Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Most Memorable Pre-Jury Members


Can you believe Wednesday is here? We can’t! But it’s good news because it means it’s SURVIVOR OZ TOP TEN day! This week Wowie Lagman brings you an interesting group of people in which he thinks are the ten most memorable pre-jury members of all time. While this is of course a very diverse issue that everyone has an opinion on, it’s interesting to see a few different names that perhaps wouldn’t be on everyone's list. So which ten contestants do you think made our list? Read on to find out!

The Survivor contestants are lumped into groups when it comes to their length of time on the show. They are called early boots, pre-merge, pre-jury, final five; they are called many different things. One group that has a special place in my heart are the pre-jury members. In the current season of Caramoan, the viewers will be treated to something they have never seen before, with a first boot playing for the second time. This is the second time in Survivor history that a pre-merge contestant has returned to play again. The first was Russell Swan, but I can’t count that as the same as first boot Francesca’s return. Russell was medevac’d out of the game and returned to a medevac’d second chance themed season. I am hoping that Francesca is setting a trend for future Survivor All-Stars seasons; with more pre-merge players returning to play.

10. Gretchen Cordy – Borneo


Gretchen was a natural in her element. If only Sean did not have the ridiculous alphabet strategy that voted her off. If only the tribe kept her and got rid of annoying, raspy voiced Jenna. Then we would not have had to see Jenna return to All-Stars. We could have possibly seen Gretchen return and really play the game.

9. Kimmi Kappenberg – Australian Outback


One of my personal favourites is Kimmi Kapenberg. I can’t watch survivor Australia without thinking about what the game would have been like if they kept Kimmi around. Kimmi was a true character. She was true All-Star material. She befriended the chickens, didn’t want to bathe in the lake, clashed with Alicia, and that wonderful Long Island accent. I love her. Even though she only last 15 days she was much more entertaining than Amber could ever be.  Can you imagine if Kimmi went on All-Stars and fell in love with Rob? Now that I think about it they actually complement each other! They both are loud with thick accents. They would have been an interesting item.

8. Jeff Varner – Australian Outback


Cable Brandon made several great points already in the top 10 pre-jury members who could have won about Jeff Varner, and Jeff was number one on the list. I loved hearing Jeff bash Kimmi about her hygiene; if only they both were on longer we could have heard more of that. Jeff was so snarky, he never held back and that is one of the many things I love about him. I wonder why in the world he has not came back to play. He lasted just as long in his game as Boston Rob. Jeff was voted out in a dead lock, and what is with that stupid rule where previous votes came into account? That rule does not even exist anymore. Jeff truly got shafted in that situation. My hopes were dashed when I found out he would not be on this upcoming season, but hopefully we will get to see him play again. His 21 days in the game 12 years just was not enough!

7. Gina Crews – Marquesas


In season 4 of the Marquasas, Sarah Johnson was the token young hot chick, but she never really did anything for me. She certainly was not a good game player and she never had anything interesting to say. For me, Gina Crews was the hot chick of the season and I wish had gone farther than day 18. Gina was Ms.Watermelon from Florida who got stuck on a tribe of lazy people. It would have been very interesting to see Gina really play the game. She was hard working and had her opinions so I think she would have made some more great television.

6. Michelle Tesauro – Pearl Islands


Jumping to season 7 we have Michelle Tesauro. Michelle was booted on day 15 for really an unfair reason. She got voted out because she failed to try to slowly chug the survivor smoothie, but in survivor nothing is fair. Michelle was one of the season’s young cuties who made close bonds with Burton and Sean.  Even though we didn’t see much of her, Michelle reportedly clashed with the other women on the tribe. She preferred to hang with the guys and chase hermit crabs than hang with the ladies and braid each other’s greasy hair. If she would have lasted longer we might have seen her return for an All-Stars season, I believe that feisty Jersey girl was just on the verge of coming out of her shell, but then she got the boot. In All-Stars there were a few of those contestants who should have been replaced with some of the memorable pre-merge contestants.

5. Lisa Keiffer – Vanuatu


In Vanuatu nearly all of the female contestants were memorable. One of the Yasur members that were memorable to me is Lisa. She was the spunky Louisiana lady with a body that you could bounce a quarter off.  Lisa got voted off at the hands of Queen Amy, and it would’ve been interesting to see Lisa go further. She probably would have had more run-ins with Amy and Eliza and who knows how the game would have turned out?

4. Angie Jakusz – Palau


In Palau, a contestant who really got the short end of the stick twice in the game was Angie. She made bonds with Coby on day one and was shocked when he didn’t pick her, not only that she was picked last nearly getting ousted from the game before even going to a tribal council. Angie managed to redeem herself with her tribe when she proved to be an asset in challenges, but a twist in the game would end her time on the island on day 12. Boring and bashful Ibriham was given immunity by the other tribe which forced Ulong to vote her out. Angie literally was the most colourful person survivor Palau, and I believe Angie deserves another chance.

3. Brian Corridan – Guatemala


Guatemala is sometimes referred to as the forgotten season or the ‘black sheep’ of Survivor but many survivor fans wonder why. Guatemala was a great season and full of memorable characters from the early boots to the final four.  There was Brian, a true student of the game, lots of great one liners (who could forget his game of ‘bate Blake’) and his love for the game seemed to turn against him. He was given the spirit award from his tribe and got stuck in tribal swap and was sent home soon after. We know from his chat with Ben that he would love to come back and we would love to see him back.

2. Dan Barry – Panama


An astronaut on Survivor? Surely that is selling point enough for a memorable contestant? Yeah, Dan didn’t really do much on the twelfth season, and unfortunately he didn’t make it as far in the game as he has into our heavens. But the guy just oozes memorable given his profession. Maybe the only contestant in the history of Survivor to be more well known for what he does rather than his game outside of the ‘celebrities’ of former sports stars and actors, Dan left us with so much respect after he turned and saluted to the people who voted him out after Jeff Probst snuffed his torch. Now THAT shows class.

1. Tracy Hughes-Wolf – Micronesia


To be fair to Tracy, she wasn’t as prominent on her season as some of the others on this list. Often seen ‘behind the scenes’, Tracy certainly was a contestant who was underrated for her strategic ability and game smarts. She had the ability to go very far on her season and it’s a shame she has never been asked back. The reason she is number one on this list? Her interview on Survivor Oz. Generally it has been considered as one of our best, and Tracy gave an amazing insight behind the scenes of not only her season, but what an amazing personality she has and how much we missed out on seeing her.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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17 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Most Memorable Pre-Jury Members


  2. For some reason Flicka from Cook Islands always sticks in my memory.

    • Cao Boi is the one I would put here from Cooks, and what the fuck where’s Robb Zbatnic? Lindsey Richter, Silas, Hunter, Ghandia, Amy O’Hara, Bobby, Chet, Joel, Ace, Sandy, Jimmy T, Jimmy J, Shannon, Christine, Colton, Dawson, or Shamar… Seeing as this was done last year, yeah there are a lot left out, which is why there should be maybe a top 20 or something… honestly they need a 2nd chance season of pre jurors

  3. Haha gota laugh when Coby didnt pick Angie in Palau… and im so glad you included Gina, she’s one of those Marquesas i actually remember! 🙂

  4. Good list, but I disagree that Michelle got booted for a stupid reason, she lost the immunity challenge for them when they explicitly told her what to do: Michelle was a huge fan of “Survivor” as was her family so they would practice this kind of smoothie challenge on weekends, so when the treemail came for this challenge they knew that at the end of the challenge the other team would get to pick who would be in the final sudden death round, so they told Michelle to act like she was disgusted and couldn’t do it in her initial round that way the other team would choose her over anyone else on her team and then kick the other person ass in the final round and what does she do? She chugs the thing in like 5 seconds. Her elimination was all her fault and she was already on the wrong side of the numbers.

  5. i agree with Gretchen, Kimmi, Varner, Gina, Angie and Brian. this should have been a top 20 with Silas (Africa), Lindsey (Africa), Hunter (Marquesas), Robb (Thailand), Savage (Pearl Islands), Amy (Guatemala), JP (Cook Islands), Aaron (China), Dave (China), Ace (Gabon), Liz (Samoa), Christine (South Pacific), Bill (One World), and Dawson (Philippines). Boston Rob, Shii Ann, Bobby Jon and Francesca would have been on top of the list but they are all now regarded as All Star Survivors.

  6. Lisa is a waste of a spot.

  7. I only really like about 4 people on your list in Jeff, Gretchen, Brian, and potentially Kimmie. Especially when you consider that Boston Rob, Shi Ann, Ace, Bob Dawg, and countless others who were eliminated on all star seasons ( Yau Man, Tyson) it could have been improved.

  8. Just saying, Sean voted for Colleen, not Gretchen. His alphabet strategy didn’t play out in that vote out…

  9. Wasn’t Mike Skupin another pre-merge contestant who played again? Not just Russell Swan and Francesca Hogi.

    • And what about Bobby Jon in Guatemala? He didn´t make it to the merge in Palau either and still got invited back.

  10. shii ann was brought back to play in all stars without making the merge in thailand…

  11. Is it normal that the ranking from 10th place to 1st place follows EXACTLY the order of the seasons in which these contestants appeared?!?

    10) Season 1
    9) Season 2
    8) Season 2
    7) Season 4
    6) Season 7
    5) Season 9
    4) Season 10
    3) Season 11
    2) Season 12
    1) Season 16

  12. Aaron Reisberger in China as well

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