Survivor Caramoan–Episode 6 Recap featuring Billy Garcia!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the sixth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands, with guest host Marcel Lapointe from the CrazyTVTalk Podcast!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! The Tribe Switch is out the way this season so read along as I discuss the new tribes, the Favourites numbers advantages, Corinne’s improvement in confessionals and Matt becoming a member of “The Tribe Switch ruined my game” club.

We begin the episode by joining up with the Favourites after they return from witnessing Brandon’s meltdown; which of course led to him being voted out. The remaining eight players are pretty shaken up and begin to discuss what happened and why it was wrong. Corinne and Phillip both admit to never having a problem with Brandon despite them both getting abused by him. Phillip goes onto describe Brandon has “hard, mean and cruel” before expressing that not even ‘The Specialist’ knew what was going on inside his head. Corinne expresses that she hopes Brandon never gets the chance to play again, (personally, I don’t think production would take that risk), compares Brandon’s craziness to Mel Gibson and then remarks in a confessional that she wasn’t overly happy that nobody in her tribe came to the defence of herself or Phillip. Dawn admits she wanted to say something but didn’t know how; everyone agrees that they are happy Brandon is no longer with them and Cochran informs us all that they have been living in a “certified asylum” whilst Brandon was in the game and now that Brandon has “flown from the cuckoos nest” they just have to “put up with Phillip”. Right on cue, Phillip takes the reins, attempting to rally the tribe, calling for them to regroup so that one of them can go on to “eventually win the game”. Phillip then tells the camera that now that Brandon is gone, his focus is now back on getting rid of Corinne.


The Favourites regroup after witnessing Brandon’s meltdown. (Image credit CBS)

The following morning at the Fans camp, Eddie and Matt return with tree mail, which hints of an impending Reward Challenge. Reynold confesses that his and Eddie’s chances of a social alliance is over so his goal is now on “winning challenges and hoping that there is a shift in the game”.

Both tribes arrive at what they believe to be a Reward Challenge. Jeff questions Michael about the mood at the Fans camp following Brandon’s outburst with Michael saying it was good to have something “positive” happen that the tribe could share. Matt states that the Fans had perceptions about the Favourites but after what happened with Brandon, the tribe was different from those perceptions. Matt then goes onto say that he feels bad for what Phillip and the rest of the tribe had to endure. Phillip tells Jeff that without Brandon, there is harmony at camp which prompts Jeff to ask if both tribes are currently happy. Everyone is which means its time for a shake up as Jeff tells everyone to “drop your buffs”. There’s a collective groan as Jeff passes around eggs, each filled with either orange or purple paint, which, when smashed will represent the castaways new tribes. The eggs are smashed and everyone is quick to look around to see who their new tribe members are.

The new Bikal, (purple), tribe now consists of: Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Julia, Matt, Michael and Phillip.

The new Gota, (orange), tribe is made up of: Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Reynold and Sherri.

(Please note: From now on, the tribes will no longer be referred to in the recap as the Fans and Favourites; instead they will be known as Bikal and Gota).


The new Bikal tribe after the Day Fourteen Tribe Switch. (L-R) – Phillip, Corinne, Michael, Cochran, Matt, Dawn and Julia. . (Image credit CBS)


The new Gota tribe after the Day Fourteen Tribe Switch. (L-R) – Eddie, Andrea, Reynold, Sherri, Malcolm, Erik and Brenda. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff asks some of the castaways their thoughts on the new tribes and dynamic of the game. Cochran gives a Tarzan, (‘Survivor: One World’), like answer, merely stating “the game has started anew”. Matt tells Jeff he is happy to join the Bikal tribe, that he is “psyched” to switch things up and he likes all the returning players on the tribe – this statement actually gets a round of applause. Corinne tells Jeff that she’s “overwhelmed” by the situation and it will take some time to adjust to the new people around camp. Finally, Brenda admits that the Gota tribe is noticeably stronger and that she’s “pretty happy” with how it worked out. Jeff gives everyone some good news, letting them know that they have a new bag of rice and a new flint waiting for them back at camp as he dismisses everyone back to camp. Reynold sends us to the break telling us he’s extremely happy about the switch, that it’s the start of a new game which gives himself an Eddie a “new chance” to switch up their fates in the game.

The new Gota tribe arrive back at camp talking up there perceived strength advantage. Eddie is particularly enthused, believing he won’t be going to Tribal Council for some time because he is on a “young, good looking tribe”. Eddie and Reynold waste no time trying to establish ties with the former members of the Favourites tribe with the pair telling Erik and Malcolm that Sherri and her alliance has been targeting them since day one. Erik is instantly wary of the pair, likening Reynold to a “used car salesman” with “big blue eyes” who can “talk the talk”. Whilst the boys chat around camp, Sherri spills the beans about the dynamics of the former Fans tribe to Andrea and Brenda. She confirms that she wants Reynold sent home, telling the pair he played a Hidden Immunity Idol at the Fans last Tribal Council and that he has been looking for the re-hidden one ever since. Andrea is appreciative of the information, but states in a confessional that despite the shake up, the game is still very much “Fans vs. Favourites”.


TOP: Eddie and Reynold share information about the former Fans tribe with Erik and Malcolm. BOTTOM: Sherri shares information with Andrea and Brenda. (Image credit CBS)

Bikal arrive back at camp and after a quick tour, Corinne shares her thoughts on her new tribe. Corinne is immediately fond of Michael, admitting that there’s a “special place in my heart for the gay” and goes onto say that “If I wasn’t a moron, who hadn’t played before, I’d turn on my alliance just to align with the gay… that’s how much I like him… but I can’t do that”. Phillip wastes no time starting a recruitment drive for “Stealth ‘R’ Us” speaking to Julia about whether she would like to join up with him to make a big move after the Merge. I’m undecided on Phillip here. Sure, it’s always a good idea to sure up the numbers but the Favourites already have a four-three numbers advantage. What is blatantly obvious is that Phillip is trying to find a ‘new Natalie’ to replace the ever-sweet Natalie Tenerelli (‘Survivor: Redemption Island’), into his “Stealth ‘R’ Us” operation. Julia questions Phillips intentions with the latter replying that he likes people who do extraordinary things. In a rare confessional, Julia credits Phillip’s strategic game as she weighs up the options of flipping against her former alliance given they are now in the minority. Phillip tells Julia to take some time to consider his offer but not to tell anyone or to expect it to be on the table again should she refuse. For good measure, I’ll quote part of Phillip’s conversation to Julia, which just can’t be ignored.

“Most people underestimate me because of my pink underwear, but… you gotta just be ready to make a move when it comes. I learnt that from being a federal agent”. – Phillip Sheppard.

Back at Gota, Andrea and Malcolm share the information they have been told from Eddie, Reynold and Sherri. The pair plans to split the votes between Eddie and Reynold should Sherri align with them, just incase one of the two plays a Hidden Immunity Idol. Andrea then tells Malcolm she had a dream that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol which he flatly denies, as he compliments Andrea for being “smart” and himself as an “accomplished liar when it comes to women”. The scene ends with the pair discussing the perfect scenario – Plan A is that they will probably win the challenge, and if they don’t Plan B is they will split the votes between Eddie and Reynold in order to avoid a situation with the Hidden Immunity Idol being played.

Back to Bikal where Michael tells Julia he is happy how the switch is playing out. Phillip approaches Corinne and fills her in on his plan to get Julia to flip against the Fans. Despite not showing this in front of him, Corinne isn’t happy about Phillip recruiting more members into the alliance. Corinne confesses “He’s the worst federal agent I’ve ever met. Like… what cases did he ever crack? What was he working on? And is that the reason our country’s such a mess?” (For Australian readers, I thought it was quite funny that this comment coincided with a possible Prime Minister change over… maybe Corinne can make a career in Australian Politics later in her life?). Corinne tells Dawn about Phillip attempting to recruit Julia and Dawn isn’t impressed either. Corinne tells Dawn that if Phillip can read people so well, how come he hasn’t been able to tell I’ve been lying to him? This worries Dawn who comments that Phillip shouldn’t be left alone from now on. Corinne sends us to the break confirming that despite being a member of her alliance, she hasn’t ruled out voting out Phillip.

CHALLENGE TIME! I’m super excited because it’s been a while since we’ve had one. No Immunity Challenge last week and no Reward Challenge this week has made it a long time between drinks. We return to the site of Brandon’s meltdown so that last week’s Immunity Challenge becomes this weeks Immunity Challenge. For the challenge, two members of each tribe race out into the field and have to roll in a large, heavy tribe coloured crate back to the start. Once the tribe has all six crates, they must use them to build a staircase that diagonally spells out “Fans vs. Favourites”. The first tribe to finish the staircase wins Immunity. Once again we have another reused challenge with this one previously seen in ‘Survivor: Tocantins’ and ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’. (If it was used in another season, please don’t hesitate to correct me!).

We get underway with Phillip and Julia taking on Eddie and Erik from Gota. Gota take an early lead as Bikal struggle. Andrea and Malcolm maintain Gota’s lead, as Dawn and Michael again find the going tough for Bikal. Brenda and Reynold fly through the course for Gota and Corinne and Matt manage to make up some time for Bikal. Erik returns to the course accompanied by Sherri and Cochran has his first turn in the challenge alongside Phillip, with the pair struggling, eventually being “lapped” by Eddie and Malcolm; leaving Andrea and Reynold to head out to collect Gota’s sixth and final crate. Cochran and Phillip finally return with a crate and an angry Phillip is forced to head straight back out onto the course to collect another crate for Bikal alongside Michael. The pair struggle, going extremely slow because Phillip is exhausted as Andrea and Reynold return with the final crate for Gota who being work on their staircase.


Bikal and Gota compete in the Day Sixteen Immunity Challenge. Image credit CBS)

Gota quickly begin working on their staircase as Michael and Phillip return with Bikal’s fifth crate, with Dawn and Matt heading out to crate their final crate. Malcolm takes charge a assembling the staircase for Gota and once Dawn and Matt return, Julia attempts to take charge at Bikal; however Phillip is reluctant to follow her lead. Gota continue placing pieces, as Bikal, following Julia’s lead, place their first piece only to discover it’s in the wrong place. Malcolm on the other hand has correctly solved the puzzle staircase for Gota as they place their sixth and final piece of the staircase into place, securing Immunity for the new Gota tribe. Jeff seems to have moved on from singling out certain tribe members and instead labels the entire tribe’s effort “pathetic”. As the tribes head back to back, Phillip admits that he would love to get rid of Corinne, however, the time is not right and he will have to wait for the “proper moment” to give her the boot.


Gota secure a victory in the Day Sixteen Immunity Challenge. Image credit CBS)

Bikal arrive back at camp following the challenge and Phillip calls the tribe together to give the tribe an encouraging pep talk. Phillip praises the tribe’s efforts and assures the tribe that despite the strength differences between the tribes, they can win challenges. Corrine leaves Phillip to ramble on, saying that he is “seen as the ring leader” because nobody challenges what he says because they can’t be bothered dealing with the ramifications. Corinne continues, calling Phillip “annoying”, going onto say that “Phillip is as annoying as sitting next to a screaming baby on a plane who has diarrhea”. However, like Phillip, Corinne sees Phillip as a number and despite him being annoying, he is loyal and won’t flip against her – If only they could hear what each other were saying!

Matt approaches Phillip and asks him what the plan for the night is. Phillip tells him that “the girl” (Julia), will have to be sent home because she became “flustered” at the challenge and he thinks of Matt and Michael as “better assets” to the tribe. Matt agrees and listens as Phillip goes onto explain how the “Stealth ‘R’ Us” alliances works, that there are two people in control, just incase one of them was sent home. Matt admits in a confessional that he wanted to laugh at what Phillip was telling him but refrained because if it meant he got further in the game it didn’t matter if he kissed Phillip’s arse or not. Back to the trio’s conversation, Matt and Michael agree on the plan with Phillip telling them that if they follow it they will be inducted into the alliance. Michael jokingly asks whether he will get a t-shirt if he joins up to which Phillip replies “you do get a t-shirt”.

Matt and Michael are later approached by Julia asking them of the plan. The pair play along with Julia, saying that the best scenario would be to plead with the Favourites to use them as numbers in a vote and that if it doesn’t work they will vote for Dawn. The trio agrees but Matt admits in a confessional that despite what he said to Julia, he’ll be writing her name down at Tribal Council and not Dawn’s.

Corinne admits to Matt and Michael that she would have aligned with them had she had the opportunity and then asks who they are voted for. They are joined by Cochran as Michael puts the pressure on Corinne, asking her who they should vote for. Corinne doesn’t tell them, instead asking whether the pair has or knows who has the Hidden Immunity Idol, which leads to Matt admitting he doesn’t have the Idol or doesn’t know who has it. Cochran takes to his ‘thrown rock’ to give another confessional, confirming that a Fan will be sent home tonight. Cochran goes onto say that whilst he likes the idea of sending Julia home, Matt and Michael are close in the game and it would be a much better idea to vote one of them out instead. He labels Matt “desperate” for revealing information about the Idol and heads off to talk to his alliance about sending Matt or Michael home instead. The foursome discusses their options and Cochran wins over Dawn. Phillip is hesitant, believing that if they keep Matt and Michael, he can flip them into voting alongside the Favourites after the Merge, to which Corinne agrees. As Bikal prepare to leave for Tribal Council, Corinne sums up the situation. Once again, Corinne is happy Michael will be spared, as she states that she’s “happy my gay gets saved”. She continues saying that it will be a vote between Julia and Matt, however, she personally wants Julia sent home because she is “boring”, “cost us the challenge” and “offers nothing but a nasally voice”, compared to Matt who has been straight up with the Favourites.


Corinne not only gets some confessionals in this episode, she also returns to her free-speaking self that saw her gain an abundance of fans during her time in ‘Survivor: Gabon’. (Image credit CBS)

A subdued Tribal Council begins with Matt talking up how “stoked” he is to be playing the game with some of the Favourites. Julia says that despite being a tribe, there is still a distinct divide with the Favourites holding a four-three advantage over the Fans. Michael agrees, saying that there is a “one hundred percent chance that a Fan is leaving tonight”. Jeff asks Corinne to give her opinion from the flip side with Corinne saying that it’s hard to vote people out, especially Michael because she “always liked to play with a gay”. (Corinne aligned herself with the gay Charlie in ‘Survivor: Gabon’). Corinne continues, saying that Matt and Michael are people she would even “replace” in her own alliance. At this comment, concern registers on Phillip’s face before he tells Jeff that “loyalty, trustworthiness, challenge ability and the ability for people to do what he wants at the Merge” will come into play at tonight’s vote. Corinne confirms that the Favourites are worried about the Fans playing a Hidden Immunity Idol, with Matt confirming once again that he doesn’t have it. Corinne disregards this, saying that the Fans have one chance to change the course of the game and therefore they wouldn’t say if they had the Idol or not, however, she also believes that Matt is telling the truth. Phillip tells the Fans that if they have an Idol, to play it, otherwise they will be sent home, before Cochran rounds us out saying that despite the Favourites holding dominance, they might need numbers at the Merge to break the “bold and the beautiful tribe” which he believes he wont be able to “penetrate”.

We get to the vote and see Julia votes for Dawn and Matt and Michael vote for Julia. When Jeff reveals the votes, it is quickly established that Cochran has gotten his wish as all four Favourites vote against Matt, sending him home in a four-two-one vote.


Matt… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Matt upholds his likeability he held throughout the game, saying he played “a good social game… was liked by everyone but played to win, placing all his cards on the table” which cost him in the end.

Next week hints at a possible power switch as Malcolm is seen speaking to Reynold, whilst Phillip talks the talk about dominating challenges, then appears to struggle… classic Phil!

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Three, two, one… Smash!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is in a pretty good position at the moment. He’s in a tight alliance with the Favourites who joined him on the newly created Gota tribe, his tribe is noticeably stronger than the other tribe, he has a Hidden Immunity Idol and nobody is thinking to get rid of him. Add in the fact that hes a huge strategic threat and likeable and you get a winning combination. Will that be Malcolm’s downfall though? Will he be sent packing just like Ozzy was by the ‘black-widow alliance’ in ‘Survivor: Micronesia’? BY the looks of next weeks episode, he’s consolidating his position to counteract that possibility.

2. Andrea


Strong in challenge, smart game player, likeable and in tight alliances see’s Andrea appear in the Top Three once again. Despite playing in a season that was dominant by Boston Rob, Andrea certainly learnt a thing or two from the Survivor veteran. She may only be small, but she’s proven herself physically whilst also proving she’s always thinking. It’s good to see a much more “active” Andrea this time around and it will be interesting how she handles and changes her game in the coming weeks.

3. Phillip


I don’t care if you think Philip is obnoxious, crazy, delusional or just downright stupid, the bloke is hilarious to watch and listen to. He’s carrying on like he’s the CEO of a spy company whose mission is to win Survivor… who else in the Survivor world could, (or would), do that!? Nobody! Phillip worked tirelessly in the Immunity Challenge, trying his best to help lead his tribe to a surprise victory; unfortunately it didn’t quite work out. I say it every single week but what Phillip learned from Boston Rob is showing more and more every week. He’s arguable the strongest member of the Bikal tribe, in a dominant position in an alliance and is strange enough for people to want to take him to the end as a goat… only time will tell whether Phillip’s edit is portraying him as smarter than he actually is, or whether he is just the same old, pink underwear, feather-wearing goat from Redemption Island.

Bottom Three

12. Michael


Top three last week, bottom three this week… its amazing how your fortune can change in a number of days in Survivor. Unfortunately for Snowy, he finds himself in a difficult position after losing his main ally, (Matt), at Tribal Council. Michael has a few things going for him though… a) he followed through on his word to Phillip, b) he’s a strong member of a weak tribe, and c) Corinne likes him.

13. Julia


Last week Julia snuck into the bottom three which might have shocked a few people, unfortunately for Julia, her position in the game has taken a massive blow this week. After ended up on the new Bikal tribe, she found herself on a weak tribe in the minority alliance. After a poor showing at the Immunity Challenge, Julia was on the cards but only saved to eliminate the threat of a “couple’s alliance” forming between Matt and Michael. Should Bikal lose the next Immunity Challenge, Julia is the weakest Fan left on the tribe and will most likely find herself packing her bags.

14. Matt


Poor old Matt adds his name to the list of castaways who have suffered from a Tribe Switch. After joining the Bikal tribe and finding himself in the minority, Matt tried to work his way into staying in the game but siding against his former ally Julia. However, with the threat of a possible “couple alliance” between himself and Michael, the threat of a Hidden Immunity Idol, he was sent home and Julia spared in a surprisingly decision by a distinctively weak tribe.

Tweet Tweet!

Below is a list of the castaway Twitter handles for this season, as well as a few snippets of what the castaways and our followers said about this week’s episode. If you’d like to see your tweet featured in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!



Ben’s Opinion


Well last week clearly was just a false giving, we’re back to lame city.

I hate being so negative about a season whilst it’s airing, but I haven’t been this disappointed with a season since Redemption Island. It’s not like it was in RI though where it started off well and then one person took over after the person I was rooting for went early (queue the Hantz fandom hate). This time I just can’t put a finger on it. Maybe it’s the expectations that Probst put on this season? Or maybe it’s the fact that the favourites are just so, bland? I’m not sure, but if something doesn’t change soon, I can see this being in my bottom five seasons.

On the game front, it was sad to see Matt go. I didn’t want either Matt, Michael or Julia to go as I like all three of them. Being a motor racing fan I’ve got a soft spot for Julia and I have always picked Michael as somebody who I thought was going to do well from early on. Matt I saw as being ‘Rupert 2.0’ and alas I am wrong with my predictions again! Maybe it’s just me but if Corinne was so anti-Phil I don’t see why she wouldn’t flip on Phillip to take him out and then side with the fans to gain the upper hand. We’ve seen fans and favourites mix in the past and 95% of the time the favourites stay in control, so I think Corinne missed a big opportunity there. Once the merge comes if all the favourites remain together and the fans are picked off one by one, she is back to being near the bottom again so it may just come and bit her in the butt. Michael though being liked can only work in his favour. If they are to lose again next week you would assume Julia would go, meaning the merge would be likely the week after and if Michael can make his way in with Corinne and she can work something out with Malcolm and some others, then all of a sudden things change up.

You all know I have been rooting for Erik and well, he is just nowhere again is he? I think though it parallels his Micronesia game, as we really didn’t see him until after the merge with the whole ‘black widow’ situation, so hopefully it’s a case of it happening again but it working out for him. Has anybody remembered how good he is in individual challenges? All he has to do right now is stick around to the merge and he will be a massive force to be reckoned with. Brenda is on this season, did you know that? Just thought I would update you again…

Bring on next week, I keep hanging on hope that things will get better, and who knows, they might. Let’s just hope Probst hasn’t given our hopes a big boost at the start and delivered Redemption Island 2.0.

Jarryd’s Opinion


I’m really enjoying this season. I know a lot of people will say that its not very interesting and that its being dominated by Phillip, Cochran and Co. but if you take a step back and look at the season as a whole, it’s been enjoyable.

Every season tells a story, so despite there being sixteen, eighteen or twenty castaways playing in the season, not everyone is going to get a dominant edit because it’s impossible to share air time between everyone. Sure Phillip is going to be polarizing, people will love him or hate him but he is playing a very impressive game this time around. I was super impressed with Cochran this week to, his move to target Matt was a good one and I’m interested to see how Cochran will go later in the season, after he was seen to be a latecomer to the original “Steal ‘R’ Us” alliance.

I know a lot of people, (me included), expected to see big things from Erik this season. However, if you take a step back and have a look at his pre-merge game in Micronesia, he wasn’t a dominant force in the game. He didn’t demand air time and came across as a goofy kid; this time around he’s a lot more reserved, whether he can change that and became a strategic threat after the Merge we will have to wait and see but I believe that’s how his fate in the game will be decided.

Andrea continues to impress me each week but I still don’t see Brenda and Dawn’s potential. One person that surprised me a lot this episode was Corinne. I won’t pretend for a second that I liked ‘Survivor: Gabon’ but after watching it when it aired and hearing people talk Corinne up as a villain I was slightly confused. For me, Corinne didn’t do that many villainous things other that tell Sugar what everyone else was thinking at the Final Tribal Council… so to see her speaking her mind in confessionals, is definitely something I hope continues.

As for the Fans… I’m on board the Snowy bandwagon! He’s like a better version of Chet from Micronesia! I can’t see him going onto win but he definitely adds value to the game, so I hope that Bikal can win a few challenges and people like Eddie and Reynold, or Julia if Gota continue to win, are sent packing before him.

Another reused challenge but I’m not complaining. The challenge works and that’s all I care about. Finally we got a “semi-puzzle” challenge this season! That has to be some kind of record to go this long without having one?

Personally, I’m hoping for a traditional Merge at ten. As a fan of returning players, I’d like to see the remaining eight returnees make the Merge and fight it out from there, but I doubt that will happen because a) one of them will leave before the Merge or b) the Merge will occur at twelve.

Until next week… GO ANDREA!

Survivor Re-capper: Billy Garcia


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

This weeks edition is guest hosted by CrazyTVTalk’s Marcel Lapointe, and our sixth special guest is Cook Islands contestant Billy Garcia, as he discusses the loss of his favourite fan, Phillip making friends with everyone and which contestants in the past have done that successfully and who hasn’t, his thoughts on the switch and smashing eggs on himself, Cochran and why he isn’t ‘doing much’, giving them new rice and beans after Brandon’s meltdown and the reason behind the switch as well as why he thinks Andrea is in a good spot and what is going on with Brenda. Billy’’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran/Dawn

Join us next week for our recap of episode 7, featuring special Survivor guest Kelly Shinn from Nicaragua!


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