Survivor Caramoan–Episode 7 Recap featuring Kelly Shinn!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the seventh episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Kelly Shinn from Survivor Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! As we progress through the middle of the season and approach the Merge, I discuss everything and anything that happened in episode seven; from strategy and brownies to arm wrestles and “throwing challenges”, its all here for you to digest.

A dispirited Bikal return to camp minus Matt and the four Favourites in the tribe begin to express their disappointment at having to send him home. Michael tells them not to apologise because it’s how they are playing the game and Julia admits she almost “wet herself” after receiving votes at Tribal Council. Away from the tribe, Michael isn’t impressed that “his boy” isn’t around any longer. Michael isn’t going to just lay down and die though, he tells us he’s going to try and build friendships and trust with the Favourites on the tribe so that they can work with him after the Merge. Corinne apaches Michael and expresses her desire to play the game with him, saying she would sacrifice someone in her alliance in order to do once. However, once again, Corinne is the in same position as last week and doesn’t have the numbers to sacrifice Phillip in favour of Michael.

Phillip see’s the pair talking and confesses that Corinne has plenty of private conversations with Michael that don’t get report back to the alliance. Phillip pulls Cochran aside and fills him in on a plan to eliminate Corinne. Cochran is wary, asking Philip to consider the repercussions from the Favourites on the other tribe should they vote out Corinne. Phillip believes it won’t matter and wants Corinne gone because he doesn’t trust her and that if it becomes a problem and he can’t vote out Corinne, he’ll simple have to send Michael home.

On Day Seventeen at Bikal, Dawn reads tree mail to the tribe which informs them of a food Reward to the winners of the Reward Challenge. The note makes reference to the challenge requiring “weak people” and Cochran makes a joke that they might win the challenge. Phillip tells the tribe that in any challenge that requires the use of the upper body, he has it won because he’s the strongest man in the game. Corinne doesn’t agree and in a confessional says that Phillip is delusional and “sucks”. After more talk about how strong he is in challenges, Phillip challenges Cochran to an arm wrestling contest. Phillip attempts to teach Cochran some tips and tricks on how to win and asks Cochran to try and beat him. Cochran fails, with Phillip then asking him to put all his body weight on his arm and try and win; once again, Cochran fails, causing Phillip to be extremely proud of himself and pronounce “I may be old… but I still got game” – Just a heads up Phil, seeing a Cochran probably weights as much as Ashley Underwood, (‘Survivor: Redemption Island’), that’s not much of an accomplishment.


‘The Specialist’ teaches ‘The Intelligence Attaché’ the tricks of the trade in the arm wrestling industry. (Image credit CBS)

Off to the Reward Challenge where we have a classic Survivor challenge waiting to take place. As previously seen in ‘Survivor: Palau’, (the challenge where Ibrehem’s lack of ability was highlighted), ‘Survivor: Cook Islands’ and ‘Survivor: Gabon’, each tribe will be belted together and each given a twenty pound bag of sand. Starting on opposite sides of an oval shaped course, the tribes will have to race through knee deep water, attempting to catch the other tribe. As always, tribe members can drop out of the challenge by unclipping from the rope and handing their weight over to another tribe member. For Reward, a visit to a nearby island to the home of the ‘Survivor Coffee Bar’ where waiting for the castaways is coffee, (obviously), cookies, brownies and croissants. Brenda sits out of the challenge for Gota and after a quick insight into both tribes strategies, (where Gota plan to lull Bikal into the challenge before going for broke, and Phillip wants Bikal’s strong men at the front), we get underway.

Both tribes start the challenge by walking, with Phillip and Michael leading Bikal whilst Erik and Malcolm lead Gota; with Eddie and Reynold holding up the back. Gota begin to slowly make some ground on Bikal as they quicken their pace, with Phillip telling Bikal not to run because they will “tire more”. As the gap continues to close, Phillip starts up a half-hearted run before stopping quickly, stating that he can’t waste his energy now because he won’t be able to run later on when he is weighed down with more sandbags. Brenda reignites her former cheerleading career on the bench, getting the most screen time she’s got all season as she shows her support for Gota.


Gota, (orange), stare down Bikal, (purple), in the Day Seventeen Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Gota continues to close the gap on Bikal, forcing Dawn to drop out and pass her weight to Corinne. Gota make a move, sprinting up as the edge closer to Bikal. Andrea falls over as they gain ground, giving time for Cochran and Julia to drop out, with Cochran passing his weight to Corinne, (now carrying sixty pounds), and Julia passing hers to Michael. Cochran and Julia dropping out doesn’t help Bikal, as when trying to pick up the pace to avoid losing, Phillip stumbles and is caught by Erik soon after getting back to his feet. Gota celebrate their win and are sent off to enjoy their reward as Dawn mumbles to her tribe not to worry because all that will occur at Gota is a “diarrhoea feast”. It appears Dawn is merely trying to improve tribe moral as we go to the break with a confessional from Dawn playing explaining that Phillip’s role of himself as a leader, is all about his strengths and not his weaknesses.

After the break, we meet up with Gota arriving at the ‘Survivor Coffee Bar’ as the seven castaways begin to indulge in food and drink. Andrea explains that winning the challenge gives the Favourites time to bond with the Fans and for the Fans to finally get to enjoy a Reward. Andrea continues saying that she will try and bond as much as possible with the Fans before she votes them out so that they “remember the good times” and “vote for me at the end”. Andrea isn’t the only one elated and thinking about the game; Reynold is over the moon at the victory and Malcolm is overjoyed, giving everyone a kiss before sitting down to tell us about the tribe dynamic. Malcolm states that all Gota do is “win challenges and party” and they seem like “one happy family”, however, he admits he will be in trouble after the Merge because nobody wants to go to the end of the game with him; therefore, he is getting ready to “take control of the game”.

Back at Bikal camp, Phil admits that despite their belief that they could win, once they challenge got underway, it was only a matter of time before they lost. Corinne blames the entire loss on Phillip, labelling him a “tubby lunchbox with no abdominal or pectoral muscles”. She continues by likening Phillip to a bag of “ten pound potatoes stuck in a five pound sack”. Corinne vents her frustration to Cochran, telling him that she could have won the challenge and carried all the weight herself and that Phillip is annoying. Cochran doesn’t offer his thoughts to Corinne and gives us a confessional instead, admitting that something will happen if Corinne and Philip find out they both want each other out of the game. Cochran continues, saying he will push for a Fan to be sent home next and that Julia, who is growing close to Phillip, has a very “vanilla personality” except that instead of everyone wanted something vanilla flavoured, “nobody is clambering for anything Julia flavoured except Phillip”. – Where does Cochran get this stuff from!?

Julia lives up to Cochran’s description of her as she listens with a gloomy face to Phillip tell her about her possible role as a double agent. Phillip admits he’s done a good job on her and that he’ll do everything to keep her in the game as long as she follows his rules and doesn’t tell anyone what he’s told her. Julia gets a confessional, and explains that if she has to follow what Phillip says in order to stay in the game then she’ll do it until the time comes when Phillip turns crazy enough for everyone to want to send him home.


Julia, (aka ‘Vanilla’), listens to Phillip on Day Seventeen. (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp Gota, Malcolm chats to Reynold about the assumption of the upcoming Merge. Malcolm tells Reynold that they both have the same problem, because after the Merge, everyone will target the “athletic, alpha males” and that in order to combat that, they should stick together. Reynold jumps at the idea, agreeing with Malcolm that he’ll be able to bring Eddie into the alliance if Malcolm can bring in Erik. We take time out from the alliance formation to here Reynold’s thoughts on it. He states that in Survivor you have to rely on your instincts and that for some reason he trusts Malcolm. Reynold believes that they should help each other in the game, however, admits that if he’s wrong about Malcolm, it will be the “final nail in my coffin”. As the pair begin to discuss plans, letting each other know they will tell each other any information they hear, Reynold admits he trusts Malcolm and tells him he has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Before going to the break, we hear once again from Malcolm who declares that he trusts Reynold because he told him about the Idol. Malcolm continues saying that he knows the location of both Hidden Idol’s in the game, (keep in mind Malcolm has the other), and that his game is starting to take shape.


Malcolm and Reynold shake hands after agreeing to align. (Image credit CBS)

We skip ahead to Day Nineteen and join up with Bikal as Julia pulls Dawn aside for a chat. Julia tells Dawn about Phillip’s plan to align with her after the Merge and that despite feeling “bullied” by Phillip, it seems to be working for her. Dawn mentions in a confessional that Julia telling her this was a big wake up call as the Favourites were under the impression she wasn’t aware of the state of the game, before promising Julia she won’t tell anyone about their conversation. Guess what happens next… Dawn runs straight to Phillip to tell him what Julia just told her! The news doesn’t impress Phillip, as he tells Dawn that she needs to go. Before setting off to the Immunity Challenge, Phillip confesses that Julia will get her torch snuffed without knowing how or why it happened.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. If you love grappling hooks, (which would be a weird thing to love), you’ll love this season because they come into play again in this challenge. The challenge is split up into two parts. For the first part, three tribe members must paddle out into the ocean until the reach a platform. Once there, they must clip in and then dive down and release a statue, place it in their canoe and return to shore. Once back on shore they must place the statue at the base of a tower. The three remaining tribe members must then use a grappling hook to collect five keys. Once the tribe has all five keys, they must use them to unlock a lock, which will then allow then to pull their statue to the top of the tower, releasing their tribe flag. The first tribe to raise their flag wins Immunity. Gota sits Sherri out of the challenge and we get underway.

On Jeff’s signal, the challenge gets underway with Corinne, Dawn and Michael paddling out fro Bikal and Brenda, Eddie and Erik in the canoe for Gota. Gota get off to a fast start and get a lead up over Bikal who struggle to paddle in the right direction. Once at the platform, Gota have some trouble clipping into the station, allowing Bikal to catch up as both tribes clip in and then dive down to collect their statues within seconds of each other. All three Gota members get into the water to collect the statue but Corinne stays on-board the canoe for Bikal. Consequential, Gota are first to get their statue onto their canoe and begin to head back to shore. Bikal get their statue and just manage to avoid capsizing as they begin to make their way back to shore.


Bikal and Gota compete in the Day Nineteen Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Once back on the shore line, Reynold clips Gota back in as the tribe places their statue at the base of the tower just as Bikal reach the beach. Reynold starts using the grappling hook for Gota and Phillip takes point for Bikal. Reynold maintains Gota’s led, as he lands the first three rings for Gota, with Phillip only managing to hook one after some very close misses. Reynold continues his hot streak, quickly retrieving the fourth key and then begins to struggle, opening the door for Phillip, who lands two successive keys and then gets unlucky as the fourth key drops off the hook on the way back in. Reynold pulls himself out of his form slump and lands the fifth key, leaving Andrea to unlock the lock. Bikal watches on hopelessly as Andrea is successful and Gota pull their statue to the top of the tower, successfully securing Immunity. Jeff sends the victors back to camp, with the Immunity Idol sporting an orange bandana, as Bikal are sent back to camp, after suffering their third straight loss at the hands of the new Gota tribe.

Once back at camp, Dawn praises Michael’s effort in the challenge as the latter comments that the challenges would be fun if there wasn’t so much writing on the outcome. Dawn says that grappling is hard and Phillip agrees before pulling Cochran off to the side. Phillip tells Cochran that he has “a confession”. Phillip says that he liked the challenge and that they could have won the challenge if he wanted to. Phillip tells Cochran that he didn’t want to win the challenge and that Julia has to go home. Cochran gives us a entertaining confessional explaining that if Bikal didn’t lose the challenge and couldn’t get rid of a Fan, they would have been screwed and that “was the only reason Phillip couldn’t throw a grappling hook…” before going onto say “it’s complete crap”. Phillip explains to Cochran how he successfully managed to throw the challenge without arising suspicion with Cochran holding back laughter as he continues his confessional, saying you can’t “make up this level of delusion”, that “Phillip is convinced he threw the challenge” and ends by saying that “he was in full spy mode… can you imagine the speech he would have given back at camp had he successfully thrown a grappling hook; the spy’s basic tool”. Before we leave this comical scene, Phillip goes onto explain to Cochran that voting out Julia tonight will be like a pride of lions wiping out another pride of lions.

Back to something that makes sense as the four Favourites on the Bikal tribe discuss the vote. Cochran wants to split the votes between Julia and Michael, thus negating any Hidden Immunity Idols and guaranteeing a Fan is sent home. Corinne doesn’t want to split the votes despite knowing that it will be a good idea. Corinne’s reasoning behind this move is so that when the tribes Merge, Michael will stay loyal to the Favourites on the Bikal tribe. Corinne explains in a confessional why she doesn’t want to split the votes and that “I have the Idol with Malcolm”. – Be careful Corinne, only one person can “own” a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Phillip attempts to talk Corinne into splitting the votes, saying that “I don’t need him” and explaining they already have the numbers. Corinne argues that they do need Michael and the pair argues about whether or not they need Michael and if they should split the votes. Corinne gets frustrated and tells Phillip to “stop yelling at me”; despite Phillip merely telling Corinne what Boston Rob would do in the situation they are in. Phillip tells us in a confessional that “Corinne seems to be in love with Michael” and that the vote at Tribal Council should be a “united” decision.

Therefore, Phillip gathers Cochran and Dawn and tries to explain to them the reason that Corinne wants to keep Michael; because she knows she isn’t part of the original Favourites alliance. Phillip continues by saying that what Boston Rob would do in this situation is vote out Michael; which is exactly what Phillip’s new plan is. Before Cochran and Dawn can have their opinion on the issue, Corinne interrupts and she and Phillip argue once more, this time about interrupting conversations. Corinne gives another confessional about how much she hates Phillip, (probably about her tenth this season), before saying she can’t wait for the time to come when she can vote out Phillip. Cochran narrates the situation as the tribe leaves for Tribal Council, stating that Phillip’s plan to take out Michael “is masking something that’s about to come to the surface and tonight’s vote is probably what sets into motion a series of events that completely brings this Phillip, Corinne feud to the surface and will make it clear why they cant play together”.


Cochran and Dawn watch on as Corinne and Phillip argue. (Image credit CBS)

Tribal Council gets underway with Jeff questioning Michael about tribe moral and Julia about the outcome of the upcoming vote. Both admit to there being tension in the tribe which leads to Corinne says that there was tension between the Favourites about who to send home because they don’t want to regret the decision later on. Phillip agrees, saying that he and Corinne clash and they clash because of the way they go about things, rather than whom to send home. Dawn says that despite the conflict being present; it isn’t causing major disruption in the tribe.

Talk turns to the challenge and Phillip says that he put himself in the “hero” role again because of his performances on similar challenges earlier on. Jeff asks Michael how he has been trying to work his way into the tribe. Michael tells Jeff that he hasn’t stopped working on a way in from the day he arrived at the Bikal camp and that he won’t stop trying, as well as reiterating the fact that he wants the Favourites to trust him at the Merge. Cochran says that Corinne’s friendship with Michael could impact the votes and Corinne snaps and states that an “alliance of two” will go nowhere in the game. Michael tells Jeff that they should get to the vote and Julia tells Jeff that she’s out of her comfort zone and that getting to “comfortable” in the game might come back to hurt her tonight.

The votes are read and a tie between Julia and Michael is the result. The four Favourites re-vote and Corinne gets her wish, as Michael is saved as Julia receives all four votes in the re-vote.


Julia… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Julia leaves the game, commenting on how different it is compared to watching it at home and that it was tough to play against returning players.

Next episode, the tribes Merge into one tribe and for the first tribe since ‘Survivor: Samoa’ we have A FOOD EATING CHALLENGE!

Each week, I have the tough job of selected Jeff’s sexual innuendo comment for the week. It’s a job made tough due to the fact that almost every episode this season, Jeff has commented on Reynold’s “tossing” abilities. Therefore, I felt I could ignore it no long and have inducted Reynold and his tossing abilities into the Survivor Oz, Jeff Probst Sexual Innuendo Comment Hall of Fame! Congratulations to all involved!

“Reynold with a nice toss!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Malcolm


Malcolm is slowly replicating his game from the way he played in ‘Survivor: Philippines”. Finding himself in a majority alliance of Favourites that don’t want to take him to the end is a dangerous position to be in; so Malcolm created a counter alliance of the alpha males. But wait, you noticed the numbers are against them? True, but they have several factors going for them, a) nobody knows about the alliance, b) they have two Hidden Immunity Idols at their disposal and c) all four members are strong enough physical players to win every single Individual Immunity until the end of the game. Will we see a reverse of ‘Survivor: Micronesia and watch as the men take out the women?

2. Phillip


Our resident spy continues to play the game the way he was taught by Boston Rob; as a fearless leader. Despite being perceived as annoying, Phillip is the glue that bought the Favourites together and continues to hold them together. Even Corinne, who hates the man didn’t dare go against him in this episode. Whilst Phillip talks about his physical ability, I doubt he’ll be able to compete against the “young bucks” in physical challenges… but will he need to if all he has to do to get them sent home is outsmart them? Whilst Phillip didn’t perform well in the challenges in this episode, he got his wish and Julia was sent home, which at the end of the day, is all the matters.

3. Cochran


Cochran has been known by many different names during his Survivor journey, many of those being negative by his former Savaii tribe. This time around, the man known by Phillip Sheppard as “The Intelligence Attaché” is putting himself into a very nice position in which to stand at the Merge. Whilst not the greatest physical player Survivor has seen, Cochran seems to be liked this season and is definitely smart enough to pull off a move to place himself in a position to win the game. Cochran gets himself into the top three this week, not for his physical ability, but for his ability to read the game, know what move has to be made and of course, for his entertaining confessionals.

Bottom Three

11. Michael


Poor old Snowy is now the sole remaining Fan on the Bikal tribe. Thankfully, he won’t have to wait very long until he rendezvous with the other Fans because the tribes Merge in the next episode. Seeing as he was saved at Tribal Council, Michael may stay loyal to Corinne and Co. largely due to the fact that only one member of his former Fans alliance, (Sherri), remains in the game. Michael has proved himself as a useful strategist and can hold his own in challenges, if he can work his way into an alliance at the Merge, he could prove to be a valuable number going forward in the game.

12. Sherri


Sherri started this season like a house on fire and in recent weeks as gone from the star of the Fans camp to the ‘extra’ that appears in the background of other television shows. Sherri’s future will be determined by who she says loyal to, whether the Favourites trust her information about Eddie and Reynold and whether she is seen as a ‘number’. Unfortunately for Sherri, she won’t be able to rely on her physical game to keep her Survivor dream alive, so Sherri’s future will be determined by her ability to strategize and play the social game.

13. Julia


A division in numbers after the Tribe Switch hurt Julia’s game. After finding herself in a comfortable alliance in the Fans tribe, Julia’s game was turned on its head when she found herself against the numbers on the new Bikal tribe. Phillip attempted to get Julia on his side and planned to align with her after the Merge, however, ‘loose lips sink ships’ and after Julia blabbed about Phillip’s plan to Dawn, her game came tumbling down and her torch was snuffed.

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Ben’s Opinion


I’m still whinging aren’t I? This season just continues to disappoint week after week. Besides maybe two good episodes, nothing else has tickled my fancy.

It continues to be the favourites show, with Cochran telling the story, Phillip providing the comedy and Corinne providing the drama. We also have Dawn for the motherly love, Malcolm for the women to swoon over, Andrea for men to swoon over and somewhere there is Erik and Brenda in this game as well. I think it’s more of a sitcom right now than a reality show. We even have the perfect random characters who just pop in for good measure every now and then, with Michael the lovable gay neighbour, Eddie & Reynold as those two guys who everyone loves while Sherri is just around and Julia has left. When is there a game called Survivor actually going to be played?

Phillip does continue to impress me, although throwing the challenge? Really?! I think Cochran called you out on that one my friend. And even if you did throw the challenge, that just is going to seal your fate as somebody who won’t win this game. I actually think the likes of a Malcolm, Cochran or Andrea (as much as that pains me to say it) are in the box seat right now. Even Erik I can see possibly sneaking through as the ‘Skupin’ of this season to make it to the end when nobody early on expected him to. Having said that, Phillip probably will go all the way, but will once again fall short. I just can’t see him getting the votes to win it right now, although it amazes me that Corinne hates him so much but is sticking to the alliance. We’re harking back to Panama here with Danielle/Shane/Courtney in an alliance that hates each other but won’t get rid of each other. Amusing.

Michael, despite being the sole fan left on his tribe, is in a good position all of a sudden with the merge next week. As I said last week, all it takes is Corinne to finally get sick of Phillip, get Michael and a few others (say Erik and Brenda) and she has a strong four, that only needs Reynold, Eddie and Sherri to get a 7 strong group and take over. Think it can happen? Who knows, stranger things have happened in Survivor. But I just have a feeling Michael could be one of the best positioned fans right now.

One thing I have to say is next week GROSS FOOD EATING CHALLENGE IS BACK! Not since Samoa I believe have we seen a gross eating challenge! I say bring it on, and bring on some damn entertainment!

Jarryd’s Opinion


For me, this episode was one of those mid season episodes, where nothing much happens, it’s just included because someone was sent home; in other words, easily my least favourite episode of the season.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand why this season is coping a bashing for not living up to its expectations. I went into the season not expecting much at all from the returning players, specially when compared to those who returned for ‘Survivor: Micronesia’, however, I’m really enjoying watching the returnees grown and adapt there game play since their first outing. Andrea, Cochran and Phillip have impressed me greatly and I think all three learnt a lot from their original outings alongside Boston Rob and Coach Wade and Ozzy. For a season of Survivor to have several castaways playing a strong strategic game is usually good to watch and for me, coupled with how they played first time around, I’m enjoying it.

Corinne is one of the most complex people on the show; at times she is baffling to understand. Personally, I don’t think she’s a very good player. She can’t control her emotions, which is key to progressing in the game. I think what lets her down the most is her will to want to play the game with others. Her comment to and about wanting to play the game with Michael in this episode just didn’t add up. Corinne is meant to be this “villain” who says what she wants and will do anything to win, yet she wants to play with Michael? I’m sorry Corinne, but you’re not out there to make friends, so just stick with your original alliance and if you’re good enough, you’ll be able to betray them in the end. Another reason that highlights Corinne’s wish to play the game with other is her line about the Hidden Immunity Idol, “I have the Idol with Malcolm” – No you don’t Corinne, you might know about it but its Malcolm’s Idol.

As for the remaining Fans, Reynold is a goose, Eddie and Sherri are just a numbers and I don’t mind Michael except I can’t see him going to far after this episode. As for Julia, Cochran summed her up perfectly. Nothing against her personally, but what did she do for nineteen days? She’d easily have to be mentioned in a “most boring castaway” category because she did very little and when she spoke, listening to her voice made me bored.

I’m looking forward to next week’s Merge, however… I’m not happy about production following the Micronesia colour scheme and having a green buff for the merged tribe. For me, the two FvF seasons need to have their own identity so using the same tribe colours is just ridiculous.

I can’t wait to see how Phillip handles the new dynamic at the Merge and weather he can continue to follow his “B.R. Rules”

Happy Easter Folks!

Heather’s Opinion


What an interesting episode tonight. Let’s begin shall we?

The one thing I like about NuBikal is the constant trianwreck of a tribe that they are. Corinne doesn’t like Phillip, much like most people, Julia is not talking, and Michael and Corinne are BBFs. Phillip also is able to prove his sky-high Challenge Beast level by beating Cochran in arm wrestling. I’m 5’3” I’m pretty sure I can beat up Cochran with the way he’s been going on about how weak he is. He really just plays to Phillips ego, but it’s a great idea in the long run. People with big egos tend to annoy other people. The annoying people tend to get voted out earlier, even if you have no protection because you can’t win anything, ever. Cochran is doing a great job of puffing up his ego, just like Vecepia did to take the heat off of her. Although it’s not the flashiest strategy, but it works.

The Reward challenge has been used three times, the first time was in Palau. Aside from Brenda dancing around and being the cheerleader of Gota, it was fairly predictable that Bikal was going to lose. It sure didn’t help that Phillip pretty much ruined their chances by being useless. He should have dropped out when he had the chance, but his ego prevented him from that. I thought it was beyond funny that Cochran ditched at the last second, and the perfect capper to Phillips ego trip was when Erik touched his back, signalling that he was the easiest to catch. And thus Gota won the reward, which was a Diarrhoea feast according to Dawn.

Back at the Bikal camp, Corinne talks about Phillips ego. I’m fully on the Corinne boat. She wants to vote him off, but she doesn’t want to worry the other favourites. Another good choice, because in another Marquesas reference John voting out Gabe alerted the old Rotu members on the other tribe that something was up and that is part of the reason why Kathy didn’t go along with the Rotu four. While a lot of viewers annoyed by Phillip hate Corinne’s decision, it was a good one and it was the smarter move. Also, it seems like the only person to take to Phillip is Julia, the poor girl lost Sherri and know she’s fighting to stay in this. Even though Phillip promises protection, the wording did seem to indicate that he was only going to look out for himself. She goes to probably the person that one would more easily trust (as opposed to the other two fans, best known for Bitchy Jury Speech and Screwing his entire tribe) however wanting to keep this alliance afloat, Dawn throws her under the bus with Phillip. A really dirty move on Dawn’s part, but probably a smart one.

Back at Gota, Reynold, Eddie, Erik, and Malcolm team up to form the anti-Black Widow Brigade. I know people would rather call them The Case, or something to that affect, but I think that Erik is still traumatized by the events of Fans vs Favourites. I don’t think he would have gotten through Samoa and Redemption Island due to the existence of a contestant named “Natalie”. However Reynold does stupid move that Queen Sandra would look down upon and showed Malcolm the Idol. Smart move. The problem with all-male alliances is the fact that they do fall apart eventually. The Boran Boys got the farthest, but you can’t underestimate a female no matter how weak they look, because Mama Kim broke them up. Time will tell if the boys don’t sell themselves out.

The Immunity Challenge was pretty fairly matched, except that Phillip blows it again because tossing a grabbing hook is way too hard. Then he claims later that he was trying to throw the challenge. Phillip, look at your tribe they didn’t need any more help. Phillip wants to split the votes to insure that no idols will be played, and then to vote out Julia. Corinne hates that idea, and then next few minutes we get back and forth Phillip vs. Corinne. Corinne knows that Malcolm has the idol, so she knows that plan is unnecessary, but she can really do a thing without it.

As they start up tribal council, both Julia and Michael know that they were in hot water. Just like many, many Survivors before them, they were screwed by a tribe swap and can’t do a thing about it. While a tie vote did happen, a #Revote followed and just like that Julia is voted out. Her bowing goodbye to the Bikal tribe was pretty cool and her Survivor journey is ended.

Well, and just like that, Julia is a part of the Survivor Club of people just missing the merge according to the previews! Can’t wait, I hope Erik comes up with the merged tribe name again. Can’t wait to see and recap the next one!

Survivor Re-capper: Kelly Shinn


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our seventh special guest is Nicaragua contestant Kelly Shinn, as she discusses why Julia could be called ‘Purple Julia’, Brenda’s edit and why she feels for her, Erik’s challenge abilities, Phillip and ‘throwing the challenge’, why Brenda and Phillip are using strategy from the ‘Purple Kelly playbook’, her love of the fans, which contestants from her season she would’ve liked to have seen return, talking in an Aussie accent and whether or not she has heaed . Kelly’’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Brenda
NEXT TO GO: Phillip

Join us next week for our recap of episode 8, featuring  special Survivor guest Brian Corridan from Guatemala!


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  1. TwinSurvivor // March 29, 2013 at 8:21 am // Reply

    Here is some of what I think of the last episode-

    Reynold- Here we see another case where the “Fans” seem to know nothing about the game. You do not tell people you have the idol! He has now done this a twice and I have thought he was an idiot both times for doing so. Also he is perfect for Malcom because he will be too stupid to realize when Malcom decides to cut him loose for being one of the only people who could actually beat him in challenges. Also if history is anything to tell by a four-person alliance with this guy isn’t the way to go…

    Malcom- I really don’t understand Malcom’s alliance? I mean he could have picked anybody to align with and he chose Eddie and Reynold? With the merge coming the Favorites are going to want to take out Eddie or Reynold two of the greatest physical threats in the game. So Malcom is going to almost immediately have to decide whether to turn on the favorites or keep with his Anti-Black Widow Brigade Alliance. Which he should not do regardless because even if they did save themselves by playing one of their idols one week I highly doubt any favorites will be dumb enough to side with them because of how strong they all are. Yeah, I really don’t understand this. But if he stays with the favorites I think he has a much better chance as he is clearly one of the strongest favorites.

    Eddie- I honestly have seen zero strategic game from this guy. He just kind of sits there and lets Reynold talk for him from what we have seen. This combined with the fact that he is so strong in challenges I would not be surprised if he is booted next week.

    Erik- I think he is actually in a pretty good position. I think he will be overlooked for the most part physically as long as Malcom/Eddie/Reynold are around which will help him slip to the end. Even though he was outside the original “Favorites” alliance I don’t think that will really survive as long as many people (namely Phillip and Andrea) want it to. So overall I don’t think it is too bad to be Eric right now.

    Andrea- I know lots of you guys like her her but honestly I am not a fan. Nor do I think she will make it too far in the game. To me she is playing a game very similar to Brenda her first time around. She is smart, pretty and took control of the majority alliance on her tribe and will most likely maintain that position post-merge. However we all know how that turned out for Brenda and I think Andrea will fall to a similar knife in the back a few weeks short of the finals when the favorites (who aren’t that stupid) realize she would be too big a threat in the finals. If she were playing with a bunch of new players I would give her a better shot at making it to the finals but with the other favorites I wouldn’t bank on it.

    Brenda- Speaking of Brenda she is playing almost the anti-Andrea game. She was on the outs before and might have gone home had they actually lost at all. However I would not count her completely out of the game. She may be quiet now but we know from her first time that she can turn it on if she wants to. I think that if the old Favorites alliance crumbles she will be in a pretty good position to fit some of the pieces together and craft a decent finals run. However I will say her screen time now does not bode well for her making it too the end as I think if she did make the finals she would get at least a little more screen time.

    Phillip- Nobody will vote for this jerk to win it right now. I mean honestly I don’t think he realizes that most people still think he is a joke. Even Julia could tell that he was full of BS and she had almost no game from what we could tell. I honestly think that he stood a fair chance of going home next week without the merge. I mean he was the opposite of an asset in challenges, he is becoming increasingly annoying to all of those on his tribe and really he is just a jerk half the time. Also FYI I think Boston Rob would have taken Corinne’s side in that argument. Boston Rob was the ultimate social player and luring in swing votes is an essential part to this game. Also why is Phillip so obsessed with flushing out idols? I mean if they were stupid enough not to play them last week I don’t think they will play them this week either. Also really what is with his “I played with Boston Rob” argument I mean whoop-de-doo you got your but kicked by this guy that isn’t really give you any credit to give advice in this game. I mean I could play a tennis match with Roger Federer and get schooled like nobody’s business but that doesn’t mean I will come back playing tennis just as good as him. Also if it came down to it on that tribe I think Phillip would have been screwed because Corinne would have ultimately prevailed and Phillip would have gone home. Overall I am really kind of disappointed he didn’t go home so I can just stop listening to his nonsense.

    Sherri- The only reason I think she will go far in this game is if the Favorites manage to whittle down the Fans to where it is down to just her or maybe one other and then implode on themselves. Then whoever comes out on top decides she is so weak they might as well take her to the end because she will get absolutely zero votes. I mean even if she tries to sell the “I am the only fan left” thing none of the fans would throw votes at her- Reynold and Eddie hate her and Michael I just see as being a person who wouldn’t vote for that.

    Dawn- She is a nice player who is decent at challenges and fairly smart. I see her as kind of a nicer less physical Denise from last season. I think that similarly she could go far especially if she stays with Cochran. Cochran is smart but not a people person like Dawn is. If he stays with Dawn and takes her to the finals she could actually beat him on this front especially if he starts back-stabbing people on the way to the finals. I wouldn’t say she has no shot at winning but I wouldn’t bet heavily on her either.

    Cochran- He is really smart and unlike last time people actually seem to like and respect him. The ironic thing with him being on the favorites tribe is that he is probably the biggest fan of them all. I mean seriously I think if you pooled Eddie, Laura, Allie, Shamar, Reynold and Julia’s Survivor knowledge it would still be less than Cochran’s. I think he is in a pretty good position to mastermind his way into the finals for a possible win. I mean he is no physical threat so he would have to rely almost solely on a mental/social game but I believe that he still has one of the best possibilities to win. Also I have enjoyed his confessionals so I wouldn’t mind him staying around just because of that.

    Michael- I think he has probably the best shot out of the fans to go far in the game. I mean Reynold/Eddie may be strong but they don’t have the Survivor wits to back it up. Corinne likes him too which may be his death- as they can much easier get rid of him than Corinne- or his saving grace if Corinne can keep him around long enough to get him into the clear. However I do think that he and Corinne should take a little break from each other to cut back on the attention they are getting right now. However I do believe that not voting out Michael could be one of the things which comes back to haunts the favorites if he and Corinne overthrow them as they very well could.

    Corinne- Personally she is my favorite in the game right now. She can be dramatic and maybe getting on people’s radars a little too much but they seem unable to act on the plans as tribes get flipped around when the cross-hairs find her back. But she also seems to be aware of the game and knows when and when not to make a move. So for example this episode was not her time to make a move on Phillip. Could she have done it? Probably, get Julia & Michael to vote for Phillip and then vote for him yourself and use his stupid split-vote plan against him. Simple he’s gone now. But she didn’t and voted with him not out of fear(what?) but because it was the best thing to do at that moment. I think her relationship with Michael could either be the reason she wins or goes home. I think she will move post-merge to get Phillip and most likely Andrea out as well. I think Malcom would do better to abandon his boys alliance and re-align with her to reach the finals. I would give her a pretty decent chance at going far in this game just because even though she has jumped the gun slightly on finding other alliances I think it will be this that takes her farther in the game.

    I think that these next few episodes post merge will really define who has a shot at going far in this game. I honestly have liked the favorites a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe that is just because the fans are such idiots though. I won’t discuss Julia as I really don’t think she is worth my time because she had less game than most of those who fell before her. She won’t be the worst player of this season though as that title will forever go with he who must not be named (yeah, you know who I am talking about but I have so little respect for him now I won’t even mention his name).

    Anyways am I completely crazy or do you agree with me a little?

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