Zane Knight Interview


For somebody who was the first boot of their season, Zane Knight certainly left the 25th season of the Philippines as a memorable contestant. In fact he holds the record for most on-air confessionals by a first boot in their one and only episode. The fact that he gave up smoking the day before he started playing speaks volumes for his character and demeanour during his time on the show, and he holds some very close similarities with a certain Jonny Fairplay.


Zane was a strong social player who was well liked by everyone on his Matsing tribe. However he struggled in the only challenge he competed in, and he also played an interesting strategic move by asking everyone to vote him out in an attempt to still remain in the game. Ultimately it wouldn’t work, and Zane was the first person voted out of the 25th season.

In our chat with Zane, he talks about being apart of the ‘first boot club’, still getting recognised, why he thinks Matt on Caramoan is ‘replacing him’, going in to the game ‘too cocky’, which Matsing member he was closest with, the fun he had at Ponderosa with his fellow Matsing members, not telling people he was on the show, why he is still desperate to be on TV as well as why he wouldn’t have voted for Denise to win the $1 million, just how amazing Angie’s boobs are and what his luxury item would’ve been if they were allowed to take them.

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