Cecilia Mansilla Interview


When you have a Survivor with the reputation of Ozzy Lusth getting sad that you were voted out, you surely have to be held in high regard. For Cecilia Mansilla of the Cook Islands, that is exactly the case. A strong personality that perhaps we didn’t get a true chance to see, Cecilia was another cast-away who could easily blame a switch for her demise, but generally doesn’t. She still has strong opinions as to why she needed to throw a challenge to get Billy out, but has an interesting story about a ‘curse’ that then followed her tribe after Mr.Garcia was sent to Ponderosa.


Cecilia made close initial bonds with JP and Ozzy on her tribe and these bonds helped keep her in the game after Billy was voted out. However a tribal switch would happen and she would remain with Ozzy and have to fight hard in order to remain in the game. It wasn’t to be, and she couldn’t sway the votes of Flicka and Cao Boi to vote out Becky instead, and she was voted out of the game.

In our chat with Cecilia, she talks about why it’s surprising to still do interviews like this, what other show she initially applied for before being asked to do Survivor, not being a big Survivor fan and not wanting to know too much going into the game, her thoughts on the race twist now and then, the situation with Billy and why he had to go, Ozzy and his challenge skills and just why he was even better than it appeared on screen as well as why she told Candice about Billy declaring his love for her, why Cao Boi regrets not voting with her all these years later and just who made a curse on her and her remaining tribe mates after Billy was voted out.

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