Reality Rally 2013 Interviews


Reality Rally returned bigger and better than ever in 2013, with many big name guests from not only Survivor but from a wide variety of other reality shows too! And while we were unable to send Ben or any of the other crew to Temecula in California to cover the event, we were able to recruit a very special ‘guest host’ in our good friend Rita Verreos from the 14th season of Fiji to help cover the event for us! What followed were some amazing interviews that you won’t want to miss!


Rita was right in the middle of all the big names as they came out to sign autographs for the fans and go along the ‘media line’ to face the press about their participation in the 2013 Reality Rally event. Rita was able to secure chats with several big names who have appeared on the show before including Richard Hatch, Kim Spradlin, Bob Crowley, Phillip Sheppard, Tyrone Davis, Troyzan Robertson, Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, Anthony Robinson, Zane Knight, Tina Scheer and Cristina Coria as well as the lady behind the event Gillian Larson! She was also able to chat to some people from US Big Brother and even some other fans along the way!


You can download the full audio interviews from the event by clicking the link below. Some of the quality of the interviews aren’t as good as you are used to due to the recordings being transferred from video recordings and the loud background noises that were happening in the event. You can check out the full video interviews by clicking !

Our sincerest thanks goes out to Gillian Larson and Rita Verreos for helping us out with the interviews! For more information on Reality Rally please visit

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