Survivor Caramoan–Episode 9 Recap featuring John Carroll!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the ninth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend John Carroll from Survivor Marquesas!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I breakdown one of the most intense episodes of the season; from former challenges, Idol sharing, scrambling and a ‘smitten kitten’ it’s all here on Survivor Oz for you work out state of the game.

The morning after blindsiding Corinne, Phillip and Co. are sitting around discussing their achievement of reaching Day Twenty-three and that one of them is going to go onto win the game. Reynold confesses that last night’s Tribal Council was a victory because a Favourite went home instead of a Fan and it “wasn’t me”. Eddie and Reynold discuss that every girl they have associated themselves in the game with has been sent home and joke about who will be their next victim. Reynold then confirms his “iron clad” loyalty to the guys before asking Andrea her thoughts on the game. Andrea tells Reynold she’s taking it “day by day” and asks why Reynold is asking her, to which he tells her “I really like you”. Malcolm then tells about us his new plan. He admits that whilst losing Corinne was problematic, he is now the only person in the game who knows about his Hidden Immunity Idol. He believes that he can still “get with the Fans”, that despite what the Favourites think, they didn’t “cut off the head of the snake” and he’s “still alive”.

Phillip talks to Sherri, calling her “hot” and telling her that sending home the male Fans will be her “sweet revenge”. Phillip continues, officially welcoming Sherri into the “Stealth ‘R’ Us” organisation after she proved loyal and trustworthy at Tribal Council; honouring her with her own nickname… ‘Tenacity’ before reassuring her she’s not going anywhere. Sherri the admits to having to play two games; the game itself and “The Specialist game”, before going onto say that she can deal with big personalities and that “Phillip is my Shamar” on this tribe. (Didn’t she call Shamar her Phillip when they were together on the Fans tribe, how can Phillip now be her Shamar?). Sherri goes onto say that now that she has Phillip; all she needs are “two more votes” in order to “call the shots” in the game.


Phillip officially welcomes Sherri “Tenacity” Biethman into the “Stealth ‘R’ Us” organisation. (Image credit CBS)

Reward Challenge time! As seen with the original FvF concept, many of the challenges were those from season’s past and this FvF is no different. Today we have a challenge from ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ seen from just after the Tribe Switch. For the challenge, the eleven remaining castaway’s are split into two teams of five – with one person missing out. One castaway per team will act as a defender and stand on a platform out in the water. The four other team members will act as attackers and will have to leap off the edge of a platform, trying to throw a ball into the net behind the defender. Each successful shot earns a team one point, with the first team to four claiming Reward; which in this case is a trip to forty foot waterfall to propel down it to a picnic lunch waiting at the bottom. If you can’t remember this challenge from Nicaragua, it’s the challenge where Fabio, (Jud Birza), pees in the pool!

Our two teams today are made up of a school yard pick; The purple team is Cochran, Eddie, Erik and Reynold, with Michael defending the goal, whilst the orange team is Andrea, Brenda, Dawn and Phillip, with Malcolm defending their goal. (Incase you haven’t put things together, Brenda competed in this challenge in Nicaragua). Sherri is the unlucky one to miss out and watches from the bench as the challenge gets underway.

Purple goes first and Eddie throws the ball straight at Malcolm, with Brenda then scoring the first point of the game as she throws the ball past Michael and into the net. (Who said experience counts for nothing?). Erik and Andrea both score for their respective teams and Reynold and Dawn both come up just short with their attempts.


Brenda tries to get the ball past Michael in the Day Twenty-Three Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Cochran, the man on his first ever ‘challenge hot steak’, scores for purple, then Phillip pulls off a nice fake-step in order to find the back of the net for orange; giving them a three-two lead. Eddie scores for purple, levelling us up a three apiece giving Brenda a chance to win it for the orange team. Brenda is unlucky, with her shot rimming out and opening the door for Erik to win Reward for purple; he is successful and the purple team win the challenge.

Cochran takes centre-stage on the boys Reward, as he talks us through his fear of propelling down the cliff face. After commenting that he doesn’t know the mechanics of how the activity works and that he wouldn’t normally do something like propel down a waterfall, he gives us a classic when he says, “I rarely leave my apartment, I rarely leave Twitter”. After Erik tells him not to look down, Cochran does manage the task and though he does slip on a few mossy rocks on the way down, he describes the experience as “fantastic” but admits he was nervous. All four other men manage the decent easily, with Reynold trying his best to pull off something seen in a James Bond film. Reynold describes the picnic as a “locker room mentality” as the boys enjoy the food and the three Fans attempt to sell Cochran and Erik their game plan by telling him the “men can dominant this season of Fans vs. Favourites like the women dominated the original season” and he can be apart of a “legendary Survivor move”. Cochran is having none of it though, telling the camera the ‘locker room mentality’ doesn’t appeal to him and that he “doesn’t want to be involved in anything with the numbskulls”.

Back at camp, the losing team and Sherri decided to have a “paranoia free day”. However, Malcolm has other ideas and begins to put a plan in place to gain the numbers he needs to change up the game, as he decides to target Dawn and Sherri, who he believes are on the bottom of the alliance. Malcolm explains to Sherri that she is on the bottom and at the next Tribal Council the Favourites will attempt to split the vote. However, if they jump ship, they can guarantee themselves a place in the final five, compared to seventh or eighth spot. Sherri doesn’t have much to say on the issues so Malcolm explains his plan to the camera instead, saying that the Favourites believe they have the numbers but if he can get the votes he needs, he’ll have the numbers to “take over the game”.

Malcolm then approaches Dawn and fills her in on the plan, insisting that they need to do something whilst they still have the numbers to make a move. Dawn listens as Malcolm explains how the numbers will add up and then tells Malcolm she’ll speak to Sherri. However, in a confessional, Dawn admits that Malcolm is now a problem and that she will do her best to give him the impression that she’s voting with him in order to vote him out. Dawn catches up with Andrea and Sherri and the pair informs Andrea about the plan that Malcolm has told them about. Andrea tells the women that they will have to tell Malcolm they are splitting the vote, that Dawn and Sherri will need to convince him they are voting with them, thus allowing them to blindside Malcolm. Phil chimes in, laughing at the fact that somebody is trying to play The Specialist, before telling Malcolm the plan at the next Tribal Council is to split the votes between “Eddie and Reynolds” – That’s not a typo, Phillip just believes that’s his name!


Malcolm attempts to get Dawn to align with him to take out the Favourites. (Image credit CBS)

On Day Twenty-five, we find Andrea and Eddie spending some time together down at the lagoon. Andrea comments that it’s nice to get away on the days they have nothing to do and admits she “felt like a little kid sneaking out of my parents house” when she snuck off with Eddie. She goes onto say that she doesn’t know if they are “island dating” but she thinks Eddie’s “hot” and if she has to “play it up so he can vote for me at the end and to gain information” it is worth it. Eddie says that he’ll do “whatever”, saying he will vote with Andrea in order to stay in the game. Eddie asks what happens to him after the Fans are eliminated as he believes he is an “asset” and Andrea admits she trusts him.

The pair continues talking, with Eddie telling Andrea he won’t vote against Reynold but will vote for Malcolm if it means surviving in the game. In a confessional, Eddie states that he believes Andrea “likes me” and that she will “drag me along”. He then says at that stage of the game he can begin to throw a few “punches” himself. Andrea asks Eddie whether he knows anything about the Hidden Immunity Idol, he denies this and Andrea asks for information on what Malcolm is suggesting the plan is. Not much is said and so we return to talk of Eddie’s future in the game, with Andrea promising him he won’t be sent home next and from there they will take it “vote to vote”. Andrea comments in a confessional that in Survivor “it’s extremely rare for two people to fall for each other” and admits she is “playing Eddie” and is eager to find out whether he is playing her. Eddie then decides to turn on the charm, telling Andrea that “despite the game, he likes talking to certain people more than others”, before saying to a smitten Andrea that he was “indirectly hitting on you”.


Andrea and Eddie share a “moment”. (Image credit CBS)

Quite suddenly, we interrupt the moment Andrea and Eddie are sharing for the Immunity Challenge! Once again, we have another reused challenge. This one was first seen in ‘Survivor: Palau’ and again in ‘Survivor: Micronesia’. The challenge involves each castaway taking a spot under a grated steel barrier in the water. The must hang under the barrier and attempt to stay there the longest. The difficult part about this challenge is that the water is constantly rising, reducing the amount of space the castaways have for breathing. The last person to remain in the challenge wins Immunity. Like the Reward Challenge, a Favourite has the advantage of having competed in this challenge before; in this case, it’s Erik.


The castaways prepare for the Day Twenty-Five Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Not much happens in the challenge until about an hour in, when the water is lapping over most people’s mouth and nose. Phillip becomes the first to drop out and is shortly following by Sherri and then Erik. Everyone begins to use a snorkel type contraption with their hands in order to breathe and this forces Dawn, Malcolm and Michael out. With the water rising well above the grate, Cochran begins to struggle and Reynold goes underwater, but it’s Eddie who drops out and within seconds, he is followed by Cochran and Reynold, leaving only Andrea and Brenda in the running for Immunity. Both girls have their legs propped up on the grate and Andrea is the first to struggle, as she goes repeatedly underwater, spitting water out each time. Eventually, it becomes too much and she goes completely under, and then makes a miraculous recovery, resurfacing by pushing her mouth through the grate. Brenda still hasn’t moved, with the snorkel she has created with her hands working well as Andrea goes back under and tries once again to resurface but she is unable to. Eddie and Reynold jump in the water to let Brenda know the challenge is over and she heads over and gets the Immunity Necklace fro Probst. I have to say, it was a fantastic effort from both girls, watching Andrea fight to stay under the grate was both amazing and a little scary, so props to both girls because this is without doubt one of the toughest mental challenges we’ve seen on Survivor.

Once back at camp and everyone has finished congratulating Brenda, Malcolm gives us his thoughts on the state of the game. He states that the upcoming Tribal Council is “very important”, that voting off the Fans is “easy pickings” and for his plan to work, the “Favourites have to be one hundred percent sure he is with them”. Malcolm continues, saying that “I’ve been on the bottom for twenty-five days and I’m finally going to be on top”. Andrea approaches Malcolm, informing him the plan is for the four girls to vote against Reynold and the four guys to vote for Eddie, with Reynold getting sent home on the re-vote. Malcolm confirms he is in on the plan and Andrea states in a confessional that “Malcolm’s a good liar”, before going onto say the whole situation is hilarious because everyone is lying anyway. Andrea continues, saying that Dawn is “the MVP” for the way she has been playing Malcolm.

Malcolm grabs Dawn for a chat and informs her that whilst Phillip is annoying, Andrea is the leader of “Stealth ‘R’ Us” and therefore she needs to go. Malcolm tells Dawn that Reynold has the Hidden Immunity Idol, with Dawn agreeing that if Reynold shows her the Idol; she’s in on the plan. Malcolm heads off and Dawn ponders why Malcolm still trusts her after she leaked information that led to Corinne being blindsided at the previous Tribal Council. Malcolm heads off to tell Reynold they are in the clear as long as he shows Dawn his Idol. Reynold is wary about this, but Malcolm assures him he won’t need to play the Idol because it will be a five-three-three vote, enough to send Andrea home.

Following on from Malcolm’s advice, Reynold sits down with Dawn, showing her his Hidden Immunity Idol. However, it comes with a stern warning, with Reynold telling Dawn not to screw him over or she will pay for it. Dawn admits that it was Reynold’s fault for showing her the Idol and if she does screw him over, its tough love. Eddie and Michael are then filled in on the plan by Reynold. Eddie questions whether he should talk to Andrea about it, with Reynold telling him that “she is dangerous… we’ve got to get her out”. Reynold goes onto say that once Andrea is gone, Cochran will come around to the male’s alliance idea and they can take control of the game.


Reynold shows Dawn his Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

Eddie can’t help himself though and he corners Andrea to question her on the upcoming vote. Andrea refuses to answers Eddie’s questions about whether they are splitting the vote, who they are voting for and who will be sent home, with Andrea only revealing that Malcolm isn’t being targeted and Eddie won’t be the one sent home. Eddie asks what will happen if Reynold plays an Idol, which leads to an awkward moment where Andrea questions his trustworthiness after Eddie admitted he new nothing about Hidden Immunity Idol’s earlier in the day. Eddie tells her that somebody has an Idol and confirms that Andrea’s name has been mentioned by the other alliance.

Andrea gives an extremely emotional confessional, as she confesses that she will be the one to be sent home and she needs to do something about it. So what does she do? She runs to the man any damsel in distress would run to… no not Malcolm… Cochran!

Cochran is happy to change the vote and target Michael but is personally annoyed that they are abandoning their “best aggressive move”. Phillip shares similar thoughts to Cochran but Dawn believes that they should still vote for Malcolm because he “doesn’t have an Idol”. Dawn does her best to calm down herself and an emotional Andrea and accidentally lets slip that she saw a Hidden Immunity Idol. The look on Andrea’s face tells us its news to her and the pair hurries off to plan their next move, leaving us full of doubt whether they are changing back to their original plan.


Andrea and Dawn discuss whether to change the plan ahead of Tribal Council. (Image credit CBS)

Michael kicks off Tribal Council proceeding for about the fourth consecutive time, saying that he was shocked that Corinne was blindsided, but still has hope that the remaining Favourites will “use me as a number”. We then have a slight pause in proceedings while Erik picks a bug out of Andrea’s hair, then Phillip explains how “Stealth ‘R’ Us” was formed in ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’, how it was reformed this season and how Sherri has recently joined the company and she will be going further in the game than the other Fans. Eddie says that this “doesn’t concern him” and he would rather “play his own game” instead of being “somebody’s puppet”. Reynold tries to beat around the bush about how important an Idol on the wrong side of the numbers would be but is cut off by Phillip who says that like in Redemption Island, “If we think you have an Idol, we’ll vote you out”.

Michael states that he’ll “play with people who want to play” and that “Stealth ‘R’ Us” are already crumbling after they voted out Corinne. Phillip says they will stick together until the end and Andrea confirms that they are wary of people sensing they are on the bottom and making a move against them. Phillip gives another very stern warning, saying that he expects the game to change and somebody to make a move, however, the person that does will “get voted out”. During Phillip’s speech, Malcolm’s face shows nothing but worry and he continues to look uneasy as we get to the vote.

It appears Phillip’s speech has worked as Malcolm writes down Reynold’s name, commenting that it’s a “throw away vote after Phillip’s little speech”.

Jeff returns with the votes and Reynold stands up, ready to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. Malcolm however cuts him off, telling Reynold to “give the Idol to me, look at their faces, they all voted for me”. Malcolm tells Reynold he’s being serious and Reynold decides to give Malcolm the Idol. So, Malcolm plays Reynold’s Idol and is now immune from the vote.


Reynold hands over his Hidden Immunity Idol to Malcolm. (Image credit CBS)

Jeff reads the votes with the first three being thrown on Andrea, Reynold gets a vote and then Michael gets hit with seven votes, eliminated him from the game as he becomes the first Jury member. Michael leaves, calling the tribe “turkeys” and giving them the finger, before admitting in his last words that he’s glad the “long, strange, weird, difficult journey” is over.


Michael… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Next week… another meltdown! It doesn’t look in the same league as Brandon’s but Dawn doesn’t look pretty upset, even hitting that she may quit the game.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“We’ll know the panic is coming when the legs start to move.”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Andrea


This could be a surprise for some, but I think Andrea was brilliant in the latest episode. This episode saw her emerge as the dominant leader of the Favourites alliance as she controlled how the vote was to play out. She planned to play Eddie, tried to blindside Malcolm but the plan fell through when rumours of her name were mentioned. She still won out at Tribal Council, eliminating a number the other alliance could use as a number, indirectly flushing out a Hidden Immunity Idol and showing just where Malcolm’s loyalties lie in the game. An unbelievable effort in the Immunity Challenge only proved why Andrea deserves a spot in this week’s top three.

2. Dawn


Dawn’s first time in the top three comes as a very crucial time in the game. After walking away from ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ after she was voted out for being to likeable, Dawn has still maintained her game but is now playing with a lot more malice. Dawn managed to trick Malcolm into believing she was voting alongside him, get told about Reynold’s Hidden Immunity Idol and stay out of the line of fire for being a double agent. Not an easy task when you’re an extremely emotional person. It’s a shame the Favourites plan didn’t work and Malcolm wasn’t sent home because Dawn would have been a hero back at the Enil Edam camp.

3. Phillip


I know this will cause a stir but Phillip’s rank comes mainly from his speech at Tribal Council. Yes I understand that his continual references to Redemption Island where a bit silly but he managed to scare Malcolm enough to get him to change his vote. Phillip is exceptionally loyal and is well positioned and smart enough to make his move when the time is right. Oh and also, his fake in the Reward Challenge after he’s been talking about his basketball career all season was pure gold!

Bottom Three

9. Reynold


This spot could have been filled by Malcolm, but given the fact that he still has a Hidden Immunity Idol hidden up his sleeve, Reynold takes the spot instead. After failing once again to win Individual Immunity, Reynold was tricked into showing his Idol to Dawn and then playing his Idol for Malcolm at Tribal Council. Reynold now sits in a very dangerous position against the numbers… with the numbers dwindling and no Idol protecting, Reynold could be in for a rough few days.

10. Eddie


Eddie must have been recruited because he is struggling badly with the strategic part of the game, heavily relying on Reynold to help him out. After trying to flirt his way into Andrea’s good books and then voting against her at Tribal Council, there “island romance” is sure to be over. Deemed as a physical threat and on the wrong side of the numbers, Eddie’s time in the game could be diminishing by the minute.

11. Michael


Poor old Snowy never found his place in the game this season. After siding against the “couples” on the original Gota tribe, Michael found himself in a decent position until the Tribe Switch changed the game. Michael found himself on the outs of the Bikal tribe and was saved until the Merge much because of his friendship with Corinne. After Corinne was blindsided Michael tried to align with his former allies but was taking out ahead of the physical threats because he didn’t have a Hidden Immunity Idol and was therefore, an easy vote.

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Ben’s Opinion


I’m a sad panda. Michael is gone!

I always liked Michael from the start and just felt as though he always seemed to get in the worst possible positions in this game. He could’ve been such a great character and an evil one at that but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. It was one hell of a confusing episode though, and the ‘move’ by Malcolm to get Reynold’s idol certainly was an interesting ploy. But in the end it all went to ‘plan’ for Stealth R Us, and once again I think Phillip just goes to show how well he is playing this game. He has so many people ‘under his control’ and is sitting pretty, but having said that he isn’t going to win. I just can’t see him winning because so many people are going to be against him at the end which is a shame. He is not playing an overly deceptive game by any means, but so many people seem to be annoyed by him and that will go against him.

Dawn to me alongside Cochran still are in the box seat for a million dollars, although with Dawn having a serious case of ‘Dawnitis’ next week, she might give Cochran the game should she find herself departing. Andrea again impressed me, although her willingness to be so easily swayed into voting one way after initially voting the other, lost me some browny points on her. Sherri impressed me with her comments comparing Phillip to Shamar, and to me that shows that we could still have a strong Sherri run yet. She is in a good position in terms of she isn’t the next fan to go, and she will be around for at least two more votes should Reynold and Eddie go next like it appears. But if she is as smart as she plays it out to be, she can rip out her inner Kim Spradlin and go for gold. To me, she is the only fan that can win and if she is in the final three, she will win.

Brenda still is missing this episode. Eight episodes now without a confessional. EIGHT! Has there ever been an episode where the winner of immunity didn’t get a confessional? She didn’t even get a ‘Brenda you must feel great winning immunity’ from Jeff at Tribal Council, nor even a “everyone except Brenda is fair game” before the votes. Are the editors all non-fans of her and think she shouldn’t have been brought back? It’s ridiculous! I have never been a Brenda fan, but seriously, why the hell isn’t she getting any airtime?! Poor Erik too, he seems to be falling back into the “will go home 5th or 6th” mould, which is a big shame.

Bring on next week with Dawn tears!

Jarryd’s Opinion


I was genuinely on the edge of my seat after the scrambling began back at camp in this episode. Going into Tribal, I had every finger crossed that Andrea wouldn’t be sent packing and thankful she wasn’t. Whilst I would have liked to have seen Snowy stick around, he was always going to be a number and given the situation was definitely a safe option to send home in this episode.

However, one thing I do want to address is Malcolm’s grand plan to seize control. Basically, he and Dawn are aligning themselves against the number – four Fans, two Favourites. How does that even work? Would Sherri stay loyal to Dawn and Malcolm meaning it’s a three-three split? I can’t see that plan working in Malcolm’s benefit; sure he has a HII, but if he makes it to the end, he’s basically betrayed the entire Jury and I doubt he would gamble on them not being bitter in order to gain their votes.

I think the Favourites alliance has a good grip on the game at the moment, even if an Idol was played and someone was sent home, I still think the core of Andrea, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Erik, Phillip and Sherri will be part of the final seven. I think Malcolm is playing a decent game once again but I think back to back seasons is starting to effect him because he has been nowhere near as efficient as he was last season.

I loved the challenges tonight. I know they have been used before, but they worked, so why not use them again? In all honesty, I couldn’t bring myself to compete in the Immunity Challenge; I’d wouldn’t be able to control my instincts to move away from the grate. Therefore, I have a huge amount of respect for all eleven people who competing in it and for Andrea and Brenda for sticking it out for so long.

Reynold… I have no idea what’s going on in his head. Why give your Idol away? If he had gone home that would easily have been the stupidest move in the history of the game because it would have been beyond hilarious. As for Eddie, did he come on the show to improve his love life? He sucks!

Sherri is a tough one. I can’t see her being able to outsmart the Favourites but now she is “in” with them I can see her lastly until they get down to the point where they have to turn on each other. Brenda and Erik are getting strange edits and based on their edits I can’t see them winning; I don’t think they will give either of them an edit like Natalie White if they were going to be in the Final Three or possibly win the game. I’m really surprised by Brenda, she was a constant threat in Nicaragua and has hardly said a word this season… she didn’t even get a confessional after she won Immunity!

After initially not liking him in South Pacific, I’m finding Cochran absolutely hilarious this season; every episode he seems to come up with a ripper one liner. As for Phillip… he’s Phillip, you can’t not laugh at the guy.

I’m so happy Andrea survived. As a closet Redemption Island fan, I’m hoping either ‘Drea or Phillip can go onto win this season, but I have a soft spot for ‘Drea so I was over the moon she survived the vote.

Next week… not another Dawn crying session! I’m over it… get on with the good stuff!

Till next week folks… Go ‘Drea!

Rileigh’s Opinion


First off, may I just say how stunning the location is this season. I have been blown away each week by the amazing scenery captured in incredible high definition, especially since in between episodes of Caramoan, I have been rewatching Survivor: Thailand, which is starting to look closer to an 8-bit video game in comparison. One person who isn’t benefiting so much from the high definition is Jeff, who is looking a lot older (and more botoxed) these days… Sorry Jeff.

My impression of this episode was that it was very fast paced and very exciting and for once, it didn’t seem to be overloaded with Phillip, which probably explains why I found it so enjoyable. I’m pleased to see Sherri back in the game and it will be interesting to see if, in the coming episodes, she goes from being the puppet to the puppet master with regards to her relationship with Phillip. She has certainly shown a knack for being able to work well with crazy people.

I have found myself rooting for Malcolm this season, which makes it so frustrating when he makes such idiotic moves. Did he not question why Corinne had been voted out the night before? Okay, it’s possible that he didn’t realise Dawn was the one that deceived them. Maybe he thought it was Erik who spilled the beans about their plan to the other side and instigated Corinne’s blindside. Although this also seems fairly absurd, considering Erik’s absolute obliviousness to strategy or anything resembling strategy or anything related to Survivor or anything besides the bugs in Andrea’s hair. Even so, considering Dawn voted against Corinne, who was Malcolm’s biggest ally in the game, it probably should have put up some red lights in Malcolm’s head telling him that Dawn was possibly not and never would be on his side. But once again, another worthy plan was thwarted by the well-oiled machine that is Dawn, Andrea and Cochran.

The Immunity challenge was a familiar one, but what was unfamiliar was that in the end, the two remaining contestants were both women. This was awesome to see, particularly considering how tough this challenge is. Brenda ultimately came out victorious. Apparently she had very little to say about her win. Or about anything at all. Something I’ve noticed recently is that they’ve had almost no puzzle challenges this season. Sure, they were overdoing them a bit in past seasons, but I do kind of miss them now they’re gone.

(Warning: the next paragraph contains strong “what-if” language that some readers may find disturbing. Audience discretion is advised.)

I loved the chaos that came about after Eddie and Andrea’s conversation, and it’s interesting to think how different the outcome would have been had this conversation never taken place. Would they have gone along with the original plan and voted for Malcolm? Would Malcolm have been saved by Reynold’s Idol or would Reynold not have played it at all? Maybe Malcolm would have played his own Idol and Andrea would have been gone. In the end, it was Michael of all people who took the long walk out of Tribal Council with his torch snuffed and his fingers blurred. I find it amazing that there are still firsts involving the Immunity Idol and last night was the second time this season that I’ve been on the edge of my seat and shouting “Oh my God!” at the television screen. I’m sure you can guess what the other time was. I’m glad Malcolm is still in the game and I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do with his Idol.  Hopefully episodes like this one keep on coming.

Heather’s Opinion


You’d think that after Corinne got blindsided, that Malcolm and friends would be worried about the game a bit more.  However they try to get back into the game not worrying about the sinking ship that they are on.  I loved the fact that CBS hyped up an alliance that was going to eat each other the first vote off of the merge.  Super-Alliance, sure let’s just call it that.  Malcolm wants to try to flip Dawn (who he believes is on the bottom of Stealth R Us) and try and get Sherri on his side.

About Sherri, she’s now on team favourites.  Phillip even gives her a nickname.  Sherri seems to have this weird, roller coaster of an adventure.  She was in power on Gota, then no more, and then gets separated from her main alliance on a swap, and finally she gets targeted at the last vote.  She’s now turned her back to the remaining fans.  It’s fuelled by revenge, but it’s something that makes sense.  Because of this, she won’t go with the other fans because they sold her down the river the last vote off.  Malcolm going to Dawn about this is also a bad, bad idea.  Just ask Julia and Corinne, two people that were both voted out because of them telling Dawn something like this.  She must be such a lovable person that people are literally lining up just to tell her their secrets.  It’s a rather smart strategy, and it’s keeping her off the chopping block but putting other on, without even alerting people to what she’s doing.  She clearly knows what’s up.

The reward challenge is from a challenge in Nicaragua, the one where Fabio peed in the pool.  The reward is a classic beautiful waterfall with food.  After a few, nail biting rounds, it was the all male purple team of Eddie, Reynold, Michael, Erik, and Cochran that won it.  The guys try and get Cochran into the all male alliance, saying that they could fight against the female’s flirting, because you know that Dawn and Sherri have been playing that card all season long.  However Cochran isn’t into the guy thing and would rather be on twitter and hang out with the gals and Phillip.  By the way, Erik is still in this alliance?  After he voted out Corinne?  This season doesn’t make much sense.

The talks about strategy on each side brought up a lot of names.  On team Favourites Plus Sherri it seems that Malcolm would get voted out, while on team Mostly Manly Men, Andrea was identified as the leader of Stealth R Us, which makes sense because it’s not Phillip whom I think is nothing more than a mascot when it comes to that alliance.  Also Eddie and Andrea seem

to have an adorable bond, though I think Andrea is just playing it up on the show to get more info.  Good on her.

Now we get to the immunity challenge and they are reusing another Palau challenge.  I’m not a huge fan of Palau, but Palau had a lot of water challenges so the more the better I guess.  The winner is the lovely Brenda.  Which, btw why has she gotten so little airtime in this season?  I hate the stupid jokes about “Who?” and “Wait, there is a *insert under edited player here* in this season?” because is too old and too beaten to the ground, but she is pretty much no even there.  It’s really odd that even winning immunity didn’t give her a confession, which I believe may be a record?

Now comes the pre-Tribal scramble, so the Fans and company want to target Andrea because they all know that Phillip is a huge joke.  However Eddie tells Andrea this in one of the oddest conversations I have ever seen, who goes to her alliance who decide to change the vote from Malcolm to Michael, as Michael would be the least likely to play an idol.

However, when we finally get to Tribal Council, it is by far an interesting night.  First of all, Phillip was on season 22 named Redemption Island.  Did you know that?  Second of all, Andrea had a bug in her hair.  Don’t worry, Erik saved her from it.  Third of all, Reynold tries to play his idol, but Malcolm tells him that they voted for him and to give him the idol so that presumably Andrea goes home.  However it was reviled that Malcolm voted for Reynold for some reason.  At first I thought it was a failed attempt to get out Reynold to try and prove his loyalty to the other favourites, except that they all voted for the safe vote, Michael, instead.  However I’m not exactly sure.

However, Michael is made the first jury member of the season instead.  I wonder if this is going to be an eight person jury final three then.  I think I said this before, but nine jury members are way too much for a two person finalist, and I’m like in the 3% of Survivor fans that don’t really care about how many finalists there are.  It would be refreshing to see a final two but I really only pay attention to the jury myself.

Well, that’s really all I have on this episode.  Next time it looks like something is up with Dawn.  She just needs a hug and to send off some more bread.

Nick’s Opinion


Two episodes into the merge of Survivor: Caramoan and the bitter taste in my mouth from the previous 7 episodes is starting to wash away. Damn, Malcolm is a perceptive player isn’t he? Shame Eddie is as thick as two short planks and gave Andrea way too much information. And now no one will expect Malcolm has an idol either – could make for more blindsides to come. The strategy is making my head spin a little bit, but in a good way. There should be a warning not to watch episodes like this under the influence of alcohol. Great to see a classic immunity challenge back. I’m sure Phillip could have introduced a new member of Stealth-R-Us after this challenge with the codename “blowhard”.And whilst the alliances may not be able to stick to their plans all the time, it’s good to see the editors remaining vigilant in their efforts to completely ignore Erik and Brenda. Everyone likes consistency. And what of Michael? Game well played. I think on a standard season he would have gone far and I would actually like to see him back to play again. But as he had no wild tantrums or a wild array of nicknames for his fellow castaways, it seems unlikely. Could he give Eliza and Courtney a run for their money as greatest jury member? We can only hope.

Survivor Re-capper: John Carroll


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our ninth special guest is Marquesas contestant John Carroll, as he discusses why he is jealous of this season, his thoughts on Malcolm’s move and why it could’ve been one of the smartest moves in the history of Survivor, the mysterious Brenda and why he sees himself as a similar player to her, Sherri being similar to Kim Spradlin but more similar to Vecepia, why he is a big fan of Cochran but not of Phillip, the ‘bro down’ of Reynold and his gang as well as the challenges suiting certain players and which two famous people he thinks Eddie is a mixture between. John’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran
NEXT TO GO: Reynold

Join us next week for our recap of episode 10, featuring special Survivor guest Kathy Sleckman from Micronesia!


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