wanting ‘Corinne out before Corinne can get her out.’

Bottom Three

16. Shamar


Shamar needs to tone it down big time if he is to survive in the game. True, he is part of the majority alliance and Sherri wants to keep him around, however if the Fans keep losing Immunity Challenges or Shamar gets switched to the other tribe, his mouth and his aggression are going to cause him a whole heap of dramas. Add in the fact that he could be a physical threat in the individual stage of the game; he could be in danger of getting sent home in favour for peace and tranquillity around camp.

17. Eddie


If the Fans lose the next Immunity Challenge, Eddie will most likely be sent home. His friendship and alliance with Reynold counts against him and as the Merge draws nearer, so does Eddie’s problem of becoming a physical threat. Whether Reynold would give up his Hidden Immunity Idol to Eddie remains to be seen, however things don’t look good for this seasons residential fireman.

18. Hope


Hope’s “hope” has run out. (I swear this will be the last time I use that pun). Unfortunately for Hope, the Fans decided to use common sense and keep around Eddie and Reynold so they have a chance at winning challenges. Unfortunately for Hope, she aligned with the wrong people and her game came to an end because she was a number on the wrong side of the fence.

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Ben’s Opinion


How impressive is Sherri? Seriously. That woman is giving me some mad levels of excitement. She is like an older Kim Spradlin who looks like Sandra Bullock. She is running the Fans tribe right now, and unless we get a switch soon (which you would expect should they lose their third challenge in a row next week) then there is no stopping her until the merge. It’ll be sad to see a switch, but you have to expect it. I think there is more chance of Hope giving a confessional that makes it to air at ‘Losers Lodge’ than there not being one. It’s more a matter of when, not if.

Speaking of Hope, am I the only person sad to see her go? Yeah ok, you had to remember she was even ON this season given she had less confessionals than I did this week, but it’s sad to see a bit of eye candy gone. And not only that, she seemed just so darn cute and sweet. Two weeks in a row now we have seen one of the trio of blondes go, so does that mean Laura is next to go? Doubtful, but I guess we can see what happens.

Over at Favouriteland, nothing seemed to happen except for Phillip saying how awesome he is and Malcolm and Corinne starting some weird cougar/toy boy alliance. I’m going to call it the ‘toygar’ alliance. They found an idol and seem to be getting along very well. But Andrea doesn’t like it. OH NO! That’s about all the ‘drama’ we saw on that side of the island, although I have to say Cochran advertising Survivor whilst on Survivor was a first, and Brandon threatening to urinate in the food was just a little strange. Oh, and if Erik and Brenda are reading this, can you let us know if you are still on the show? Mmmk thanks.

Overall though, another average episode. Shamar provided the entertainment, and I was glad he did. I like Shamar. I think he is great TV, but he won’t win this game, that’s clear to see. I just hope he can make it far and pull a ‘Holly or Lisa’ by nearly quitting but then going very deep into the game. I am also begging to see more of Michael. That guy has game I can feel it, and we just need to see it.

Another week will be here before you know it, get excited Survivor fans!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another solid episode… yet I am biased because it did have some good Andrea moments.

I love the different dimensions of the Favourites tribe. Despite my initial thoughts about them pre-season, I’ve found that I really am rooting for them and hope they can show the Fans up again. I’m extremely happy that Andrea is showing why she has returned and that Redemption Island wasn’t just a breeze for Boston Rob. I don’t mind Cochran this season, he’s not playing up the “I’m a nerd and weird” card this time which is a relief, but I’m not sold on him yet. I’m disappointed in the lack of Erik scenes yet Phillip and his antics easily make up for it. ‘The Specialist’ truly is a character and despite his eccentric behaviour, is as entertaining as ever to watch.

As for the Fans, I still can’t “like” any of them. In Micronesia, I warmed to the Fans a lot quicker and even felt for them when they lost, yet this time around I’m not interested in any of them. I think a few of them have potential, (notably Matt, Michael and Sherri), but when it comes down to it, I’d rather see the Favourites “Pagong” them and fight it out to the end.

Shamar is un-comprehendible. One moment he’s yelling and screaming for reasons I can’t fathom, the next hes almost crying and wants to quit. I just cannot get my head around him or the game he is playing; he’s the perfect goat yet to live with him the way he is currently behaving for another thirty days is an impossible task.

I’m not a fan of the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge at the best of times and can’t work out why we aren’t seeing two challenges per episode. In saying that, I did like this weeks challenge; I can’t remember the last time when something heavy had to be pushed through the water and I’m glad to see it back because it’s an original Survivor classic. As for giving them masks… why? They never used to, it makes it much more enjoyable to watch, yet if I was doing the challenge, I’d probably be singing a different tune.

Tribal Council went as it should have, yet I think Hope could have made a serious case to send Laura home. From what we saw of the challenge, (keep in mind challenges go for more than five minutes in “real time”), Hope seemed to pull her weight whilst Laura struggled badly; add in the fact that Laura sat out of last weeks challenge and Hope could have presented a strong case. Yet it wasn’t to be and loyalty proved to out way strength. I don’t think Hope was a strong player, but from what we did see of her I think she was well spoken and could have flourished if she had been in Laura’s position.

Until next time…

Survivor Re-capper: Richard Hatch


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our third special guest is Borneo winner and All-Stars contestant Richard Hatch, as he discusses just how frustrated he is already with the players on this season, why Shamar is a terrible player but why he sympathises with him, his impressions on Sherri and why she is in a good position, Malcolm and Corinne, Phillip not impressing him, which players he would love to return with on a season, which contestant he thinks is ‘good to look at’, Hope’s decision not to vote for Eddie being her downfall as well as whether or not he is free to play Survivor again in the future and just what he thinks about a naked season in the future. Richard’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Sherri/Cochran/Malcolm
DARK HORSE: Corinne/Julia
NEXT TO GO: no answer

Join us next week for our recap of episode 4, featuring special Survivor guest R.C. from Philippines!


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