Survivor Caramoan–Episode 4 Recap featuring RC Saint-Amour!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the fourth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend RC Saint-Amour from Survivor Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Episode four is out of the way so join me as I discuss the medical evacuation, the expanding “Stealth ‘R’ Us” organisation, Ta Ta and the demise of Laura.

We began the episode by joining up with the Fans as they are returning to camp after voting out Hope. Eddie begins to ask the others about what direction the tribe is going in, stating that once himself and Reynold are voted out, they won’t be able to win challenges. Michael correctly points out that they aren’t winning challenges with them around whilst Sherri fires up telling Eddie hes angry because the vote didn’t go his way. Sherri has a momentary ‘weak moment’ where she turns into some sort of feisty dog, as Eddie asks her why Laura is still around.

We cut to a confessional with Eddie where he states that Hope was sent home because she was “pretty” and because of that was a “threat to everyone.” – Probably not the only two reasons why she was sent home. Eddie continues, saying that Laura is the weakest member of the tribe and that she should have been sent packing instead.

Back to the yelling match at camp where Laura and Reynold are at it. Reynold blames Laura for making him “look like an idiot” because her plan didn’t work out. Laura denies it was her plan to vote out Shamar; however Reynold talks over her, spilling the secret that she did try and make a move against him. (Surprisingly, Shamar doesn’t try and kill Laura despite hearing this news). Reynold tells the tribe that he wants nothing more to do with them, Eddie tells them they will continue to lose if they vote them out and we wrap up the madness with a confessional from Reynold explaining that his and Eddie’s backs are against the wall and that Eddie is screwed because he doesn’t have a Hidden Immunity Idol to protect himself with.

On Day Eight at Bikal, the CEO of “Stealth ‘R’ Us”, Mr. Phillip “The Specialist” Sheppard is off on a recruiting spree. It seems the global financial crisis didn’t hit “Stealth ‘R’ Us” as Phillip offers Brandon, Brenda and Erik positions with the company. The Specialist creates Survivor history, becoming the first ever contestant to get the name of his alliance to appear as an on screen hash tag! #stealthrus

Phillip rechristens Brandon, Brenda and Erik as the following:

Brandon “The Conqueror” Hantz

Brenda “Serenity” Lowe

Erik “The Silent One” Reichenbach

(Based on the nicknames, it appears the editors have taken Phillips nickname for Erik seriously).


‘Serenity’, ‘The Silent One’ and ‘The Conqueror”. (Image credit CBS)

We get a confessional from Brandon admitting that ‘The Specialist’ is an idiot because hes been “kissing his butt for nine days” and he doesn’t realise it. Erik states his nickname is because he never talks whilst Brenda seems enthused to become a member of the organisation. Phillip goes onto say that Survivor hasn’t seen an organisation like this before because he hasn’t been around to control it and Andrea offers her disapproval of the outside members of the alliance being given nicknames by Phillip, saying that he should have consulted her first. (Judging by this statement, Andrea must be second in charge of the “Steal ‘R’ Us” headquarters).

Before I move on, I’ll just quickly recap the members of the Bikal tribe.

Andrea “The Eliminator” Boehlke

Brandon “The Conqueror” Hantz

Brenda “Serenity” Lowe

Corinne “The Dominatrix” Kaplan

Dawn “True Grit” Meehan

Erik “The Silent One” Reichenbach

John “The Intelligence Attaché” Cochran

Malcolm “The Enforcer” Freberg

And of course… Phillip “The Specialist” Sheppard

Reward Challenge! Hooray! After two episodes of combined challenges we’ll get to see two challenges this episode.

The challenge is an oldie but a good one. Two tribe members start on separate platforms in the water. The remaining six tribe members then have to use untie three planks and them use them to transfers the two tribe members to a third platform. Once there, all eight tribe members have to swim out to another platform, where they all have to be standing on or above the top wrung. If you have a good memory, the challenge is very similar to one previously seen in ‘Survivor: Cook Islands.’ As for the Reward for winning the challenge? The produces are sticking with the “old-school theme” with the winning tribe winning a local bushman for the afternoon who will show them how to live and survive out on the harsh Caramoan Islands as well as brining with him, a chicken and fruit and vegetables. “The Silent One” (Erik), speaks for one of the first times as he lets Jeff know that Cochran will be sitting out and we get underway.

Both tribes rush into the water, with the Favourites managing to untie their planks just before the fans. Brenda and Julia are on the first platform with the pair moving across the planks. (The tribe members holding the planks aren’t allowed to walk, they merely act as a step, unlike the challenge in Cook Islands). The Favourites reach the second platform first, with the Fans only seconds behind. Andrea and Laura begin to make their way across the planks along with Brenda and Julia with the Favourites getting out to a lead with Andrea and Brenda comfortable on the planks, with Andrea telling the tribe to increase the distance between the planks to reach the platform quicker, whilst Laura is struggling, asking the opposite and reducing the gap between each plank.


The tribes compete in the Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

The Favourites reach the third platform first and all eight of them climb up and over it on their way to the final platform. The Fans are hot on their heals as each tribe tries to work out a way that all eight of them can stand on or above the top of the platform and hold the position for five seconds. The Favourites have Erik, Phillip and Malcolm standing in the middle, with the rest of the tribe trying to hold onto them, while for the Fans, Shamar crouches down with everyone pilling onto his back. As the challenge comes to a close, Corinne and Matt are the last tribe members to make their way onto the top of the platform. Corinne gets their first and after a few seconds of wobbling, the Favourites steady, holding on for the required five seconds to claim Reward. (Unfortunately for Shamar, he must have had people standing on his ears because he begins to celebrate believing the Fans won, only to be corrected by Phillip). On the way back to camp, Reynold blames the loss on Laura, saying she “slowed us down” and she needs to be voted off.

The Favourites return to camp where they are paid a visit by a “four foot, sixty year old, ball of muscle” Ta Ta. Ta Ta goes onto show the Favourites how to cook rice inside bamboo, improves their shelter as well as cooking them a nice meal of chicken and vegetables. Cochran describe him as a “enigmatic little thing that nobody understands” as Ta Ta provides the tribe with entertainment by “bumping and grinding up against the girls”; to which Cochran complains that if he tried to do that, he’d be seen as a “creepy predator.” Ta Ta doesn’t seem to mind as all four female Favourites get into the spirit of the occasion, dancing and kissing what Malcolm describes as “the Filipino Gollum.” Andrea confesses that she feels sorry for the Fans because a visit from Ta Ta would have boosted their moral.


Corinne, Brenda, Andrea and Dawn embrace Ta Ta. (Image credit CBS)

At the Fans tribe, Michael, (I might have nicknamed him Snowy earlier on, but I’m now calling the season twenty-six version of Chet from the original Fans vs. Favourites), complains about losing all the time. Shamar doesn’t have time to spare to listen to complaints as he heads straight back into the shelter for a rest. The rest of his tribe mates notice this and talk as a group about the lack of effort from Shamar, who admits that he is “exhausted” and orders the others “to bring him rice once a day” whilst he rests. This doesn’t sit well with the tribe, with everyone, including his own alliance, trash talking him behind his back. Eddie, Laura and Reynold all chime in about how pathetic Shamar is around camp whilst Sherri complains that she doesn’t even “wait her on husband” as she takes Shamar his rice. To make matters worse, Shamar has somehow managed to “scratch his eyeball” and spends the rest of the day rubbing his eye.

A storm hits the Gota camp on night nine, bringing with it a rat who is seeking protection inside their shelter. After a rough night, Michael brings us up to speed, telling us about the horrible night the tribe had to endure, adding that the tribe believes Shamar is thinking of quitting. After a few more complains about Shamar, the man himself explains that he got some sand in his eye a few days ago, scratched it and it has since swollen up so badly that he cant see. Jeff rocks up with his team of unidentified medics who begin to check out Shamar. After Jeff tries to sell Shamar ‘rollercoaster’ Survivor journey, the medic confirms that after checking Shamar’s eye with some dye, he does in fact have a scratch on his cornea. The medic continues, saying that they can’t do anything for Shamar and that due to the scratch being very close to his eyeball, she recommends pulling him from the game. Shamar gets upset, admitting he doesn’t want to leave in this way yet he doesn’t have a choice because he is in pain and doesn’t want to risk losing his vision. Jeff calls the rest of the tribe over, who all seem “extremely worried” (nobody really cares), that Shamar is out of the game. Shamar wishes them luck before being whisked off the island, leaving the fans to celebrate the end of his rein of terror. Reynold says that he thought Shamar was lying so that he could quit but is still happy he has gone regardless. Matt and Sherri assure their alliance that nothing has changed and Reynold says that the majority alliance will pull together now that Shamar is gone and he is still in a terrible position.


Shamar bids goodbye to his tribe. (Image credit CBS)

Despite Shamar’s exit, we still have an Immunity Challenge to get to.

The Favourites learn of his exit and are shocked, (but no doubt pleased), and after removing the purple bandana from the Idol’s head, Jeff explains the challenge. One at a time, a tribe member has head out across a floating platform, then swim out to reach a tall platform, which they must climb and jump off; smashing a tile as they do. Once in the water the must retrieve a key and swim back to shore. Once they have retrieved five keys, the remaining two tribe members must use the keys to unlock a chest and use the sandbags instead the chest to knock off all the blocks on their tribe coloured ledge. When all the blocks have been knocked off, their tribe flag will raise. The first tribe to raise their flag wins Immunity. Now with two extra members, Corrine and Dawn sit out for the Favourites. (Note: Erik competed in a variation of this challenge in ‘Survivor: Micronesia’ – it was the challenge that everyone was laughing at Chet because he struggled so badly. It was also used in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ so the Favourites have a huge advantage in this challenge with three of them competing in it previously).

Erik and Sherri kick things off with the pair out on the course first. Erik gets to the platform first and heads back with his key whilst Sherri is forced to climb the tower again after failing to release a key on her first jump. Brandon heads out next for the Favourites as they develop a big lead over the Fans. Brandon returns with the second key, just after Sherri has returned with the Fans first key. After taking a big fall early, Brenda manages to ‘lap’ Matt, returning with the Favourites third key, as Matt returns with the Fans second. Andrea heads out to retrieve the next key for the Favourites and Eddie is on the course for the Fans. Eddie makes up some time for the Fans, leaving Julia to retrieve the fourth key as Andrea returns, sending Malcolm out to collect the fifth and final key. Malcolm returns with the fifth key whilst Julia has the fourth for the Fans. Cochran and Phillip start working on the locks for the Favourites. They have to unlock three locks using five keys. The Favourites have all three locks and Phillip begins to throw sandbags as Michael returns with the final key for the Fans.


Erik and Sherri on the course in the Day Ten Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Laura and Reynold begin working on the locks with Reynold carrying the tribe as Laura struggles to work on the locks. Phillip does a good job for the Favourites, knocking more than half of the blocks down as Reynold unlocks all three locks for the Fans and begins to throw. Unfortunately for Reynold, the lead the Favourites have is too big and despite his best efforts, he is left with five blocks still on the plank as Phillip knocks off the last block for the Favourites, securing them Immunity. Brandon replaces the purple Bikal bandana on the Immunity Idol and a dispirited Fans tribe returns to camp with the prospect of Tribal Council ahead of them.


The Favourites celebrate their victory. You can support the Favourites by using their official hash tag – #RideChoppersWinChallenges (Image credit CBS)

Upon arriving back at camp, Matt congratulates Reynold on his efforts in the challenge. Eddie and Reynold then discuss which one of them will be sent home, with the pair both stating that they will be the one to go. Matt drags Michael off for a chat, with the pair agreeing that Eddie and Reynold are the only reason they are coming close in challenges and to vote them off would be stupid. Matt brings up that Laura is the weakest link and that she should be voted off instead. Matt seeks out Reynold, informing him that he wants to keep the tribe strong and send Laura home. Reynold doesn’t believe a word Matt is saying, even after Matt assures him he’ll be voting for Laura. Reynold then contemplates what to do with the Hidden Immunity Idol – play it effectively or play it and not receive votes; thus wasting it.

Laura begins to worry and proposes to Julia and Sherri that they will need to split the vote against at Tribal Council. Matt speaks to Sherri, telling her he will be voting against Laura. Sherri doesn’t like the plan, stating that Eddie and Reynold are dangerous and that they haven’t helped them in challenges thus far. Matt disagrees, saying that the only challenge they did win was because Reynold dominated. Despite this, Sherri is still wary. She approaches Julia, asking her opinion on how she would feel about being the only two girls remaining on a tribe with men who want to vote out the weak. Sherri declares in a confessional, that if the men want to continue to get rid of the weakest link, she will eventually find herself in the firing line. Laura asks Michael whether he is still part of the five person alliance. Michael says that he understand they are worried about the power of the Idol and that the simplest way to vote would be the boys to vote for Eddie and the girls to vote for Shamar. As the Fans head off to Tribal Council, a confessional with Michael plays as he weighs up his options of keeping the tribe strong, or keeping his alliance in tact.

Matt kicks off Tribal Council by saying that losing Shamar will hurt the tribe in challenges but it is a relief around camp. Sherri says she misses Shamar because he was part of the alliance. Reynold then states that the majority alliance is very strong but needs to be open about the vote because they won’t win challenges without himself and Eddie. Laura states that the vote will come down to loyalty vs. physical strength and that ten days of loyalty is more important than physical strength. Reynold laughs saying that the tribe is prioritizing losing if they choose to keep the weaker players around.

Sherri points out that despite Eddie and Reynold saying they need their strength, they are yet to win with them around. Eddie confesses that the tribe needs to come together, eliminate the weak in order to not return to Tribal Council. He then goes onto label Julia the “strongest woman”, Sherri “weak” and Laura the “weakest.” Laura responds by pointing out that loyalty is huge in a game that has so many twists and that Eddie and Reynold might not be loyal if a Tribe Switch occurs. Eddie rounds things off by saying that depending on the outcome of the vote, it could change his perspective on the tribe.

Everyone votes and Reynold decides to play his Hidden Immunity Idol.


Reynold plays his Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

However, he doesn’t need it as he only receives one vote, with the tribe deciding to unanimously send Laura home.


Laura… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

As her torch is snuffed, Laura gets a strange look in her eyes which makes Probst bolt, (he obviously doesn’t want another Dawson situation). In her final words, Laura admits her muscle wasn’t her biggest strength and that many of her plans were left on the drawing room floor.

Next week’s preview… WOW! Brandon does go crazy! It looks like its going to be one of the biggest moments of the season, so make sure you don’t miss it!

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Reynold starts tossing”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Phillip


“The Specialist” is expanding his company… building up his alliances whilst also helping the tribe win challenges. Another strong display from Phillip in both the Reward and Immunity Challenges in this episode saw him climb back to the top of the list. He’s a central figure in his alliance, crazy enough to take to the end and performs well enough in challenges to be beneficial to the tribe, without being seen as a threat.

2. Andrea


Continued strong performances by Andrea in the Reward and Immunity Challenges see her stay in the top three. “Andrea 2.0” is certainly something to behold this season, taking on a different role to the Andrea we saw in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island.” Her strong relationship with Phillip, as well as her leadership skills in the Reward Challenge only helped her tribe secure victory of the Fans.

3. Matt


Despite how much his tribe sucks, Matt is making the best out of a poor situation. His first inclusion in the top three might surprise some, however, he managed to change his alliances’ plan to vote out either Eddie or Reynold, and get Laura, the weakest member of the tribe sent home instead. Decent efforts in both Reward and Immunity Challenges help Matt’s drive into the top three. Will Matt’s plan to send home Laura and keep the boys already increase tribal unity? We’ll have to wait and see…

Bottom Three

15. Reynold


Perhaps a surprise selection but next week is make or break for Reynold. Despite being saved at Tribal Council, Reynold is still in the minority and is now without a Hidden Immunity Idol. The next Immunity Challenge is huge for Reynold. Should the Fans win, he’ll be everyone’s hero, should they lose, it will only emphases Sherri’s point that he and Eddie aren’t needed in challenges and he could be sent packing.

16. Laura


Poor old Laura got sent home by her alliance. Despite being a key member of the majority alliance, Laura’s physical weakness in challenges began to be startling clear to the rest of the tribe. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, everyone wants to win and to win in Survivor you have to win challenges.

17. Shamar


What an up and down ten days for Shamar and a disappointing way to go out. Personally, I was hoping for Shamar’s exit to be similar to Judd’s from ‘Survivor: Guatemala, (calling his tribe “scumbags”), unfortunately, Shamar was struck down by a grain of sand in his eye and he was forced to leave the game. Whether he really did get sand in his eye remains to be seen… maybe he put it in his eye himself so he could leave the game but not being remembered as a quitter?

Tweet Tweet!

Below is a list of the castaway Twitter handles for this season, as well as a few snippets of what the castaways and our followers said about this week’s episode. If you’d like to see your tweet featured in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!



Ben’s Opinion


Is it just me or has this season yet to live up to it’s promise? It’s early, I get that, but we’ve had three weeks now of fairly average episodes and it’s been a little disappointing. With the fans losing so much, it means we don’t get to see a whole lot of the favourites. Now this may be good to some people, but it’s very unfortunate that people like Erik and Corinne aren’t getting a second chance to shine in front of the cameras. I love Phillip and Cochran as much as the next person, but really, haven’t we seen enough of them? Even Malcolm is getting a bit tiring with his one liners, time to spice it up please! Next week looks likely in doing that (and then some) but we’ll get to that…

I think I’m the only Survivor fan sad to see Shamar go. I liked him. And I liked his entertainment value. Was never going to win, but it’s just a shame to see him go so quickly and over what surely is the lamest medical evacuation we have ever seen on the show. Sand in the eye? That’s it?! Wow. I expect to read exit interviews where the sand was literally buried in his pupil and was eating him from the inside out to justify that exit. The guy is a war veteran for Pete’s sake! He has been shot at! Hell, he might even have been shot! And he goes home because of SAND IN THE EYE!?!?!? Boy oh boy…

Farewell Laura, sad to see you go…or even remember you in a few weeks time. I’m already hearing “Allie who” and it’s been two weeks, and the three blonde girls who all looked the same have left in consecutive episodes. No more eye candy it seems, well, unless you like Andrea, Brenda or even Sherri. But this game isn’t about eye candy. Isn’t it?

I have to admit I loved the two challenges being back. Was great to see. And great that the challenges were a nod to Cook Islands and Micronesia. Always good to see challenges re-visited and more importantly NOT HAVE PUZZLE PIECES! Not going to deny it, that made me happy!

Next week is look amazing. Brandon losing his shit? We’ve been waiting three seasons for this. Bring it on!

Jarryd’s Opinion


This was just a typical, mid season episode; nothing to dramatic, nothing that was really boring.

The Fans need to pull it together, even if a Tribe Switch occurs, its going to be very difficult for them to stay alive in the game. Despite competing against each other, I have no doubt in my mind that despite alliances, they Favourites will band together, simply because they don’t want to be beaten by a bunch of “newbies”.

I loved the Reward Challenge. Yes, we’ve seen it before, but it’s such a good challenge I couldn’t care less. Andrea taking charge of the Favourites was great to see and Shamar’s reaction was priceless!

Speaking of Shamar, I’m happy he’s gone. Whilst he is entertaining, there comes a point where it just becomes painful to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for him getting hurt; however, I’m not sorry to see him go.

I think my favourite moment of the entire episode was the visit from Ta Ta. In the earlier years of Survivor, these visits used to occur regularly and we haven’t seen them very often of late. I love seeing the locals come in and show the castaways how it’s done!

Before I touch on the Immunity Challenge, despite how weird he is, Cochran should have it down on a contract that he was to have one confessional per episode where he talks about how he’s a weirdo in normal life.

The Immunity Challenge was another good one. Yes, we’ve seen it before, but it’s good, simple as that. I would have loved to have seen a puzzle, (have we seen one this season?), but all the same… it was good.

One thing I’m yet to mention… lets celebrate the fact that not only did we get two challenges this episode, but we also got two water challenges! I couldn’t tell you the last time that has happened in a season.

I couldn’t stand Laura so am happy to see her go. Whilst I still don’t like anyone on the Fans tribe, Snowy, (Michael, aka Chet), is growing on me each week.

As for the Favourites, Phillip is as hilarious as he ever was and his nickname for Erik is so ironic… oh and did I mention how great Andrea, she took on Brandon in a wrestle! (I don’t care if they were just mucking around, she clearly won!).

Rileigh’s Opinion


Yet another episode in which the Favourites shine and the Fans self-destruct. Shamar’s departure was probably one of the least dramatic and the least sentimental evacuations seen on the show. It was pretty clear that he wasn’t all that choked up about leaving, despite a single tear rolling down his cheek, and the Fans sure didn’t seem sad to see him go. I, for one, will not miss him.

The challenges in this episode seemed very familiar (both were adaptations from ones used in the original Fans vs. Favourites season). Phillip is certainly a much bigger player in this season, particularly during the challenges, and he is actually using pretty clever strategy to garner loyalty from the outside members of the Favourites (Brandon, Erik and Brenda). His naming of Erik as the Silent One perhaps sheds light on Erik’s seemingly non-existent presence on screen thus far.

The vote was a surprise for me tonight, as I was sure that the majority alliance of the Fans would choose loyalty over strength. I think it will come back to bite them later on if we see Reynold and Eddie switch sides, providing they make it to the merge. Finally, I cannot wait for Brandon’s meltdown next week. He’s going to take the Hantz name to a whole new level…

Heather’s Opinion


Wow. What an episode! It is an interesting one that is for sure. Let’s take it one step at a time.

The episode opens up at Gota, were Eddie and Reynold are none too happy. Eddie and Reynold are mad at them keeping the “weak” players over the “stronger” ones. I don’t really recall Hope and Allie being challenge beasts. In fact at the first reward challenge, Shamar and Julia were the only two fans to score a point and they are a part of the “weak” player group. Also, they complained about keeping Laura, yet she got zero votes the last time. I love this tribe, what a train wreck.

Now, let’s move on to Bikal. Phillip gives out more cool nicknames. True Grit is still the best, but Brenda’s of “Serenity” is pretty cool too. Erik’s as the “Silent one” describes his edit pretty well. Even though it’s generally a great idea to get as much people on your side as possible, someone is going to suspect something in the fact that Phillip is going around doing this and Andrea already sees something is up. Not a good idea to broadcast this to everyone.

I love the challenges this season. This one is a rehash of one that was also used in Micronesia: the first Fans Vs Favourites, just instead of poles they use boards. No surprise that Shamar wasn’t the guy that had to get carried across, but Julia and Laura, and Andrea and Brenda are all the ones to get the stepping stone treatment. In the end, Bikal wins the reward in a close challenge. Their reward is a one of the natives, who kind of reminds me of a male version of Lydia from Guatemala, to teach them how to live off of the land and to improve the shelter. This is a similar reward to one in Vanuatu were the women won the help of Da, who was amazing.

Back to tribe train wreck, Shamar has something in his eye. I knew right there and then that this was bad, although it is hard to feel sorry for him because he has a demanding personality that is wearing on everyone. Then the wind and rats come. The wind looked harsh, and the first thought when I saw the rats was “Where’s Natalie White when you need her?” I thought that a great moment, because fans of the show don’t know what they are getting in to. People don’t realize that this is harder than they realize, and only those that are out there can understand that.

Now, about Shamar. Shamar was an interesting character for sure. I’m kind of glad that he’s gone though; someone like him isn’t a good guy to overuse for more than three episodes. Also, I do feel for him with his eye. I’ve been through my share of eye problems as I’m pretty much stuck with glasses, and it’s no fun with impaired vision. So I don’t think he deserves any of the hell that fans will put him though. I would never wish an eye infection on anyone.

Despite this, they still had a challenge and Tribal Council. Seeing as this was a twenty person season, it makes sense to me. This is another reused challenge first seen in Cook Islands but was also in Micronesia. Gota however lost due to the fact that Sherri slowed them down in the beginning, and that Laura wasn’t the best in challenges, so back to Tribal Council for the Gota tribe where they must lose another person.

From the get-go it looked like Reynold or Eddie would be gone. Sherri and friends discussed this. Matt however wants to win challenges so he tries to suggest Laura to go. He blurbs this to Sherri who talks to Julia about this. Basically we have a choice, keep a strong challenge competitor over someone loyal to your alliance or axe someone that is in the minority. This is the main question as Gota slinks off to Tribal Council for the third time in a row.

Right away, Jeff asks them about keeping the strong over the weak. He names Reynold and Eddie as strong players but as they are on the outside they are in trouble. As always, Jeff displays his man-love for the strong tough guys. Reynold fights for a good cause though, aside from Julia, he names the girls as challenge liabilities. However, they get to the vote and it looked to be between Reynold and Laura. Reynold, not completely trusting Matt that he would vote for Laura, plays the idol that everyone knows he has to save himself. With that the sole vote cast against him was negated, and Laura was sent home in a 6-0 vote.

That was a pretty shocking vote, I was so sure that one of the guys would be packing. I’m not sure that that was the smartest thing that Sherri and friends could have done, but they still have the numbers. Sometimes, you do have to cut your losses and move forward. I think that Laura was a smart player, she kind of reminded me of a weaker Brooke Struck for some reason. I think that the Gota is desperate for a win, but time will tell if it was worth axing someone loyal to gain in the game.

Survivor Re-capper: RC Saint-Amour


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fourth special guest is Philippines contestant RC Saint-Amour, as she discusses the end of Shamar, just why she thinks voting out Laura was a bad idea, the swimming challenges on this season and why she’s sad they didn’t have them on her season, the favourites and lack of airtime, her impressions of Sherri, why Malcolm wasn’t the first choice to come back for Caramoan from her season as well as looking ahead to the ‘destruction of Brandon’ and whether she would rather be on a tribe with Abi-Maria or Shamar. RC’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Sherri
NEXT TO GO: Michael/Matt/Brandon

Join us next week for our recap of episode 5, featuring special Survivor guest Jill Behm from Nicaragua!


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