Artis Silvester Interview


Referred to as ‘angry’ through most of the 25th season of the Philippines, Artis Silvester perhaps wasn’t given as much screen time as he ultimately deserved. Funny, strategic and entertaining, Artis was unable to make it deep into the merge game and left the game with a ‘feud’ brewing with a certain Mike Skupin. Outside the game he has returned back to normal life, and is willing to go back a second time with a meltdown to match that of Brandon Hantz should he be asked back.


Artis was on the dominant Tandang tribe that didn’t visit tribal council once before the merge. Post-merge he found himself in a seemingly good position until Lisa ‘spilled the beans’, causing Artis to fight for survival before being voted out to join the jury.

In our chat with Artis, he talks about it taking him 10 years to get on the show, what the biggest question he gets from the fans is, why he went out there to win $1 million, telling us some amazing Artis moments that never made it to air, how he knew he was going home and how it wasn’t a ‘blindside’ when he was voted out, making an alliance with Lisa on day 1, the situation with Mike and how he feels about him today, his thoughts on Russell Swan and Jonathan Penner, his friendship with RC, everything to do with Abi and Denise as well as what the one move is he regrets and just why he would chuck a bigger tantrum than Brandon Hantz if asked back for a second time.

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