Gabriel Cade Interview


Rotu had to eventually lose a member on the fourth season of the Marquesas, and unfortunately for Gabriel Cade, that person was to be him. Despite getting on with pretty much everyone, the tribal switch came and Gabe decided that he was there for the ‘experience’ rather than the game. And although he can look back on his experience now, there are certainly things he would change about his game. Does that include bringing his teddy bear as a luxury item? And how did CBS get in touch with him recently about him coming back, only for them to actually forget who he is?


Gabriel started off well liked on the Rotu tribe and found himself having a great time along the way. However after the tribal switch, things turned against him, as he was unwilling to choose sides in a crucial vote with John and declared he was ‘only there for the experience’, all of which lead to him being voted out of the game.

In our chat with Gabe, he talks about being honoured to be asked on the show and be our 200th guest, why nobody even recognises him anymore, how he knew he was always going to be on Survivor, approaching people before the game had even started for alliances, why only Hunter could stop him pre-game, knowing he was going the night he went, just why he brought a teddy bear with him as a luxury item, John and Neleh warning him about being interviewed before coming on Survivor Oz as well as why he has stopped watching Survivor and why CBS called him up about coming back only not to realise who he was.

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  1. this was a really fantastic listen. Gabriel is a smart guy who has a lot to offer to the game if he was given another shot.

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