Abi-Maria Gomes Interview


When it comes to Survivor villains, Abi-Maria Gomes and her recent appearance on Philippines certainly has joined the ranks of those villains that came before her. Known for her brash, honest and sometimes brutal style, she had a roller coaster season that saw her be labelled as a bully, get bullied, tell people she would kill them and sit out more challenges than she probably competed in. But what was the reason behind her sitting out so many challenges? And what was her reaction to seeing herself on TV act the way she did?


Starting off as a strong personality right from the beginning of the game, Abi-Maria made several bonds early on that were tested throughout the season. She liked RC, then disliked her. Liked Skupin then disliked him. And along the way she was never afraid to speak her mind when it came to telling them how she really felt. Many tribe members were rubbed the wrong way by her and ultimately she had to face her critics, and despite winning a memorable immunity, her time was up and she was voted out just before the final four.

In our chat with Abi, she talks about getting a lot of press and attention in Australia, the reaction from fans in Brazil and how they have been watching it, why she was very nearly on another season and why she was cut at the last minute, the real reasons behind sitting out the amount of challenges she did, being nominated for a Reality TV award, whether or not she likes the returning players, what her relationship with RC is since the season as well as why she is ‘soul mates’ with Pete, which contestant on Caramoan she wants to kill and whether or not it felt good to hit Skupin in the head with a coconut.

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3 Comments on Abi-Maria Gomes Interview

  1. Download is not working!

    Would be interested in hearing the interview.

  2. Great interview. I love Abi, she has a great fighting spirit and they should have put her on again. I personally identify with her a lot.

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