Survivor Ozcap–Micronesia


Our 16th Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 16th season of Micronesia in true Survivor Oz style!

Universally regarded as one of, if not THE best season of all time, Micronesia usually ticks all the boxes when it comes to a classic Survivor season. Great cast, great twists, great blind sides and everything else in between, the season has it all. With half returning players against new players, there was some great gameplay along the way too, and it saw the emergence of Parvati as a great winner of the game, defeating Amanda Kimmel in a 5-3 vote. In our Ozcap, we talk about this season being ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, whether or not all ten returning contestants warranted a second go, why the intro of the players was one of the best there has ever been, Jonny Fairplay and whether or not his exit was a ‘quit’, which contestant was more boring than contestants on Survivor Israel, why Joel’s voice and how deep it was impressed Ben, what scene was the ‘most horrible scene in the history of Survivor’ as well as which shelter was the best, the Kathy Sleckman quit debate and blow up Survivor dolls. All is then brought to a close with our infamous Ozcap final questions!

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5 Comments on Survivor Ozcap–Micronesia

  1. The link to this one doesn’t seem to be working either.

  2. Link still isn’t working. 😦

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