Sekou Bunch Interview


The first boot from Cook Islands, Sekou Bunch made strong memories for Survivor fans with his memorable live performance at the reunion show with his own original Survivor song. Besides joining the ranks of Wanda, Sonja and Lisi as ‘memorable Survivor musicians’, Sekou was memorable for his strong attitude and personable appearance around camp. Outside of the show he has enjoyed years of success working with some of the biggest names in music, and even has had the honour of recording a song with the one and only Michael Jackson.


Sekou started off as the oldest player on the Cook Islands and was automatically on the outs after him and Nate were outnumbered by three women on Manihiki. Despite his best efforts to save himself after Manihiki lost the first challenge, he was unable to sway the girls and he was the first person voted out of the 13th season.

In our chat with Sekou, he talks about the Cook Islands being ‘Australia’s Caribbean’, the fame aspect after he was voted out, the large amounts of politics within the tribes on Cook Islands, how close he was to making fire before he was voted out, wiping his butt with a leaf and being happy to be voted out, not being camping since he was a kid, his amazing music career and getting to work with Michael Jackson, what it was like to perform on the reunion, his thoughts on Ozzy’s hair as well as wanting to come to Australia and forming a ‘Survivor band with other Survivor singers.

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