Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Reward Let Downs


Wednesday means SURVIVOR OZ TOP TEN right? Well of course it does because you are reading this right now, and this week Shayna Davis is back to bring you another one! A few weeks ago we brought you the top ten rewards, but what about the other side of the reward spectrum? Those rewards that just really weren’t all that crash hot? There have been many of course, but today we bring you the top ten rewards that maybe weren’t all that necessary to win. What do you think deserves to be in the top ten? Read on to find out.

It doesn’t seem right when the words ‘reward’ and ‘let down’ are used together. But, in Survivor the contestants are always anticipating great rewards. Sometimes tree mail can be deceiving, especially in the earlier days of survivor. The editors of Survivor don’t like to show disappointment on the contestants faces after they won a reward, but it happens. Many of the feelings of disappointment have shared after the game is over, such as in the DVD commentary or in post survivor interviews. Here are ten examples of let downs in the reward challenges.

10. Comfort Reward – Samoa


The Galu tribe won the reward challenge and had a choice to choose between comfort and function. Comfort was a pillow, towels and a blanket. Function was a tarp. Galu tribe leader Russell Swan chose comfort for his tribe before deliberating with them. A couple of the women were happy, but the men were not, and even Russell himself stated that he regretted choosing the comfort. In a season the rained continuously blankets and towels were not much help anyway.

9. The Food Picking Line – All-Stars


Rupert won an individual reward to have a steak and lobster meal with open bar; he also had to decide what his tribe mates would eat. Big Tom got one of the worst meals in a bowl of potatoes, and famously said “I had a tator and it was cold”. It was later found out that Rupert tried doing some damage control by pouring some beer into Big Tom’s canteen but  it didn’t work. Big Tom won the following reward which was a visit from a family member and Big Tom didn’t forget Rupert’s choice, and didn’t choose Rupert for the reward.

8. Meat Spitting – South Pacific


The challenge was to bite meat off of a spit and spit it out onto a scale. The reward was vegetables, spices, bread and the winning tribe got to keep all of the meat that was put on the scale. The reward does have redeeming qualities because they get some produce and carbs, but eating meat that was chewed up by others? It sounds pretty filthy, but I guess when you are starving it doesn’t matter if your protein is filthy or not.

7. The First Auction – Australian Outback


The first appearance of a reward favourite, the auction and some contestants came away with some good stuff whiles others came away with bad. Elisabeth bid a high price for a little bit of chocolate and peanut butter, Roger got a cheeseburger, Elisabeth and Tina shared a turkey dinner. But, there were some overpriced ones too. The first item Nick paid 60 bucks for four Doritos and salsa. Tina even said “That’s more than 10 dollars a chip”. Amber bought six fries and ranch dressing, as well as the biggest dud of them all: paying 250 dollars for a tall glass of Herbert river water.

6. Looking Pretty – Palau


It started with the memorable balut eating challenge. Bobby Jon and Stephenie against the Koror tribe, to which Koror of course won. The reward? Several gallons of water, shower products and mouth wash. At this point in the game Koror had already won several good food rewards so it was a change. But Tom revealed in the survivor Palau bonus features that he was disappointed with the reward. Tom even had words with Jeff at the time, saying “Jeff I am 40 years old I have never used a loofa in my life, I am out here fighting for more life, and what I need a loofa for?”.

5. A Fridge Of Coke – Amazon


The tribes competed for a fridge stalked full of Coke. The men won the fridge, and it was later revealed that Deena was so irritated with the reward that she almost quit the game. Rob C would later say in the commentary “Soda, really do we need soda?”

4. The First Car Reward – Australian Outback


Colby won the car challenge, but what could possibly be a letdown about a car? The car was a Pontiac Aztec, and in my opinion the Aztec has got to be one of the ugliest cars ever made. I don’t think Pontiac even made them for many years. Who knows if Colby actually kept the car or traded it in like so many other contestants who have won the car did.

3. The Wet Bed – Panama


Bruce, Sally and Aras won a great reward together, a bed and breakfast retreat. However after waiting for several hours in the rain the boat finally picks them up, and after they are taken to a separate beach, it is still raining, and they see a soaking wet bed with a canopy covering it. Sally say’s “there is no way that is our reward. They all climb under the soaking wet sheets and are served breakfast. The food looked amazing, but you would think production would have had a backup plan in case of bad weather. It would have been better if they were served breakfast at their own camp. I think it was drier under their shelter than it was in the bed!

2. Buried Treasure – Pearl Islands


On Pearl Islands every time the tribe won the reward they would get a clue to a buried treasure. Drake was dominating in the challenges and they received all of the clues to their treasure. They dug it up and popped open the chest, before Sandra exclaimed “A stench so awful, like death”. We did get some great lines from Jonny Fairplay however, including “The blankets smelt like crap, mosquito nets smelt like crap, I call it ghetto Christmas, like getting your sister’s Barbie and painting it green to look like the incredible hulk, just not the same”. There was however a jar of chocolates in there, which at least was one thing that made them happy.

1. A Cursed Picnic – Australian Outback


The worst reward ever may have had something to do with one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show. In the Australian Outback, the tribes were given tree mail that said the reward was a picnic, and the reward challenge would turn out to be one of the closest finishes in Survivor history. However it would turn out the reward would not exactly be a ‘picnic’. The Kucha tribe won some cans of Mountain Dew and two bags of Doritos, and this isn’t what I think of when I think of picnic. Alicia said in the DVD commentary “When you think of picnic don’t you think of sandwiches and potato salad”. And Jay Fischer said in the Survivor Historians podcast “Maybe Mike Skupin would not have gotten dizzy and passed out in the fire if they would have given him some sandwiches”. Maybe he is right.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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2 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Reward Let Downs

  1. I’d like to nominate the Gabon episode 5 reward (from the fruit-throwing challenge) for this list. The tribes received herbs, salt, oil and chili sauce – not really exciting (even the Africa episode 4 reward on the net challenge for similar food items included sundried tomatoes at least). They also received the fruit they collected – which was undoubtedly mostly damaged since the other tribe had been trying to whack at it for the whole challenge (and thus could not be saved for any length of time).

    In fact, the best part of the Gabon episode 5 reward in my opinion was the fact that Kota inadvertently hit Ace in the face with a pineapple and a watermelon simultaneously. Not pleasant for Ace, of course, but still pretty funny.

    CBS You-Tube Video:
    Slightly dramatized account of the contestants’ lack of excitement:

  2. I don’t really understand why the All Stars picking line being on here! I thought it was pretty cool and they were able to show the picking order!

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