Survivor Caramoan–Episode 8 Recap featuring Brian Corridan!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the eighth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Brian Corridan from Survivor Guatemala!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! The Merge has come and gone; along with another personalised tribe name. Join me as I recap everything that went down, from alliances to the gross food eating challenge!

Bikal arrive back at camp and an extremely relieved Michael begins to thank the four Favourites of the tribe for sparing him at the vote. The Favourites congratulate him on pulling through and Corinne tells us that “Michael is mine”. Phillip pulls aside Corinne and Dawn, informing them that he threw the challenge earlier in the day. Dawn doesn’t believe Phillip’s story whilst Corinne laments Phillip’s confession as the “biggest joke of the year”, citing that if he was meant to throw the challenge, why did his decision coincide with Phillip performing poorly in the challenge? Corinne goes onto say that despite Phillip’s strong sense of loyalty, he is “cuckoo for coco pops” and has to go.

The following morning, Corinne comments to Cochran and Phillip about the remaining Fans, apart from Michael, having “no brains” and Phillip tells the pair that when they Merge to avoid one on one conversations so they don’t look suspicious. Dawn is notably upset and heads to the water well on her own. She confesses to becoming worried about the Merge because it’s the time in the game when her game went sour on her previous season. Dawn says that one million dollars is “life changing” and in order to win, she needs to be the one making her own decisions.

Meanwhile at Gota, a boat appears on the horizon heading towards the camp. Erik confesses he has no idea what’s going on as the boat arrives and Andrea is handed a note and a key. She reads it to the tribe, who are instructed to board the boat along with their possessions to be taken to their new home. Expecting a Merge, Andrea explains that she’s cant wait to be back with the other Favourites, nevertheless, it also signifies a new stage in the game meaning that she has to worry about everyone and “be on my toes”.

Next thing we know, Gota are arriving at the Bikal camp and are given a rousing reception. Cochran declares he is excited, Corinne says that it will be awesome to have new people around camp and Reynold admits he was worried about how they would be received by Bikal and was relieved at the warm welcome they got. Andrea opens up the chest which contains new fluro green buffs, (all you buff collectors and trivia nuts can finally drop the petition) and of course food. According to Michael, Dawn goes immediately into “mum mode”, making sandwiches for the tribe; who then discuss a new tribe name. After some truly awful suggestions of ‘Stanley’ and ‘Douglas’, Malcolm proposes ‘Enil Edam’ which Andrea decides means ‘new beginnings’. As always though, Enil Edam isn’t a phrase from another language that Malcolm has picked up during his lifetime, instead, it’s a shout out to his mum, Madeline, (which becomes Enil Edam when spelt backwards), whilst Corinne comments that “it’s the dumbest name ever”.


The ‘Enil Edam tribe’ flag. Pity Michael ruined the artwork by signing his name right in the middle. (Image credit CBS)

After stuffing themselves senseless with food, Andrea and Phillip reunite, as Phillip requests a hug and mutters “it’s good to see my girl”. Phillip explains that it will be “Favourites all the way” but they have to be careful. Phillip then explains that himself and Andrea have a tight four with Cochran and Dawn and that “one of us can win this game”. Phillip then passes on some wisdom, telling Andrea, “when your lying in bed tonight, pretend your Boston Rob… because that’s what I do” as he explains that they need to make strategic moves and that Corinne will join up with the remaining Fans at the first opportunity she gets. The pair then agrees they need to get rid of the threats, (Eddie and Reynold), before worrying about anything else. Andrea explains that the upcoming vote won’t be a big deal considering that the Favourites have a eight-four numbers advantage, (words Eric Cardona from ‘Survivor: Samoa’ must hate), and that she’s confident in her alliances, however, once people start making moves, the game becomes “scary”.

Corinne and Malcolm also have a quick debrief on the goings on since the Tribe Switch. After listing to Corinne bad mouth Phillip, Malcolm assures her he isn’t going to “sit around waiting” and has four solid votes; those being himself, Eddie, Erik and Reynold. Corinne assures Malcolm she also has Michael’s vote, thus giving them an alliance of six. Whilst Corinne is keen on the idea, Malcolm confesses that a “fragile six, isn’t majority” and that they need to get through the upcoming vote to gain power. The pair suggest voting out Sherri, with Malcolm labelling her “weird and uncomfortable to deal with”, before blindsiding Phillip and ending the “Steal ‘R’ Us” organisation at the next Tribal Council.


Andrea and Phillip, (TOP), and Corinne and Malcolm, (BELOW), share information about their respective pre-merge tribes. (Image credit CBS)

Day Twenty-Two arrives as Cochran reads tree-mail to the tribe. It hints of a food eating challenge, which everyone apart from Malcolm and Reynold seem to be excited about. Reynold comments that eating disgusting stuff is his “weakness” and it’s disappointing for this challenge to come at a time when he needs Individual Immunity the most. Eddie begins to worry what girls will think about him eating disgusting food when on dates with them; Whilst Cochran believes it will stop alienating women from him, giving him a “wild streak” which is “just what my love life needs”.

The tribe arrives at the challenge as Jeff explains that it is a classic Survivor food eating challenge. For this version of the challenge, castaways will race to consume local delicacies eaten in the Philippines by squaring off in elimination rounds. The Individual Immunity necklace is revealed and we move onto our first round.


The Individual Immunity Necklace. (Image credit CBS)

The first round see’s Andrea, Sherri, Corinne, Erik, Eddie and Malcolm battle it out. Corinne is extremely nervous, forcing Dawn to tell her to “suck it up”, and Erik panics as he see’s his hidden platter of food move. The first three castaways to finish move onto the next round and it is revealed they will be eating live beetle larvae – which for those with a good memory, was what the ‘Survivor: Borneo’ castaway had to eat in the first ever food eating challenge. Malcolm convinces himself he’s about to be sick and Eddie wonders whether the beetle larvae can bite. Jeff calls a beginning to the round and everyone stuffs them into their mouth. Andrea is first to finish, closely followed by Malcolm and Eddie. Erik is bitterly disappointed and continues to chew done his bugs as Sherri vomits them up.

The next round sees Reynold, Brenda, Phillip, Michael, Cochran and Dawn battling it out; again eating beetle larvae. Brenda isn’t impressed and Dawn tries to start early, with Probst forced to remind her to wait for him to say go. Once Dawn’s confusion is sorted, the round begins and Cochran is first to finish, followed by Phillip and Michael, who just manages to keep the beetle larvae down to secure a place in the next round.

Up next we see all six successful castaways, (Andrea, Cochran, Phillip, Michael, Eddie and Malcolm), taking on each other for a place in the third round. Three castaways will again move on as this time they have to eat shipworm – which Probst describes as the “oceans equivalent of the termite”. Phillip appreciates the texture but it doesn’t appear to help his cause as Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran progress through to the next round as Probst uses his best pick up line on Andrea, informing her she has a “shipworm moustache”.

The next round see’s only two castaway’s move onto the final. Up next on the menu is balut; which we are all too familiar with in Survivor. In case this is your first season of the show, a balut is a duck embryo, complete with a beak and feathers. Probst explains that it is native to the Philippines as the round commences which see’s Cochran finish first and Malcolm edging out Eddie for a place in the final.


A typical Survivor menu – (In clockwise direction from top left) – Beetle Larvae, Shipworm, Balut and Pig’s Brain. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff comments that the final match up is like “David vs. Goliath” and that Cochran being in a final of an Immunity Challenge is extremely rare. Unfortunately, no tarantulas are being consumed today and instead Cochran and Malcolm will have to eat a pig’s brain in order to claim Immunity. To everyone’s surprise, Cochran comes out victorious, doing a victory dance and exclaiming he has “waited my entire life for this moment” and that Jeff touching his shoulders is “incredible”.


Jeff is all smiles as he places the Immunity Necklace around Cochran’s neck. (Image credit CBS)

Once back at camp, Cochran apologises for his overzealous celebration, saying that he normally “can’t win the challenges”. In a confessional he calls himself the “little pipsqueak” taking on Malcolm, “the golden guy” in a “dream fulfilling moment that may never happen again”. Malcolm says that he likes and is happy for Cochran and would rather he check Immunity off his bucket list now to avoid complications later on in the game.

Malcolm speaks to Eddie about the plan, confirming they have six votes on-board with them. Eddie says that Phillip will be gunning for “Reynold and me” and Malcolm begins to stress about how tight the numbers are. Meanwhile, Phillip speaks to Corinne about splitting the votes between Eddie and Reynold at Tribal Council. Corinne doesn’t like the idea, proposing they send Sherri home instead. Phillip isn’t convinced, telling Corinne he wants the “big fish to go”. Corinne admits in a confessional that she needs Eddie and Reynold so she has to convince her alliance otherwise. Phillip pleads with her to think of what Boston Rob would do in the situation which causes Corinne to get angry and walk away, saying that Phillip as “no regard for others” and that her fate of flipping has been “sealed”.

Corinne seeks out Andrea, Cochran and Dawn, appealing for them to side against Phillip’s idea of splitting the votes and sending Sherri home instead. Cochran is confused by the decision but believes it’s an easy vote that will “lock in the Favourites numbers”. However, Cochran is also wary of the Corinne and Phillip feud exploding and letting the Fans know that there are cracks in the alliance that they can work their way into.

Corinne then tracks down Eddie and Reynold. After making sure her thoughts on Phillip are known, she talks the pair about their strategy and reassures them that she has their backs. Corinne goes onto say that they will be taking Sherri out but that Dawn is on the outside of the Favourites alliance and they might be able to secure another vote. Reynold is optimistic about the plan, believing if it pays off, he’s back in the game in a majority alliance.

Corinne seeks out Dawn, informing her of the plan to side against the Favourites alliance in order to blindside Phillip at the next Tribal Council. Corinne states that they have six votes; informing Dawn who is in on the plan and hinting that Dawn should join them whilst she can. In a confessional, Dawn admits that the first time she played she didn’t share information and she “can’t do that” again.

Dawn therefore runs to Cochran and shares the information that Corinne told her; informing Cochran that after tonight’s vote, Corinne’s new alliance will have the numbers advantage. The pair discuss the news, wondering whether they should abandon their plan and send Corinne home instead with the help of their alliance, (Andrea and Phillip), and siding with Brenda and Sherri. Cochran admits that he didn’t believe Corinne had a “strategic bone in her body” and that they have to come up with a plan to counter Corinne’s alliance.

Cochran speaks to Andrea and the pair agrees that being on the wrong side of the numbers means they will be “dead”. Andrea says she is happy to blindside Corinne and that they can use the votes of Sherri and Erik, however admits the latter is extremely “wishy-washy”. Corinne’s plan finally reaches the ears of ‘The Specialist’ as Andrea informs him of his impending doom should Sherri be sent home at Tribal Council. Phillip tells Andrea he always knew Corinne was “thinking about herself” and therefore, they must blindside her. In a confessional, Phillip praises his alliance for coming through and then expresses his distaste at Corinne trying to seize control of the game.

In the time before leaving for Tribal, Phillip tells Sherri that in order to progress further in the game, to vote for Corinne. Sherri is at a loss of what to do; she admits to wanting to make “big moves” but doesn’t know if she can side with Phillip; who she can’t stand. Andrea, whilst reposition the tribe flag with Erik, points to Corinne’s name, signalling him to vote for her; whilst Malcolm chats to Erik about the plan to side against the Favourites going ahead after tonight’s vote. Before Tribal, we hear from Cochran who worries about his fate in the game being determined by Sherri and “an ice-cream scooper who has proved incompetent at playing the game”, then from Erik, who acknowledges that being the swing vote is “cool” if he knew what to do.


The Enil Edam tribe at the Night Twenty-two Tribal Council. (Image credit CBS)

Tribal Council kicks off with Jeff questioning Michael about the likelihood of a Fan being sent home. Michael says that is a strong possibility as the Favourites look like sticking together. Corinne says that the situation the Fans are in is not necessarily helpless and bleak and that “if they have an idea, I’m willing to listen”. Dawn states that twelve people can’t sit in the Final Three so everyone is longing at long-term solutions. Cochran states that Corinne’s honesty worries him less than if she kept her thoughts to herself and Reynold states that not all eight Favourites can make the top three or four and that there are “moves to make” and they should use the Fans votes to help them. Erik says that that’s part of the game and that there is always going to be “someone on the bottom”.

Andrea says that paranoia increases when you’re a returning player because you know the people you’re playing with are all very good liars. Corinne quotes Mike Tyson, saying “everyone has a plan, till they get punched in the face”, saying that everyone is waiting to be punched. Sherri confesses she doesn’t believe the Fans have a shot to win the game, (talk about high self-confidence), and Reynold says that there is a lot more going on that has come out at Tribal Council, that’s tonight’s vote won’t shock, however, “there are some shockers on the way”.

With Reynold’s words ringing in everyone’s ears, we get to the vote. Andrea and Phillip vote for Corinne, with Phillip labelling Corinne as the “most selfish person I’ve ever met”, whilst Corinne and Michael vote against Sherri.

Jeff collects the votes and no Hidden Immunity Idol’s are played as he begins to read them. The first five votes are for Sherri and it appears to be a whitewash. However, the votes for Corinne begin to role in as she and Sherri tie with five votes a piece. Corinne receives another vote and Jeff reveals the final vote, which is for Corinne, sending her home in a seven-five vote. – Incase you haven’t worked it out, it means that Erik and Sherri sided with Phillip and Co.


Corinne… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Corinne’s torch is snuffed and she gives her final words, commenting that nobody from this season is “close to her heart” and that she now has twenty-two days of “new memories” to take away from the game.

I gotta give Corinne credit, she doesn’t seem too bitter, though who knows what will happen win the Reunion roles around.

Next week, Malcolm begins to scramble to re-secure his position in the game and Eddie falls hard for Andrea.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Eddie could not keep it down!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Phillip


Phillip’s alliance pulled through, he, along with the rest of his alliance were able to pull through and counter their planned demise at the hands of Corinne and Malcolm. I gotta say, Phil came up big in this episode. What he has been working to create the last twenty-two days paid off as Dawn confided the information from Corinne to her alliance. Sure, some would argue that it was Dawn’s decision to tell Cochran and then others the information, but Phillip’s game plan for twenty-two days has seen him get told lots of information and his alliance didn’t let him down in his time of need. With him nemesis Corinne out of the picture, Phillip is sitting in a very powerful position in the game.

2. Andrea


Similar to Phillip, Andrea look destined to find herself in a very dangerous place against the numbers in the coming weeks. After discovering the plan about her alliances demise, she proved to be essential in the vote, telling Erik to vote against Corinne with Erik coming through at Tribal Council, sending a big strategic threat home. Andrea is arguable the strongest woman left in the game and has proven herself in challenges both in this season and in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’. Andrea’s alliance looks solid, add in her counter alliances within an alliance and she looks destined to once again go deep into the game.

3. Cochran


First off… Congratulations to the skinny kid form D.C. for taking home Immunity! I doubt anyone would have had money on Cochran to take out an Individual Immunity victory this season after his poor showings in Individual Challenges in ‘Survivor: South Pacific’. Other than winning Immunity, Cochran sits in a very nice place in the game. As a member of the majority Favourites alliance, he has a sub-alliance with fellow South Pacific castaway Dawn and is not very threatening in challenges to warrant his removal from the game. Cochran has proved he’s smart enough to play the game, so look out for Cochran as we move into the later stages of the game.

Bottom Three

10. Michael


Poor old Snowy, he really hasn’t had much go his way in the last twenty-two days. After finding himself in a majority alliance at Gota, he was sent to Bikal and survived the purge of the Fans largely due to his friendship with Corinne. He then sided with Corinne, Malcolm and former Fans Eddie and Reynold in an attempt to take control of the game after voting out Sherri. Unfortunately, the plan backfired and Corinne was sent packing, leaving Michael in a very vulnerable position. Why might you ask is Michael in the bottom three? Purely because Malcolm and Reynold have Hidden Immunity Idol’s in their pockets. Michael does pose a threat though, he has shown promise in challenges and has proven he is smart enough to work his way into an alliance. His friendship with Sherri and the fact that he isn’t a physical threat compared to Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold may buy him some time in the game.

11. Eddie


Not much can be said for Eddie. He’s a bit like Carter (‘Survivor: Philippines’) but in a different position. He seems likeable enough though he has never found himself on the right side of the numbers. When you add in the fact that Eddie is a huge physical threat, there isn’t much going to this season’s resident Survivor fireman. Like Michael, he ranks in the bottom three ahead of Malcolm and Reynold simply because he doesn’t posses a Hidden Immunity Idol. In saying that, Eddie hasn’t exactly been portrayed as the smartest fish in the ocean, so whilst he might be physically fit, he might not be much of a thinker and thus, not high on the “threat list”.

12. Corinne


Poor Corinne, if only she had kept her mouth shut and not said anything to Dawn, she might be sitting in the position to strike in next weeks episode and go on to the final six. Unfortunately, paranoia got the better of her and she tried to solidify her numbers and Dawn didn’t just shoot down her proposal, she took her out of the game. Corinne goes down as the only Gabon returnee to make the Merge after retuning to play again, as well as being the most “capped” Gabon castaway, playing a total of fifty-five days.

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Ben’s Opinion


Well this week got a little bit better! Hooray! Have to say I love merge episodes though, they always create drama and you just knew there was going to be drama with this gang. Although what was I happiest to see this episode? GROSS FOOD EATING CHALLENGE! First time since Samoa we’ve seen it, and man was it great to see it back! Jeff Probst was correct in saying it was a Survivor ‘classic’ and I hope that it may continue back into future seasons!

I called it last week in saying that Corinne had a real chance to swing things, but unluckily for her she had Dawn and Cochran being overly sceptical, with Andrea on board too, and masterful Phillip to swoop in and make sure things stayed in his favour. Love him or hate him, ‘the Specialist’ is playing a great game. I know a lot of people will disagree with me in saying that, but he has really been in a power position since the start and it has never looked like it will waiver. Having said that, I do think that perhaps he is in a similar position to Coach in South Pacific. I think it appears as though he is in complete control, he has everyone siding with him and not wanting to go against him and then when it comes to the end, nobody will want to vote for him as they will be too bitter at how he played. That’s where right now I see Dawn, Andrea or Cochran in a perfect position to win right now. I never thought in a million years I would put Andrea in a “is in a good position to win” post on a season of Survivor but there you go, I’ve said it. Cochran winning immunity was great tonight, and I think out of those three he is in the best place. Dawn too, as she is just so likeable, but that could work against her and be the ‘Holly factor’ in anyone taking her to the final tribal council.

On the flip side, Malcolm went from being in a great position to being in probably the worst position. Just like Phillip is similar to Coach in South Pacific right now, Malcolm is similar to Ozzy in the same season. So many comparisons have been made between Ozzy and Malcolm, and I think we’re about to see even more to see how he can battle his way out of this one. Unlike Ozzy, he doesn’t have the backup option of Redemption Island waiting for him, so he has to play smart. I’m sad to see Michael continue on this epic roller coaster he is on, after being so down last week to looking likely on being on top with Corinne to BAM being at the bottom again. I don’t hold out much hope for my bald headed man, although if he can show he is strong strategically then perhaps I could be proven wrong. Sherri dodged a bullet and his been very disappointing since the switch, and has gone from this seasons Kim Spradlin to this seasons Lisa Whelchel. It pains me to say that, but I think it’s true. Erik this episode I feel was smart in siding with Phillip and co, and I just hope that he can perhaps get some leverage in the group and make it deep, because that kid can win immunities (and hopefully keep them this time).

I’m sad to see Corinne go as I liked her, and she really was the only returning female contestant I was excited to see back. I see people saying she ‘played too hard too fast’. I have to disagree on that. She was in a position where she could’ve changed the game, and had to go for it. It was the merge, a great opportunity to really turn the game and she thought she had it. In all fairness she very much nearly did have it. It just wasn’t to be. She is definitely somebody I would like to see back for a third time, but doubt we will. I also have to point out that her number one ‘frenemy’ Sugar from Gabon posted her delight at seeing her nemesis voted out tonight. As you can see she wasn’t backwards in coming forwards about her joy of seeing her torch snuffed:


And I just want to add, GREEN BUFFS! I asked Mark Burnett about that in , and funnily enough a season or two later and they are back! I do of course take full credit for that, you’re welcome Survivor fans!

Until next week!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Phillip Sheppard – I applaud you!

Whilst it might seem like Cochran and Dawn brought about Corinne’s demise, I give Phillip a lot of credit for it. Sure, he didn’t discover the information and merely went along with the plan, but Dawn ran straight to her alliance after discovering the information – much like she did when Julia confided in her last week. So in a sense, the alliance that Phillip has been grooming for days on end held true to their word when the crunch was on. Dawn could very well have kept the information to herself and the game would have played out a lot different, so I give Phillip credit for the “Boston Rob like” mantra he has created for himself in his alliance.

Despite saying all this, I’ll also give props to Andrea, Cochran and Dawn for being the masterstrokes in forming and executing the plan to get Corinne out of the game.

I’ve said previously I don’t like the fact that they have again stuck to the original FvF’s colour scheme and gone for a green buff and I’m sticking with that. Yes, they have all been different shades of green, orange and purple but I still don’t think it was necessary. I gotta say though I love the tribe flag, even with Michael’s name plastered all over Erik’s drawing. One thing I loved about Survivor back in its yearly years was the winner keeping the merged tribe flag and I hope this tradition continues because that’s a flag I’d like to own.

As for the remaining players, I like how things are playing out. I like the fact that Andrea, Cochran, Erik and Phil are in the majority and hope they do well. I’m not and can’t see myself even being a fan of Eddie or Reynold so I hope they are sent packing so and I’m indifferent on Malcolm. I think Snowy is an interesting character and likeable, but I never really saw him winning or going deep into the game so I can’t say I’m upset he isn’t in the best position at the moment. As for Sherri, after a blistering start, she’s definitely hit some sort of form slump because she is non-existent any more and I’ll be extremely surprised if she was to go deep into the game. I can see Sherri being a casualty if Eddie, Malcolm or Reynold go on a wining streak, forcing the majority of Favourites to send her home; much like Carter was sent packing last season.

I was pretty disappointed in the food eating challenge. They only had four rounds! The could have easily chucked in a few more rounds and made them eat a few more horrible things, so I was pretty nonplussed with it.

Tribal Council was fair dull considering what happened and I can’t say I’m sad to see Corinne go; she had been giving me horrible flashbacks to Gabon!

I’m looking forward to next week to see how Malcolm deals with the loss of his main ally, how Andrea deals with Eddie and his “schoolboy crush” and who goes home next!

Until next week… Go ‘Drea!

Rileigh’s Opinion


And so ends the Corinne vs. Phillip saga. This was a pretty interesting episode and one that finally brought about the division amongst the all dominating Favourites. I think everyone is getting pretty tired of the amount of air time Phillip is getting. Maybe Probst is sneaking into the editing room to make sure there are enough crazy Phillip antics in each episode. I’m not surprised Corinne so often questioned his sanity and I have to give her props for not letting her dislike for Phillip show in front of him. The pent up hatred made for some very entertaining confessionals.

The merge seemed a bit underwhelming. It is usually such a significant point in the game, but this season it seemed to be brushed over in a few minutes. The bright green buffs were nice though, as was Erik’s amazing artwork on the new tribe flag. The Immunity challenge was an oldie but a goodie. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was glad to see the disgusting food challenge return, although it seemed like the contestants kicked up much more of a fuss over it than those from previous seasons. Maybe they were given a bit of a nudge from the producers to play it up. Or maybe they’re all just a lot softer than the Borneo contestants (aside from Gervase). Also, does anyone else think Jeff is being particularly mean to the players this season? He seems to be calling them pathetic losers any chance that he gets. Andrea was impressive during the challenge, but the real surprise was the white and nerdy Cochran. Knowing how much of a Survivor fan he is and how little a chance he has of ever wearing it again, I was very happy to see Jeff handing him the Immunity necklace.

The plan between Malcolm and Corrine was well conceived, but Corinne made a huge error in judgement when she told Dawn her plan to blindside Phillip. Since the Favourites were already planning to vote out Sherri, it was a mistake that screwed over not only Corinne, but the four other members of her alliance as well. I think Andrea, Cochran and Dawn are playing an amazing game at this point. They are communicating to each other strategically behind the scenes and allowing Phillip to stand out in front, leading him to believe he is the one calling the shots. They are smart to align with Phillip because he is also very unlikely to win, and I won’t be surprised to see him again in the final three for this reason. I also think that Cochran and Dawn’s close relationship is going somewhat unnoticed by the other Favourites, perhaps because the others don’t believe there is any true loyalty between them, given their history on South Pacific. However, it will be interesting if Cochran does remain trustworthy this time round and it might be a relationship that takes them to the end.

It’s disappointing that Corinne just fell short from making it to the jury, as I’m sure she would have given another memorable Final Tribal speech, especially if Phillip was sitting opposite her. I would be interested to know what Erik’s reasoning was for the way he voted tonight. His strategy of not having any strategy has, in fact, worked to his advantage so far, as he automatically found himself on the right side of the numbers. However, if he doesn’t start playing soon, he will most likely find himself at the bottom of the totem pole, targeted as a physical threat and voted out seventh (though an Immunity streak is not out of the question if his main competitors Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm are the next to go). I’m almost disappointed that the alpha male alliance won’t come in to effect, because we have never really seen this strategy pan out and it would be exciting to see four strong men battling it out in the finals.

Sherri’s admission at Tribal Council that the Fans were doomed was sad, because it does seem to be true. I don’t really see any way that the four remaining Fans will make it to the end, and it’s a shame, because Sherri seemed to be such a strong competitor at the beginning of the game. Eddie and Reynold will probably be the next targeted because they are likely to be powerhouses in the

challenges and the Immunity Idol still needs to be flushed out. And Michael is still that cat hanging from the tree, needing to be put out of its misery. Malcolm is also in trouble now that it is an individual game and he has found himself on the wrong side of the numbers. It would be interesting to see if he and Reynold can actually use their Idols in a smart way and, rather than play the Idols selfishly to get them three more days each, they could use them as a bargaining tools to pull in players from the other side and possibly get them all the way to the end. I’m not sure that I’d give them that much credit though – they’re no Russell Hantz.

Heather’s Opinion


So, we get Bikal back from Tribal Council, and I can say that poor Michael and he must hate it.  So far, he has been to all but the first one, and is the last fan standing on Bikal.  They are hoping for a merge, but for the rest of the night they have to deal with Phillip still trying to convince them that he threw the challenge.  Ugh, yeah.  Sure, and I live in Alaska.  It annoys Corinne a lot.  I do not blame her.  I believe it may annoy a lot of viewers too.  However, we shall withstand it for now I guess.

However a merge is what they shall get, as a boat comes to get Gota to pick them up and take them to the Bikal camp.  There they unlock a chest containing food and bright green buffs, which is such an adorable call back to Micronesia.  They decided to name the tribe Enil Edam which is Malcolm’s mom spelled backwards.  I don’t really care where it came from, but I love saying that name and it will be mine by the end of this month.  Mark my words.  Also Green is such a cool colour, and the flag was amazing as well.  I’d love to at least make the merge to paint the flag.  Erik did a wonderful job with it.  Trivia moment, he also did Dabu’s tribe flag in Micronesia

Right away Malcolm gets back with his BFF Corinne as they talk strategy.  They compare numbers, with Malcolm saying he had Reynold, Eddie, and Erik and Corinne has Michael.  Right there they have half of the tribe, with six.  Phillip wants to split the vote in case of the idol.  RIGHT THERE, Corinne should have agreed with that plan.  With that six, they could swoop in and blindside whomever they want including Phillip himself.  However Corinne points out that no one likes Sherri at the moment.  Without her original alliance of Julia, Matt, and Laura, and Michael doing whatever he can to stay afloat, she’d be the safest vote off.  Let’s see where that takes us…

Oh, Gross food challenge.  You can’t go wrong with Balut.  I mean, you got China Denise yelling at one, Bobby Jon shoving them in his mouth as fast as he could, Balut is the gold standard of Survivor gross food challenges.  Also we get two minutes of Dawn being awkward.  But in the end, it was the Dark Horse Cochran that won the first Individual Immunity challenge.  He has won more Individual Immunity Challenges than James Clement in all three seasons that he has been in.  Good job to him.  I thought I’d never seen the day.

Right before everything, Corinne is still not sure about the numbers.  She goes to Dawn and tells her plan to her about voting off Sherri, then going after Phillip.  Dawn, worried about the fate of their alliance, goes to Phillip and tells him the plan.  Sounds like something she did to a certain race car driver and Ice cream flavour the last episode huh?  Dawn is trying to play carefully, but telling Phillip she has thrown someone into the cross-hairs that could have safe otherwise.  Even though her name has yet to come up, Dawn seems to just be binding her time to make her own moves.  She says that she’s learned from her past mistake, not telling Savaii that Cochran would flip on them, and she must be have flashbacks.  Poor dear.  And now, Phillip is going to everyone, telling them one name to write down. “Corinne”.  Even Erik goes with the plan, and everyone heads to the first Tribal Council for the merged tribe.

It seems like the tribe is very fractured   The only thing I’d like to point out is Sherri saying that the Fan’s are pretty much screwed.  That aspect of the Fans Vs Favourites is really the only reason I’m not too crazy with Micronesia, is the fact that the Fans will have a hard time winning with a full tribe of favourites.  It’s a known fact that these returning players have a huge advantage, this isn’t two or three, this is a full tribe of ten.  However, there is something that when Sherri says it she’s trying to lure the Favourites in a false sense of security.  Out of the remaining Fans, I can see her or Michael getting farther.

Also, we get a huge blindside with Corinne shockingly getting seven votes, when her name wasn’t even on the table a few days ago.  Also, for some reason she didn’t start the jury?  How odd.  The last time this happened was in Tocantins, when Joe was Medivaced, but when it comes to vote outs, it was the very memorable Nick from Panama: Exile Island that made the merge but not the jury.  I wonder when the jury will start back up?  We shall seen next episode when it looks like something’s going down with Andrea and Eddie…

Andrew’s Opinion


Survivor to the next level. Last nights blindside puts it in my top 10. Corinne, I love you, and it’s not fair that Dawn decided to play this time around. I absolutely hate when they do the jury starting at eight instead of nine. There will never be a tie in the finals, earth to Jeff Probst and the producers- stop thinking that eight will cause a deadlock it’s not gonna happen and you take away great characters like Corinne who would deliver the iciest jury speeches ever (hello we know she can deliver “Gabon” anyone?) Cochran is great and I actually like him this time around, however like I said before Reynold and Eddie – I cannot wait for them to leave. The fans are duds this time around and to be quite honest while I love the drama this season I would not mind if next season was a cast of brand new people. They need to start focusing on people who actually care about the game and can deliver like the fans have this season. Survivor Caramoan is being judged and I stand up for it and I think in a few years people will look back and realize it was not that bad and actually delivered some classic moments.

Survivor Re-capper: Brian Corridan


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our eighth special guest is Guatemala contestant Brian Corridan, as he discusses Corinne’s exit and whether or not she played ‘too hard and too fast’, Phillip and why he isn’t actually playing badly, the fate of the fans, Erik and Brenda being invisible, the return of the gross food eating challenge and why he wasn’t happy to see it back, just why the ‘wine and cheese’ group in New York is a little bit fractured right now, Shamar and Brandon being the centre of attention as well as some interesting Survivor firsts this episode and why he put so much pressure on Francesca before she went out and why it could cost him ever returning. Brian’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran
NEXT TO GO: Reynold

Join us next week for our recap of episode 9, featuring special Survivor guest John Carroll from Marquesas!


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  1. Just wanted to say that I love Brian and he does really great podcasts. Always.

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