Survivor Caramoan–Episode 5 Recap featuring Jill Behm!

5 recap

Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the fifth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Jill Behm from Survivor Nicaragua, with guest host Marcel Lapointe from the !

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I discuss everything that happened in this explosive episode!

I’m going to begin today’s recap a bit different by telling anyone who hasn’t seen this episode to watch it. I don’t care if you don’t have time, or if you just want to read up what happened because you’re not interested in the season… I don’t care why you haven’t watched it… you need to watch it!

The episode begins just like any other; we kick off with the Fans returning to camp after sending Laura packing. Eddie remarks that this is the turning point in the game, whilst Matt and Reynold are happy with the tribe’s decision to send Laura home, seeing as she was the weakest link. Sherri remains quiet, explaining in a confessional that she was sad to see Laura go because she was special to her as she reminded her of her own daughter, however, she couldn’t do anything because the tribe has already made a decision.

Despite his new found happiness, Reynold remains wary of the tribe. He goes onto say that he was happy about how Tribal Council played out because it allowed him to get the target of the Idol off his back and he was able to speak his mind about the tribe. Reynold then apologises to the tribe for calling them out, saying that they can now move forward. Matt says the Idol is back out on the beach and states that Reynold’s plan for the others to wake him up early so he can get a fire started, is ridiculous and that his real intention is to look for the Idol. Michael chimes in by saying that he doesn’t want Reynold to find the Idol again because hes a “dangerous player”.

At the Favourites tribe, Brandon confesses to the tribe about how important his family is to him. He says he feels selfish for abandoning them once again and volunteers to be voted out at the next Tribal Council. This doesn’t sit well with Malcolm who remarks that if Brandon felt that way he shouldn’t have played the game in the first place. Brandon’s not done yet though; he pulls Andrea, Cochran and Corinne aside and admits that he was going to “set fire to the shelter” and “pea in the beans and rice”. The trio can’t believe what they are hearing and express their gratitude that Brandon chose not to do that. Corinne gives a confessional, saying that she wants Brandon gone because she “it’s only a matter of time because he losses it”.

Once course, Brandon was indecisive in ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ and it seems nothing has changed four seasons on. The next morning he holds a tribe conferencing, confessing that after thinking about things, his perspective on the game has changed and he’s going to stay and play for his family. Brandon explains his reasoning in a confessional and warns us that he’ll be playing a very different game, meaning we’ll meet the “intense” Brandon Hantz.

Time for the Reward Challenge! This challenge is another throwback to the original Fans vs. Favourites season. For the challenge, two tribe members will have to hold onto a rope which is attached to a large net. The four remaining tribe members will have to attempt to throw coconuts into the other tribes net; thus increasing the weight of the net, making it more difficult to hold onto. The last tribe member still holding their net wins a barbeque feast, complete with vegetables and wine to take back to their camp. For those of you with good memories, a variation of this challenge was also used in ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ in which Cochran struggled to land a coconut in the Upolu net.


The tribes prepare to compete in the Day Eleven Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Andrea, Dawn and Erik sit out for the Favourites, who have Brandon and Phillip holding the ropes, whilst Matt and Michael are holding ropes for the Fans. The Fans immediately begin to target Brandon’s net, with Reynold proving once again unstoppable in a throwing related challenge. Phillip begins yelling at the Fans when they attempt to throw coconuts, causing them to miss, especially Sherri who Probst labels “worthless” in the challenge. Brandon is the first to drop out, opening the door for the Fans. Matt drops out shortly afterwards allowing a showdown between Michael and Phillip to play out. Phillip does his best Jonathan Penner impersonation when he talks back to Probst when Jeff states that hes struggling. Phillip does prove Jeff wrong as he holds on longer than Michael, who drops his net along with the hope of the Fans. So once again, Phillip is the hero for he Favourites, (Jeff’s words, not mine), and they head back to camp with their barbeque lunch.


The Favourites collect their Reward as the Fans watch on in longing. (Image credit CBS)

The Fans arrive back at camp extremely frustrated at yet another loss. Michael and Reynold complain that they need to find a new way of doing things in order to win and Sherri confesses to the camera that the “muscle” plan didn’t work and that she hopes her alliance isn’t listening to Eddie and Reynold saying they need the muscle to win, before admitting she needs to find the Idol. It seems the Idol is on everyone’s minds, (except Eddie’s), who decides to have a snooze whilst the rest of the tribe are out looking. We get snippets from everyone about where to look to find the Idol and how they don’t want Reynold to find it before the man himself finds his second Idol of the season. He heads back to camp, swearing he won’t tell anyone this time, before confirming Eddie’s loyalty and sharing the information with him – didn’t he just say he wasn’t going to tell anyone?

Eddie jokes that you can’t get any luckier and he spends a joyous afternoon watching Sherri walk all over the beach in search for the Idol that is safely stored at the bottom of Reynolds bag.


Reynold celebrates finding his second Hidden Immunity Idol of the season. (Image credit CBS)

Meanwhile, the Favourites are enjoying a nice barbeque lunch. Andrea comments that Brandon seems sullen and wonders whether winning the million would be enough to fix what is going on instead his head. The tribe talks about their victory and Phillip’s story about his amazing strategy to yell at the other tribe is interrupted by another confessional from Brandon explaining that he decided long ago the game wasn’t going to be all about him, that he’s annoyed that Phillip is claiming he “won” the challenge and that he wants to vent. (Wouldn’t venting put the spotlight on him?).

Brenda asks Phillip whether they should take down the tarp. Phillip says he wants to save his energy for challenges. Brandon doesn’t like this and jumps to Brenda’s defence, saying that she was only “making a suggestion”. Phillip says that he knows and that he was just explaining why he didn’t want to take the tarp down before Brandon snaps, calling Phillip a “dictator” who “says a lot”. Phillip says he doesn’t want to argue and walks off with Brandon yelling after him that he “should the f**k up and let others have an opinion”.

Corinne and Malcolm get confessionals, with Corinne suggesting that Brandon is “unstable and unpredictable”, and Malcolm questioning his usefulness in the game. Brandon asks whether he should apologise to Phillip put the tribe convince him to give Phillip some more time to cool down. It appears the tribe was right as Phillip lashes out at Brandon in a confessional, saying he won’t be told to shut up by “some young punk”, that if Brandon pushes him to far, he’s a “street fighter” and Brandon will see a much different side to him and that he needs to be sent home.

Inevitably, the pair confronts each other to sort the issue out. Phillip tells Brandon that he was prepared to move him up the pecking order but to do so, Brandon shouldn’t “bite the hand that’s feeding him”. Brandon replies by telling Phillip his behaviour is his decision then gets reassured by Phillip that he can trust him. The pair disperses with Brandon acknowledging that he has always been annoyed at Phillip and he will need to keep his temper under control, before Phillip declares that he will be taking Brandon out at the first opportunity he gets.


Phillip and Brandon discuss their differences. (Image credit CBS)

We take a break from the madness of the Favourites tribe to check in on a wet, cold and miserable bunch of Fans on the morning of Day Thirteen. Michael is trying his best to keep moral up, encouraging the tribe to get things prepared for when the rain stops so things can dry out. Matt isn’t interested, preferring to sit under the shelter instead. Eddie builds a half-hearted “fire shelter” to attempt to keep a fire alight as we battles a minor head cold from the conditions, before Reynold jokes that they should all com clean and admit they are in a CBS recording studio in Hollywood. We leave the Fans tribe with the wise words of Matt ringing in our ears, “we just want something good to happen”.

Back at the ‘Brandon tribe’, sorry I mean the Favourites tribe; Brandon reveals that his rivalry with Phillip is getting to him. Brandon continues by saying that he is the only male Favourite able to start a fire using flint and that he doesn’t need Phillip telling him what to do because he’s “a Hantz”. Cochran interrupts Brandon’s craziness as he brings back and reads tree mail to the tribe, informing them of the upcoming Immunity Challenge. A confessional with Phillip plays where he discusses the impact Brandon is having on the tribe. Phillip goes onto say that despite being highly competitive, it might be time to lay down and throw the challenge, in order to get rid of Brandon, which could potentially be game saving for the Favourites. Phillip fills Andrea in on the plan, saying that he will do what he was to in order to lose. Brandon comes over as Phillip returns to camp with Brandon seeking reassurance as to what will happen if they lose. Andrea doesn’t confirm that Phillip is thinking of throwing the challenge but tells Brandon they will have “issues” if they lose the challenge.

This angers Brandon, who goes off in a tirade in a confessional about why he should be kept in the game. Eager to resolve the issue, Brandon approaches Phillip, asking whether what Andrea told him about Phillip wanting him sent home is true. (I don’t believe Andrea actually told him that from what we saw). Phillip confirms to Brandon that he isn’t happy with him because he can’t be trusted because he shares too much information with others. This only further annoys Brandon, who tells Phillip to “drop Stealth ‘R Us” and that “everybody actually doesn’t like you.” Phillip says that if that is the case, they will vote him out, to which Brandon replies that he’ll give the tribe a reason to vote him out.

Brandon storms back to camp, announcing to the tribe that he will give them a reason to vote him out as he empties all the rice in the container onto the ground. The tribe is totally shocked, but Brandon isn’t finished and goes to collect the beans. Erik attempts to stop him but Brandon manages to throw all the beans onto the ground before storming off towards the water, (knocking a chair down along the way), to yell angrily after Phillip. Whilst the rest of the tribe scramble to save what rice and beans they can, Dawn tries to calm Brandon down, as he continues to storm around camp, yelling insults at Phillip who has walked off up the beach. Corinne questions whether they should skip the challenge and go straight to Tribal Council, whilst Dawn puts on her motherly hat and manages to say that by forfeiting the challenge, the tribe will in fact be “helping Brandon”.



Top: Brandon empties the Favourites rice onto the ground, and BELOW: Erik tries to stop Brandon emptying the beans onto the ground. (Image credit CBS)


Andrea and Brenda are shocked by Brandon’s behaviour. (Image credit CBS)

Believe it or not, the worst is yet to come. Both tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge and after Jeff questions Reynold about the impact of the weather and Cochran about the effect of fatigue, Jeff asks Brandon how he’s doing. Brandon tells Jeff he isn’t doing to well, that he had an outburst at camp with Phillip and asks whether he can step off the tribe mat to address the Fans tribe. Brandon tells the Fans that they are “getting an opportunity to have a second chance and that I’m your second chance”. Brandon continues by pleading with the Fans to “not let Phillip get to the end of the game”. A confused Reynold asks where Brandon is going but before he can answer, Corinne speaks up on behalf of the Favourites, telling Jeff the Favourites “want to forfeit the challenge so they can attend Tribal Council”. Corrine continues by stating that the tribe realises that it is a game and they respect the game, but the decision is for the benefit of the tribe.

Brandon isn’t going to just lie down and take it though. He steps out and confesses that the Favourites don’t “respect anything about the Fans” and that Corinne is “bullsh*****g”. Brandon’s outburst continues as he lets the Fans know that they shouldn’t “take crap from anybody” and that it’s their first time playing the game and they “deserve a fair chance”. Brandon continues, declaring he loves the underdogs and that he is still an underdog before being interrupted by Jeff who calls him over to stand next to him. Corinne rolls her eyes at the Fans who give questioning looks at the rest of the Favourites as to just what is going on.


Brandon speaks to the Fans tribe and Corinne interrupts with something to say. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff asks Brandon to explain what is going on. Brandon explains to the Fans that Phillip has created the organisation “Stealth ‘R’ Us” and has given each member of the tribe a “degrading name”, to the point of treating them like “plastic dolls”. Brandon, now with hatred in his voice, informs that Fans that Phillip speaks highly of himself and that Boston Rob took him to the end and that Phillip did nothing to deserve that, before saying that he feeds himself, not Phillip. Brenda points out the obvious, whispering that Brandon is having a complete “meltdown” which also draws attention to the fact that the ‘Survivor Breakdown’ hash tag is missing from out screens.

Possibly Brandon’s meltdown is too serious to warrant its own hash tag as he confesses to Phillip that he isn’t running the game because he has taken himself out of the game. Brandon tries to get Phillip to come clean about what he is doing. Jeff intervenes, assuring Brandon that he understands that he is fired up and hostile but the situation occurring is part of the Survivor experience. Brandon divulges that Survivor changed his life and that this time around he wouldn’t be a “walked all over” and that the other Favourites “are going no where in life or in Survivor with that attitude.”


Brandon lays it all on the line. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff points out that Phillip hasn’t reacted to anything Brandon has been shouting and asks his side of the story. Phillip comes clean, telling Jeff that he was tried to embrace Brandon for a while but it has been difficult to do so since we voted against Andrea is the early stages of the game. This upsets Andrea who begins to cry and she admits that it “hurts her to see Brandon upset” and two people abusing one another. Phillip correctly mentions that he hasn’t said anything abusive towards Brandon which prompts Brandon to say that “super-spy Phillip Sheppard never says anything wrong” and once again asks him to own up to his actions. Brandon continues saying that “just because you’re pone hundred years old, it doesn’t meant you’ve never made a mistake… I came an apologised to you…” It appears Phillip has had enough as he interrupts Brandon telling him he is repeating himself and that he is “a pathetic individual” to which Brandon yells a barrage of abuse at Phillip, (which are words that can’t appear on this site), before telling Phillip to “shut your mouth” before edging back towards the Favourites tribe.


Brenda and Dawn comfort an upset Andrea. (Image credit CBS)

Sensing danger, Jeff calls Brandon back, telling him not to get physical. After some confusion, Brandon convinces Jeff that he won’t get physical. Jeff asks Dawn about her breathing technique, to which Dawn reveals to Jeff that this is to “Stressful” and that she can’t be in this situation right now. Brandon tells Dawn and then Andrea that he loves them, but he is doing this because he wants to “be the author of my own fate in this game”. With Jeff keeping a firm grip on his shoulder, Brandon attempts to explain his thought process about why he dumped the rice and beans all over the ground, (By this point, the look of the Fans faces are of pure disbelief), in order to put the Fans and Favourites on a level playing field. Corinne tries to reason with Brandon but Dawn and Malcolm stop her mid-sentence, releasing that Brandon obviously can’t be reasoned with at this point.


Brandon edges closer to the Favourites and Jeff calls him back. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff, (who’s hand is still on Brandon’s shoulder), asks Brandon whether the villainous ways of the Hantz name in Survivor is in Brandon’s blood. Brandon states that “us Hantz’s speak our minds and I’m proud of that. That’s something I can wear proudly and you ask me something, I’m going to tell you…” Phillip, along with the rest of the tribe, all admit to Brandon that they don’t harbour any bad feelings towards him, with Phillip going into damage control, speaking directly to the Fans when he admits that he isn’t in control and that is a figment of Brandon’s mind before turning to Brandon and hoping that he is “strong enough to realises that he has made a mistake” – it doesn’t appear so as Brandon tells Phillip to “shut up” once again, leaving Phillip to snap back at Brandon to “grow up”.

Phillip goes onto say that he remembers watching Brandon disrespect Russell when the pair spoke at the ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Reunion Show, how Russell let Brandon live with him and that Brandon will probably speak the same way to his aunt who is “looking after his kids” whilst he’s out here. This aggravates Brandon, who points at Phillip, (causing Jeff to tighten his grip on Brandon’s shoulders), yelling at him to leave his family out of this or else he’ll “come over there and knock your f*****g head off” before daring Phillip to “bring my kids into this bitch!”



TOP: Brandon threatens Phillip and BOTTOM: Jeff holds Brandon back. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff puts an arm around Brandon’s chest, just in case Brandon tries to head at Phillip as he tries to get a grip on the situation. Jeff then tells the Favourites that if they wish to go to Tribal Council to give up Immunity to the Fans. Erik gives the Idol to the Fans and Reynold and Julia request Jeff to do his famous “Immunity catch cry”, however Jeff seems to think it wouldn’t be a good idea to let go of Brandon and promises them he’ll do it later. Jeff turns back to the Favourites, telling them that Tribal Council will take place immediately and then asks each of them in turn who they will be voting for. Brandon votes for Phillip, whilst all eight remaining Favourites vote for Brandon.

Jeff, (who is massaging Brandon’s shoulders), asks whether Brandon is pleased before announcing that Brandon is the sixth person voted out of the game. Jeff then tells Brandon he “loves him” but he won’t be going back to camp. Jeff continues, telling Brandon which direction to walk in and that he will catch up with him later. Brandon leaves, telling the Fans “to kick their arse” and calling Phillip a “bitch”. Dawn says that Brandon is better off not being in the game which is “better for the tribe”.


Brandon, the tribe… (And yourself), have spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Brandon’s final words are played, which look to be from an interview the following day, in which Brandon says he is proud of the way he went out, that we wanted to go out with a bang because it meant “I was the author of my elimination”.

And that folks… is the end of one of the most explosive episodes in the history of Survivor!

Next weeks episode looks like another promising one, as Phillip plots to take out Corinne, Corinne plots to take out Phillip but standing in their way looks to be a Tribe Switch!

Once again, if you haven’t watched this episode, I highly recommend you watch it, Brandon’s outburst needs to be seen to be believed.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Michael releases for the Fans…”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Phillip


I gotta say, I was deeply impressed the way Phillip handled the ‘Brandon situation’. Remember back to the rice incident in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ where Phillip argued with former Zapatera member Steve about race, which resulted in a massive fight being the pair. Well, the Brandon situation was very similar to this. I was impressed how Phillip dealt with it; he didn’t yell and scream, he tried to logically reason with Brandon before eventually caving and calling him out. Other than that, Phillip once again secured a victory for the Favourites in the Reward Challenge. The only downside for him is whether the Fans will believe what Brandon told them during his outburst.

2. Michael (aka Snowy)


I have to admit, I undersold this bloke in my initial reaction to the cast being announced. I had him down as a bloke who would be alienated by the tribe, be average in challenges and get along much better with the females. Turns out I’m dead wrong! Michael is working himself into a decent position in the game. If alliances hold true, he is in a decent position in the Fans tribe, I believe he understands the game well enough to be able to makes moves and he has proven his worth in challenges, (despite not being able to hold on and beat Phillip is the Reward Challenge). Michael, (aka Snowy), is slowly becoming a dark horse who could go a long way towards getting to the end of the game.

3. Reynold


Reynold can’t seem to do anything wrong in challenges. Whilst I was surprised he didn’t hold the rope in the Reward Challenge, his shooting ability proved beneficial to the Fans as Reynold made up for Sherri’s poor performance. Finding his second Hidden Immunity Idol is huge. Whilst it may seem the tribe needs Reynold in order to win challenges, if the original majority alliance stick together and decided himself and/or Eddie aren’t worth keeping, the Idol gives Reynold, who is still in the minority, power – something everyone wants to have in Survivor.

Bottom Three

13. Julia


Easily the toughest decision I’ve had to make. Julia just hasn’t received an edit big enough to keep her out of the bottom three. One thing going against Julia is that she and Sherri are outnumbered by the men on the Fans tribe, meaning if that a Tribe Switch doesn’t take place next week, she could easily come under fire if the men want to stick together. Whilst I don’t believe she wholehearted deserves her spot in the bottom three, I can’t see Julia getting a similar edit to Natalie Bolton, (‘Survivor: Micronesia’), and becoming a huge strategic player post-merge.

14. Sherri


Sherri had a stinker this episode. Her effort in the Reward Challenge was about as good as Cochran in a similar challenge in the early days of ‘Survivor: South Pacific’. Add in the fact that her alliance may be wavering and Reynold, the person she didn’t want to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, found it… its safe to say Sherri wouldn’t have enjoyed watching tonight’s episode.

15. Brandon


To try and sum up Brandon in this episode would be impossible. The guy is crazy, simple as that. At one stage he wanted to quit, the next he doesn’t, the he’s throwing rice and beans all over the place before using every expletive in the English language in the same sentence as the name, Phillip Sheppard. For the sake of the show, I hope this outburst doesn’t give the production team a reason to invite Brandon back for a third time because that would be pure stupidity!

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Ben’s Opinion


Finally some action.

This season as I have said the last few weeks has been disappointing, but this episode was excitement galore. As somebody who avoids spoilers, the only spoiler I was privy too was that Brandon Hantz loses it. I was told a little more and was actually told he hit Phillip and was disqualified. Whether or not that actually happened and they edited it out, who knows, but I do know that the drama and tension caused by Brandon losing it was definitely worth the wait. I have to admit I felt for Brandon. I think that if I was in that situation and the chips were down, I would be tempted to throw a little tanty too. However I actually don’t see the real reason as to why he lost it as much as he did. Sure he got angry, but that really wasn’t the worst thing that has happened to anyone on Survivor. Hell his uncle Russell should’ve done that on Redemption Island after he realised his tribe threw a challenge just to get rid of him. But with all the talk about why he did it, I think a lot of people have forgotten that Brandon is still young, and is a human being. Yeah he lost it, yeah he overreacted, but no doubt he has issues going on that are bigger than him being on a reality show. Having said all that, I personally hope that whatever issues he has had/is having that he can sort through them and get better.

Outside of the Brandon situation, was there anything else really to discuss? There is another tribe called the ‘fans’ did you know? Apparently. They actually won something! Even though the ‘fans win immunity’ line once again wasn’t uttered by Jeff, despite their protests to say so. I usually always say a tribe that trows immunity will never have one of it’s members win the game, and this season might be the exception. It looks as though a switch is happening next week, and I really cannot see any possible way that a fan will win this game. I guess we need to keep watching, but I have to say I’ll be sad to see another tribal switch, as I really do wish they would just keep things the same for a while for once. Maybe that’s just me? Who knows.

I just hope that this season can continue to pick up after such a great episode.

Jarryd’s Opinion


WOW! Brandon Hantz is mental! I don’t care what argument you come back with, the guy has some serious issues going on because what went down in this episode wasn’t normal.

The entire episode was just, utter craziness from Brandon. One minute he wants out, next he’s staying, then he’s ruining the camp and finally he’s abusing Phillip Sheppard to the point that it was stupid.

In all seriousness, I classify Brandon as quitting or creating a situation in which he could quit. Look at it logically, he’s on the bottom of an alliance, he isn’t trusted, he is remembered for being a religious person who gave up Immunity in his original season and he’s the nephew of Russell Hantz. He was probably sick of the weather, sick of being on the bottom so thought that he may has well just cause so much damage that he had to be voted out… plus, he’ll now be remembered for his outburst.

I can’t say I’m shattered to see him go, I never liked him in South Pacific so I was pleased he was on the bottom of the alliance. Add in the fact we’ve seen a Hantz in the last five of seven seasons and it becomes draining. Add in the fact that he made Andrea cry, and he’s not high on my ‘favourite players’ list!

As for everyone else, I’m intrigued to see how Erik is going to finish this season. The produces refuse to give him any air time, so I’m hoping he comes to life soon. As for Brenda and Julia, who are suffering a similar fate, I’m not to concerned that they aren’t getting much of an edit.

Phillip’s ability to handle the Brandon situation was interested. I referred about to his fight with Steve Wright in Redemption Island and I was quite shocked we didn’t see that side of Phillip again this episode. What that means is that he’s learnt from his first time playing Survivor of how to control his emotions.

As for the Fans, if I had to pick a favourite, I’d pick Snowy, (aka Michael). He’s grown on me a lot and I’m hoping he makes so good strategic decisions in the next few weeks and not go the same way as some of the Fans did in ‘Survivor: Micronesia’.

Once again, production decided to reuse a challenge from Micronesia, which I’m not to thrilled about. I think they need to start developing a clear difference between to two seasons, and I’m not just talking about different castaways. They have already used the same tribe colours and similar challenges, so I’m hoping that they steer clear of too many challenges that were used in the original Fans vs. Favourites concept.

At the end of the day, it was definitely one of the best episodes we’ve seen in a while, largely due to the drama Brandon created.

I’m looking forward to a potential Tribe Switch next week to shake the game up and I’ll have all my fingers crossed that Andrea, Phillip and Erik end up on the right side of the numbers!

Until next time…

Survivor Re-capper: Jill Behm


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

This weeks edition is guest hosted by CrazyTVTalk’s Marcel Lapointe, and our fifth special guest is Nicaragua contestant Jill Behm, as she discusses the meltdown of Brandon, her thoughts on Phillip, why she doesn’t feel for Brandon, her thoughts on the fans, why there was more to what happened with Brandon than we saw, her thoughts on Brenda and why her game is interesting, whether or not the Hantz name is completely ruined as well as her thoughts on some of the other returning players and why Phillip is a ‘weird dude’. Jill’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Brenda/Reynold

Join us next week for our recap of episode 6, featuring special Survivor guest Billy Garcia from Cook Islands!


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