Survivor Caramoan–Episode 10 Recap featuring Kathy Sleckman!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the tenth episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Kathy Sleckman from Survivor Micronesia!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I breakdown one of the craziest Tribal Council’s ever, how Phillip’s decision to not participate in the challenge was the CORRECT one, Hidden Immunity Idols and just what happens next to “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

Enil Edam arrive back at camp after sending Michael packing and Phillip calls an emergency “Stealth ‘R’ Us” meeting, leaving Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold alone to debate their position in the game. Malcolm can’t believe how wrong everything went at Tribal Council and admits that Phillip gave the plan away in his comments prior to voting. Eddie comments how being on the bottom gives you freedom before the trio plan to wake up early the following morning in order to search for the re-hidden Hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, “Stealth ‘R’ Us” are already having tense discussions about what to do if another Idol surfaces. They all agree that they can take the three men on in challenges and come to the conclusion that even if an Idol is played, they still have enough numbers to successfully split the vote.

The following morning, Cochran and Phillip discuss Dawn’s standing in the game. Cochran says he believed Dawn would be “impossible to beat”, but after all the backstabbing she has done, he no longer believes that is the case. Phillip agrees, saying that Dawn would be beneficial to take further in the game because she is also weak in challenges. The pair’s chat is interrupted by Dawn screaming out for Brenda to come and help her. Nobody knows what the matter is and when Brenda eventually goes to see what the trouble is she finds Dawn crying hysterically. Through her tears, Dawn explains that her retainer, (that contains several teeth), fell out of her mouth and into the water. As Brenda prepares to find it, Dawn rambles on about pulling herself from the game if it can’t be found. Thankfully for everyone, Brenda finds Dawn’s retainer and some normality returns to the situation. Dawn comments that she can’t believe the kindness shown and Brenda confesses that she and Dawn won’t betray each other after this touching moment. (Ah how simple Survivor is… dropping your teeth in the water leads to an unbreakable alliance! Maybe this is the reason behind Brenda’s lack of screen time this season?).


Dawn thanks Brenda for finding her ‘teeth’ (Image credit CBS)

Time for the Reward Challenge! The challenge crew have delved deep into the archives to bring you… a challenge used last season – know wonder Malcolm can’t wipe the smile off his face.

The challenge involves splitting the castaways into two teams of five. Both teams will send one person at a time across several balance beans, down a waterslide and into a mud pit. Buried in the mud are five bags of balls. Once the castaway has a bag, they have to crawl under a log in a pit of rice and dump the bag on a platform before the next person goes. Once a team has all five bags, they can untie them and begin shooting the balls into a basket. The first team to have all twelve balls in the basket wins Reward. Up for grabs today is a visit to a local resort, complete with a shower, pool and of course, plenty of nice food and drink.

The teams are picked and playing today we have:

Purple – Cochran, Dawn, Erik, Phillip and Reynold.

Orange – Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Malcolm and Sherri.

On Jeff’s signal we get underway with Erik and Malcolm running first for their respective teams. It’s a dead heat as the boys get to the mud pit, with Erik grabbing a bag and moving on whilst Malcolm uses Penner’s strategy from last season, attempting to collect all five bags and place them in a corner so the rest of his team find the challenge easy. Malcolm’s name isn’t Jonathan though and it appears rolling around in mud doesn’t suit him. After Erik drops off his bag, Reynold joins Malcolm in the mud pit and manages to find all four bags for the Purple team and move on before Malcolm has recovered all five; putting the Purple team in a commanding position.


The castaways compete in the Day Twenty-six Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Malcolm finally finishes, sending Andrea out onto the course, as she tries to catch Dawn. Andrea moves quickly, getting Sherri out onto the course just behind Cochran. Unfortunately for the Orange team, Sherri wastes a lot of time on the balance beams, costing them valuable time as Cochran finishes well ahead of her, leaving Phillip to run the course and collect the final bag. Despite his size, Phillip maintains the lead as Brenda does her best to close the gap. As Eddie heads out on the course, the Purple team already has five balls into their basket and as Eddie collects the bag and makes his way to the finish platform, they drop in other five balls, increasing their lead to ten balls to zero. The gap is too much for the Orange team to make up, who don’t even get their bags untied as the Purple team lands their final ball and wins Reward. I gotta say, Malcolm sucked big time in the challenge. Considering the fact that nobody else had ever seen it before and he’d competed in it only a few months beforehand, I thought Orange were a certainty tom win.

We join up with the victors as they arrive at their Reward. Cochran can’t believe the amount of food saying that “protein is important” in the diet and that it was beneficial for him to get some in order to “continue being a challenge monster I think I’ve proved to be”. (Where was “funny Cochran” in ‘Survivor: South Pacific?’). Dawn almost losses it again at the sight of a bar of soap and Erik comments that he is “sick of Phillip” especially after his “lack of etiquette” lead to the latter jumping into the pool without rinsing off the mud and rice beforehand; thus dirtying the water.

That night, Dawn struggles to sleep and begins to become paranoid about her position in the game. She believes that because “Andrea is spending most of her time with Eddie and Malcolm” that she is going to flip on the alliance. Dawn confesses this to Cochran and Phillip, with Phillip reassuring her that Andrea won’t flip. Cochran admits that Dawn is “baffling” and Dawn’s accusations are only making him more suspicious of her. Later on, Andrea accepts some coconut from Eddie which leaves Dawn to say “I don’t know what to do; it’s so hard on me… I need a break”. This completely puzzles Andrea as she turns to Phillip and the pair discusses Dawn’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Cochran does his best to comfort Dawn as she is once again crying; this time for feeling “unstable”. Dawn tells Cochran she is “tougher than this” as Dawn drops a bombshell… “I cry more than a baby”. Cochran then confesses that the Favourites tribe already had a cuckoo fly out of the nest, (Brandon), and that another hummingbird is beginning to circle the nest; that bird being Dawn.

We skip ahead to Day Twenty-eight to find Dawn has recovered from her minor-breakdown after a good night sleep. She states that she feels herself and that her head is back in the game. “Stealth ‘R’ Us” gather to have another meeting to get their priorities sorted, with the seven members agreeing that Reynold should be targeted at Tribal Council. The plan is for the four girls to vote for Reynold and the boys to vote for Malcolm; thus causing a four-three-three result at Tribal Council; a win-win for “Stealth ‘R’ Us” should an Idol be played. Cochran likes the idea of the plan and acknowledges that he is “happy my alliance has the numbers”.

I’m not joking with you all when I say the challenge crew have pulled out a ancient challenge from season’s past. The Immunity Challenge comes from the Merge episode of ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands’. The challenge will consist of two heats. In each heat, five castaways will race across a platform, jump into the ocean and then swim back underneath the platform using a rope to pull themselves along. They will then climb back onto the platform; grab and ring, run back across the platform and place it on a post. The first two castaways to have two rings on their pole in each heat move onto the final round. Probst sums up the challenge by letting everyone know they will be exhausted at the end of it before we divide into heats.

The first heat see’s Reynold, Dawn, Andrea, Cochran and Sherri battling it out. Reynold, Andrea and Dawn are the first three to surface after the first lap, with Reynold coming up first once again in the second, to book the first place in the final. Dawn goes down fighting as Andrea just edges her out to claim the second spot in the final.

Before the next heat begins, Phillip expresses his wish to sit out of the challenge, telling Jeff and his tribe mates that he had an “unfortunate incident as a boy” in the water. Jeff accepts and Phillip becomes the first ever person to voluntarily sit out of a challenge, as Brenda, Malcolm, Eddie and Erik prepare for heat two. Now whilst this might be a strange decision by Phillip, I don’t think it’s a bad decision. Think about it logically, Phillip is a fifty-five year old man with a fear of getting trapped underwater. Why should he even attempt the challenge with the strong likelihood that he will be beaten by the likes of Eddie, Erik and Malcolm? So despite the fact he now has no shot as Immunity, he probably was never going to win the challenge anyway!


Phillip informs Jeff he is sitting out of the Day twenty-eight Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

After one lap, it’s extremely close, with Malcolm and Eddie holding a slight lead of Brenda and Erik. After lap two, Malcolm is first to book his place in the final, finishing first, whilst Eddie butches a place in the final when he attempts to place his ring on his pole and misses as he jumps into the water, leaving the door open for Brenda who edges out Erik to secure the last spot in the final. (It just goes to show that no matter how confident you are, never look too far ahead because Eddie butchered this challenge!).

So out final is between Reynold, Andrea, Brenda and Malcolm. This time, each castaway has to move five rings instead of two, increasing the difficulty of the challenge dramatically!


Reynold, Andrea, Brenda and Malcolm prepare for the final in the Day Twenty-eight Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

The final kicks off and it’s fairly close after the first lap, with Malcolm holding a slight lead over Reynold, with the girls slightly behind them. After lap two, the two girls have dropped back and Malcolm again leads Reynold. After lap three, Reynold has gained the lead as Malcolm begins to tire. With the girls well and truly out of it, Reynold again surfaces before Malcolm on the fourth lap, holding a slight lead into the fifth and last lap. Once again, Reynold surfaces before Malcolm, who drags himself out of the water, completely exhausted, as Reynold places his fifth ring on his pole, securing Immunity. All four castaways are exhausted but Reynold is on top of the world as Jeff gives him the Immunity Necklace.


  Reynold is all smiles after wining Immunity. (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp, Reynold says he can now do whatever he wants and that he has respect for everyone apart from Phillip. Phillip pulls aside several members of “Stealth ‘R’ Us”, informing them that the plan to split the votes is still on, except they will split them between Eddie and Malcolm. Phillip then gives a confessional where he admits that he believes he “might have a shot of Final Three or winning”. He continues saying that Malcolm definitely doesn’t have a Hidden Immunity Idol and the beauty of having numbers is that it “doesn’t matter about the Idol.” Malcolm begins to form a plan of attack about how to get through Tribal Council without needing to use the Hidden Immunity Idol and then heads off with Eddie and Reynold to search for another Idol. Andrea and Dawn are also discussing the Idol and believe it in their best interests to go off searching also. The pair joins the boys in the trees as they search. Dawn asks Malcolm “for a clue” and seconds later Malcolm turns around with a package in his hand. Andrea, Dawn, and Eddie gather around as Malcolm reveals the Idol.


Malcolm finds his second Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

Andrea and Dawn hurry off to inform “Stealth ‘R’ Us” about Malcolm’s Idol with the alliances agreeing to stick to their original plan; the four girls vote for Malcolm and the three guys vote for Eddie. Andrea says that if Malcolm doesn’t play the Idol, he will be sent home and if he does Eddie will end up leaving in a re-vote. She tell’s her alliance to “act normal” as Phillip reassures them that they “have the numbers”. We head off to Tribal Council will Eddie talking us through his fate… he explains that Reynold is protected, Malcolm has the Idol and therefore he is doubled screwed and will be going home tonight.

Reynold begins Tribal Council proceedings informing Jeff that he is still on the outs and that if he didn’t win Immunity, he would probably be going home. Eddie admits that there isn’t much he can do and that he is now focusing on taking positives from the experience. Jeff states that Eddie sounds like he has conceded and asks Andrea for her views. Andrea says that everyone is now looking at Eddie because Malcolm found a Hidden Immunity Idol. Malcolm confirms is he stoked and places the Idol around his neck as Andrea says he found it when he needed it the most. Cochran then confirms that the target is on Eddie, but divulges that he wasn’t the first choice, saying that Reynold was on the cards to be sent home because of his “charm” and the fact he’s a “huge threat”.

Talk turns to the challenge with Phillip telling everyone that when he was a young boy, he got trapped under the deck of a pond. He continues saying that because of his fear, he wouldn’t change his mind about not competing in the challenge. Andrea pronounces that there is lots of paranoia at camp and that nobody talks to Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold in fear of being seen as their allies. Malcolm says that they are being treated like a plague and that they have to do something about it. Malcolm then pulls out the Hidden Immunity Idol he found earlier in the season and announces that he is giving it to Eddie. Eddie is thrilled whilst shock is present on everyone’s faces, Andrea can’t take her head out of her hands and Phillip and Brenda and Cochran and Erik are holding whispered conversations. Whispers continue breaking out all around, with Brenda asking Dawn whether they should vote for Andrea.


Hidden Immunity Idol’s Galore! Malcolm passes one of his Hidden Immunity Idol’s to Eddie. (Image credit CBS)

As the whispering stops, Andrea owns up to not knowing what she is doing to do. Malcolm says its nice to have some control knowing that one of the seven are going, however, after tonight, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still six against three. Malcolm then reveals that the ‘three amigos’ will be voting for Phillip because he “sucks the fun out of the game.” Brenda and Dawn continue to whisper about whether they should send home Andrea whilst Phillip speaks up, saying he is disappointed that he is being “labelled as something I’m not”. Andrea says that despite being “very scared” she is concerned about either Eddie or Malcolm holding onto one of the Idols for the future, with Erik chiming in that it would be a “bonus” to keep one of them.

Phillip then tells his alliance to vote how they planned, stating that even if it means he is sent home, he would rather be voted out for “strategic reasons” instead of being voted out with others “maligning my character”. Cochran says that fans of the show watching on their couch must love the drama and that whatever happens is a “gamble”, whilst Dawn says that it will only take a few votes from members of the alliance to take out “someone that isn’t Phillip”.

Voting occurs with the only vote being shown being cast for Phillip by Erik. When Jeff returns, Eddie plays his Hidden Immunity Idol and then after several moments hesitation, Malcolm also plays his; disregarding votes that are cast for them.


Eddie and Malcolm play their Hidden Immunity Idols. (Image credit CBS)

The votes are revealed with Malcolm getting hit with two votes and Eddie with four. Phillip then receives the final four votes, sending him home in a four-zero-zero vote.


Phillip… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In his final words, Phillip admits that he played a “great game” but much like last time, he wasn’t “respected or appreciated” for what he did.

Next week, its Auction time in Caramoan! Plus Malcolm and Co. attempt to recruit numbers to change up the game.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Reward Challenge.

“It’s a big boy! It’s a tight fit!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Cochran


Whilst Malcolm finding the Idol, playing it for Eddie and another for himself is certainly a big move, it doesn’t really change the game that drastically; they are still don’t have the numbers. As for Cochran, despite losing Phillip, the debacle at Tribal Council for “Stealth ‘R’ Us” favours Cochran a lot. First of all, the combination of Andrea and Phillip are no more, whilst Cochran keeps his strong alliance with Dawn in tact. Whilst Cochran isn’t the biggest physical threat, he is arguably one of the smartest people still left in the game. If he can get rid of the muscle in the next few episodes, he stands a very good chance to position himself and Dawn in a dangerous position as the game draws to a close.

2. Andrea


Andrea got out of danger this week. Phillip’s sacrifice at Tribal Council may have saved her from an early exit. However, without Phillip, Andrea has definitely lost out. Her closest ally in the game is now sitting on the Jury; however, the core alliance she has been grooming for days is still behind her. Andrea is strong in challenges and is definitely a capable strategic player. If she can keep her alliance together and find a “new Phillip”, she’s in a very good position to stay in control of the game.

3. Erik


Erik and Brenda are dark horses at this stage of the game. Both have had limited screen time, have wavered their loyalties at times but are still in the game. Erik is flying well under the radar. He hasn’t annoyed anyone, has learnt a lot from his last outing and is a huge physical threat. If he can find his place in an alliance, there is everyone possibility he could be dragged along to far and go on an Immunity run on his way to winning the game.

Bottom Three

8. Reynold


Reynold has had a tough time of it this season. He’s been seen as the underdog for a long time and despite the move he was involved in with Malcolm is definitely still in a bad position in the game. Numbers are still against him, he seems to have been pretty friendly with everyone and he has shown he can dominant challenges. If Reynold finds himself in the Final Three, he’ll be tough opposition. However, things don’t look to good for Reynold, because no one has wanted him around for a very long time. If Reynold can find some allies and take control of the numbers, things will look up, but hes got a long way back at this stage.

9. Malcolm


Malcolm is well and truly against the Favourites now. He has shown over the past few episodes who he is aligned with so I’ll be very surprised if any of his fellow returnees welcome him back into the fold with open arms. Malcolm’s biggest problem is numbers, he said it himself; six against three isn’t a good position to be in. However, he has a lot of charm and we saw last season how convincing he can be. Whether he can pull it off again only months after finishing filming Philippines will be interesting – his head is certainly in the game but has his heart checked out?

10. Phillip


I feel for Phillip. He was playing a great game and got screwed over by an Idol. Sure, he probably would have been sent home eventually because he was way to annoying, but to go out the way he did after what he has achieved this season is pretty harsh. Phillip’s game improved out of sight this season and yes, his continual references to Boston Rob and Redemption Island might have been frustrating, but all he is doing is showing how much he learnt from Boston Rob. However, Phillip’s true test will be his Jury speech, if his thwarters make the Final Tribal Council, will he be able to see past it in order to see why they did what they did? Only time will tell.

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Ben’s Opinion


Was this the most bipolar, strange and somewhat exciting episode in the history of Survivor?

From Dawn crying about losing her teeth (which I swear was only done as an excuse to give Brenda a long overdue confessional) right through to an amazing Tribal Council, it certainly had it all. I tell you one thing, and I think I’m not going to be overly popular by saying this, but was the tribal council really THAT good? Yes, I get it was entertaining, and I was blown away by how it all happened. But from the moment Reynold won immunity, I figured out that was going to happen. So to me it didn’t really BLOW MY MIND as much as everyone else is making it out to have done. Honestly Ozzy being blindsided in Micronesia or James going home with two idols in China to me was more shocking/entertaining, but each to their own. I guess you could also call me a bit ‘butthurt’ that poor old Phillip has gone. I’ve seen the hate for him online and that everyone is happy he is gone, but seriously the guy played an AMAZING game this season and nobody should overlook that.

The move itself was smart by Malcolm, but in the end what did it do? Buy him a couple more days. Yeah he can scramble a bit in those days, but will he really crack the main alliance? It appears as though he is trying to do so next week which might bring my man Erik into the foray, but I can’t see it happening. I can see however a certain Cochran sitting there in his throne overlooking everything and finding himself in a perfect position right now. It’s going to be a difficult situation though come the end if it’s a Dawn/Cochran final two/three as it would be a tough choice as to who would win in that situation. It’s a few weeks away I know, but it’s a bit mouth watering, I can’t deny it.

Things are getting hotter each week, so bring on the next episode!

Jarryd’s Opinion


What is it with Survivor and casting older women who cry a lot! Seriously, I’m over it, I don’t watch the show to see someone cry twenty-four seven!

To be honest, I didn’t think it was a great episode. I felt terrible that Phillip left in the circumstances that he did because he’s played a great game this season. I think it was very predictable what was going to happen once Malcolm found the second Idol. It was either going to be Phillip leaving or Sherri leaving, so I didn’t surprise me at all to see The Specialist get his torch snuffed.

The Reward Challenge was pretty dull; we saw the challenge last year so I wasn’t that enthused seeing it again so soon. The lack of puzzle related challenges this season is becoming a joke! Survivor was all about puzzles and now all we get is ring/sandbag/ball/hoop/brick/hook throwing related challenges. It’s boring! Give me a hard puzzle any day of the week because it shows who is mentally switched on; anyone can throw a grappling hook and try and hook a ring but only the mentally strong will be able to complete a puzzle in a pressured situation.

The lack of air time for Brenda, Eddie, Erik and Sherri is troubling. With only nine people left how can four people be invisible the entire season? If I was a betting man, you’d have to put money on one of Andrea, Cochran, Dawn, Malcolm or Reynold walking away a millionaire after this season finishes because I can’t see how Brenda, Eddie, Erik or Sherri can come out of hiding and win at this stage.

I stand by what I said about Phillip’s sit out. I don’t think it was a huge factor as to why he was sent home. Sure, it looks bad… but if he had won that challenge it would have been a shock to everyone, himself included. As for the challenge itself, it’s not a bad challenge but it’s not exactly what I call exciting. Halfway through you knew Reynold was going to win so my mind was already racing as to what “Stealth ‘R’ Us” were going to do then.

I think Andrea is going to fill the pinch without Phillip around. The pair have played together in an alliance for something like sixty days (including their time in Redemption Island), so she’ll definitely feel lost without a key, close alliance to have within the bigger alliance. Cochran is also in a great position and if I had to pick an outsider, I still think Erik has a lot to offer this season.

Malcolm’s move with the Idol’s was no where near as good as Parvati’s in HvV’s. Yeah, I’m a huge Parvati fan but what has Malcolm achieved out of this other than 3 more days? If he, along with Eddie and Reynold can’t find allies, they are gone… simple as that. The only person I can see joining them would be Sherri. Even if Sherri joins them I don’t think Erik or anyone else will so for me, they are on “borrowed time”.

This season has definitely taken a step up and offered plenty of explosive moments, so I look forward to the next few episodes as we draw closer to Day Thirty-Nine.

Until next time… Go ‘Drea!

Noah’s Opinion


What a great episode! Well, a great second half anyway. I am beginning to think the reason Jeff Probst hyped up this season so much was from the major moments like Brandon’s breakdown and Malcolm’s double idol play (and hopefully more to come) I guess Jeff didn’t really take notice of all the stuff in between. The scene with Dawn’s retainer seemed bizarre and in my opinion unnecessary, I am sure there is some other quality scenes they could have showed us rather than have Dawn crying at us for 5 minutes. I am guessing it was shown to give us a glimpse of Dawn slowly falling apart. Maybe they placed the whole scene in just to give us a confessional from Purple Brenda as she obviously has nothing to say strategy wise. My biggest disappointment though would be that we got no #retainerbreakdown, I mean c’mon CBS, where is your sense of humour? It was good to see a Philippines challenge return for the reward and to see Penner’s strategy in place, too bad Malcolm couldn’t execute it like Penner. Phillip at the reward was hilarious although this was the moment as well as him skipping the immunity challenge was where I thought he may be going home tonight. In saying that I didn’t really think that until the tribal. I was never really a fan of Malcolm during Philippines but this season I have been impressed/rooting for him after the departure of Corinne. I was hoping that he would win the immunity as I really can’t stand Reynold, my least favourite of the season. The tribal move was great and lead to one of the best tribal councils ever. My only problem with the brilliant move was the Three Amigos arrogance during it, I can understand that you would be jumping with joy but you don’t want to completely piss off the opposing alliance in case of you do actually make it to the final tribal. I love Phillip and think he is hilarious but at the same time I wasn’t upset that he left, I am hoping he makes a great final jury speech. Hopefully the rest of the season is as good as the second half of this episode and that this isn’t the peak of greatness. #survivorauction is always good as well!

Rileigh’s Opinion


I’ll keep my opinion short and sweet this week. Best Tribal Council ever? I’d say so. When have you ever seen an alliance of 7 people completely fall apart in a split second? And for it all to happen in the middle of Tribal Council? Wow. Malcolm, hats off to you, you glorious son of a gun. That moment will definitely go down as one of the best in Survivor history. I am completely rooting for the underdogs now; the three amigos. I never thought I would be, but there you go. I hope Malcolm goes all the way, though he still has his work cut out for him. Now that Sherri has lost her Shamar-substitute, Phillip, it may be in her best interest to flip. And if the boys are persistent, they may be able to convince Erik that he is a physical threat in the game and will be targeted by his alliance soon after they are gone. Alternately, if the Idols continue to be as easily found as they have been so far, they may be able to pull off something just as spectacular at the next Tribal Council. Here’s hoping. Anyway, loved the episode and cannot wait for the next one!

Heather’s Opinion


First off, Phillip left.  This episode is as good as gold to me for that.

As soon as they get back for the last Tribal Council, both groups go off and regroup to figure out how to move on from there.  In the SRU group, Andrea seems to be taking charge of those discussions; they decided that Renyold(s) is next.  Over at the three amigos, they decided to figure out where the next idol is.  By the way, why must they insist on planting those things?  I’m already tired of the Hidden Immunity Idol.  I say play it once and done.  Really good Survivor players shouldn’t need to relay on idols.  However, that’s enough on that tangent for the moment.

Remember that one preview that hyped up a Dawn meltdown, one that would drive her to quit?  It turns out that she has a retainer and in fell into the water and she can’t get.  She goes and calls for Brenda while having a breakdown moment.  I wanted to give her a hug.  Brenda finds it for her, and Dawn loves her for it. It’s such a cute moment, and Brenda finally gets a confessional.  I’d love to hear more from her speaking of.  Let’s say I got tired of Cochran and Phillip getting every single confession ever.  Although I didn’t like the Dawn bashing.  Not a fan.  However a great night’s sleep is what Dawn needed, and she was better in the morning.  However she looked ready to take out Andrea of all people.

So we get to the reward challenge, and it’s one from the last season of the Philippines.  Malcolm, who has won this challenge before, used Penner’s strategy of finding all the bags for everyone before moving on, however Reynold picked up on that and found his team’s bags a lot quicker.  Add in the fact that Sherri took forever on the Orange team, thus making this a victory for the purple team of Cochran, Phillip, Erik, Reynold, and Dawn.  Even though everyone seems to enjoy the reward of a swimming pool and food, Erik is annoyed by Phillip not using the shower and instead dirtying up the pool with the mud/rice combo from the challenge.  I would be too.  Phillip doesn’t really mesh well with the group now does he?

The immunity challenge is one of my favourite challenges from a past season.  Pearl Island’s merge Immunity challenge has come back.  Phillip decides to not participate in this challenge because of an incident that he had with water.  I call some shenanigans on that because he participated in the last immunity challenge, which had him submerged in water as well.  Oh well, Reynold wins anyways forcing Phillip and his not so stealthy Stealth R Us to change their target to Malcolm… except that he finds the re-hidden Hidden Immunity Idol right in front of them.  They still are planning to split the vote between him and Eddie however just in case.

However, at tribal council, Malcolm pulled a fast one.  He gave his other idol to Eddie so that the both of them could be safe at Tribal Council, as well as vote out Phillip.  He announces the plan, but Phillip tells everyone to stick to their guns,

although both Brenda and Dawn want to take the chance to vote out Andrea.  However that was not meant to happen because of the seating arrangements, and the idols get played with Erik also voting for Phillip (or rather “Fillup”) and for the first time Phillip gets voted out of Survivor.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think this was the best move for Malcolm.  His best bet was to sell out Eddie.  Rarely does a minority alliance all make it to the end, the only examples I can think of is the Aitu tribe in Cook Islands and the Jalapao Tribe in Tocantins.  It’s much more common to see the less threaten person of that alliance to make it far and win, like Chris and Danni.  Also if Eddie and Reynold are on the jury, and Malcolm is up in the final three, they will be guaranteed jury votes for him unless Malcolm really screws up with that somehow.  Even then, I don’t think that he should have said that they were going to vote out Phillip.  Spring up a surprise or something.  I’m not a huge fan of this move and it will be another overrated idol based move to match Parvati’s double play six seasons ago.  There have been bigger and better moves in Tribal pulled without an idol play.  Leann, Brendan, Tyson in Tocantins, and Jamie are all vote outs that I would regard better than this one.  I really hope that they won’t re-hide the idols, simply because there is no need to keep on dragging them around and using them to substitute social game play in a minority situation.  However we shall find that out next time won’t we?

Nick’s Opinion


It’s episodes like this that show just how entertaining Survivor can be after 26 seasons, and the reason I personally believe it to be the greatest show on TV. Thank you Malcolm (a self confessed fan as well) for making a great Survivor moment, one that will live long in the memory of fans and is right up there with Parvati’s double idol play in Heroes vs. Villains.

Here’s the rub: I think Malcolm just killed any chance of winning this game this episode. His big move was epic, and unforgettable. But did it increase his chances of winning the game? Would it have been wiser to play his idol, let Eddie go home, and then play his second idol at the next tribal council? That would buy him another 2 votes, and he will always be a front runner for winning immunities as well. I guess anything can happen, as evidenced by Brenda actually getting a confessional.

I also think sending Phillip home was a massive mistake. I am sure Phillip was hard to get along with, but he is clearly not in control of the game. Malcolm said so just last week and missed a golden opportunity to get rid of Andrea here. That would have split Stealth R Us apart completely, but getting rid of Phillip is more likely to simply to galvanise the group, keeping them tight in order to get rid of Malcolm, who has now shown himself to be a major threat. Perhaps the one good reason to get rid of Phillip is it removes an end-game goat, and could leave players scrambling to come up with a new ideal final 3 without him. Will that be enough to create openings for Malcolm? I don’t think so, but I guess we will find out.

I have no doubt this move will be compared with Parvarti’s in Heroes vs. Villains (in fact I did that a few lines back…). For me, Parvati’s move is much better. For one, Malcolm had protection and knew that no matter what, playing his idol protected him. It’s easier to take risks when you know that the fallout on you won’t be immediate. Parvati played her two idols on others, leaving herself vulnerable. Paravati’s move undoubtedly turned the game towards her alliance and almost won her a second million dollars. Will Malcolm’s move create the same momentum for him? We don’t know yet, but as I have guessed above, the “three amigos” just look like a big, threatening alliance that needs to taken care of now. But if anyone can use this big move to shift the game in their direction, it’s the silver tongued Malcolm.

And so we bid farewell to the Specialist. I’m sure many people will say good riddance but I have always found him to be at the very least an entertaining character. At least he brings something to the table unlike so many of the factors that have played the game over the years. And you know he will be an interesting juror. Unfortunately for him, there are just some things that there is no BR rule for.

Shayna’s Opinion


This was an amazing episode!! I can’t say enough how happy I am that this season’s hijacker Phillip is gone. I call Phillip the hijacker because I feel like he stole so much camera time from other castaways. I guess the editors are to blame for that too, but I am happy that is over with and he got restricted to the jury bench.

The episode started off in a very dramatic way with Dawn crying and Brenda coming to the rescue. It was a very honest and raw moment from Dawn and I really felt for her. Imagine the thought of millions of people seeing you without your bottom teeth. The thought just terrified Dawn and she reacted. I probably would have reacted the same way. And cute little Brenda, retrieving Dawn’s retainer. I was happy to hear from Brenda, but I wish we would have gotten a little more. Thankfully there are the secret scenes to hear from Brenda.

The reward challenge was great. I was very happy with the team that won and I was glad that Malcolm’s copy catting of Penner’s strategy from last season did not work very well. Malcolm is too cocky and he needed to be humbled. Poor Sheri, she is being painted as this season’s weakest link in the challenges. Hopefully she will get to have her shining moment. The food at the reward looked absolutely amazing, maybe a little too much grease. I wonder if anyone if them were not able to keep it down. The scene where Phillip got into the pool was probably not that big of a deal. Judd did the same thing in Guatemala and nobody cared.

Dawn is getting paranoid of Andrea. This showed me that getting sleep might be more beneficial than getting a big meal. I would have thought Dawn would remain centred after she had that big meal but she didn’t calm down until she was able to have a good night’s sleep. I think her feelings towards Andrea are justified. Andrea is working the guys for jury votes and Dawn needs to be aware of getting Andrea out before Andrea gets her out.

The immunity challenge was a true classic. This goes all the way back to Pearl Islands. Rupert lost this challenge to Burton by just a hair. I was shocked that Phillip decided to not even participate. I don’t know if I believe that story because last week’s challenge was basically what supposedly happened to him when he was a kid. That challenge was just like being trapped under a deck.

I wasn’t surprised that Reynold one. I think this is how the rest of the physical challenges will play out. I think Malcolm will always be trying to beat Reynold and he probably won’t get the change.

At tribal council I was very happy that the three amigos all had immunity. It would have been smarter if he could have tried to use them to pull another person in. Malcolm loves attention and I believe everything he does is for shock value. I believe Malcolm is already playing for a spot on another season of survivor. I won’t complain about it anymore because I loved the result.

In closing I just have to say that I hope Dawn wins. I have been rooting for her from the start. She has gotten a lot of grief for crying so much, but I appreciate her being so open with her emotions. By now the favourites know how editing works, so we get these castaways who will either try to be a character, throw people under the bus or try to come up with clever one liners to get some confessionals. But with Dawn I feel everything she gives us is real!!

Survivor Re-capper: Kathy Sleckman


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our tenth special guest is Micronesia contestant Kathy Sleckman, as she discusses why this season has only just taken off for her, the Dawn breakdown being disappointing and why she was expecting so much more, the ‘cartoon characters’ going this season and why she is glad to see the back of Phillip, her thoughts on why the tribal council wasn’t as good as everyone is making it out to be, the invisible Brenda and Erik, why she thinks Cochran is playing a good game as well as giving some contestant impersonations, shutting down Ben’s questions and singing a song about her ‘friend’ Jason from her season. Kathy’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Cochran
NEXT TO GO: Reynold

Join us next week for our recap of episode 11, featuring special Survivor guest Yau-Man Chan from Fiji and Micronesia!


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