Survivor Caramoan–Episode 11 Recap featuring Yau-Man Chan!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the eleventh episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Yau-Man Chan from Survivor Fiji and Micronesia!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I breakdown the Survivor Auction, the Hidden Immunity Idol standoff and the “greatest challenge threat in Survivor Caramoan”.

After the mandatory catch up segment from last week’s episode, we join up with Enil Edam as they return from Tribal Council. Everyone comments on how “crazy” Tribal was before Reynold tells the tribe that it was “worth three Immunities” to get rid of Phillip. Cochran says it will be a relief to stop having to refer to the alliance as “Stealth ‘R’ Us” whilst Malcolm gives a confessional explaining that he hopes the six person alliance will “fracture” and that some of the members will “come over to the dark side” by joining up with the three amigos. Eddie says that they won’t have to worry about Phillip fitting his “ego and head” under the shelter anymore and Brenda states that Phillip “bought about his own downfall”. Erik admits to the camera how the game is now opening up and that he is in a powerful position as a swing vote.

The following morning, everyone is extremely hungry and tired. Cochran describes his feelings on the previous Tribal Council; saying as a Survivor fan it was “breathtaking” whilst as a player it made him “terrified”. He then states that spirits are low and everyone is suffering from hunger. Brenda then gets her third confessional for the season, (yes you read that correctly), as she breaks down crying. Dawn comforts her, offers her some water tries to reassures her, saying things will get better because they have already endured “ the Phillip days, the Brandon days, the swaps, the Merge…”. Brenda then confesses that the previous Tribal Council scared her because she felt like she was “losing control” of the game. She continues, saying that everything is up in the air with “emotions, the food situation and the uncertainty of what these boys are capable of”.


Dawn comforts an emotional Brenda. (Image credit CBS)

After the break, tree mail comes to the rescue as Cochran returns with envelopes for everyone containing five hundred dollars… which of course can only mean one thing; Survivor Auction time! As we head out to the Auction, Malcolm acknowledges the fact that despite being hungry, he might have to consider not buying any food because there is likely to be an advantage in the game offered, which is something he needs.

We arrive at the Auction and Jeff quickly runs through the rules – no sharing of food or money, bids will be in twenty dollar increments and the Auction will end without warning. Jeff announces that the first item will be sold to the first person who bids for twenty dollars. Hardly a second after he removes the cover to reveal a beer and some nuts, Malcolm leaps into the air… all thought of his “saving money for important game advantages” out the window. Malcolm sculls the beer and then Jeff reveals a positive to the situation; Malcolm has in fact bought two additional beers and a bowl of pretzels – for twenty bucks, that’s not too shabby!

Out next item remains covered, Andrea, Brenda, Dawn and Erik all enter the bidding action but instead the item is purchased by Reynold for one hundred and eighty dollars. Once again we have a twist with Reynold given the choice to choose his original item, or swap it for one of two other covered choices. Reynold sticks with his original purchase. It is revealed that he didn’t swap it for a rotten coconut and he has bought a slice of pizza. Jeff then reveals the other covered item is a full pizza with one piece removed. Reynold is shattered but Sherri seizes the opportunity and bids five hundred dollars for the full pizza. A surprised Jeff agrees and Sherri hurries forward and begins to eat.

Next up is a roasted chicken which Dawn grabs immediately for five hundred dollars. Next, Malcolm is left to buy “information about the game” for four hundred and eighty dollars and is given sixty seconds to read a clue to the location of a new Hidden Immunity Idol.


Malcolm’s clue to the location of a new Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit CBS)

The next item on the cards is again covered and sparks a bidding war between Andrea, Brenda and Erik. Andrea claims the item for two hundred and eighty dollars and it is revealed she has bought a large plate of pasta, with a side of garlic bread and a glass of red wine. However, there is a twist. Andrea can choose to either eat the meal or trade it in for two large bags, one containing rice, the other beans, for the tribe to take back to camp. Naturally, Andrea trades in the food for the benefit of the tribe. I hate this twist in Auction’s. It’s completely pointless! Anyone who understands the game swaps the food for the beans and rice; it’s common sense!

Next up is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Reynold jumps in first at three hundred dollars and Brenda ups this bid by twenty. Cochran then joins in the fun bidding three hundred and forty dollars which annoys Brenda but secures him the sealed note. Next we have another covered item, Eddie starts us off bidding twenty dollars but Brenda jumps straight to three hundred, saying that “she doesn’t want to lose out this time”. Brenda wins and it is revealed she has purchased a pig brain. After a prompt from Jeff, she tries it, then comments that “I just remembered I don’t eat pork”, before asking Jeff whether “is it good for you?” which Jeff tells her he has “no idea”.


A selection of items purchased at the Survivor Auction. (Image credit CBS)

Next we have letters from home which Jeff offers to sell to everyone for twenty dollars! What a joke! These things usually always fetch five hundred! Jeff has gone soft! However, it means everyone apart from Dawn, Malcolm and Sherri purchase a letter. Naturally, Dawn starts crying, and Sherri joins in before Malcolm comments that “I’m not crying but I feel the way they feel right now”. The final item up for grabs is another covered item which Eddie purchases for two hundred dollars. It is revealed to be a giant bowl of peanut butter that Eddie has sixty second to share with the tribe. Jeff says that “whatever is left in the bowl says behind” so everyone covers themselves in peanut butter and Cochran licks some off Sherri’s fingers; which when asked by Jeff how often it happens, he continues his cracking one liners this season by saying “more often that you think”. With that, the Auction is over and everyone heads back to camp.

On the way back to camp, Dawn tells us all that Malcolm likely having a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol is dangerous because it may only take a few people to flip, to change the course of the game. Back at camp, the bowl of peanut butter had returned with them, meaning Jeff wasn’t serious about having sixty seconds to eat it. Reynold is also pleased about the outcome of the Auction, saying the game has changed direction by “one hundred and eight degrees” now that they have food and his alliance have a clue to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Everyone sits down to read their letters from home and Brenda gets several more confessionals as she breaks down once again. It’s not only Brenda who is emotional, Cochran also shed’s a tear as he hears from his loved ones. He comments that whilst he has been trying to play an “emotionless game”, he still is proud that he “values things that are really important”.

Malcolm and Reynold have no time to cry though as the pair head over to speak to Sherri. Reynold tells Sherri that they can hold majority over the other alliance if they can get herself and Erik to vote with them; with Malcolm assuring her that would mean a guaranteed place in the final five. Sherri gives a confessional saying that if the three boys continue to “win Immunity and find Idols, you begin to think they are unbeatable”. She continues saying that “if you can’t beat them… you join them”. Reynold carries on his monologue, telling Sherri that they will win all the Individual Immunities as well as having the Idol. Reynold then explains in a confessional that if they are able to recruit Erik and Sherri into the ‘three amigos alliance’ then they will change the majority from six-three in favour of the Favourites alliance, to a five-four advantage, giving them majority and control of the game. Reynold states that if they can achieve majority, the plan is to vote off a big strategic power player; with this time, Cochran being the target.

That night, when it appears everyone is sleeping, Malcolm decides to head off into the trees to look for the Idol. However, he is caught in the act when Andrea and Cochran join him. The pair sits down on the well, as Malcolm stands around looking extremely shifty as an awkward silence takes place; which is broken by Cochran who excuses himself to go to the bathroom. In a confessional, Andrea says that she won’t be leaving Malcolm alone because if it finds the Idol, she will probably be sent home. Andrea remains seated as the silence resumes before she asks Malcolm whether it is a “standoff”. Malcolm asks if Andrea will “leave” or if she will “follow him around all day?” to which Andrea responds by remaining seated. A time-lapse takes place and shows the pair still sitting by the well with the sun now risen. The pair agrees to return to camp before comically agreeing to meet at “the same time tomorrow morning”. In a confessional, Malcolm comments that Andrea is a “smart girl”, who won’t give him time to dig. Malcolm goes onto say that it may cause him to throw “a million dollars down the drain”.


Andrea and Malcolm “well” it out. (Image credit CBS)

Time for the Immunity Challenge! This week we return to a challenge previous seen in ‘Survivor Samoa’. For the challenge, each castaway has to hold onto a rope in one hand that is connected to a log which weighs one third of each castaways starting body weight. Along the rope are knots, every five minutes the castaways will have to move down one knot; thus making the weight more difficult to hold. If a castaway drops their rope, the log will fall, smashing their statue. The last person left in the challenge will win Immunity.

Before we get underway, Jeff asks Cochran to read out the advantage he purchased at the Auction. Like Samoa, the advantage allows Cochran to move up two knots at any point during the challenge, thus reducing how heavy the weight he is holding is. Eddie then gives a confessional about how important the challenge is for his future in the game, but says that he feels “optimistic” about the challenge because “Cochran is no type of physical threat”.

The challenge gets underway and for the first twenty-five minutes, (or five positional changes on the rope), everyone hangs in there. Cochran uses his advantage after the second knot change, meaning that he will be two knots above everyone else for the remainder of the challenge. When everyone but Cochran moves down to the final knot, Brenda is the first out of the challenge as she steps off and Erik soon follows as everyone else survives to the final round, which will go until only one person remains. The last piece of rope has no knot under neither it, making it very tough to hang onto, giving Cochran a huge advantage as he still has a knot to use as leverage. Shortly after, Sherri drops out and is followed soon after by Malcolm; leaving only five remaining in the challenge. Andrea is the next to go after her rope slips through her fingers and Dawn begins to struggle, screaming out in pain as Jeff gives her plenty of encouragement.


Enil Edam competes in the Day Thirty Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Dawn can’t hang on though and drops out, leaving Cochran, Eddie and Reynold to fight it out. Reynold is the next out of the challenge which opens the door for a showdown between Cochran and Eddie – I bet he’s regretting saying that Cochran wasn’t a challenge threat now! Cochran gets plenty of support from the sidelines as Eddie’s hand slips further and further towards the end of the rope. Malcolm encourages Eddie to “hold it” but he can’t, dropping the rope leaving Cochran to claim his second Individual Immunity of the season. As he heads over to collect the necklace, he doesn’t another little victory dance, claiming he “knows who it works now”. As Jeff sends everyone back to camp, Malcolm says that now Cochran is safe he’ll have to work on giving the others a speech so they know “at nine, the three of us can be a lot of help if somebody wants to shake things up”.

“I am the greatest challenge competitor in Survivor Caramoan! There’s no debate; if you look at the scoreboard, I’m demolishing everybody. I’ve won half the Individual Immunity challenges! I’m the guy that was screamed at after every challenge last time I played because I’m such a freakin’ liability, cause I suck in challenges, cause I’m weak… but now, I am the biggest challenge threat in this game!” – John Cochran.

Okay so Cochran may be overreacting a little bit but everything he said is true so you can’t argue with that. After listening to Cochran’s monologue and hearing his tribe mates congratulate him, the focus shifts back onto Malcolm who is beginning to become annoyed at the fact he can’t find the Hidden Immunity Idol despite having a clue. To counter this, he forms a plan to trick the majority alliance into believe that he does in fact have the Idol so that they will be forced to split the votes. Malcolm’s hope is that if his plan is successful, Sherri will flip on her alliance and when it comes time to vote, they will come out on top in a four-three-three vote. The only problem is, Malcolm has to convince Sherri to go ahead with it.

Malcolm tells Sherri that he wants to “work with you to the end” and that he has found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Malcolm explains that if Sherri votes with himself, Eddie and Reynold and the other alliance splits the votes, they have the numbers to get through the vote. Malcolm then goes onto say “I’ll go to the end with you”. Sherri listens and then begins to weigh up her options; which proves difficult as she is struggling with making a decision as to if the “muscleheads” really can win every remaining Individual Immunity challenge despite Cochran beating them twice. Sherri then asks who the three amigos will be voting for with Malcolm telling her to write Andrea’s name down.

Meanwhile, Reynold is doing his best to attempt to get Erik to vote with them. Reynold explains the likely scenario at the upcoming Tribal Council, with Erik agreeing to vote with the boys. Erik then explains his delicate situation in a confessional. Erik states that there are two distinct alliances and it’s time for him to choose which one to align himself with. He admits to wanting to gain as much information as possible so he can “play both sides” right up until it’s time to vote. Later on, we see Erik talking with Andrea, Cochran and Dawn and Dawn stresses to Erik the importance of his vote at Tribal Council. They then discuss the vote with the foursome agreeing that the guys and Andrea vote for Malcolm and the remaining girls vote for Reynold. As Erik heads off, Cochran and Dawn worry about him flipping and consider a “straight vote” so that they will definitely have the numbers if no Idols are played. Andrea speaks up, saying that it will only take one person to flip. Andrea continues, saying that Erik may choose to flip because he was “screwed over by a girl last time” but believes that he isn’t “dumb enough to flip over now”. Sherri on the other hand becomes annoyed in a confessional when she says that nobody realises that the game is in her hands. Sherri declares that she is the one “calling the shots” and she is torn as to which alliance to vote with.


Sherri and Erik discuss their options. (Image credit CBS)

We kick off Tribal Council will Reynold explaining that Phillip’s departure bought a “new chapter” the game. Reynold believes that it is “no longer a six against three game” and that if you’re not prepared to make moves, you’ll be sent home. Andrea says that not having the numbers any more makes her “nervous” but anyone who flips now would be “dooming their game” because Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold would “use and abuse you”. Sherri says flipping has crossed her mind because she doesn’t know where she sits with the Favourites and Dawn says that “everyone feels vulnerable” wondering if they are on the bottom. Malcolm says it was a “fun day” back at camp after buying the information at the Auction with Andrea admitting that the information was about a Hidden Immunity Idol and that she is “eighty percent sure he has it”.

Dawn speaks up saying that she is fearful of the Idol because of the amount of times it has been played this season and Erik admits he is worried that somebody in the alliance of six may flip because it has happened in previous seasons of Survivor. Cochran explains the situation, creating a hypothetical situation which results in one of the alliance of six being sent home because somebody flipped and creating a whole new, four against four game. Andrea rounds things up by acknowledging she will be targeted but says she will be putting her faith in her alliance.

We get to the votes where we see Reynold vote for Andrea, Dawn vote for Reynold and Cochran voting for Malcolm, calling it “delicious” if he was to be sent home. (For Australian reader, Cochran obvious took inspiration for this speech from Bruce McAvaney calling Cyril Rioli delicious).

Jeff collects the urn, asks for non-existent Idols to be played and then reads the votes. The votes tie up with two votes each for Andrea, Malcolm and Reynold. Reynold gets another vote against his name, as does Andrea… leveling the votes up a three-three-two. The final vote is revealed and it goes Malcolm’s way, producing the second three way tie of the season. After the re-vote, it is revealed everyone, including Eddie, votes for Malcolm; who becomes the third member of the Jury.


Malcolm… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In his final words, Malcolm says it’s been a “great ride” and laments that he wasted four hundred and eighty dollars on a clue that proved useless. He continues saying that even if he found the Idol, he wouldn’t have played it because he thought he was safe at the vote.

Next week’s episode see’s Reynold doing anything and everything he can to stay in the game whilst it looks like the beginning of the end for “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

Just a reminder to check out the Ponderosa video’s online! They are always worth a look.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the Immunity Challenge.

“Reynold on one end, Eddie on the other… Cochran in the middle!”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Cochran


With Cochran winning his second Individual Immunity Challenge… I think he’d track he down if he didn’t take the number one spot this week. Cochran has everything going for him this season; he’s in a solid alliance, he’s smart enough to win the game and hes the “greatest challenge threat in Survivor Caramoan”. He’s easily in one of the best positions to take him the title this season, but with hardly any of the remaining castaways being “goats”, if Cochran’s fate isn’t in his own hands, he might find himself walking away at the eleventh hour in favour of someone taking a less strategic or less prominent player to the Final Tribal Council.

2. Andrea


Andrea is running the show for the alliance of six. She’s smart, social and physical which all add up to a winning combination. Whilst she wasn’t overly active in this episode, her plan to send Malcolm home worked largely due to the fact that she didn’t allow him to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. One thing everyone should know about playing Survivor is that there is never any “down time”, something is always happening, even if it means sitting on a well all night to avoid someone finding a Hidden Immunity Idol. Andrea definitely has the smarts to go all the way; the big thing for her now is how she goes about the destruction of the alliance of six.

3. Erik


Erik is playing a very interesting game. He’s been out of the limelight yet he’s worked his way into a final six alliance. Erik started out as a Fan so there is no denying that he knows the game back to front. Working both sides like he did in this episode was brilliant to watch; he did it perfectly because nobody knew he was doing it. I think the big thing for Erik is that he was soon become a huge physical threat. If you look at the last few Reward and Immunity Challenges, he hasn’t performed well at all which could be a ploy to lull his alliance into believing he isn’t the huge physical threat that he was towards the end of ‘Survivor: Micronesia’. On paper, once Eddie and Reynold are out of the picture, he should be favourite to win every challenge, which makes him a huge threat. However, given the game he’s played so far, he may just be able to slip through the folds a little bit longer before he makes a move.

Bottom Three

7. Eddie


Has Eddie been in a good position at all this season? I doubt it highly. I don’t think Eddie is the brightest tool in the shed when it comes to game play; basically, he’s this season’s Carter! Reynold is easily next on the chopping block because he has shown he is a threat to win the game, whilst Eddie hasn’t proved himself as a threat thus far. Voting for Malcolm on the re-vote was a smart thing to do. It shows he’s willing to go against Reynold if it comes to it. Eddie could become a viable vote for someone as the game draws to a close, however, the problem is that he is too big of a physical threat to take to close to the end.

8. Reynold


Reynold is up against it. He’s now in the corner, getting belted from all directions. All he can do from here on out is win Immunity or find an Idol. He’s too much of a threat to align with at the present time so I don’t think there is much hope of being able to turn the game around without protection around his neck. If he can win a few Immunities in a row or find an Idol or two, he could easily sneak into the final five.

9. Malcolm


I have no issue with saying that Malcolm was no where near as dominant this season. Of course, there are many reasons that attribute to this but I think the main one is that he’s basically played sixty eight days of Survivor straight. He had a two week break between filming seasons so there is no way he would be able to mentally and physically prepare himself for another thirty-nine day onslaught. Towards the end of his rein this season, I think he got sloppy; some of his moves weren’t as calculated as we saw last season. In saying that, I think he also had a lot of bad luck this season and I think he’s a good enough player that he may return some time in the future for a third time.

Tweet Tweet!

Below is a list of the castaway Twitter handles for this season, as well as a few snippets of what the castaways and our followers said about this week’s episode. If you’d like to see your tweet featured in this section, tweet us during next week’s episode (@survivoroz) or use the hash tag #survivoroz and your tweet might get selected!



Ben’s Opinion


Are we back at dullsville already?

A few weeks of good episodes have once again seen us back to a point where it fell a bit flat. Maybe it was just me, but this episode was a downer. Yeah we had another three way tie, an auction (which I love) and more screen time for Erik (and Brenda) in one episode than we have had all season, but there was just something about it that didn’t float my boat. My boat is very bi-polar this season, so who knows where it will be next week.

I have to say, I’m glad Malcolm is gone. I’ve never been completely sold on him. Maybe it’s just the Ozzy similarities? I don’t know. One week I like him, the next I don’t, the next I do. Who knows. But out of the three amigos I’m glad to see him gone. But two weeks in a row we have seen two big players go, leaving the door wide open for Cochran to waltz this game. It’s really his game to lose right now, and given we are having a double TC next week by the looks of things, this season is running down a potential One World path of being an obvious winner if something doesn’t change up. It would be great to all of a sudden see a real shift, maybe see somehow a Brenda or Andrea go next week, giving the ‘two amigos’ ammo to pull Sherri aside and then Erik and form a new power group of four. With that on paper, take out Cochran, then Dawn and Andrea/Brenda are easy pickings. Erik then slides through on challenge ability into the final three and BOOM wins the jury vote based on being the sole favourite left. Sounds good right? Well if for once my predictions come true, then I’ll be smiling all the way to the Survivor bank! As will Erik of course…

It appears as though the remaining three episodes are going to be less watched by the women with no more Malcolm, but I’m sure the loyal fans will still stick with it to see how it all ends. It’s certainly going to be an interesting end to a very up and down season.

P.S – I’m stealing Jarryd’s little closing line from this week on in saying GO ERIK!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Was giving away a Hidden Immunity Idol really worth two more days? I understand that Survivor is a game where you have to have an alliance in order to survive, but in hindsight I think Malcolm will be wishing he kept the other Hidden Immunity Idol for himself.

Once again I think this episode was full of strategy which is always good to see. For me, the likes of Andrea, Cochran and Erik, who have played with the likes of Boston Rob, Coach and Parvati, Amanda and Cirie, are really starting to shine as the game draws to a close. I think anyone who has played with the “big name, strategic” players are always going to learn, pick up and use things that those players used or used against them in their original seasons. Personally, I think the likes of Brenda, Corinne lacked that experience, whilst Malcolm had aspects to it but the drawback for him was playing back-to-back.

The Auction always amazes me. I can’t begin to understand how hungry you would be but why would you waste your money on food! As for Eddie and Reynold, they could possibly be the most idiotic players ever. You’re in a terrible position and you don’t even attempt to save money or bid for clues to Idols and an advantage in an Immunity Challenge… Turn it up!

For those who say Andrea did nothing this week, you’ve clearly got no idea. Following Malcolm around to avoid him finding the Idol is huge in the context of the game! Sherri is a basic player at best and I’d bet that if Malcolm had of been able to show her the Idol instead of just saying he had it, Sherri would have jumped ship. Huge move by Andrea and something she cleared learned from her days in Redemption Island.

The Immunity Challenge was an interesting one. I love endurance challenges but this was a bit boring… plus no puzzles! What is going on? Back in the old days it was a rarity to go an episode without a puzzle! Bring them back please!

I was semi-concerned during Tribal Council. I was positive that Erik wasn’t going to flip but was unsure about Sherri. Great editing leaving the final vote for Malcolm to keep the suspense alive! Once things were tied up it became pretty obvious that Malcolm would be sent home; it’s clear he’s the leader and the brain of the ‘three amigos’.

I think it will start to get interesting in a few weeks. I still can’t see Brenda making the Final Three based on how inactive she has been this season but other than that I think it’s still very much alive. I think Andrea and Cochran are looking likely to take two of the three spots and the final spot is very much up in the air. However, Andrea and Cochran are very much a threat to each other so it will be interesting to see whether either of them will make a move against the other in the upcoming weeks!

Also, keep in mind; we may see a Final Two this season with a Jury of nine. They did this in the original FvF season so it very well could occur again. Keep your eye out for a possible double elimination in the coming weeks!

Until next time… Go ‘Drea!

Noah’s Opinion


I think this episode was overall better than the previous episode. While it didn’t quite make it to the peak of greatness of last episodes tribal council, it was consistently better. The #survivorauction was fairly good, not the greatest, not the worst. The editing building up to Brenda’s brain incident was great and a real highlight. While we are on Brenda, did anyone feel just completely odd with the switch around of her crying and Dawn the one comforting. Malcolm scored well with getting two extra beers and pretzels but I can only imagine how bad he would have felt after sculling the first one. I was thankful that much of the cast didn’t want to follow Jenna and Heidi when it came to the peanut butter, Cochran with his shirt off is already way far enough. Andrea’s actions at the well were smart enough that I am sure it actually did prevent Malcolm from gaining the idol and I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds it next episode. The editing of Eddie mixed with the challenge made it way too obvious that Eddie would be in the final two, although to be fair I wasn’t sure if he would win or not. I don’t know if Cochran is joking or not, but there is no way in hell he would have won that challenge with out the advantage. Jeff Probst’s excitement for Cochran is also getting a tad too unhealthy. After the challenge and the tribal were all relatively entertaining and I seriously did think for a moment that Erik and Sherri would flip sides. While Reynold and Eddie are my least favourite players left in the game, I was hoping Erik and Sherri would flip as those two and Malcolm were probably my three favourite players left. Plus a power shift would keep things more entertaining and watching how Cochran/Andrea/Dawn would react to the situation would be good. I was surprised seeing online that people did not like this episode. While it certainly wasn’t an all time classic it was a pretty standard episode and in my opinion better than many this season. From here on in I am rooting for Erik to win, while he probably isn’t the greatest player of the remaining eight, he is still my favourite.

Lynda’s Opinion


A gross food challenge and a food auction in one season… the producers are being nice to us this around!!

But first, Brenda’s breakdown. The toll of Phillip leaving and being unsure what to do next, along with the obvious lack food is tearing her apart. So much so that the person who we thought had gone nuts, Dawn, was consoling her! Brenda seemed a little delirious in those scenes, but at the same time it was great to see her have another confessional.

On to the food auction. Woah! These people jumped straight into it, without thinking (except for food on the brain). $500 for (not even a whole) pizza. $500 for a whole chicken. Reynold totally got ripped off, but hey he should have taken Cochran’s advice to switch. Malcolm had the right idea, until he bought all those beers instead. I felt really sorry for Brenda. She was too risk averse in her bids she ended up with pigs brain. Poor thing. And was so hungry she forgot she’s anti-pork. Nice.

Now I’m not the only one to think this, but WHY did Malcolm not dig for the clue with Andrea lingering around? If he did find it, that’s another 3 days set for him. Who cares if Andrea is there; her and Dawn saw him find an idol last week. I didn’t quite understand that whole situation, but i digress. I think ‘Drea is playing a very smart game right now, her paranoia is clearly showing, but if she can keep it together she’s definitely in for a final 3 placing. Sherri – who? No, I’m not sure how long she will last. Unless the Favourites bring her along to the end as a goat I see her going home soon.

Cochran! This guy is my tip to win the million. Two immunity challenge wins. Who would have thought?! He is slowly starting to be seen as a threat (finally), but his charm and weak demeanour has kept him there. Along with the former Stealth R’Us crew, he is in it to win it this time around!

So, unfortunately Malcolm couldn’t (or wouldn’t) find the hidden idol so was sent home packing. Such a shame after last week’s epic TV moment. But maybe it was just that, an epic TV moment. It didn’t really help him move forward in the game at all other than the 3 extra days. But I still love Malcolm and the way he has played Survivor. Bring him back for a 3rd, i say!!

Survivor Re-capper: Yau-Man Chan


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our tenth special guest is Fiji & Micronesia contestant Yau-Man Chan, as he discusses his thoughts on this season, his admiration for Cochran and why he is surprised at Dawn’s game so far, whether or not he is sad to see Malcolm go, the idols being played and hidden and played and hidden, the food auction and Brenda’s dilemma, waiting at the well with Malcolm and why Malcolm played that stupid as well as why he wants Ben to hate him if he was to play for a third time and just which contestant he wants to lick peanut butter off his fingers. Yau-Man’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Dawn/Cochran
NEXT TO GO: Reynold

Join us next week for our recap of episode 12, featuring special Survivor guest Kim Spradlin from One World!


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