Survivor Caramoan–Episode 12 Recap featuring Kim Spradlin!


Survivor Caramoan continues this week, and it’s time to recap the eleventh episode with our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Kim Spradlin from Survivor One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I breakdown the Immunity Challenges, the Hidden Immunity Idol and just why Parvati Shallow, Amanda Kimmel, Cirie Fields and Natalie Bolton played a huge role in the blindside at Tribal Council.

Upon arrival back at camp, the majority alliance begins to congratulate themselves on voting out Malcolm; whilst Eddie and Reynold joke about their fortune in the game. Reynold says hes going to “fight” and tells the group that in his head he believes he can “win five Immunities in a row”. Eddie then chips in, saying that the pair are going to continue playing hard and later explains his reasoning to the camera, telling us that “anything could happen”.

Andrea and Cochran begin to think ahead. Cochran revels at the amount of power he holds in the game and says he will have “no remorse or reservations” when the time comes to take full control of the game. Cochran finishes by saying that he has started to become someone that would “scare my mum” because “I’m not the little Harvard nerd anymore”.

The following morning, Cochran reads tree mail to the tribe informing them of an Immunity Challenge. Erik is shocked by this news, saying that game never stops and his goal is to beat Reynold in the challenge so that they can vote him off.

We head over to the challenge where the wind is blowing to gale. As a shirtless Cochran hands over Immunity, Jeff jokes about the transformation he has undertaken in the past few years before explaining the challenge.

We’ve got a new challenge this time. Each castaway has to balance on a triangular platform out in the water, by perching their bare feet on narrow footholds. Every fifteen minutes, everyone has to move up to a higher foothold making it more difficult. After the castaways reach the final foothold, the challenge will continue until only one person remains. Also up for grabs is Reward, which is “information about the game” in other words… a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol which Malcolm wasn’t able to find. Before we kick off, Reynold tells us that if he doesn’t win the challenge, he’ll be sent home… so, he has no choice but to win.


Enil Edam competes in the Day Thirty-one Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Probst gets us underway by joking about how simple the challenge will be with the aid of the wind before bringing out and nibbling on temptation – donuts and a glass of cold milk. Eddie and Erik both contemplate taking the food, with everyone egging Eddie on. Erik talks Eddie into sharing it and the pair jump off to enjoy their donuts.

The first fifteen minutes pass and everyone moves up to the second foothold. Immediately after, Probst offers some more food, three hotdogs and a soft drink. Cochran attempts to consult his alliance about whether he can step down or not, however, nobody has anything to say on the issue, so Cochran jumps down for the ‘dogs’. Before the round end, Reynold has a small slip and recovers to tell the others “I’m not going anywhere!”

At the thirty minute mark, everyone moves up to the top of the triangular platform. With the high winds and very little room to balance, everyone struggles with Dawn and Reynold making some great saves. However, Dawn can’t remain upright after a gust of wind comes through and she falls off. Dawn is soon followed by Sherri, leaving on three in the running for Immunity.

With only Andrea, Brenda and Reynold remaining, all three pull off some great saves; none better than Reynold, who manages to balance on one leg and regain his composure. Though it doesn’t last long as Reynold losses balance once again, tries to regain his balance on one leg, can’t and falls off much to the relief of everyone else but Eddie. Andrea and Brenda immediately begin to talk with Andrea offering to “share the clue” if Brenda jumps off. Brenda turns her down and the pair agrees to fight it out.

Three hours later… both girls are still at it! Even Probst is over the challenge and has rolled his sleeves down to avoid sunburn. Things get interesting when the pair decide to make up a new rule – lift your left leg off the platform. Probst counts them in as Andrea and Brenda go onto make Survivor history for being the first castaways to create their own rules in a challenge. Both girls raise their left leg and the competition is over in a matter of seconds as Brenda falls off and Andrea claims Immunity. Probst hands over the necklace and the clue and Brenda sends us on our way back to camp commenting on how “exciting” it is to have a confessional… I mean, how exciting it will be to split the votes and send either Eddie or Reynold home.


Probst presents Andrea with the Immunity Necklace and a note containing “information about the game”. (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp, Reynold gives a confessional about his precarious position in the game. He states that he is in a bad position though it is the perfect time in the game to “strike” so all may not be lost. Andrea comments on Brenda becoming a threat in the game and says she regrets offering to share the clue with her. The pair read the note which is the same clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that Malcolm received. It appears Andrea’s folks raised her with the “sharing is caring” attitude because she decides that Brenda knowing about the clue isn’t enough so she tells the rest of her alliance the clue in order to have everyone looking for the Idol so that it doesn’t fall into Eddie or Reynold’s hands.

Everyone begins to dig and after several moments, Erik unearths the package and hands it to Andrea. Cochran comments on his elation at Erik finding the Idol because he believes he’ll be able to manipulate him. Cochran continues by saying he couldn’t believe that Erik gave the Idol straight to Andrea and remarks that Erik has “learnt nothing”. Andrea says it’s great to have an Idol and the plan is to get Reynold out. Nevertheless, she comments that the time would be perfect to blindside a strategic threat because it “needs to happen before it happens to me”.

image image TOP: Erik hands the Hidden Immunity Idol to Andrea and BELOW: Andrea celebrates with Erik. (Image credit CBS)

Andrea then questions Cochran and Sherri about blindsiding Brenda because she is a massive physical threat who hasn’t got on anyone’s nerves the entire game. Cochran gives a confessional stating that it is the “beginning of the end” for the alliance. He continues saying that there are still two “easy” votes, (Eddie and Reynold) and that everyone is starting to think about there own victory instead of a group victory. We go back to Andrea who asks Cochran whether Dawn would be up to blindsiding Brenda before admitting that she is excited to blindside someone when everyone believes Reynold will be sent home. Cochran then gives another confessional, talking up Andrea’s ability to play the game beyond their alliance of six and states the game is all about timing. Andrea heads off to speak to Dawn who agrees that despite wanting to take out Reynold, Brenda is the biggest threat in the alliance of six. Dawn then leads us into Tribal Council, explaining that her decisions are critical from this point forward and her biggest obstacle in he game is her mind.

Tribal Council starts off with Eddie explaining that he was never going to be able to win the challenge so he “jumped off to eat”. Brenda says the challenge gave her a chance to test herself and she was happy she was beaten instead of jumping off. Reynold believes that he was curious a deal wasn’t stuck between the pair and that he is now a great asset in the game. Cochran says big moves are all about timing and that you have to make your move just before a move is made against you. Dawn worries about putting her trust in people in a game that everyone, including herself is untrustworthy and Andrea says that paranoia is huge especially when you’re playing in a game full of very capable people. Eddie believes that because of all the big name’s still left in the game, he may be able to squeeze by for a few votes and Andrea says that if one person flips, the game will change, however… it won’t be her getting sent home tonight.

Andrea hangs onto her Hidden Immunity Idol and we get to the votes. Erik gets the first vote and is in disbelief but it is quickly quelled as Eddie and Reynold both level the leader board with two votes a piece. The final vote is read with Reynold being sent home to nobody’s surprise. Reynold’s torch is snuffed, he wishes everyone well and Brenda continues to breathe easy after not knowing just how close she was to going home.


Reynold… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Back at camp, everyone is happy, (except Eddie), that Reynold has finally been sent home. Andrea comments that she didn’t make the big move tonight and the logically thing to do next is blindside someone who won’t see it coming. She speaks to Cochran, saying that they are “playing a game for a million dollars” and “if we don’t do it, they will”. She continues, asking Cochran whether they should send Brenda or Dawn home next. Cochran doesn’t have much to say as he lets Andrea talk as she convinces herself that Brenda will be the next to go.

Cochran is laying low for a reason though. He states that Andrea’s willingness to make big moves is something he agrees with. However, he doesn’t agree with sending Dawn home, who is his biggest ally. Cochran joins up with Brenda and Dawn as the trio discusses the future of the game. They agree that Eddie will be next to go despite Andrea not liking the idea. Cochran then tells the women that Andrea has mentioned both of their names when talking about blindsiding someone which leads to both Brenda and Dawn wanting Andrea out of the game before Eddie. Cochran says he is scared of the Idol but Brenda says that it won’t be a problem if they can keep the plan on the down low. Before the break, Cochran admits that Andrea is an “independent thinker” which is a worrying part of her game. He goes onto say that the time has come to make a big move against her and if she doesn’t play her Idol or win Immunity, she “might go home”.


Cochran informs Dawn and Brenda of Andrea’s potential betrayal. (Image credit CBS)

With that, it’s time for the Day Thirty-three Immunity Challenge! This challenge incorporates different aspects of challenges we have seen previously. Castaways start off on a platform in the water and have to push a buoy through obstacles and to a post. Once at the post, they have to untie a series of knots to release a key. The key then opens a chest which contains ten individually shaped ladder rung puzzle pieces. The first person to build their ladder, (from the ground up), climb to the top and raise their flag, win’s Immunity.


Enil Edam prior to the start of the Day Thirty-three Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

The challenge kicks off and immediately Brenda and Erik get off to a quick start. Everyone works quickly through the ropes except Sherri, who falls behind early on. Erik is first to reach his post and is soon followed by Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Brenda and Eddie all in quick succession. Sherri catches up as everyone begins work on their knots with Andrea and Eddie leading the way.

Erik is first through the knots and Andrea is close behind. Both sprint forward and begin to organise their ladder rung’s as Eddie and Brenda complete their knots.

Andrea and Brenda both place their first piece and it looks like we’ll have a showdown between the two girls who are preparing to blindside each other. It isn’t the case though as Eddie and Erik both place pieces in and tie things up with Brenda with two pieces each. Andrea struggles on her second piece as Dawn, Sherri and Cochran catch up and begin work on their puzzles. Erik isn’t mucking around though as he places his third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh pieces just as Brenda places her fourth, giving him a demanding lead. Brenda tries her best to stay alive but to know avail as Erik places his final three pieces to claim his first Individual Immunity since that fateful day in Micronesia. Jeff hands over Immunity to Erik who states that “he’s to scared” to give up Immunity again.


Erik is all smiles after the Immunity Necklace is placed around his neck. (Image credit CBS)

Once back at camp, Erik says he has learned from his mistakes and he now see’s the Immunity Necklace as a “safety blanket”. Andrea tells Cochran and Dawn that Brenda is going home next because of the threat she has become and the fact they will be able to control Eddie. Andrea then confesses that she’s “happy” because she’s spoken to everyone and her plan is in full swing. She continues by saying that she knows how Brenda will feel after she is voted out because she felt the same way in Redemption Island. Finally, Andrea declares that she will hold onto the Idol but bring it to Tribal Council but only play it if she feels paranoid. Andrea then tells Eddie to vote for Brenda, with Eddie admitting it is the first time since the start of the game that he is confident he will know the outcome of the vote at Tribal Council.

Andrea and Cochran then discuss Final Three plans, with Andrea saying the worst case scenario is they end up in the Final Three with Eddie. Cochran tells Andrea he believes that Eddie would beat them with Andrea stating it would be a closer vote than if they went up against Brenda or Dawn. Cochran confesses that he finally understands why Andrea has been so protective of Eddie – because Andrea wants to be in the Final Three with Eddie.

Upon this realisation, Cochran informs Brenda, Dawn and Sherri of Andrea’s intentions with Eddie. Dawn says that Andrea has to go whilst Cochran gives us a longwinded monologue, in which he tells us that if he isn’t part of Andrea’s Final Three plans, she isn’t part of his. The foursome continues their discussion, planning to split the vote between Andrea and Eddie incase Andrea plays her Hidden Immunity Idol. Cochran then informs Erik of the plan, telling him to vote against Andrea but to make her feel safe so that she doesn’t play her Idol.

Erik then gets told by Andrea to vote for Brenda with Andrea telling him that she wants to take Erik to the end. Erik acknowledges that he believes Andrea because he helped her find the Idol. The problem for Erik is that both alliances trust him and except him to vote with them. Thus, Erik is once again the swing vote going into Tribal Council and once again… he says he loves being in the position he’s in. As we head off to Tribal Council, Erik weighs up his options; saying that Cochran has never promised him Final Three and Andrea has, leaving us wondering who he will side with.

Eddie begins proceedings at Tribal Council by saying tonight is the “perfect night for a blindside”. Brenda says that if a blindside doesn’t occur, the game begins tomorrow. Sherri states that the lying has well and truly started and Cochran backs her up by saying that he has been lied to and lied himself. Andrea says that she feels nervous and has also lied; then reveals she has the Hidden Immunity Idol, which Malcolm finds hilarious. Cochran says the Idol is a “big, big deal” because there are only limited opportunities to play it. Andrea continues on Cochran’s thoughts, stating that it is a huge advantage if she plays it wisely. She finishes by telling the tribe if her paranoia levels are high enough, she’ll play the Idol and it will result in somebody else going home.

We get to the votes with Andrea voting for Brenda and Brenda returning the favour. Probst collects the votes and asks if any Idols will be played. The suspense ends and Andrea keeps her Idol pocketed as Jeff starts to read the votes. Eddie and Brenda get a vote each, and then Andrea receives a vote. Much to her disbelief, Andrea receives a second vote, as does Brenda and Eddie, leveling the votes at two votes each. The camera then focuses in on Erik as the outcome of his decision is about to play out. The final vote is for Andrea, who becomes the fifth Jury member with Cochran, Dawn and Brenda pulling off a successful blindside and Malcolm and Reynold are over the moon on the Jury.


Andrea… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

In her final words, Andrea says she was confident and that was why she didn’t play the Idol. She says that despite being sent home, she’ll always have a “beautiful necklace souvenir to remind me about trusting people too much”.

Next week’s episode see’s the contestants get a visit from their loved ones and Cochran becomes the target of another blindside.

This week’s sexual innuendo comment from Jeff comes from during the first Immunity Challenge.

“He’s not going to go down easy ladies.”

This weeks top and bottom three are:

Top Three

1. Cochran


Cochran is in the box seat. Strategically, he has very little competition left. If Cochran gets to the end, I can’t see him losing; he’s played a very good game and has gone about it making very few enemies. His strong bonds with Dawn and Erik will pay off for him in the long run. Cochran’s only problem, (despite what the stats say this season), is his physical ability.

2. Erik


Erik hasn’t made enemies, he’s been in the majority, followed others decision yet found a way to stay in control of his future in the game. Easily one of the biggest physical threats left, Erik may win his way to the end should he have a falling out with his alliance. If Erik can follow Cochran into the Final Three, he stands a strong chance to be able to draw some votes and possibly pull out an underdog win.

3. Dawn


Dawn takes this position over Brenda due to her strong friendship and alliance with Cochran. If Cochran has to choose who goes home out of Dawn and Brenda, Brenda leaves everyday of the week because Dawn has made enemies in the game. However, Dawn has played a very good game herself. She aligned early with the right people and has found herself in a position of power right throughout the game. Her double agent roles in the elimination of Corinne and Malcolm should play key roles in the speech should she make the Final Three.

Bottom Three

6. Eddie


Eddie’s been on the outs since the beginning of the game and unfortunately he doesn’t seem to fit in with anyone else’s plans. As a player, he’s not the smartest bloke going around, so at best he’ll be able to provide someone with a vote, rather than coming up with his own scheme to stay in the game. His physical presences which haven’t hit the court for him this season needs to shine in the final few episodes for him to have a shot at the million.

7. Andrea


Similar to Phillip, Andrea played a great strategic game largely due to what she learnt from Boston Rob during her time in Redemption Island. Not only did Andrea survive multiple Tribal Council’s in which her name surfaced as a target but she controlled a majority alliance from early on in the game. Andrea’s downfall was her confidence, she believed she was fully in control and trusted those in her alliance. She got sloppy and started to discuss plans for the future to the wrong people. Despite this, Andrea can deem herself extremely unlucky not to end up in the finals especially since she was sent packing holding a Hidden Immunity Idol.

8. Reynold


Reynold’s downfall was his overconfidence and his inability to play a social game. Reynold had problems with people in his tribe from Day One and vented his frustrations at his struggling Gota tribe. Despite the fact that he dominated at challenges and was a reasonable strategic player, he lacked the firepower to pull in numbers to create a solid alliance. Despite his exit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reynold grace our screens on a future season of Survivor.

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Ben’s Opinion


Things just got interesting again!

Double boot episodes always feel rushed, they always seem to make things go by quickly. I usually feel sorry for the people though who both go in a double boot episode because they don’t get all the airtime that usually is afforded to them should they be booted on a ‘normal’ episode. Things this episode though started off as expected, with Reynold getting the boot and it looked very likely that Eddie would soon follow. But surprise surprise, Andrea soon found herself getting her torch snuffed in one of the more interesting blindsides this season! I have to say I enjoyed it, and I have to say I’m glad to see the back of Andrea. I’ve never been a fan, never gotten the big deal with her and to be honest never even understood why she was brought back in the first place. She obviously has had a much more visible edit however than Brenda, which still makes me wonder just how much longer dear old Brenda will last in this game. Time will tell.

Cochran though is clearly in the box seat right now, but he could always be getting a ‘Coach edit’ and things could turn against him come the final tribal council. There is no doubt that he hasn’t made any enemies along the way, but despite Andrea being all sweet and understanding, I’m sure she’s going to hold Cochran responsible for that move which could cost him a vote or two. Eddie is the only one now left who wouldn’t be too pissed off getting voted out as he knows his position, whereas all the others are expecting to go to the end with Cochran. It’s going to make for interesting viewing over the last two episodes.

Props though to my man Erik! Finally showing his immunity capabilities and winning individual immunity! Despite his words saying he wouldn’t give it up, he still managed to give away the hidden immunity, which in my mind counts as once again giving up immunity! Oh well Erik, nobody is perfect! But it was just too funny! I’m holding out hope now with six people left he can string together and immunity streak and find himself at the final tribal council to pull out an unlikely win! But at this stage, it’s hard to see anybody but Mr. Cochran walking away a millionaire.

Jarryd’s Opinion


John Cochran… congratulations on winning Survivor: Caramoan!

If Cochran doesn’t win from the position he is currently in, it will be the biggest upset win ever. The bloke has the game won six days from the end!

As I predicted last week, we had the double elimination this week and I’ll admit I’m shattered that ‘Drea didn’t come out the other side. More on that later.

The “first episode” or first half of the episode was fairly decent. I liked the challenge; whilst it had the same basis of similar challenges we haven’t seen anything like it before. I didn’t give Reynold much hope due to his size so wasn’t surprised to see ‘Drea and Brenda fighting it out. Eddie proved he isn’t a threat by jumping off for food so at that moment he began an asset to anyone who needed votes.

As for Reynold, I’m undecided. I don’t think he’s a great player but his personality grew on me as time went on. I won’t be at all surprised if he returns, he’s been a huge character this season and despite being polarizing, I think his edit has been great and he’ll return later down the track.

Second Immunity Challenge… finally a puzzle! I honestly don’t know what I was more excited about; the puzzle or Erik winning Immunity. What a feel good moment that was hey?

Whilst I’m shattered that ‘Drea got voted out I think she messed up a lot this episode. Sharing the clue was silly, despite it having good intentions and wanting to keep Eddie was a strange choice. I have no idea why Erik gave her the Idol but I would have played it to get it out of the way. I’ve said it earlier in the season but I’ll say it again – Andrea’s game took a huge turn when Phillip was sent home. Without Phil, Andrea didn’t have a right hand man which forced her to turn to Cochran, (who already had Dawn), so it was never going to work for her.

In saying that, I’m pleased ‘Drea and Phil got the chance to prove they are good players following Redemption Island. Despite the season being dominated by Rob I think there’s a lot of people who hate it because of the two returnees rather than because it’s a “bad” season. So props to her and Phil for turning their “Survivor stereotype” around.

As for the last few episode, I’m hoping that Erik can still win, (who doesn’t love him?), but I can’t see Cochran being knocked off the pedestal to take out the title.

Rileigh’s Opinion


I was still suffering from the loss of Malcolm last week, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this episode, but it did turn out to be surprisingly good. The first Immunity challenge was pretty cool. I was so frustrated at Eddie for jumping in for some doughnuts. I feel like he has already given up on winning so he isn’t even trying any more. I didn’t have very high hopes for Reynold during the challenge, but I really did want him to win. It could have been a very interesting turn of events if he had won Immunity and found the hidden Immunity idol, which he could have then given to Eddie to stir things up at Tribal Council. However, I wasn’t all that sorry to see him go in the end. He did it very graciously, though, which is always good to see. Also, I’m not usually a fan of long hair on men, but Malcolm is so working it on the jury. Am I right, ladies?

I have been growing really tired of the Favourites clan over the past few weeks, so it was awesome to see things shaken up in this episode. Cochran is a beast this season. He really is playing a near perfect game at this point; strategically, socially and physically. Physically, he has won more individual Immunities than anyone else. Socially, he is getting along with everyone, to the point that he is the one that everyone goes to with their game plans. Strategically, he is simply a master, knowing when to make the right moves against the biggest threats while maintaining a solid two-person alliance that could help him get to the end. Since most two-person alliances are targeted early in the game, the fact that Cochran has been able to keep his close relationship with Dawn under-the-radar is definitely a testament to his astute strategy and commitment to the game. Andrea, on the other hand, made the mistake of not downplaying her relationship with Eddie and this ended up hurting her. It was a great blindside, reminiscent of the game-changing Ozzy blindside back in the first Fans vs. Favourites. Cochran does seem to be in trouble next week, but I am confident that he can work his magic and get through to the finale. Anyway, we will see on the next episode of… Survivor!

Survivor Re-capper: Kim Spradlin


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our twelfth special guest is One World winner Kim Spradlin, as she discusses how much she is enjoying this season, just why Cochran is in the box seat and why it might not be all smooth sailing for him, her fandom of Brenda and why she thinks she is cute, what she thinks of early comparisons of Sherri to her, just why nobody from One World was back on this season, what she thinks of the amount of idols at play this season, just whether or not Erik really is in control and talking up her recent jail time and all the fun that came about with it. Kim’s ‘Caramoan Four’ answers were:

TIP TO WIN: Dawn/Cochran
DARK HORSE: Erik/Branda

Join us next week for our recap of episode 13, featuring special Survivor guest Holly Hoffman from Nicaragua!


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