Survivor Ozcap–Guatemala


Our eleventh Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the eleventh season of Guatemala in true Survivor Oz style!

Guatemala is often forgotten amongst the casual fans and as Brian Corridan called it during his interview with us it is sometimes seen as the ‘black sheep’ of the Survivor family. A tough location saw very harsh conditions and it remains the only season along with One World to not have an original contestant return for a second time, which is unfortunate given the numerous characters on this season who deserve a second shot. It is also sometimes criticised for it’s winner Danni and her gameplay (to which she deliberately hid from the producers) but ultimately she took a very deserving win in defeating the returning Stephenie LaGrossa 6-1 in the final tribal council. In our Ozcap, we talk about the fact only 2 Ozlets join us but still have an amazing time, why the cast was ‘sort of alright’, which players nearly returned instead of Stephenie and Bobby Jon and why it could’ve been worse if they had, why Jim Lynch was an ‘awesome’ first boot, mispronouncing names and shortening them for ‘comic affect’, the hidden idol and it’s first appearance as well as why Amy’s limp ‘got a bit old’, the rumours about Cindy not liking Stephenie and why Rafe is sometimes confused with something you use in your garden. We then take it home with our staple Ozcap final questions!

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  1. Where are the recaps for episode 5 and 6 of caramoan

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