Happy Birthday Denise Martin!


Survivor fans around the world stand up and get your birthday hats on as today we celebrate China contestant Denise Martin's 45th Birthday!

Here at Survivor Oz, we always try to keep business in the front and the party in the back and this is definitely the case for this mullet-wearing lunch lady. Denise was a member of the dominant Fei Long Tribe which only went to Tribal once in the first four weeks of the show. A tribe swap mixed up things on Day 15, but Denise stayed on Fei Long. She built a strong bond with Todd, Courtney, Amanda and James. At the merge her tribe had numbers and they slowly took out the members of Zhan Hu and then the targets on their original tribe. Denise lasted all the way to day 36, but not even her 2nd degree black belt in Karate could save her as she failed to win immunity and was voted out. She was deemed to likeable and was a serious threat to win the game

Unfortunately we have yet to interview Denise, although we look forward to eventually hearing from her!

From all of the team here at Survivor Oz, we pass on our well wishes and happy birthday to Denise! What are some of your best memories of Denise? Comment below to let us know!

To read more about Denise, click here

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