Jonathan Penner Philippines Interview


Last year we spoke to Jonathan Penner about his time on his first two seasons of Micronesia and Cook Islands in a very entertaining interview. We questioned Penner on the rumours about him returning for a third time around in the Philippines, and while of course he couldn’t tell us, it would turn out to be very true and he has since returned for his third outing on the 25th season. As promised during his last chat, Penner makes his return to Survivor Oz to chat about his time on the Philippines, and let us know about everything from whether or not he was really playing ‘solo’ as it appeared right through to why he wouldn’t allign with Skupin and Lisa towards the end.


Third time around, Penner was placed on Kalabaw and it appeared as though he was playing a ‘solo’ game from the beginning, Through various attempts at alliances, Penner was on the outs after the merge and relied on his hidden idol to remain in the game. He also won a memorable individual immunity, but it ultimately wouldn’t be enough as was voted out to join the jury.

In our chat with Penner, he talks about it being ‘delicious’ not to tell people he was returning for a third time, how he likes to avoid spoilers, which former winner rang him up to let him know they were trying to bring back returning players, why alliances are sometimes formed pre-game but why he had never met Skupin or Russ, being frustrated with his tribe and being unable to make alliances with them, why being too honest is a ‘stupid thing’ as well as which player he describes as ‘crazy’ and ‘nutty’, commenting on Rob Cesternino’s impersonation of him and giving some of our listeners some feedback about their names.

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